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  1. S02.E03: The Punishment Room

    Oh, man, as soon as she stood up and went into stand up mode, I was cringing. Not your day, Midge! And not at all appropriate! Poor Mary. :( Guess it wasn't just the money that was holding back her dream wedding. :/
  2. To be fair, she A. probably didn't think you need a degree to teach chorus (as we have discovered in earlier posts here that some people don't know you do), and B. Madison made it sound like they were so desperate, at this point they'd take anyone. So, I gotta give her a pass on going in unprepared and unqualified. As for her being in school but not being able to drive. 2 hours in the car vs. two hours in a classroom are totally different. She's not going back full time, so it's most likely she's only taking a class or 2 at a time. She won't be sitting sentient for hours on end. She can stand up, go to the bathroom, move her legs and arms during lectures. Sitting in a confined space like a car is totally different.
  3. S01.E10: Silence Lay Steadily

    Right down to Theo's "Elsa from Frozen" gloves to keep her abilities at bay, and having her "let it go" moment at the end when she tosses them in the trash can...
  4. Also, it is NOT cookie season! Girl Scout cookies are a rare commodity only sold in Jan/Feb. (Although, I looked it up just now and it did say that some troops start as early as September, which I have never seen - that's insane. Like Christmas decorations going up in September. Grumble, grumble....). They really should have come up with some other reason for Beth to have her meltdown with the kids.
  5. S01.E03: Touch

    Theo is officially my favorite. She also seems to be the most well-adjusted of all the kids. As soon as they showed the guy to be a foster dad, I waited to see him smile - I had a feeling that was what was going on. So sad. :( Shirley's husband is totally taking royalties. He was very "Um, yeah, sure honey, not one red scent (but we'll talk later)" about it.
  6. S01.E02: Open Casket

    I had heard about this show in passing, so I thought I'd give it a go. I had heard about people passing out/throwing up, getting nightmares, etc. So far, the most disturbing things has been the dead kittens. So, so disturbing. I actually yelled at the TV "Stop showing the dead kitten!!" The only funeral I went to with open casket was my maternal grandfather. I saw him in the casket, and it was more fascination than closure. He worked for the funeral home, so my first thought was "Wow, they did a good job on him!" With a grandfather who worked in a funeral home, and a minister for a father, death was not really a big deal for me. I have memories of my sister and me sitting in the back of the station wagon in the cemetery while Dad did a graveside funeral, haha. I also have a twisted, morbid sense of humor.
  7. I loooved the bangs and wavy hair, for sure. But I remember way back when the hair cut in season 4 being universally hated, haha. Nice to know I'm not the only one!
  8. Unpopular Opinion: I actually liked Rory's 4th season haircut. It was super cute when it was first cut! It got a little lifeless as it grew out, but the initial 'do was really cute.
  9. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    I agree. It's just boring. Unfortunately, the house we're buying has a white subway tile backsplash in the kitchen. First thought: I wonder how much it would cost to get rid of that?
  10. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    WORD. We're in the process of buying a house with a small, galley kitchen (not at all what I wanted, but we love the house overall) and I love that there's a wall between it and the living room. We're using a room off the kitchen as a prep/pantry area, and I am thrilled it has a pocket door on one side, and a regular door on the other (it's the 3rd "bedroom"). I love that I can hide my mess from company!
  11. Nitpicking

    Ha ha I had to think about it too. The Christmas card he and Sherry sent Rory in Bracebridge Dinner had a pic of them with a puppy, I think. Never mentioned again. Please, Sherry would have gotten rid of the dog the minute she found out she was pregnant, because they're the kind of people who think you can't have a dog once you have a baby.
  12. Current Timeline: News and Media

    I'm at the point now where I wonder if someone in PR was supposed to send the announcement of cancellation, and was sick that day, and now they're just waiting out contracts, etc. to save face. "Jan, you had one job to do!"
  13. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    I love the idea of a brick house, but most of them in our area are out of our price range, unfortunately. I hate when it's painted. We are considering family visiting while we put together our wants/needs for our pending house hunt, mostly because my parents are older and I would love to have a guest bedroom for them on the main floor, and they would probably visit more if we could accommodate them - hotels around here are expensive. BUT, it's not #1 on our list. That would be that it is in good shape with everything working. Move-in ready to me means we don't have to fix/renovate anything before we move in. Painting, appliances, etc. can all be done over time. Isn't that the fun part of owning a house?
  14. Current Timeline: News and Media

    I had a dream last night that Timeless was renewed, and announced on Twitter with a BTS picture of Agent Christopher. I was so sad when I woke up this morning and it wasn't true. :( I'll admit, my passion has waned a little bit - not posting as much, but at this point I just wish we'd know either way. I do appreciate all the BTS and interaction the writers, cast & crew have had, though.
  15. Nitpicking

    I took a class for 2-3 weeks before I dropped it at my school. So, it didn't seem too far in to me, I guess. But yes - Gilmoreland is in it's own timezone.