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  1. Top Chef in the Media

    Sounds like a slippery slope to me.
  2. Top Chef in the Media

    Another KY preview https://www.courier-journal.com/story/entertainment/dining/restaurant/2018/10/18/bravo-top-chef-meet-upcoming-seasons-kentucky-contestant/1681965002/
  3. He's 48. The actress playing Hajar is 25. I mean, ick. 25 year old women getting all googly-eyed at men twice their age may be 53 year old Matt Weiner's fantasy, but I'm a male older than him and it's not mine.
  4. I watched the first one, which was beautifully photographed, but I didn't like the story or casting. But the apartment was glorious.
  5. I've seen CK on old reruns here.
  6. I'm enjoying this show so far. I liked George Lopez's segment on Siddhartha so much I'm queuing it up to read again, even though I rarely read books twice. Then again, I was a teenager when I read it and probably didn't get out of it what I could. Has anyone else except Armistead Maupin gushed on about his own book?
  7. Just by the by, I recently started exploring e-magazines I can read through my public library, and was surprised and pleased to see that both Cooks Illustrated and Cooks Country magazines are included. They have apps for phones, tablets and desktops, and the current issue and quite a few back issues are available, My library uses a system called RBdigital, I don't know if other platforms have them.
  8. They hadn't started filming yet but at least Tom and Elliot came down for the race. http://www.bravotv.com/top-chef/the-feast/tom-colicchio-and-graham-elliot-kentucky-derby-pictures Lee has two more restaurants in Louisville, including the latest which is a bourbon and burger bar, but himself has pretty much decamped to DC.
  9. S09.E22 & E23: The Finale

    I thought they squirted the jacket with pomegranate juice or something to play it up. Don't bloodstains turn brownish when exposed to oxygen?
  10. Hey, cooks, good to see you're not drownded! I have to stay away from this board for a couple of days, though, because I don't know when I'll get around to watching the end of this truly endless season.
  11. All Episodes Talk

    I think the Italian woman kicked Nate's ass in the opening round, planning and executing her dish just as she intended while he failed and floundered and finally just threw shit on a plate. It just reinforced my cynical belief that the first half is just for fun and the second round battle is already set before the first bell rings.
  12. This show has gotten so boring that I forget almost everything that happens 10 seconds later, but on a similar note I noticed that when Julia came up to the front for her pretend final face off against Millenia she was wearing these thigh-high black boots with six inch heels that she could not possibly have worn while cooking and was barely able to hobble upstairs in. Maybe they rehired the shoe fetishist producer who's been away for the last couple of years.
  13. Battlebots 2018 Season Discussion

    There's one which starts out as two equal bots, cleverly named "Gemini".
  14. S09.E13: Just For The Halibut

    "Gordon's office sent over a new worker, S.J. He's just out of school. Show him how the dishwasher works."
  15. S14.09 The Newest Star

    god knew what she was doing when she invented DVRs. Any of you who could get through that hour without FFing through the clips to cut to the chase is stronger than I am.