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  1. Khloe

    She’s prob too scared to leave Cleveland cause Tristan will either start banging someone else or he will change the locks while she’s gone lol.
  2. Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    I’m sure he doesn’t give a fuck about not seeing Bentley. That’s pretty standard. Also probably doesn’t care his new kid is a boy. He’s such a loser and his family are pathetic enablers.
  3. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Kail is disgusting and delusional. Her situation is not the same as Chelsea’s at all. Chelsea changing Aubrees last name makes sense. Kail is just a whore who keeps popping out kids with different guys. Maybe if you want your kids to have the same last name you should stop getting knocked up by a different guy every couple years. To change Isaac’s name now is just confusing to him. She’s so gross. Also fuck off with Kail and the chaos and Mom of boys. That isn’t something unique you dumb bitch.
  4. I used to kind of like Robyn but I can’t stand her lately. She was being such an annoying bitch to Monique and I wanted to slap her. When they were outside she just inserted herself for no reason and her snide little comments are pathetic. She seems jealous of Monique to me. Monique has money and an athlete husband who doesn’t fuck around on her and actually wants to be with her. Also since when do housewives get thrown out of places for yelling and arguing. That happens in every city every season. Seemed like Karen was just trying to seem like she’s above it all and fancy. Ashleys Mom is gross. Pretty sure she does some sort of drugs too.
  5. S02.E13: Bye

    Clay was such a stupid asshole this season as well I kind of hate him now.
  6. S02.E13: Bye

    This show should’ve stuck with just 1 season because season 2 was a huge bust imo. Ghost Hannah was so stupid and the school got more ridiculous each episode. I won’t be watching season 3 if there is one which I’m assuming there will be going by the ending.
  7. S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    Yea Wtf with the Jeremy shit. Also why am I supposed to care about Billie. She was barely on the show and is actually really annoying. I don’t give a fuck if her feelings were hurt cause they told her Jeremy was creepy. So they should not tell her that Jeremy is creepy ? Ridiculous. I have no problem with LVP on RHOBH but she shouldn’t be at this reunion.
  8. S09.E21: The Escape

    Why were they all there tho in her hospital room? I thought it was a dream at first. Haley and the professor are not really my cup of tea. I see no chemistry and I just can’t see why they are together. Why does Haley have to be with one of these guys anyways. She’s young and should be having fun and travelling and stuff. Stupid show. The rest of the episode was garbage I ff thru most of it.
  9. S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    Scheana is such a stupid bitch. Muttering about materialistic things under her breath. She wishes she had a set up like LaLa does. I liked the reunion but I’m so done talking about Brittany and Jax. It’s been rehashed a million times over. Please let’s talk about anything else. Except Scheana Boo her. I think calling Schwartz an alcoholic is a bit extreme. I don’t know what that says about me tho lol.
  10. S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    Pretty sure she didn’t mean high on weed. Jack loves his coke. I’m sure they all dabble really.
  11. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Who tunes in to watch Jenelle tho? Like honestly? I can barely stand watching a bit of her parts she’s so fucking annoying and disgusting.
  12. S04.E21: Blue Valentime

    The new kitchen does not suit their house. Major dislike. Also wtf there is 2 more depressing episodes? I thought there was gonna be one maybe 2 dramatic episodes but 4? No no.. I watch this show to laugh. It’s not a drama and never has been. If they were gonna divorce wouldn’t it have happened a while ago. Dre has always been a childish over the top guy why would all of a sudden this be a big thing.
  13. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    People having guns in their cars is just so weird to me because I’ve never been around that. Anyways that’s not the point of this discussion ..the point is Jenelle is fucked and needs to be fired. If she is not fired for this then she will never be fired for anything.
  14. S07.E21: Teen Mom OG: Unseen Moments

    This was really boring. Tyler was pretty annoying too. He was very over the top. I continue to really like Gary tho. Just loved all his answers and his chillness lol.
  15. S06.E21: Welcome to TomTom

    Patrick is such a douche. I don’t see what Stassi ever saw in him. He’s an arrogant dick who thinks he’s smarter and better then everyone but he’s not. Why was Stassi apologizing to him so much? It’s like an abusive relationship. Glad they are no longer a couple.