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  1. Season 1 Discussion

    I kept wishing someone would kill Alice. Right from the beginning she treated Emily as if she were a horrible person who'd simply taken off and deserted her husband and son. After being abducted and held prisoner for 6 years, this is how she's treated?! I hated Nick, too. Of all people, he was the one who should have had some faith in Emily, but he was way too ready to believe she was guilty--and abducted her own son?? Could not believe how he smacked her away from the tank when they rescued Flynn. And then in the hospital afterwards he tells Emily he hopes she can forgive him. In her shoes I'd never forgive him or even be able to look at him again. I did love the scene where her dad told Nick she was a better agent than he'd ever been and would solve the case and show what idiots Nick and his fellow agents were.
  2. S15.E03: Gut Feeling

    One other thing... I knew it was going to turn out the teacher had auto-brewery syndrome (though I didn’t remember its name) because it’s been done before. Anyone recall which medical show it was on? ETA: Found it! It was Doc Martin.
  3. S15.E03: Gut Feeling

    I’d hardly consider Jackson and Maggie step siblings given that they were both adults (well, chronologically at least...) when Webber and Catherine married Showing my age here, but does Linc make anyone else think “Smith Jerrod”? I think of him as Dr. Smith Jerrod Jr. Hot Asian Ortho God can stay, I like him. So sick of Owen/Amelia. I can’t stand either of them, together or apart. Liked McKidd much better on Rome. MORE KORACICK PLEASE!!!!! Never liked any of Greg Germann’s other characters, but I love Dr. Snark.
  4. Can’t wait for season 3!
  5. Season 1 Discussion

    Also: I thought it odd that everyone who saw Denise’s paintings proclaimed how talented she was and no one seemed to notice that they looked like a clear cry for help (as in a psych evaluation, ASAP).
  6. Season 1 Discussion

    As I understood it (at least if they were being truthful in the explanation given out) it was the same coin, passed to a technician when they were done with it, and the technician dropped it.
  7. Season 1 Discussion

    Because of the phone in Laz’s house, and his narrating when they were flashing back to her as a little girl, I wonder if he was her father and the shaking was due to his workshop being somewhere close to a launch site (maybe one of the Apollo missions?). Like he was her inspiration for all this. The voice sounded like Matthew McConaughey but IMDB doesn’t say who it was, and that bugged me. I’d watch a second season if only to see them finally reach Mars. But I could really do without any more of Denise or flashbacks to Diane, and could’ve happily skipped the episode that focused on Denise. Yeah, we get it, Tom and Diane were fundamentally incompatible, Tom was away more than he was home, Diane was deeply depressed, and it all took a toll on Denise. But I was far more interested in the Mars mission, which was what I thought the show was really supposed to be about. Turned out to be more of a soap opera about the astronauts’ private lives—almost the Grey’s in Space that Defying Gravity was accused of being, and I was very disappointed that only ran one season. But if that was the intent, it would have been better IMO to give equal time to the others rather than focusing on Tom and his complete mess of a personal life.
  8. S04.E01: The Warrior Princess Bride

    Yes. Not sure if that was in the same flashback, but her husband did get murdered.
  9. S04.E07: Episode 7

    I’m kinda hoping the show ends with Allison actually drowning. And maybe taking Noah down with her.
  10. S04.E07: Episode 7

    Heinous? High school seniors get accepted all the time without having graduated yet...
  11. S04.E07: Episode 7

    Oh, is THAT what they’re calling it now...
  12. S04.E07: Episode 7

    Helen drove herself and Sierra out to Joshua Tree. Granted Sierra can probably find another ride back (and I don’t like her much), but I thought Helen taking off without her was a rotten thing to do.
  13. S04.E01: The Warrior Princess Bride

    I can’t recall what episode it was shown in, but I could swear we’ve already seen at least one flashback of John trying to steal Lucy from Dutch.
  14. S04.E07: Episode 7

    I’m sure it was (and they’ve had to at least become civil over the past few years because of Joanie), but it still made me laugh.
  15. S04.E07: Episode 7

    YES. I’d forgotten that, but during that scene when the guy called her something dismissive like “sweetheart” (might as well have said “grandma”!) I was kinda expecting her to sarcastically do the same right back to him and disappointed that she didn’t. And during the scene where Sierra told her she was “still fuckable” I so wanted/expected her to tell Sierra that what a woman looks like is hardly the most important thing about her!