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  1. So after all the insistence that any mention of a statue means that Sansa will die, it turns out that Sophie was referring to a statue from a season 8 promo. Oy!
  2. Scenarios of Arya alone: She is standing overlooking the rebuilding Winterfell or she is contemplating leaving Westeros.
  3. This little boy with Down's Syndrome was fascinated with Harry's beard: https://people.com/royals/boy-stroked-prince-harry-beard-dubbo-story/ Harry and Meghan are having a good visit to Australia so far.
  4. Okay, thanks.
  5. S01. E07. Cucaracha/K'uruch

    I think that once that guy found out about the tunnel. He used the opportunity to smuggle his family or friends. I think the MC would care that he is keeping secrets and not telling them what he was up to. After all, it would compromise them if he was caught.
  6. S01. E07. Cucaracha/K'uruch

    OMG, Coco killed his mother. His daughter was horrible setting that up, but I could see how desperate she felt and driven to escape from her grandmother who was trying to sabotage her budding relationship with her father. As usual I am confused about all the shifting alliances. Adelita wanting to work with Galindo is not what I expected. I am not sure why the DEA scooped up Galindo, but I hope his son ends up in a good foster home permanently. It is his only chance at a decent life. I know EZ's cousin wants to save him, but it all feels like it is spiralling out of control. Everyone in that club is keeping secrets from each other. Crazy. So the Bishop who Adelita is conspiring with betrayed her father.
  7. I missed a good bit, but I caught Jane killing her boss. Did they explain why the guy in the mask rescued her? I still think that something is up with Lila. I am not convinced that she wasn't involved in her parents' deaths. It is too convenient that she escaped and found her way to Jenna and Rick's. I think that she is there to set up Rick's death so she can have Jenna for herself. Penelope and Miguel keep having these miraculous escapes.
  8. S02.E04: outMatched

    Yeh, Andy lost me by attacking Lauren. I had been understanding about why he felt conflicted until that moment. Hate to say it. I am rooting for Marcos to take Dawn away from Lorna. Caitlin is okay, but I prefer Reed because I am more interested in his struggle to cope with his emerging powers than her angst over Andy. The show is determined to keep the actor who plays Jace employed and since he is the only African American actor, I am okay with that. But does he have to be so damn annoying? I am surprised it took his wife this long to dump his ass.
  9. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    It started slow, but I thought it had more heartwarming humor in the last 15 minutes. I will keep watching. Btw, was that Mary Steenburgen? I barely recognized her.
  10. In her will, Diana left her jewelry to her sons with the explicit instruction that they were to give them to their wives so they are honoring their mother which apparently outrages some people.
  11. S09.E02: The Bridge

    I love what the show is attempting to do so far this season, but it has not done a good job being nuanced in the adaption of the comic when it comes to consequences to Negan and the saviors. They could have show the workers and the women sexually exploited by Negan breaking off to form their own community and demanding revenge on Negan and his lieutenants who "supposedly" enslaved them and killed their friends and relatives. Kirkman's man crush on Negan continues to harm the show.
  12. S09.E02: The Bridge

    The Hilltop does not have all the food. In the montage at the beginning of the season premiere, we were shown a variety of vegetables being grown at Alexandria. However, Rick said that the Hilltop is doing better in food production than the other communities, specifically Sanctuary. Considering that Hilltop is actually a plantation house on farmland that makes sense.
  13. S02.E04: Awful People

    I kept saying "don't do it, Hen, call for help." I was so glad when she did. I was glad that she and her wife had faith and their son's biological father was supportive and cared about doing the right thing. Got to say that I worry about Athena's safety. She goes into all these dangerous place by herself before calling for back up or help. I like Maddie. I think that she is a good addition. Of course, her abusive husband will find her, but at least her stalker has moved on. That bigoted racist guy defecating in his mouth was revolting.
  14. He is negotiating a $10 million deal to direct Red Sonja so he is going to continue to slither. Too many people think that he can make money for them so they don't care.
  15. Spoilers and Speculation

    Episode 9.3: Opening few minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_C947Ykimc Sneak peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYuxiVvFIKQ