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  1. Should You Get Initiated Into Lodge 49?

    Glad you guys liked the game. I'll probably have to make it a bit shorter, though, if I ever build up the nerve to write up another one. (BTW, not to nitpick or anything, but that should be "Prose and ComiCons". Y'know, 'cause of the haikus....)
  2. Super(girl) Media

    This conversation should probably be moved over to the Relationships thread.
  3. Daring New Viewers of Supergirl: Notes From The Mods

    Since there is a lot of interest in discussing the potential Batwoman series, please direct conversation to this topic, located in Everything Else TV; Pilot Season and Shows in Development This show has not been picked up to series yet, so there is no forum. When and if the CW picks it up, the forum can be requested then. Further news on the discussion of the winter crossover will be coming, but for now, posts in the Supergirl forum should focus on the Supergirl characters; posts that are about characters on other shows are subject to removal and repeated offenses may result in other actions. For your convenience; The Flash forum; The Arrow forum; The Legends of Tomorrow forum; The Black Lightning forum (not officially part of the Arrowverse yet, but tangentially related), and the Pilot Season and Shows in Development topic
  4. S02.E10: Every Potato Has a Receipt 2018.06.29

    Just a reminder to keep the conversation civil. We can have a great discussion of this show without having to call out other posters, or their friends.
  5. S04.E02: Johnny Dangerously

  6. Dispatches from K'un L'un: Iron Fist In The Press

    Season 2 teaser (and a release date).
  7. S04.E01: The Warrior Princess Bride

    Original air date: 2018.07.20
  8. S02.E08: Fatherland

    Sorry, with the problems we've been having with episode threads lately, I didn't think I could remove the tags without messing up the formatting.