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  1. We had a power outage on Wednesday night so the DVR only got the last 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I went against my better instincts and sought out the whole episode On Demand. Next time, will someone please remind me not to bother? These contrived "feed 100 people" , let alone "weddings" are the worst episodes on this show. When Joe Bastardbitch comes off as the sympathetic nice guy, you know you're in trouble. However, congratulations to Shaun and his boobalicious Oompa Loompa. Yikes.
  2. S13.E06: Divine Dryads 2018.07.10

    It's such a shame that this is the last season for this show. How sad to go out on such a downer note, considering some of the spectacular achievements we've seen throughout its run. All I keep imagining is what this season would have been like if they'd created a stable of winners instead of "also rans" competing, but of course, all those folks are probably too busy being highly in demand in the industry to have time for this now. Personally, there wasn't a single creation this week that I thought was all that great, and considering the beauty of the models they had to work with, it's especially disappointing.
  3. S09.E07: World Cup Dishes 2018.06.27

    The bickering itself is one thing but in this case, it seems extremely wooden and scripted. No one is going to give Aaron Sanchez an Oscar for his portrayal of a disrespected churro enthusiast any time soon.
  4. S09.E07: World Cup Dishes 2018.06.27

    Not so sure that Joe isn't no nonsense considering his restaurant empire -- or whatever. He used to often show up on the NY talk shows like Today and Regis and Kathie Lee (before it was nationally syndicated) and had an obnoxious persona on those as well. As an aside, he also used to be much larger and lost a ton of weight that he's kept off for years now. On another note, this mentor business is such crap. Not one of three judges is an actual mentor in the sense that they work with their team -- at least that we've seen. So far, the scope of the show is the same, just with more guilt trips.
  5. S09.E07: World Cup Dishes 2018.06.27

    "There's no pasta in China," said Joe. Someone please tell me he was kidding.
  6. Chopped 2018

    OK, Chopped, enough with kissing Martha Stewart's ass, we get it.
  7. S13.E02: Midnight Monsters 2018.06.12

    Watching the gags, or the lack thereof, all I could think was, where's Roy when you need him? This would have been so right up his alley. Definitely some of the problems, as people pointed out above, stem from the lack of time. How could you possibly design and create one solid concept in 3 days, let alone two concepts, one of which would probably require some sort of fabrication. It's no wonder we had the lackluster results we got. And speaking of whimsy, funny thing that Tim Burton's name came up, and then was immediately dismissed as not being appropriate for this challenge. Why not? Some of the best, most whimsical makeups came from the Tim Burton challenge from several seasons ago.
  8. S09.E05: Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

    Watching this show, I roll my eyes so much, I'm only afraid they're gonna get stuck that way. First of all, those crabs must have been kept either ultra cold or in fresh water because they looked barely alive. Otherwise, people would've been nipped left and right. Next, the crab's body is not called a purse. Don't know where he got that from. But oh the drama. What a nail biter. Sheesh.
  9. Chopped 2018

    Martha (and possibly Zakarian too) ate the ice cream with chopsticks. Oh give me a break. As for Aaron, he's on MasterChef, which is filmed in L.A., so it's unlikely we'll be seeing him on Chopped, which is filmed in N.Y., any time soon unless the filming schedules don't overlap.
  10. By the way, for everyone keeping score, "vermicelli" is Italian for little worms. Not something I want on my dessert, thank you, even as a biologist!
  11. Had to laugh at Marcella and Jason's coordinating outfits. It looked like a Chinese fire drill broke out in the bakery.
  12. Chopped 2018

    And what da fuque was up with Martha and Zakarian eating with chopsticks? Of all the pretentious shiz. All the better to taste...what? The same thing Chris tasted with his fork?
  13. I agree about Jean Francois. They make a big deal about him but he often doesn't hit the mark. Is it his ego that gets in the way of him excelling or is it that he's judged more stringently than the others? I'm not sure it isn't both. It seems to me that Scott has relaxed quite a bit since the season started. I actually found him very enjoyable on this week's show. Even Marcella was kidding around. Now if they could get Captain Corndog to shut up, they'd really have something here.
  14. S13.E01: Face Your Fears 2018.06.05

    Really? The last season? Although it's obvious that there's a limit to the number of potential facetestants for this show, it's still sad. So how will people be eliminated? If someone doesn't do well this week but does well next week, are they still out? Is it a points system? That wasn't clearly explained. But welcome back, show, and welcome back, Face Friends! Did I miss something? Who's Emerson?
  15. They've done the impossible. They've made this show into even more of a farce than it was already.