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  1. S09.E13: Just For The Halibut

    "Gordon's office sent over a new worker, S.J. He's just out of school. Show him how the dishwasher works."
  2. S14.09 The Newest Star

    god knew what she was doing when she invented DVRs. Any of you who could get through that hour without FFing through the clips to cut to the chase is stronger than I am.
  3. S14.08 Who Gets a Pilot?

    No judging for you, you're qualified to go straight to having a show. Do not pass FNS, do not collect humiliation.
  4. Ruth and Sam

    Every time Ruth and Sam start to exchange looks we shout "no" and throw things at the screen. He's about twice her age and gross. Please don't go there.
  5. S14.08 Who Gets a Pilot?

    I knew it was Jess because the tube was on in the background on Saturday and the FN brain trust ran a commercial with her, Manny, Christian and nobody else in it. Rather than calling herself a "food novelist" she should have just used the title of her book. Was there any good reason for Christian and Palek to make up 10 pounds of "meatball mix" to serve a meatball to 4 people? Oh yeah, to have the fake crisis with the horror of leaving eggs out. I forgot. They didn't even taste the decoy set of meatballs, they had a panade in them for moisture and were probably better. I liked Duff sitting quietly with Manny to grok the burger.
  6. S14.E06 Shark Night Dinner

    No, Giada would vote her off, because Giada would think Giada was too hot to be on the same network with Giada.
  7. S14.07 Can You Host an Icon?

    I thought production left that in to show what a maroon she is. Which they wouldn't do if she was going to win. I forget, has this show done Last Chance Kitchen returnee wins yet? I haven't watched Ree in years (it's more fun to just read the board on her show here), but more than ever she looks ridden hard and put away wet. She clearly would rather be home counting the mad stacks the busloads of chumps drop at her China shop.
  8. S14.E06 Shark Night Dinner

    I'm thinking she pulled that out of her ass and her kid maybe recognizes Marvel Superheroes if anything. I always thought clams lived buried in the sand covered on both sides in a hard shell. How are they shark food? Answer that one and we'll move on to harder questions like (other than Palak lighting up my screen) why I watch this shit at all?
  9. I don't have children and never watch children's programming so I never heard of HT and knew nothing about it. I don't really care, either, do U? Bobby and LBH didn't, they sat through this pointless product placement and aside from calling the winner didn't really do much else except sleepwalk through the segment so the producers could cash that check. Speaking of pointless, what's the point of giving them show titles to try to embody when nobody gets a show? In the olden days the cringe was them spending so much time on "food authority", POV and the contestants' actual cooking skills when if hired the job would be to look presentable and not be a horrible troll while presenting the FN Test Kitchen's recipes using the producer's provided script. Now it's cringey to watch them pretend that even that painfully limited job description is something they could ever be so lucky as to have the chance to fulfill. Now it's "Enjoy the moment in the sun that is FNS, and if you're cool through that we'll try to find you a place in the chorus."
  10. S14.E04 Panic on the Panel

    They won't get a show. Nobody gets a show. Just imagine Oprah up there at the beginning of the season saying "You don't get a show! Aaand, you don't get a show!" Now we know there actually is a sin even greater than being a younger and hotter woman than Giada in Giadaworld. Did she actually undercook her pasta? Nobody called her on it.. I just figured everyone expects mediocre grub from her. I would. I'll bet she kicked back heavy at the idea of being judged by the little people on the show and was forced into it.
  11. For me she wasn't very good and tried (or was ordered) to Americanize too much. I don't need Indian Hot Dogs. Bal Arneson's Spice Goddess was great, but then FN decided we should see less cooking with weird ingredients and more stories about her kids so they screwed that up. I would love to see another Indian cooking show and would watch Palek do one but that is not going to happen. I saw her Beat Bobby show when it first aired and tried her chicken curry recipe she beat him with once, I thought it was great and the ground cashew made the difference, but it's pretty expensive for weeknight home fare.
  12. Top Chef in the Media

  13. All Episodes Talk

    The cynical view (mine) is that the first round is just for entertainment and production knows all along which first-half chef will advance. But even if that is not the case, there's nothing to say the first and second rounds are filmed strictly in real time. They can take an hour or two off and get everything both chefs need for round 2 from the Chelsea Market downstairs, let Bobby Google a bit and/or call friends for help, and call in a specialist judge from their list.
  14. S06.E10: START

    I think she'll go on the run by disappearing into the Grateful Dead tour and meet Lindsay Weir. They are married now and live in Portland on one coast or the other. I was pretty disappointed with the drama level here, and while I'm not really like this normally I kept getting distracted by continuity errors. Liz seemed to have a cut on her lip which kept coming and going in the early scenes. Phil is barely finished breaking into the driver's side of the red car with the slim jim when Liz pops up and just opens the passenger door. If the Mickey D's bags actually held food there would be enough for an army and the grease would be seeping through. Unless they are within a couple of blocks of Henry's school, one coin in a phone booth is not going to get them several minutes on the phone with him. (Callback to an early season, where Paige puts a coin in a pay phone, doesn't get through, hangs up, and fails to retrieve the returned coin like no one who used a phone booth ever). There was nothing new or crucial in the dead drop, just Liz confirming what they already suspected. The car they drive into Russia had different plates on front and back.
  15. S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    I was thinking Mama's secret chocolate chip recipe rather than Zharkoye, but otherwise I'm with you 100%. Is it illegal for a Russian national to pick up a stick? What's to prove he knew what was inside?