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  1. I love Rachel. She seems very unassuming. Definitely has the training to not be an ambassador risk. Her dream was to keep dancing, not necessarily be a DCC.
  2. No one here is probably old enough to remember "Queen for a Day."
  3. Marshall would just die if Kelli brought those girls in wanting to give them a makeover! Where would he even start? My dog's groomer might have it easier even on a bad day.
  4. Lordy I hate ruffles and bows and both are the IN thing this year. I refuse to buy anything with bows which is why I have nothing to wear to church nowadays. And I want my shoulders covered up or I freeze.
  5. I'm always surprised by which girls get the most negative comments every year. I liked Gina last year, and Christina, and Brennan. I was rooting for Amy too, but understand why she was cut. I was glad Maddie made it after her first cut, but I'm not really a fan of the type of hip hop some people do, especially when I see what I perceive to be "real" hip hop. I like Victoria too, despite the many things she has to work on. I understand the frustration some people here feel about her still being a TCC. But I don't have anything at all against her. It's CMT's editing that has been making her the focal point. If she were being edited like Lily, we may wonder why Victoria wasn't being shown and maybe say Kelli is protecting her because she is her pet.
  6. I served squirrel to my family once a long time ago--like chicken fricassee. It was okay but I couldn't get over what the meat was. People hunt a lot in the south. I hate deer meat and won't eat it unless it is sausage. I won't eat eggs either unless they are from the grocery store. Quail--we used to get gifts of frozen quail from a supplier's farm. I always fed it to the dogs. It is considered really special down here. Fried fish (like bream) are really good. We went to a client's house one night for supper. He had fried the fish with the head still on it with the eyes and everything. That's just how he learned to do it from his culture. I had to pretend it was wonderful but I didn't go near that part of it. I'm wondering if the lunch had qual just to see what their reaction would be and see how they would handle it.
  7. You'd have to take that up with CMT.
  8. My sis calls friends like that "frenemies." All smiley and then POW.
  9. Don't forget the syrup!
  10. Okay Kelli, Judy and Shelly--you have your assignment for next season!
  11. Instead of the weird herky jerky choreographer they have each season, I'd like to see the TCC try some ballroom dancing. It would be fun to see how quickly they pick up the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Rumba, Cha cha and Salsa. I don't know what they would do about the men needed, however. I hope Kristen comes back next year. She seems very level headed. I think there will come a time when Victoria is ready. Kelli has lost a ton of weigh. We can take her off WW now. I bet she feels better too.
  12. Savannah was as bad if not worse. I agree about the "belly issues."