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  1. S09.E22 & E23: The Finale

    There's only one flaw in this logic. Although I could see that Ashley's red snapper was overcooked, we don't taste anything, and neither does anyone else -- including 3 potentially unbiased judges. That the mentors were the judges means Gerron's dishes could have been awful, and if they'd wanted him to win, he still would have. By the same token, Cesar's dish could have been cooked perfectly for all we know.
  2. S09.E22 & E23: The Finale

    First of all, IF the mentors had actually mentored anyone, and we're supposed to assume they did, then they had no business making the decision of who won. There's no way a true mentor could have remained impartial. Joe's gushing over Gerron made it very obvious who was going to win. That, and the fact that Fox spoiled it by showing a MasterChef commercial with an arm stirring a pot that could only have been Gerron's. All that said, I would've been happy with any one of the three taking it, which happens very rarely.
  3. Chopped 2018

    Agreed. The baskets were tough, but didn't seem impossible.
  4. Chopped 2018

    Sadly, yes, with chopsticks still in tow.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Sniff and Sneer Here

    I guess the assumption is that the envelopes and the candy jars are functionally similar, but no, I don't think it was explained that the envelope is randomly drawn as well.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Sniff and Sneer Here

    It was on Fridays last season.
  7. S09.E20: Battle of the Beef

    Did Aaron really say, "I think you both did an amable job..." to Gerron and Samantha? What?? Someone needs to buy him a dictionary.
  8. It may just be the editing on this show -- these doctors may not talk that way to all the patients all the time. I'm OK with a little bit of baby talk -- I don't recite encyclopedias to my dog, afterall -- but it seems constant on this show. Both doctors are highly intelligent women and for me, it tends to make them sound less competent than they clearly are.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Sniff and Sneer Here

    The first episode was actually shown on Bravo, where the selection process for the 12 "chefs" was shown, then the actual series bounced back to Universal Kids. So weird. Clearly Bravo has a stake in it because of the Mothership, so I don't understand why they don't show the episodes as well.
  10. I can tell you from first-hand experience that raccoons do not make good pets. I volunteer at a wildlife rehab shelter and once grown, those cute little babies become formidable. Teeth, claws, fearless and smart. There's a combination you want near your kids. Not. At least Dr. K mentioned the raccoon roundworm that most of them carry; just because it wasn't being shed at the time the sample was taken doesn't mean they don't have it. It's a nasty disease -- the roundworm eggs are shed in the feces and can exist in the environment for years; once swallowed and inside the body, eggs hatch into larvae, which then cause disease when they migrate through the liver, brain, spinal cord, and other organs. Kids play in the dirt, then put their hands in their mouth. Nuff said. I have to say, this episode was starting to make me sick. The baby talk! Both Drs K and T do it and it's nauseating. Definitely not professional either.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Sniff and Sneer Here

    Here we go. Season 2 started yesterday.
  12. I couldn't even finish reading that article. What stupidity! To justify someone keeping a fennec fox in an unsuitable environment because zoos do it all the time is ridiculous reasoning. Most of us don't live in zoos or have the proper set-up in our homes for these animals, and I'm speaking as someone who had iguanas for 20 years. Some of the people we ran across had no clue how to care for one, let alone that that cute little green lizard was going to grow up to be 6 feet long, have claws and teeth and have a tail they can whip you with. All that being said, I cringe at some of the animals that show up in this series. Lemurs and monkeys especially. While I applaud Dr. K for speaking out about keeping these guys as pets, and treating them non-judgmentally, it also sends the wrong message to "glorify" this by featuring it on a TV show. There are people who will interpret this very positively and think to themselves, "Wow, I should go out and get one of those because it looks so cool."
  13. 100Proof, I don't know if you remember this, but Joe used to be a fixture on some of the NY-based morning shows, particularly the local ones. I distinctly remember him on one show talking about wines. I applaud him for losing the weight and keeping it off but yeah, he was an arrogant jerk before and still is. Some things you can't change by losing weight.
  14. Chopped 2018

    What happened to Chopped Jr? Why were there kids on the adult Chopped?
  15. So if Bowen never had pasta, does that also mean that he's never had lo mein, chow mein, any other kind of mein, chow fun, etc etc.? I'm not buying it, even if Joe does insist that pasta only exists in Italian food.