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  1. CBS Says Les Moonves Will Not Receive $120 Million Severance https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/17/business/media/les-moonves-cbs-severance.html
  2. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I have been reading a lot of speculation on different forums. One idea that strikes me a plausible is that it will be Barry-90 or a Barry from another Earth who dies in Grant Gustin's Barry's place and becomes his lightning bolt. Regardless, if Barry dies, he will just be absorbed in the Speed Force and become his own lightning bolt in a few episodes. Someone also noted Thawne created the particle accelerator and gave Barry his powers five years earlier so maybe that and Nora's interference will make the final crisis will occur in five years sooner.
  3. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Good point. It does look like Arrow and Supergirl won't last more than a couple more seasons. They could exchange Oliver's death/disappearance for Barry's as they end Arrow.
  4. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    It is possible that the crisis event next season changes the 2024 headline. After all, the show is unlikely to last for six more years so the writers might want to resolve Barry's potential disappearance sooner than later.
  5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

    I have been thinking about the movie and listening to Sunflower over and over again. What a great song! Miles discovering that Uncle Aaron (Mahershala Ali) was evil was such a tough moment. When he revealed his face, his uncle chose to protect him, and then died was heartbreaking. The animation of Miles and his father's grief was so well done. I loved Peter B. Parker and his mentor relationship with Miles. He was so funny offering to bring "bread" to MJ. I cheered when Miles made him go home to live his life. All the versions of Spider-man were great, but Spider-Ham was hilarious. Brian Henry Tyree was so good as Miles' father. I wish that his mother (Lauren Velez) was given more presence in the movie. I had never heard of Shameik Moore before, but he was wonderful as Miles. Got to honest, I didn't recognize Nicholas Cage or Chris Pine's voices. I didn't realize that Pine was our earth's Peter Parker. It crushes me that the Peter Parker who I grew up with loved is dead.
  6. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

    I just got back. I was shaken by Peter Parker's death, but then recovered and enjoyed the rest of the movie. I think it took too long to get Miles to take a leap of faith, but it was a fun movie with a great soundtrack.
  7. You will find similar comments under the article on Deadline, Variety, and the Hollywood Reporter. It is good to read them. It gives an insight into the minds of people who engage in and enable sexual harassment. Moonves, Weatherly, Fager, Lauer, etc. get away with it because a lot of people (men and women) in our society feel this way.
  8. CBS is donating $20 million to groups that fight sexual harassment in the workplace. It is so fucking cheap. It would have happily handed over the $120 million to Moonves if there wasn't such outrage over its sexual harassment culture. https://deadline.com/2018/12/cbs-picks-recipients-of-20-million-donation-to-groups-fighting-workplace-sexual-harassment-metoo-timesup-1202520120/
  9. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    What a talent! I loved Nancy Wilson's voice. It was so smooth. I enjoyed her appearance(s) as Martin's mother on the Cosby Show. She sang and it was glorious. You can find the clip on YT. Rest in peace, Nancy
  10. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Exactly. I lived through that scandal which went on for years. It wasn't just confined to the tabloids. Sondra Locke was not just a talented actress, she was an extremely courageous woman who took on both Eastwood who attempted to destroy her personally and Warner Brothers which conspired with him to destroy her professionally. She refused to be a doormat and slink away. She took them to court and won huge settlements. I was just reading how she won against WB on appeal forcing them to settle and that her case is in contract law textbooks. I always remember that Sondra Locke was extremely proud that she forced Eastwood and WB to face consequences for mistreating her. She should be respected for both her talent and personal integrity. Rest in peace, Sondra.
  11. CBS is a sewer from Moonves to the actors. Michael Weatherly is scummy.
  12. I always felt that Gendry was brought back to reestablish the House Baratheon. After all, it was the other House still in the opening after the Starks and Lannisters. but now I worry that they just brought him back to die.
  13. I love the soundtracks to the Winter Soldier and Black Panther.
  14. Spoilers and Speculation

    I wonder the same. Danai was supposed to be up the villain role on Star Trek, but the movie is apparently not happening because both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine have pulled out. Hollywood is so unpredictable, maybe she stays with TWD as it is a sure thing.
  15. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I think that this is a possible scenario. However, I wonder if DCUE will approve this given that it has changed its head person and is attempting to streamline its movie production. Having a tv Justice League will just damage its movies even more.