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  1. For the record, "Happy!" was written by Grant Morrison, and "The Boys" was written Garth Ennis. And despite evidence to the contrary, they're both different dudes. (I get the confusion, though, 'cause both books were drawn by Darick Robertson, who, by sheer coincidence, also used to draw the "Nightman" comic, and created that gawwwwwwdawful costume you guys were going on about.)
  2. I did get a slightly creepy vibe from the kid, but I had it pegged as the mother 'til they arrested her with about ten minutes left to the show. I got a nice Agatha Christie vibe off of the episode, and I loved the twist at the end. (Though I was sure that Watts has figured it out and was just stringing her along 'til he got evidence. I was expecting him to slip that hot dog into the 1900 equivalent of a baggie, right up until he actually went to eat it.)
  3. Season 2 trailer! New season drops March 8.
  4. That's easily my favourite type of cookie, but I never thought to make my own. And I do own a maple-leaf-shaped cookie cutter....
  5. From Texts From Superheroes:
  6. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?
  7. "Barry, I need a hug!"
  8. In Barry's defense, he didn't know from what point in time that Thawne came from, so he didn't know how badly killing him would shag up the timeline.