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  1. S16.E07: Carne!

    I never heard of the Hot Brown until I saw Bobby Flay take a whipping from the chef at the Brown hotel on Smackdown many years ago. It was a given that they were going to do it at some point and it looks thankfully like it will be the Quickfire, but it's one of those dishes that just is what it is and if they get too funky with it they're all going to go Flay's way one by one.
  2. S16.E06: Roaring Munchies

    They're going out to a lake in the countryside pretty soon. I was on a mailing list where an invitation was made to this taping, but you had to send a picture of yourself dressed up in your 20s gear. I hate to be photographed and didn't have any appropriate clothing so I passed.
  3. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    I don't know about Nini throwing shade at Brother for doing his signature dish when she was doing a lemongrass porkchop from her heritage. Which who would have guessed Natalie shared.
  4. S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    I thought Padma looked like a bangin' weird insect from Star Trek when she first appeared. I had only seen chicken ballotine on Pepin's show, where it was the whole chicken deboned and stuffed. Brian's looked like a stuffed breast. Forget asking the SAG cardholders if they'd ever served at a restaurant. Ask them if they've ever been to one. I felt bad for Nini getting the boot for FOH. I remember thinking the same years ago when another chef who had been doing well was booted the same way (I forget her name, of Indian extraction I think). It's Top Chef, not Top Server. My DVR cut off early, where are they next week?
  5. S16.E04: Surprise...It's Restaurant Wars

    In last week's "Coming Next Week" previews they showed Tom saying this was the toughest RW he ever had to judge. Could it really be worse than the year everybody sucked so hard they finally had to do the whole week over? I'm sure that was not a popular decision with the producers.
  6. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Plus she hid the chemical tasting sponsor product in her potatoes rather than screw up her showcase.
  7. S16.E03: Naughty and Nice

    All they would have had to do is say "You were melting from the heat last week? Well guess what, to cool you off it's Christmas this week!" Then everybody could wake each other up with "Yeah, Merry fncking Christmas" and we could all have a good laugh. Alex Trebek isn't scared to let on they film episodes ahead of time. A slight detour to Top Chef:North Pole, as there was zero Kentucky content this week. Wasn't even mentioned. I think they were attempting to come up with a generic Xmas episode for rerun purposes. Add Blais and desserts and still not knowing much about any of these people and I've already dropped it from my brainpan.
  8. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    I actually don't like discernible lemon taste and think anything I can detect it in tastes like Lemon Pledge. I knew Jim was done for, though, a vet had to be chopped and it's obvious the other two are the designated "beasts".
  9. S16.E02: Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

    I see your "forward" and raise you "That <foodstuff> was cooked perfect". It would be perfectly easy to use their grammars. Maybe it was edited out, but Brian didn't even get an evaluation at JT, like the rest of the crew. I kind of liked the Slowfire challenge, maybe they should always withhold the winner's name until after the elimination round. This was obviously the (named) Louisville Whole Foods, which is an hour away from Maker's Mark but I guess they got whatever dispute there was worked out. It wouldn't have happened in this episode where Maker's was the sponsor, but I would have been amused by a blind taste test including MM, $100+ a bottle Pappy Van Winkle and something like $25 a handle Evan Williams Bonded. I'd want to see Tom C take the test, too.
  10. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    I expect shit like that from Hell’s Kitchen but choose to hope they’re above it on TC.
  11. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    What's up with at least 2 of 4 ovens apparently not at the proper temperature? What high end oven company whose products it seems like I should avoid is sponsoring this year?
  12. Since the show is going away for a month maybe they think we'll forget which Greg is which by then.
  13. S16.E01: The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

    Speaking of Whole Foods I'm not sure they are sponsoring this year. There are only two in KY, one on the outskirts of Louisville and one somewhere in Lexington. They will be visiting other places in the state and I'm not sure they can work WF in. I don't believe they were identified or plugged in the shopping segment last night. I've been to the Louisville Whole Foods, but not often, and while I'm fairly sure that was where they shopped I'm not certain.
  14. Top Chef in the Media

    Sounds like a slippery slope to me.
  15. Top Chef in the Media

    Another KY preview https://www.courier-journal.com/story/entertainment/dining/restaurant/2018/10/18/bravo-top-chef-meet-upcoming-seasons-kentucky-contestant/1681965002/