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  1. S04.E07: The Poison Inside Us

    I so wanted Will to tell Natalie that his ucler is a direct result of being with her. The fake mafia storyline needs to end ASAP. I have more fun watching rats in the NYC subways than I do watching Becker and Rhodes. April needs to be alone for a very long time. April and Natalie have to be the two most annoying characters on this show, with their constant complaining.
  2. So the producers decided to create fake drama with the lovebirds,by telling a gushing Jenna that Val didn't choose 2018 as his most memorable year. Insert eye roll. Yay for Juan Pablo and Cheryl. Tinashe and Brandon in jeopardy? Who are the people voting?! Speaking of voting. Who are the people who keep voting for Joe and why? Please take pattern from DWTS Jrs, where the worst dancers were sent home instantly.
  3. S06.E02: Endings

    It's as if Black men don't need love too. Even Voight has escorts. So why is Atwater left out in the cold?
  4. S06.E02: Endings

    I'm okay with romance on a show, I don't want it to be a main focus, like Linstead and Bruzek were.
  5. S04.E02: When To Let Go (2)

    Choi is an idiot! I'm with April on this one and I don't even like her. 51 is a family, something Rhodes understood, hence him finding another option. Bekker can go at any time now and take Choi and Natalie with her. Dr. Charles annoys me at times. You can't force a consenting adult to be admitted to the hospital. Otis wasn't in psychosis, and clearly explained what happened. It's official, Will is adopted,there is no way he's related to hot head Jay and their now deceased ignorant father.
  6. S06.E02: Endings

    So Jay does more cheap and only gets "tough love" from Voight. I think Upton and Kevin would be great partners. Neither one of them would have to babysit their hot head partners for one, since they seem to be the only responsible adults on the team. So are the writers trying to sell us a Ruzek, Upton, Halstead triangle? If they are, they need to just end it now.
  7. How did Danielle get voted off over stiff as a board Joe? Either Joe can't dance or Jenna can't teach. It's unfair that better dancers are being voted off instead of him. Round of applause to the camera person tonight, they have everyone equal camera time in the opening number.
  8. Season 3 Discussion

    Someone suggested it to Charles J Orlando, who is down for it. Tony is against it though. Mr. Orlando actually defended Kenya, stating that she was the one doing all the hard work in her marriage, makes me wonder what is on the cutting room floor. Another interesting development on Twitter, Diane invited Tony and Angela out with her and Reece. I'm starting to wonder about her persona, as she supports Kenya by retweeting all of her promotional tweets, and seems supportive of Tony too.
  9. Season 3 Discussion

    I saw that too. And she retweeted it with heart emojis. I need these two, to get it together.
  10. I thought I was the only one who got annoyed by her baby talk. That and her decision making process. How could she not anticipate that a snake would try to slither away , while she was doing x-rays?
  11. Season 3 Discussion

    Since almost everyone on this season with maybe the exception of Charles and Bobby, are either actors or producers, no about everyone move to LA and live happily ever after. Angela is either an excellent actor or just plain mean. How do you tub your emotional affair in your husband's face? As for Tony he needs to stop crying and just focus on his career, Angela is super selfish. I understand Kenya's desire to have what she once thought she had, but at this point she needs to become Elsa and let it go. She really needs to divorce Charles, because she does not trust him, nor has she forgiven him. I know after the second case of cheating, I would have changed my locks. P.S. Diane was responding to every negative remark on Twitter, she has a tendency to do that on Instagram as well, but today she was being vicious to some people. Meanwhile Kenya's out here being a hustler and promoting her you tube channel, and being undercover shady by re-tweeting negative remarks about Angela. I'm guessing something more went down , because Diane keeps saying it's different when the cameras leave.
  12. Season 3 Discussion

    I noticed that as well. I'm wondering about this whole cast right now.
  13. Season 3 Discussion

    I don't think Kenya wants Tony either. In their hot tub scene, Tony stated that he'll miss them sitting around at night and just talking. From that statement, I'm guessing their friendship wasn't as dramatic as Charles and Angela lusting after each other, and Diane being plain thirsty for Bobby. I do agree that Kenya and Charles need to go their separate ways for good.
  14. Season 3 Discussion

    These couples are becoming suspect to me. Tony, Angela, Reese and Diane are all actors. Grant it that Tony is the only one with an IMDB page. Word on the Instagram block, is that Kenya is also an actor. So I'm wondering, these people's marriages really messed up, or are they trying to jump start their careers? Charles can just go away with his 2 year old self, having a damn tantrum because he can't have another man's wife. If I was Kenya I would be crying too if I had to leave a gentleman like Tony and return to the over grown toddler. I give Kenya props for getting up on that trapeze. I swear Tony was auditioning for cirque du soliel with all those tricks. Everyone else had a simple last day, the proxy spouses decided to be all romantic, I can't with those two.
  15. S7. E9: Fantasies and Firsts

    He told her she smelled really nice and it was almost overpowering.