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  1. I must have been behind her in the line that gave them out. Then apparently they started rationing....
  2. Holly P that left last season? Pretty certain what she had last year was God given. Don't know about recently though.
  3. I cannot figure why DISH isn't one of the providers. I've never even heard of half of those on the list.
  4. Speaking of Starr Spangler--didn't Kelli (or someone) say something on the show asking if her name was "really" Starr? Or what her real name was or something like that.
  5. I could see Jenna on dancing with the stars--could anyone else? Then there could be a new mentor--or maybe two mentors.
  6. Can someone give a brief explanation of what BB is about.
  7. Deleted-- some may think his hair is gorgeous like that.
  8. Yes--poor Sydney's post of her in the pool with no make up got little attention.
  9. Maybe there should be a new thread entitled THE LAWSUIT where all posts related thereto go.
  10. Glad you are better cherry blossom!
  11. WHERE'S THE BEEF? (From an old Wendy's commercial) I see no fat anywhere.
  12. She must read this forum since it was suggested here she always was "game day" perfect in terms of hair and make up.
  13. This might be stretching it.
  14. The only thing I can compare being a DCC to is being a ballet dancer--insofar as doing it for love and it being a dream--as some of the girls indicate. I don't know if ballet dancers get paid for practice. Or if they are provided perks. "While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep salary data specifically for ballet dancers, dancers of all types earned a median hourly salary of $13.74 in 2016. The median is the midpoint between the highest and lowest salaries in a range that spans from $8.69 per hour at the bottom end to $33.34 for the top 10 percent of dancers. For ballet dancers, this equates to a median $30,007 annually in a range that spans $20,604 to $58,723 in 2018. The prestigious Boston Ballet pays its first-year corps de ballet members $1,262.53 per week in 2018, for each week of a 40-week season. Members of the St. Louis Ballet earn $325 per week for a 28-to-30-week season."