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  1. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Omg he is such a fucking POS. How are they both not fired. He also sounds like someone with an iq of 50. So Farrah gets fired because of doing legal porn but this backwards hillbilly fuck can trash everyone and it’s ok. How does he think he’s better then anyone either ..he doesn’t work, beats women, most likely abuses children, has been in jail..the list goes on. Yet somehow gay or trans ppl are an abomination. I seriously hate him and MTV.
  2. Amber

    I like how he tries so hard to pretend he’s this cool California guy. I’m sure wherever he lived in California everyone thought he was this loser try hard poser and were annoyed by him. He moved to Indiana because no one there knows him and they buy his whole act . His clothes and his diets and the way he acts about certain things are all him just trying so hard.
  3. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Wasn’t David born in 89..what a lame burn on his part. I hope they get fired. What a fucking joke this all is. I can only imagine how worked up these losers are right now at The Land. Cutting up lines and staring at their phones I’m sure. Ppl aren’t usually just up at 5am unless they work or are up from the night before.
  4. Mackenzie Edwards: Jesus, take the wheel.

    That kid singing is seriously so annoying. Not cute at all just saying lol.
  5. Maci

    Meh I drink all the time while someone else is driving. It is illegal here too pretty sure. I don’t have 3 young kids like Maci tho so maybe not as bad lol. Cant wait to see this joke wedding.
  6. I doubt he has enough money to last not working. He lives in an expensive city and Coke ain’t cheap lol. Maybe if he took all his money and moved somewhere cheap but I bet he doesn’t have much saved.
  7. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    What an idiotic picture and book. She’s such a joke and ho. I can’t believe ppl buy her books lol.
  8. Farrah

    I’m def not a Farrah fan but MTV are fucking ridiculous. Jenelle is a POS druggie who def neglects her kids. She is married to a druggie woman beater who is pretty much a psycho. So those two losers can stay on the show but Farrah can’t because she’s a diva or something? She’s a porn star? Who cares what she does for a living. I don’t even really care about her scenes but it annoys me that 2 mega psycho losers like Jenelle and David get to stay on for some reason and Farrah is fired.
  9. Amber

    He always seems high or something with his weird posts.
  10. Atlanta: We're Doing Another One?

    Why is that dr so involved in her patients life? Mega weird lol.
  11. It’s weird tho. I mean everyone does filters on snap for fun but like she doesn’t even look like herself.
  12. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Omg that gun pic seems so staged. Of course she’s wearing boots leather and is showing some skin. Such a joke. Also who told David his hair looks good like that? It’s always looked so stupid poofy and old school biebery.
  13. S08.E00: Being Javi

    I don't know I kind of like Javi. I mean he is a famewhore a bit you can tell but it seems like he’s a good person inside. Also anyone who can deal with that beast Kail with the patience he shows is pretty good in my book. She is a disgusting bitch. I don’t know what makes her think she is something special but it’s hard to even watch her. I can’t imagine being around her in real life. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard her say anything nice to like pretty much anyone.
  14. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    He’s a little douche but I think he’s just one of those ppl who can lose weight quickly.
  15. S06.E10: Screams and Queens

    Her older brother was there. I thought it was gonna be that annoying little kid but thankfully it wasn’t. Ariana is so smug about everything. I want to enjoy watching her but her smugness is overpowering. Stassi ran off cause her boyfriend is a douche who prob came to her party and ignored her and flirted with other chicks just to piss her off. The ranch fountain was pretty disgusting looking. I don’t think I would wanna go to either party. I hate murder themed stuff and Ariana’s party seemed to be full of ppl who think way too high of themself. Plus who the Fuck was that Joe Montana performing? That was embarrassing to see lol.