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  1. While I love that Ruzek is finally getting a storyline I just cannot get my head around the fact that he is supposed to be that torn up about a sister & nephew that we have never seen or heard of before and will no doubt never see or hear from again. I get what they are trying to do but they needed to put a bit of legwork into the sister from the start of the season, at least have him talk about it. Not bam I have a sister who I am bailing out & now I am being blackmailed, but i guess they were too busy trying to make him out to be a racist cop at the start of the season.
  2. Ruzek will be fine......a little earbashing by his 'fathers' and he'll be let lose with a specific plan to bring down Woods...with a little help from his family.
  3. I don't think this Rat story is cut & dried, not by a long shot. My bet still is that Ruzek is working with Voight to bring down Woods....but hey, it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong.
  4. I did read somewhere that he said he didn't go back and watch previous seasons, which I found strange and it's glaringly obvious that he is just changing characters for the sake of storytelling and doesn't care if it makes sense or not.
  5. Dare I say it...there are too many people in IU now. It's become too cumbersome & they have no idea how to handle it obviously.
  6. What's the bet that Ruzek has already clued Voight in and they are working to get Denny to hang himself by going after Ruzek....otherwise this story makes zero sense. I've been waiting patiently for Ruzek to have his own storyline that didn't revolve around Burgess and when we finally get it it's this rubbish. A sister? I know the characters were all woefully under developed under the previous regime but this is extreme. Even the actor felt the Ruzek was being written OOC..this is not helping but I am willing to see how it plays out before I completely lose my shit.
  7. Let's just write everyone OOC, make Al disappear, throw in a random sister/nephew that has never been mentioned....ok, whatever.
  8. I need to stop trying to watch this on planes......the Gabby drama makes me want to hit the emergency exit mid flight. I got to say this season has been underwhelming...they overhype stories, the premiere is prime example , Mr Sprinkles and now this? disappointing.
  9. Disappointed I must say
  10. DIdn't they announce that PD's 100th is a crossover with Fire? looking forward to that.
  11. The most obnoxious couple award goes to Casey and Dawson......I used to like Casey but it seems that his wife is rubbing off on him & not in a good way. My impression with Severide at the end was that he will respect the rank but not Casey, not until he pulls his head in and I don't blame him. Before his promotion he would have listened to Severide's opinion and let him do the the rescue the way he thought best. It's not Severide that has a problem with Casey now outranking him, it's Casey thinking he's suddenly better than he was a week earlier because of the colour of his shirt. The less said about Gabby's ridiculous behaviour the better. A simple question to the Doctor about where he worked would have sufficed and he could have been useful. I don't know about how things work in the US but at an incident here, if a Dr is on hand they are used, he could have been a O&G for all they knew, but of course Dawson wanted to become a Dr for a nanosecond so obviously that's like practically getting a medical licence, isn't it?
  12. OMG....What the hell was that? You know fire needs oxygen to survive and Gabby is currently sucking the life out of this one. Seriously they would want to be careful....first they hype up the season premiere to within an inch of it's life & it's the biggest letdown when everyone walks away without even a scratch & now they've been talking up Mr Sprinkles & it's a rodent (or whatever...I was rolling my eyes too much to actually see what it know the story about the boy that cried wolf......
  13. Well she does seem to jump into bed with any man who smiles at yeah I get the wild child thing.
  14. Or suddenly bringing back a long forgotten daughter in the last few minutes of one episode to kill them off in the start of the next.
  15. The only good thing about this episode was the first 10 minutes because Gabby wasn't in it.....that's two kind of weak episodes in a row.