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  1. Pet Peeves

    Yes indeed, why??? The added sugar everywhere makes it really hard to pick healthy foodstuffs...
  2. Pet Peeves

    I love al beans, lima included, but it's all about how to cook and season them, and not about forcing them on someone who is adverse to them. (only quoting you because of the topic and not because I disagree with you)
  3. Chit-Chat

    Well, I think it sucks for the birthday kid! yes, he or she will get a big gift, but will feel friends brought nothing - and part of the joy of a birthday party is to have many, many presents to open, is it not? As I see it, parents should do their own thing and not infringe on other gifts to their kids. On the topic of birthday parties for kids, with the increasing need of gift bags for invitees, to avoid the stress of it all, I came up with a draw for kids as they left the party: they each drew a number that got them anything from the basic "good" candy pack to amazing gadgets, with fun books in between. All of them were thrilled, maybe because each got something unique. I don't know, but as I remember it, it was also more fun for me finding unique fun presents.
  4. Pet Peeves

    It seems she comes from a good but clumsy place, knowing what you like but not the fine prints. I hope you explained to her your likes and not, for the future. As for people having issues with suscriptions, I relat ! I did, many times, complain about the service, and got a rebate. But most infuriating is that not having problems/complain means you get to on paying full price while new users have it much cheaper. This goes for a range of services, including credit card companies.
  5. Transitions

    I know the feeling! I went through the same exercise last year when moving back from Asia and, after the initial anxiety about the idea of sorting, it became easier and easier to put up for donation or to throw things. I was really letting go, in all senses of the term. It actually was exhilarating! Which reminds me that I should start again, because there are clothes and books that I didn't intend to keep but that were packed by the movers and that are now in my closets/on my shelves for no good reason. But it is harder to get motivated without a pressing reason, at least for me. I love the result of sorting/organizing, I'm just a big procrastinator in that regard :)
  6. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I think Christian's good social game is a surprise to the viewers, the players and of course production. Because there is the stereotype that a brilliant intellect is balanced by bad social interactions, so surprise and shock when the opposite happens, and therefore a good social game is deemed brilliant because it's not horrible as was first expected. And yes, I'm with you that production is shoving the Christian concept or character down our throats, and he's not just playing along but giving them material to support it. I like this vey much, it works in so many contexts others than the one you replied to here, I'm sure I'll use your wording sometime, somewhere :)
  7. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I don't think meat shield is the right expression, but I do see why Davie would want to keep Christian around for the moment. As I see it, Christian is really not good at the strategic part of Survivor. He doesn't see dangers coming his way until someone spells it out for him. His gameplay is entirely reactive (to events/circumstances created by others). However, because of his brilliant intellect, he's perceived by his opponents as being the strategic mastermind who's behind moves that really were thought out by some combination of Davie, Nick, Carl, etc. But he's not - maybe he would be able to strategize, but it's like it's something he doesn't think of doing unless he really has to, and it's mostly to join others who bring him in on their plan. So, as long as Christian is around, he's the figurehead mastermind that crystallises the attention of former Goliaths. It's like he's a smokescreen strategist that helps to conceal the most effective strategic brainpower. Also, we don't know who Davie is close to in this game. To be fair, we don't know who most of them are close with, as this episode showed. But maybe Christian, having been saved once more by Davie, is more likely to vote with him than Gabby would have been. "More likely" doesn't mean sure thing, but the odds are still better that those of Gabby voting with Davie. Otherwise, that tribal council made me picture Julius Caesar, whispering sadly, "tu quote", then whipping a necklace from his sandal and trowing it to Brutus' face. The reel rewinds, blood goes back in, wounds heal, Caesar is up and walking backwards, the idol has worked its charm.
  8. Versailles

    The last season is a bum, which is a shame because the series was so good until then. I think the main problem was the acceleration of the time frame. Maintenon was a huge presence on the court in Louis' later years, but here we have all the protagonists in the prime of their life, and introducing her is just a huge dimmer on everything - court life, previous favorite character falling in the background, and acting like they have been defeated by life for no clear reason, story turning to religion wars, so new characters that add nothing to the story to the detriment of old loved characters which are suddenly relegated to the side line. Such a mess overall.
  9. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    What a treat - I watched the last two episodes in a row! So refreshing to see an idol played with the long term view of saving a minority from being pagonged. Instead of Davie saving only himself when he thinks his turn has come to be voted out, he's now opened himself more options down the road. I can't wait to see how this little tribe that can will leverage the vote stealing (+extra vote!), which could turn a 7-5 minority into a 5-7 majority - much more promising / easier to use than the nullifier. I'm also enjoying seeing these players come together, each bringing something to the table: advantage 1, advantage 2, hidden immunity idol, talent for creating a distraction, mad skills at tribal, and what have you. Much more fun than multiple talking heads of the mastermind of the season patting himself (it's usually a him, isn't it?) on the back while twirling an imaginery mustache! I can't believe I started the season not liking Nick much, wary that I was in advance about alliance naming. How wrong I was - he's seriously impressive. Nick was so cool and collected here, taking care of business without breaking a sweat, while Davie appeared cool and collected but was super excited and nervous and Carl was bursting with excitement at being an integral part of such a fun alliance. Christian's acting skill at TC was very good too. I've also changed my mind on Alec. I no longer think he's only looking to make big moves even to his detriment, and am now open to the possibility that there is a logic behind the initial apparent madness. Angelina is cracking me up. She's a mix of astute observations (on Dan, on men/women perceptions), blatant/awkward gameplay, bouts of genuine and fake indignation; she reminds me very much of a character in a movie, or maybe a cartoon, I wish I could put my finger on who it is, but I find that she's a hoot - and by far the most entertaining woman of the season.
  10. Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    Fantastic real life skill, and I'm still both puzzled and amazed that it made one and only one appearance on Survivor. One would think a sewing machine would be more helpful than Doritos. Just thinking of all the contestants' clothes left behind, and even at beginner's level, you could make crazy patchwork pillows and (later) quilts. While KimberStormer would be busy sewing clothes, I would be scouring the area for down, feather, moss, anything to make a nice filling for those clothes or pillows. (And who knows, maybe if the cameras are following me I'll happen about - O-M-G - a HII!!!!). Always remember, people who use the same source of sewed clothes tend to vote together :)
  11. Survivor In The Media

    More precisely, she knew (and said it very clearly during the season) that if there was a man sitting next to her at the end, he would most likely get more of the credit, or sympathy of the jury, or what have you, and that is why she needed to build a female alliance.
  12. S05.E03: Workin' the 'Ween

    I side eye Jessica for killing Halloween as Louis was looking forward to it. Jess, it's one night of the year!
  13. Pet Peeves

    There are also times when you want everyone to see the answer that should only been seen by one person, and you pretend it was an Oooops. Or you send a very private message to all by mistake. Very often found in fiction (movies, series, books), both, although I hear it happens in real life too. I don't think I've been guilty of either, or maybe just for real minor stuff. I'd love to once do it deliberately (the nasty reply to a nasty message sent to all recipients, cc-ed and bcc-ed). I could see so many fictional scenarios where it would work perfectly, but I'm probably not ready to burn bridges big time.
  14. Or 4) two people go to exile, two tribes go to Tribal Council - which would explain why there was only one reward. And the tribe that finished second has first pick of returnee from exile island.
  15. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    You know, and without saying she's the greatest player to ever play, these are some characteristics of some very successful past Survivor players. Some even got asked back 4 times because of these attributes. And went on to win.