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  1. Small Talk: The Mess Tent

    In his second appearance, when he was competing with Trapper's buddy from Army Intelligence, Trap's buddy called him "Sam" at the end of the episode. That's where the game's getting the first name from.
  2. Small Talk: The Mess Tent

    I had a brain fart and thought the show ran for 14 seasons, not 11. But I missed the state park question, too.
  3. Netflix just added another batch of classic episodes, including Time of the Apes, The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, Gorgo, Jack Frost, Space Mutiny, and Manos: The Hands of Fate. Looks like they took down the classic episodes they already had, though.
  4. Small Talk: The Mess Tent

    I got 38! There's a reason I moderate this corner of the forum, y'know. :)
  5. S02.E03: AKA Sole Survivor

    Just a reminder to be careful which episode thread you're posting in. Many people post here on an episode-by-episode basis, and any info from a later one would be considered a spoiler.
  6. Sealed in the Tower: The Spoiler Thread

    Lilith, maybe?
  7. Orphan Black in the Media

    Tatiana just won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Series.
  8. 12th Precinct Scheduling

    I'm not a New Yorker, but my cable system up here in the wilds of Labrador has their CW affiliate, WPIX. They have a block of classic sitcoms that they air every Saturday night, including two back-to-back episodes of Barney Miller. Though lately, they've been preempting BM to air infomercials for some reason. Well, not only is it back on the schedule tonight, but they're airing the infamous (and Canon-worthy) episode "Hash", by far one of the funniest half-hours of television ever made.
  9. Luke Cage in the Media

    Save the date!
  10. S02.E13: AKA Playland