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  1. Season Five Episode Talk

    Personally, I would never use anything except a light olive oil in sweet baking, and you'd never taste it anyway. Extra virgin is simply too strong tasting unless the flavor is intended to be present, such as in a savory baked good like foccacia or something similar.
  2. Paul is one of the producers of the show. I gather that it's in his contract to be associated with as many of the renditions as possible. He was not a part of the Canadian version, however, which just ended a month or so ago. I loved how everyone pitched in at the end to help. There's no monetary award for this show, so there's no reason not to help a fellow Baker. This in and of itself is why GBBO and its offspring are so good, and so much better than other food competition shows. That shallot tart tatin looked scrummy. I wanted to reach through the TV to get it.
  3. S16.E01: The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

    Interestingly, the camera zoomed in on the words, "Forgot something? I'll get it for you," or something like that on the back of that one guy's vest. He was shown in context with Umami Soup guy forgetting the flour, making you think, "If only he'd said something!" Nice fake out, Elves.
  4. S16.E01: The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

    I think it's the hair style. It's quite severe and straight. For me, it made her head look too small. It's going to take some getting used to.
  5. Season Five Episode Talk

    Yes, you're right. I totally forgot.
  6. Season Five Episode Talk

    You're right as far as that's concerned -- rugelach isn't strictly a Chanukah pastry. They should have made donuts. However, they did have the required klezmer music ;)
  7. Season Five Episode Talk

    Right -- the ingredients themselves are kosher, in that meat and dairy are not paired, but the kitchen (and all the pots and pans) isn't. I want to know how they all knew rugelach has cream cheese in the dough when only one of the bakers even knew what it was. And frankly, if Duff wasn't one of the judges, I doubt they would've even HAD a Chanukah challenge. All that being said, I adore rugelach, and I found some of the new spins on it pretty interesting. The filling is generally sugar, nuts and sometimes raisins.
  8. I recall doing that at camp to make pot holders.
  9. Too much -- or in this case, any -- animal protein is the cause of so much misery for herbivorous reptiles. It totally ruins their kidneys. Could have been a great teachable moment. Oh well.
  10. I'm sure you're right. It's just a shame that the really interesting part about that case ended up on the cutting room floor.
  11. We never did hear anything further about that stone. What did Dr K think caused it? It was huge! She also - at least on camera - didn't give the owners any advice about diet, or substrate.
  12. Season Five Episode Talk

    One of my pet peeves with the show is the judges saying over and over, "I'm not getting xyz flavor," particularly Nancy. You don't taste it? Fine, then say that. But this, "I'm not getting ginger," or whatever has no meaning and just sounds stupid.
  13. Chopped 2018

    Maneet has competed in Chopped After Hours. I'm not sure if she's ever been in any of the regular competitions.
  14. S18.E07: Last Chef Standing

    I saw Scotley on another show yesterday -- Late Nite Eats, on the Cooking Channel. His restaurant, 5 Church, was featured, in particular, his lamb burger and fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese. Of course, these shows are rigged, in the sense that the diners and host act like they've never eaten anything so transcendent when they taste something, but everyone raved about the food. Pity he's such a creep.
  15. Season Five Episode Talk

    I do as well, and I agree. I'm trying to think of how else she could've used that green apple syrup instead of the whipped cream -- possibly to flavor a cookie? It was definitely a no-win situation. Perhaps when she grabbed it, she thought it was mint or lime.