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  1. Chicago Fire Spoilers

    That would make a change from 'someone's going to die.....oh wait no they are perfectly fine' cliffhanger that they usually do.
  2. Chicago Fire Spoilers

    I thought they did hook up, wasn't she at Severide's place one morning and Kidd was there and that started her whole jealousy thing that led to her transferring Kidd without anyone knowing?
  3. S06.E13: Hiding Not Seeking

    Because then we wouldn't have got Super fantastic Gabby saving the day. I'm not sure why they didn't get her to clone the laptop while she was in there, I mean surely she is an IT expert too.
  4. S03.E09: On Shaky Ground

    Wash, rinse, repeat...
  5. S06.E12: The F is For

    I also love how every other fireman in Chicago is a fat, lazy, useless, incompetent dolt who barely made it through the academy.
  6. S05.E17: Breaking Point

    So I guess that's the end of the Ruzek storyline then, Woods has moved on, Ruzek is off the hook and we will never hear about the sister again. I don't blame Al for being pissed off with Voight, he's covered his ass on more than once over the years I am tipping and that's the thanks he gets...I'd be happy for Al to hang him out to dry tbh. And yes, Woods has been around far too long.....I guess we've got what? 4 more episodes of this nonsense to go.
  7. S03.E10: Down By Law

    Please don't give them any ideas.
  8. S06.E13: Hiding Not Seeking

    I think you misspelt henpeck.
  9. S05.E16: Profiles

    I didn't hate it I just don't think it in any way celebrated PD's 100 and the hard work those actors did to get to 100. I mean they could have had a scene at the end in Molly's where they were all there having a drink, would that have been too much to ask. As a regular cross over it would have been one of their best, just not fitting for PD's 100 imo. Did we even see Al, Platt & Atwater in the 2nd half?
  10. S05.E16: Profiles

    I can't believe that was PD's 100th episode, and that they forced us to watch Fire to see the 'conclusion'.....so nice that the cast of PD got together to celebrate their milestone. If that was meant to feel seamless.....it was a bit fat fail. It's a pity, I actually really enjoyed PD's episode last night, the Fire part was a big let down tbh. I hope TPTB got the prop up for fire they were desperately chasing. I am sure those PD fans who tuned in just to see the conclusion will tune right back out next week.
  11. S03.E11: Folie à Deux

    Wow, that was the quickest recovery from Whooping cough I've ever seen, all in the ER too. What a miracle healer that Natalie is.........one dose of AB's, a few hours on a vent & poof all fixed. This show doesn't even try anymore does it?
  12. S05.E15: Sisterhood

    I see Al has moved over to Chicago Med......well at least he had more screen time over there this week, maybe he should request a transfer, he could be like Hospital Police Liaison or something.
  13. S05.E15: Sisterhood

    I guess if they bring in random characters they don't have to put any time and energy into developing their own characters. I agree with Al & Antonio, although Antonio has had the episode with the other random cop we didn't care about (although at least she had a point as the case involved her). Al turned up, what?.. half way through the episode & did barely anything. Platt was MIA. The unknown sister who was mentioned once & never again....it was hardly a 'focus', rather a bizzare plot device.(although I agree they probably think they have ticked the Ruzek box for character development for season 5) I am assuming that they will mention the Woods things again at some point, as lately that seems to be all but forgotten again. Even when Woods was hanging around like bad smell for two weeks they didn't even acknowledge he'd been on Ruzek's back. Perfect opportunity to have Ruzek at least look uncomfortable.....but like the majority of this season they have one ball in the air each week and they can barely keep that going.
  14. S05.E15: Sisterhood

    What exactly was the point of bringing in that random cop? Don't know his name, don't care but they have this talented cast that just sit around and twiddle their thumbs most weeks while some pointless other guy chews up screen time. Who's corn flakes's did Paddy pee in? Wonder if he will get any kind of stand alone episode this season? It was mildly amusing listening to them try and avoid using any descriptive word for penis.
  15. S03.E09: On Shaky Ground

    Since when did Natalie become a Neonatologist? I know they take some liberties as far as reality is concerned, but that was seriously one of the worst storylines ever. Unless that baby was half hanging out of her mother's hoo ha when they wheeled her in she never would have been left in the ER in preterm labour. Then lets wheel the infant still in it's sack merrily down the hall, I was surprised they didn't tie a string to it and use it as a balloon. Seriously an en caul birth would have had every man and his dog in that cubicle. Then suddenly they are both just hanging around the NICU & ventilating a 23 weeker....because they are that good. . It was hamfisted. Maybe I'd be more forgiving of their 'stretching all realms of believability' if they characters weren't so damm unlikeable. As for the rest...I was too busy downing gin & tonics like water to care.