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  1. S23 South Pacific

    And that's the first season I thought of when the new fire making became the rule. Ozzy must feel cursed. First, he lost his first season by ONE vote, which is rare enough. Then he comes back [after a second showing, I know] on a season when once eliminated, he just has to beat people, gladiator style, one after the other, to reenter the game, which is perfectly in his ballpark. As an added bonus, he gets to live on his own island for a while, which is just joy to him. So of course he reenters the game, but is beaten at 4 and voted off. And now he must be thinking that he could have made fire faster than any one of the doofuses on that season. Or any season after. And he may be right. And that's why he's on the top of my list of tragic Survivor contestants. He is just perfect at the physical part of the game, and he knows it. He is not good at the strategic part, and I think he knows it, which is why he was willing to ally with the complete opposite of him (Cochran in South Pacific - I must be the only one who thought his offer of an alliance was sincere, or Sandra in whatever returnees' season - if only there hadn't been a switch, I think she was ok with working with him too). I'm frustrated for him, because there are a couple of seasons when the probability he could have won is very high, his first time was the first F3, right? (he would have won straight on in an F2 against anyone but Yul, and could have beat Yul because he had had no powerful II to hide behind, still not sure, but good odds) or in South Pacific if the F4 challenge was to determine who would make fire faster (and maybe Coach, Sophie and Albert were the fire whizzes, but yeah, I think this would have been his to lose, and he had the jury waiting to vote for him rather than any of the other ones). He must be the only player who would have won if the rules were what they became later on, and it sucks.
  2. S02.E05: Maybe/Definitely

    Me too (except I only binge watched till episode 5 but will continue on to 6). I discovered Imposters after it had aired, and found it so much fun to binge watch that I waited for the second season to be over to start. I'm really liking this season too, the slow pace allows for more character development, and I'm still shocked that Maddie seemed to have been honest with her therapist. I like the addition of Poppy to the mix, as well as the sidelined-FBI-team, those two have great chemistry. I'm trusting the show runners, first season was a slow burn too, but as slow burns go, season 2 is even more interesting to me.
  3. Women's Health Issues

    Good idea, and yes there are, thanks SunnyBeBe.
  4. S09 Vanuatu

    What I remember most about Vanuatu is how good Twila was at the strategic part of the game, how happy I was when the Ami group started getting offed, and how surprised I was at Chris winning, because I was still new at this and had no idea that the jury were not aware of how awesome Twila was. And of course this was my first weird reunion, with Jeff focusing on Julie & Co in a way that seemed disproportionate (little did I know that was still fair, in terms of what it later came to be). With time, I realised Chris played the social game perfectly for that season, but I still and always will feel bad for Twila. And I remember Scout fondly, not only did she survive the curse of the old woman, she survived until the very end, and she, at least, voted for Twila to win :)
  5. Fix The Show

    Regarding the bolded part, I understand they're keeping the option of a double boot in one tribal for late in the game in case there are no medical evacuations. It seems to me though that we've gotten double tribal councils episodes pre-merge, either this season or/and? last, but I may be misremembering. These are two episodes condensed to the length of one. Which is always a good way to speed up the obvious votes, like any pagonging, which I realize happens post merge, so my memory is indeed faulty and these were most likely not pre-merge.
  6. Pet Peeves

    Wow, that is weird. I first came across having to list you past mental illnesses is Asia, which was so weird to me, because it's such a wide spectrum and with some of it really not relevant.
  7. Women's Health Issues

    I'm working my abs like crazy and at least my stomach is flat, but still there is a layer of fat that never was there before. I started some over the counter thingies that have a morning pill and an evening pill and are supposed to help prevent water and fat stocking!? @SunnyBeBe, I've recently moved (countries, continents) and am still not up to date in finding the right doctors. Also, I didn't exercise as I used to since last sumner, because move. And last winter, I got stuck with a ligament problem in my knee. So clearly I don't know what is menopause and what is other aspects. I've always had such a fast metabolism, all this weight gain is a new thing to me. I have not changed the way I eat. Pharmacy supplements have helped, I'm back to not having a bloated stomach, but the weight keeps piling up.
  8. Pet Peeves

    That's the spirit :) I mean, how bad can the scammers get and still hope to earn something from it? I don't think it's true that we are not talking about mental illness and I don't think it's stigmatised within the public at large. Some specific illnesses might still be not talked about much, but in general ? I think they are in the public eye.
  9. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I was in chronic depression years ago and yes, part of me still knew it would get better, even it it seemed impossible at the time. The human mind is amazing in that way, even when Thanatos was hovering, I knew that there was still more to live for. But it's not a ballpark thing, I realise that somehow, for some reason, I got lucky and got this life force that got me to survive and go on living as best as I can. I do think though that depressed minds act as if there was no future for them, and that's why I find it even more tragic when there is the very real future of a 13 year old who will have to grow without her mother.
  10. I agree with this. That's the main beef I have with online dating vs meeting people as you go. I would need more than my fingers to list how many of my friends have significant others that were not their type, were not what they were looking for or, hear that!, always look so bad on pictures that they would never have warranted a second glance despite being the bomb in real life. Me, having never used online dating, so take this with all the caveat, I think I only know if someone is a good fit, for a friend, from the conversation and how personal it get, in a good way, for a lover or more, from the conversation, the body language, the smell, the feel, the sound of their voice, and moving forward from how they hug and kiss - I'd say the hug is more meaningful than the kiss :) Sorry I bolded part of your post, but wanted to highlight (and you've helped me here!) that love or lust can begin with the slightest thing. Then it's up to the people involved whether it grows or not. I know of at least one relation where a rather random gesture was interpreted as much more by the receiving party, and where that triggered a lovely love story. Also, my experience matches yours, you always meet your best someone when you're not looking. It's harsh but it's true, and it makes sense: you not looking means you're happy with yourself as you are and where you are in life, which makes you more attractive. And the minute you think you're fine by yourself is when your next amoureux will appear. Lastly, going from old acquaintance to more, why not? An old childhood friend who grew up to be a hottie helped me get over a bad break up, after all, and we still remember each other fondly with no amorous expectations. But I doubt you coud convert a decade long friendship into a romantic one, despite what When Harry met Sally would have you think. In my experience, that ship has a very tight window to sail.
  11. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Thank you for posting that Twitter thread Madonna has worked her ass off to stay relevant for 30 years, and she still is relevant. She's not only a pop culture icon from the 80s but also a savvy businesswoman who managed to stay relevant. I'm not a fan of her music production as a whole, but I like that she keeps reinventing herself and having iconic moments, she's more of a marketing genius than a singing genius, but that's ok with me, and she's still ready to surprise us. And as a role model in terms of dedication to her work, she's right there at the top. Keep on surprising us, Madonna!
  12. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I feel very saddened by the death of Kate Spade, especially if it is suicide. Suicide is always such a tragedy, and pointless - as I read somewhere, but don't remember the source, it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I did considered the option of suicide twice in my life, only to reject it because, once again, life is ebb and flow, there are lows, there are highs, and no low is ever permanent. And each time, the future held promises, when I was a teen, and later when I had a child that I couldn't have hurt that way. So suicide seems to me the saddest tragedy of them all, because it means you are literally hopeless, have no hope of things ever improving. And therefore I have a hard time with this news about Kate Spade. She had a child, a 13 year old child. She sold her brand a year after her daughter was born, which I'm sure must have been a tough adjustment. But still, she took time to see her grow up. And I'm devastated with the last message, as read in the Guardian, saying "I've always loved you, it's not your fault", which is so heavy for a teenager and brings to mind that maybe she would think it was her fault. "Ask Daddy" is tough too, that daughter will need a lot of help and support from her dad, and "Ask Daddy" why mom killed herself is a very tough legacy. I really hope for the daughter's sake that the trigger to her mother's suicide wasn't some falling out between the parents - Once again, suicide is so often "didn't have to be", wait a few days, weeks or months, and you'll be fine again, and be there for the people who love you.
  13. Women's Health Issues

    Has anyone noticed volume gain around the abdomen in pre- and/or menopause? And has anyone found a way around that? That's where I am now and it's a shock because my weight had barely fluctuated since my early 20s, but now it's off the chart and varies wildly from day to day. More worrisome is that my stomach also varies wildly, one day all nice and toned, the next one all bloated , and the third with a fat layer, and then we start again... :( I feel like I should invest in a new wardrobe, because despite ab work and cardio, I'm still only my previous normal size one day out of three, and the rest of the time, my clothes don't fit like I would like them to. I feel it's not just that I need to buy one size bigger, but that maybe what so far worked for me no longer will, because my proportions are changing too... :( I need to take the time to go and try clothes and see what fits my new body, but I'm dreading it. Which is ridiculous, because I need nice clothes that fit and make me look good...
  14. S06 Amazon

    I'm right there with you with being fascinated by Matt, as a person rather than as a contestant. After watching this season years after it happened I googled him, and found that he both had a great career, but was also taking time for extreme adventures. That is truly impressive, because he's neither a "real work" type that decided to have a fling/life dream type survivor experience, nor is he the mactor or contestant with an unstable work situation. I was particularly impressed that he actually had various careers, having for instance decided to learn French cooking in France :) And of course his mastery of Mandarin, in addition with French and whatever other languages left me in awe of him. I've not googled him now, so as not to be biased if there are some new stuff, this is all how I remember it from when I watched the season. I think he's the most intriguing contestant I've even seen and definitely amongst the top 5 I'd most like to meet, and the only one that interests me more as a person than for his experience of the game.