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  1. OMG Stephanie Johnson has to be the identical twin of Shay Johnson (Flav o Flavs Bucky / Shay on LHipHopMiami). It is unnerving to watch her because they have same face and voice. But Steph has not freakishly altered her body the way Shay has. And Steph has standards and manners but Shay is a ratchet mess. The female versions of Goofus and Gallant.
  2. Season 4 All Episode Discussion

    I am miffed. Now she's talking about placing #3 up for adoption. Odds are this baby will be an LP and that prob makes it even more difficult to land a good home. She is beyond selfish. But honestly i think it is just a story line .....cause no way are her parents going to accept their gb being adopted. They will just continue to enable Andrea's poor me victim outlook. We all know she is gonna birth that baby and toss it to Gmom and Gdad to raise him/her. This act she is doing just makes me dislike her even more. Miss Juicy's home purchase was comp ridic. That house will come to own her. She should have done more like what Terra did. She could have had a brand new 1500sq ft home built to LP scale. A home she could truly be "at home" in. Perhaps it was just an investment but I think she is in over her head.
  3. Season 1 Discussion

    Athena won that?!! They are all gonna look super dumb in a few years when Athena fails to grow taller. It aint happening. I am glad Lilyan didn't place because deep down she is a disrespectful snot.
  4. Miami

    Imagine my surprise (NOT) when seeing Scrappy in Miami. How long before Safaree shows up too? As for Scrappy.......his Fiz-na-hee dated dialect is all the way played out. I am just embarrassed for him and for all the thots trying to pay attention to him. Shay......Is there just 1 semifamous man she will not give it up to? I truly hope they all stay in Miami.....way down at the bottom of our USA where the rest of us don't have to be affected by their idiocy. Amara......Hard to pity your hardworking momma when you both are happy to blow what little you do have at the strip club. I could read right through Amara's fake blue contact lensed tears. In reality she was thinking to herself "Yeah Momma get another job and this time find one that pays better!"
  5. Can someone please explain the art hanging on Cesear's walls? For serious......he has a painting of an elephant nosed, James Brown wig wearing eagle. There has to be a story.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Dutchess gets her way. Again.

    Melody is the real deal. Her work is breathtakingly beautiful. And she is an incredible person. Duchess should be afraid.....very afraid. Hmmmm. Positive upbeat Melody or stanky drama-loving negative Duchess. Who would you choose? But I disagree on Melody being better off w the Chicago crew. Their owner was just a jealous, whiney baby the way he dealt with Cat's doing her own thing by choosing to attend the conventions. She begged the crew to go but they refused. And when it became obvious that she was hustling and making $ as well as a name for herself at the conventions they got attitudes. I felt like I was watching a 5 year old, not a grown man who owns his own business. Anyway, I'd hate to see Melody have to deal w that crap. She could hold down her own spinoff I think. Puma.......I'm really starting to like Puma. Cesear and his crew are just dirty looking. Like, take a bath/ wash your hair at least once a week. I dont think his baby needs to be hanging out at the parlor but still, i give Puma props for at least taking care of his child. She is a cutie. I wish Melody had come to Puma's shop. She is drug free. Puma is on probation trying to be drug free. Cant leave wout mentioning that super fine man (10 yr sober dude who got moon goddess tat). That man is FINE!
  7. Atlanta

    No way will I be able to spell these names correctly so be warned. Why can't these fools come up w original street names? We now have Scrappy and the new addition known as Scrapp. I think that is close. The new guy.....OMG....I just see him and laugh. I automatically think of the Bee Gees. He has the monotone leisure suit/ no shirt just the vest and jacket/ topped off with a long chained medallion. Where did they find this clown and his idiotic family?
  8. Everything you said is what I'm thinking. As for the clapping.......it is a sign of the times. I'm 50 this year when in HS we had debate class. We learned the art of debate, how to be logical. They must not teach debate anymore. Ha! I've noticed that people scream one sentence over and over, getting louder and louder. And then they throw in the clapping and maybe a few neck rolls. Whoever screams loudest wins the debate. It really is mind boggling and sad. Logic is dead. It wouldn't have even been a question. I'd leave that house of crazies, chase my dream, do that photoshoot. These girls that have to take on the role of parent/adult......some of them really are incredible and good people. I feel bad for Josie but somehow she is surviving. YES!!
  9. The People on the Couch(es)

    Every single time they watch "Chrisley knows Best" the guys in the gay trio have the best comments ever! I LOVE this show. It is a fun way to preview a show to determine if it is worth watching. I have Comcast and they just very recently began to offer it on demand. Yes!
  10. S08.E03: The Biggest Boob

    Swankie I'm beginning to think John's doodle must be made of gold. For serious, how can Dorinda be attracted to that sweaty tub of lard? Was it just me or did anyone else get the idea that Bethany was insinuating that Dorinda and John are doing drugs together. Not just alcohol? That could explain things I suppose. And yes, Jules is going to see the effects from her eating disorder. It will really start to show around 40. Most skinny obsessed people I know are also smokers. She was just gross to use that bucket of ice to cleanse her hands. Then leaving it for others to use too. It was telling of her personality that she didn't even stop for a millisecond to think to herself "Hey I need to go to the restroom and wash my hands". She seems not too terribly bright.
  11. All Episodes Talk

    Alapaki I think you've touched on something here...maybe that rotten Christy should be thanking Terra rather than trying to get her put in jail. No way did that cup cause any injury to Christy's brain. I'm betting Christy already had the brain lesions. Had she not gone to the ER she would not have known and could not have treated them. Not sure that the Dr did anything. Maybe it is like a bruise. It just fades w time. On an earlier ep Tera's husband made a big deal about there being 2 types of little people. The ones with normal facial features and the ones with distorted features. It is odd that the 2 ladies w the distorted features are now besties. Brianna is dumb as a brick and Christy is an overgrown baby. They deserve each other. Scenes from the reunion show Briana is staying w Matt. Go figure.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Talk It Out

    Cherry you know it. She is truly horrible. I'm thinking she is on wrong show. She is better suited for those "my house is haunted by demons" shows. The paranormal ghost hunters. Ha!
  13. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Why?......Why does she insist on talking in that nauseating baby voice. I just cringe when she starts up. I think doing that tends to dumb down the children. Kailyn always speaks to her boys with firmness,love and her true voice. I give her credit for that. Also kailyn is serious about her college studies. I think Chelsea dad is a dentist. He has held her hand and continues to hold her hand through every decision. He is always the first person she calls whenever there is an issue. I think both her little girl and Farrah's girl are bratty. Farrah is even more nauseating w the baby talk. Ugh! I wish these ladies would tone down the makeup. Doesn't Chelsea have a best friend to take away her eyebrow sharpie? Seriously I have seen photos of Farrah and Chelsea wout makeup and they look so much better.
  14. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

  15. S01.E01: Episode 1

    It is off putting the way KR fawns all over the dark skinned hopeful. Her "Nubian Princess" . I think that is her pet name for her. None of these ladies have the it factor. Which I guess would at least keep the group together. No Beyonces here to break out and go solo. But just being honest, America is not going to support a supposed super group (even if they sing like Whitney) if the members aren't knockouts. She should know that by now. I'm thinking this may make a good reality show but it is never going to produce a female supergroup.