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  1. I don't have anything against Amway at all. I actually use some Mary Kay products. Don't know how true it is, but Dave Ramsey always said to be truly successful (as in make a ton of money) you have to get others into whatever it is, and that is the true "purpose"--not just selling products and resting on your laurels.
  2. Did anyone actually sit and watch the whole 14 minutes? I find it interesting that she would actually spend that much time explaining something so ridiculous. She didn't want the constraints involved in being a DCC so she left after cheering at all the games. She knows she didn't fulfill her contract and just doesn't want to admit it. I do wish her the best and hope she figures life out.
  3. Many years ago I was mowing the yard and an acquaintance stopped by for a visit. I actually had to stop mowing, go in the house to visit and figure out finally he wanted me in on his Amway business. I coulda gotten a whole lot of yard mowed, but I was young and polite. Went to one Pampered Chef thing and now I don't even answer the Pampered Chef (or other invites) from my church and community friends. I did go kicking and screaming to a friend's Melaluca thing and bought not one single thing. I thought the snacks were going to be really good. I drove one hour for 25 cent bags of crummy chips and water.
  4. I was always a Madeline cheer leader. But I didn't care one bit for her hip hop routine. Obviously the panel loved it.
  5. Sorry -- what's an MLM request?
  6. Is that Keyra at about the 6-7 second mark?
  7. So happy for the ladies who made it. I was rooting for Brennan and hope she does well and is a star for the organization. I like the Miss American lady too. I am sad for Tara. Not sure I would agree saying something negative about the amount of attention being given to VK is cut worthy but I guess we'll find out. She seems so sweet.
  8. Hahaha every year my husband sees me watching it and says "oh Lordy are you trying to be a cheerleader again?"
  9. Who is Emma (as in "is that Emma's husband").
  10. Well---it's kind of like in school when kids did book reports--some of them ended with "you'll have to read the book to find out what happened." I don't know what happened but as mom used to say "it will all come out in the wash."
  11. I think all men no matter the color love a good butt! But I'm from the south so understand your sentiments exactly.
  12. She came back a third time and was cut. She told them they shouldn't have let her in if they were just going to cut her again and something to the effect it was cruel.