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  1. S07.E04: This Isn't Charity

    Well there was a flashing red beacon on top of all the anvils they kept dropping....it was hard to miss. Let's play a fun game as to what happens next a. He freezes in a fire b. Hermanns fat lazy crew are too fat and incompetent to realise and someone amazingly awesome at their job from either Squad 3 or Truck 81 (because they are the only good firefighters in the whole of Chicago) runs into a burning building to rescue him. c. Someone's life is left hanging in the balance in the winter finale because of Ritter. d. all of the above.
  2. S07.E04: This Isn't Charity

    They really do paint themselves into stupid corners don't they with this type of writing. On the one hand Boden should run for POTUS with how brilliant he is at his job and then you find out half his firehouse are slovenly useless fat old men. (Yes, I know a decades old half eaten cheeseburger would do a better job than the current POTUS)
  3. S07.E04: This Isn't Charity

    So let me guess, someone other than the almighty firefighters on truck 81 or squad 3 are incompetent, rude, obnoxious, fat, lazy and/or useless?
  4. S07.E03: Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand

    Hope Hermann treats his crew better than he treated the guy who took over from Otis for a while....or to that end, anyone who has set foot in that firestation in the past.
  5. S07.E03: Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand

    Although they barely managed to make Otis's injury last more than three weeks so it's no surprise is it? I was kinda surprised she wasn't running into a burning building sans mask on her first shift back like nothing happened.
  6. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Part of what made this show great was Platt but now she's thrown in every now and then, says her two lines, breaks up a fight, or props up Voight's bad behaviour and then disappears again. Her snark was always the highlight of the show, her relationship with Burgess and Atwater, even her tormenting of Ruzek all that has just disappeared. Her next storyline will either be Mouch being killed or they will bring back her once mentioned brother and they will off him. I don't dislike any of the actors on this show, but I do feel sorry for them and the shit they've be given to do. It will be interesting that at the end of this season the typical 6yr contracts will be up, I wonder who will say 'thanks but no thanks' - my guess is Paddy Flueger will cut and run and I don't blame him tbh.
  7. S07.E03: Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand

    Do Severide, Stella and April have some sleazy three way going on? Why would he be picking her up to take her to a firefighter's picnic? It made even less sense because she wasn't even in the episode (or I may have blanked out...I've been known to so that with this show). Perhaps if she had been in the episode and they mentioned it maybe I could have forgiven the stupidity of it but then again how else would we have seen the epic reunion of the wayward family. Considering they make him out to be this superhero god like figure he really is pretty dumb sometimes isn't he? Firstly he decides and announces to the cops in front of the mother that the Dad was on a suicide mission and trying to kill her kid, then the lawyer shows up at the fireplace and he starts chatting away, there is not a chance in hell they are not told to say nothing to lawyers, especially one who is recording the conversation and then takes it upon himself to inform the wife that it was a deer and of course because he's in his studly t-shirt she promptly falls weeping at his feet thanking him for personally stopping her from harpooning her ex. Tone it down writers.
  8. S06.E03: Bad Boys

  9. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Okay, after thinking about this show for a bit, chatting to some other fans I finally came to the conclusion that this the end of the road for me, which does make me a bit sad. I can't even hate watch it. I used to love this show but the current showrunner has completely destroyed every single character, not one of them is likeable so why watch a show that you hate everyone in it, ... oh except Atwater, I don't hate him yet but he's just not strong enough or compelling enough to make me forgive all the others or in it enough to make it worthwhile sitting through all the other idiotic characters. It's not just the last episode, that was just the straw that broke the camel's back it's gone downhill rapidly since middle of season 4. Now I am not a Lindsay fan by any stretch of the imagination and don't miss her, but come on imagine the shitfest she'd be if Eid was let lose of her considering what he's done to all the others. I was however a Ruzek fan so I need to stop watching before they make me hate him because quite frankly what they are doing to his character is pretty ugly to watch. I don't know if everyone feels the same but in a world where politics is shoved down our throats 24/7 do we really need a cop show to wade in to the debate with an already annoying cliched character trying to get a leg up. It's not even a character we like or knew so why should we care? Like fire needed to stop with all the drama, romance, annoying bad guy subplots and dead hamster stories and get back to fighting fires, this show needs to get back to working cases that don't involve a member of the IU's loved ones being killed, maimed, raped or tortured or their tragic pasts, and get rid of the annoying suit who is running for mayor. I might check in on you fine folk every now and then to see if things improve but until then...thanks for the fun times peeps. Be well.
  10. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Sadly that rule was tossed out years ago. More's the pity. It might be time to revisit it. (Even the actors are sick of the in-house dating storylines.)
  11. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Don't like your chances, but good luck.
  12. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Anyway back to the rest of this debacle of an episode. There is nothing interesting in the Blond Suit story, at all. So we will just FF through that in future. I am not sure why they thought this would be interesting and now Burgess is going to go all googly eyed over her and that is going to be even more painful to watch. Of course Voight comes out squeaky clean again and both him and Platt toast their success in getting Al exonerated. I get the feeling for Voight he was also patting himself on the back for 'winning' again. The removal of Al's desk....like seriously you think they do that? That was pathetic. They love beating people over the head to make sure they understand. Even the whole door incident. Atwater makes some epic speech to Ruzek about Antonio always being first through the door and then in the first time ever on this show they decide to have a debate before breaking down a door and Antonio has to do it, because you know Atwater just told us he's awesome like that and the writers need to whack us with the obvious stick again. Someone needs to take Antonio and Ruzek and, as my mother would say, smack their bloody heads together. Both are pretty much insufferable right now. I wish the writers would make up their mind with Antonio, so he happily watches Voight torture another suspect to get information? Make up your damn mind, is he by the book or not? it's getting old So basically since Eid has turned up he only has Atwater's character left to ruin. (Platt is barely even in this show anymore but what she does do is pretty friggin' useless.) Good job Buddy, you're doing awesome
  13. Chicago PD in the Media

    The quote was actually from Paddy. He didn't like the story and was told to suck it up and that he shouldn't worry about pissing fans off. He cares about his character whereas to Eid et al they are just dispensable objects that he shuffles around to suit his own agenda and his arrogance that they fans don't matter is really disappointing. If he doesn't care about the viewers, as viewers why should we care about watching? I kind of include Eid and the writers as one whole. At the end of the day the writers only write what Eid tells them to write. He would be the one that decided on this story and I am not sure if he seriously misjudged the response or he just doesn't care. I tend to think it's the latter.
  14. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    So for all her moral grandstanding and judgy behaviour she's just as bad as the rest of them. My feeling on that was when Marina fell pregnant they needed to get her upstairs because they couldn't hide her pregnancy as well in uniform. It was the first big misstep this show took, getting rid of patrol. It's been all downhill from there tbh
  15. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    I was well over Burzek as a couple, so that part doesn't bother me. It's been a poorly told story from start to finish. It hasn't been interesting for a long time. I don't dislike Upton because of this storyline, I just don't like her, I don't trust her and find her completely uninteresting so I have zero interest in her story and I don't really want to sit through all the Burgess angsty drama. Yes she let him go, a long time ago & she also humped her partner so she's got no reason to be upset but you can bet your bottom dollar that she's going to drag her misery into the bullpen. They all need to stop fishing from the company pier, it is not interesting, new or particularly compelling viewing. And of course they didn't hook her up with Atwater because that wouldn't get the drama, people might actually enjoy it but then again Eid has made it clear he does not give a stuff about keeping fans engaged.