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  1. S03.E20: The Tipping Point

    I don't mind her, I just don't understand why they gave her that terrible Sth African accent.
  2. I think they just prefer to stick to twitter where the 12yr olds hang out and stroke their egos. Everyone like's a good ego stroke, venture away from twitter and the Gabby hate is strong.
  3. S03.E19: Crisis of Confidence

    He he...I'd like to think a little from column A & a little from column B, but sadly it's probably most from column B....that storyline was like a flashing neon sign.
  4. Chicago Fire in the Media

    Let's be honest, they suck at cliffhangers anyway. Why should this be any different?
  5. S03.E20: The Tipping Point

    Man those babies are god damn miracles. Just mere moments after being separated by apparently this epically difficult surgery there they are happily gurgling away, waving their little arms and legs like they just had an bandaid removed. Do they actually have medical experts consulting on this show? It's just ridiculous. Have them in ICU, on vents and you can still say that they surgery was a success and now it's a wait and see.....but no let's just be utterly ridiculous. I know this is TV drama but I think we have moved past the days of cringeworthy daytime soap, people can only suspended disbelief for so long and if they don't kept it within the realms of reality it starts to become a joke....and this show is officially a joke.
  6. Maybe they were trying to throw a bone to the 'other' half of the fanbase, the ones who didn't think the sun shone from her arse.
  7. I wish Monica well in whatever she choses to do next. As for season 7....it's shaping up to be the best season EVA already.
  8. Chicago Fire in the Media

    I am not sure what's more entertaining, the meltdown of Dawsey fans who desperately think that she is actually a universally adored character and they may as well cancel the show now or the way the harpies who told Linstead fans that 'you didn't always get the ending you deserved for your faves' and spent the rest of the year taking potshots at SB fans and reminding everyone how much better the show is without her character are blubbering all over the place that 'Dawsey' didn't deserve to end like that, that Dawsey fans are the only fans that matter and should get the end they want.....so fucking funny.
  9. S03.E19: Crisis of Confidence

    They had to have her die to dial up the Drama for the finale. Now he doesn't want to operate on those twins because of this massive the crisis of confidence he's having but then somehow he will be coerced/bullied into operating, things start to go wrong, Ava will be snarky and condescending and he snaps out of his inertia just in time to do something miraculous to save both babies and after all his angst he'll skip out of OR patting himself on the back and that'll be the end of it. Crisis of confidence over...Super Rhodes saves the day. Huzzah
  10. Does she need me to call her a cab to the airport? Nah bugger it, I'll drive her.
  11. S05.E22: Homecoming

    In all honesty I have less of an issue with Al being killed off than I do with the poor storytelling. It was a clusterfuck basically. If they knew they were going to kill him off they should have put more effort into his story towards the end, rather than have him basically sit at his desk looking mopey for the last half of the season. He was basically irrelevant all season and the show was poorer for it. I will admit, unlike a lot of people, I am a Ruzek fan. I do get why people don't like him and have no issue with other people's opinions. I get what they were trying to do with him lashing out at Antonio and going along with Voight but with the shit narrative and the lack of continuity of the way these characters are written it was just off. Al was his mentor, his first partner and they obviously had a close father/son relationship, hell Al moved in with him so instead of reminding us of that over the course of the last few episodes building up to this, it's just bang in your face. I get his grief and anger, I just wish they'd put some kind of effort into showing the reasons for it. If I recall the last time we saw them interact was when Al drove Ruzek to meet Voight. (I assume that also played into Ruzek's reaction his guilt over not being able to stop Woods, or should have but I doubt the writers even remember that Ruzek was caught up in the Festival of Woods. He knows he let Al down and that would eat away at him, again I don't think the writers are that smart though.). So I get his reaction, I still didn't like it but I got it. (Funnily enough the thing that annoyed me the most was throwing the orange peel on the floor...huh) No one has a blank sheet when it comes to crossing the line, they have all done it to vary degrees when it suits them. Hell even Atwater has his moments, he beat the crap out of the guy in jail and showed no sign of stopping until he was dragged off him, he taunted a man to pick up a gun so he could shoot him, sure some go way beyond that but they all do it. None are beyond reproach. I assume (again you can't trust the writers) that for all Antonio's moral grandstanding (I didn't disagree with it) he appears to have backed up Voight's version of events to the IA board because Voight walked out of there to continue on his merry way. So what was the point of his stance if he let Voight get away with it again? The whole storyline felt like it was cobbled together from episode to episode with no thought to how it would look to veiwers. I remember one poster, a while ago saying the problem with this show is that they try and TELL us how characters feel rather than SHOW it. This is never more true than right now.
  12. S03.E19: Crisis of Confidence

    And as we know, in this universe the only competent cops are the Intelligence Unit & they were busy with the battle of the dirty cops.
  13. S05.E22: Homecoming

    If the aim was to make everyone unlikable.....well then this season was a success.
  14. S05.E22: Homecoming

    Quite frankly......awful. I'm glad this season is over. Any chance Eid will leave? I honestly didn't think it could be any worse than the back half of season 4....boy was I wrong.
  15. S05.E21: Allegiance

    No they are still there....unfortunately and worse than the Linstead shippers ever were.