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  1. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Beside Madonna as a person, to whom I wish a very happy birthday, I love Madonna the icon, who's still going full blast at 60, which seems to puzzle many commentators who find it normal that men are performing into their 70s with a sexy persona. I love that she's still wearing leotards (or the current equivalent), doesn't shy from raunchy lyrics and is not ready to shrivel in a corner. I may have been puzzled with some of her past choices, but I've come to realize she is marketing genius and a true inspiration. (And by the way, despite what critics wrote, I think she is a rather good actress - only saw her in three movies, but in each she held her own against cast mates and was a strong character.) And recently, I read of many people who think she should now be less out there, which is funny, because they never say that about Mick Jagger, who's 74. Yes, he's a musical icon, and she's not. But the critics were more of the kind that meant she was to old to strut her stuff, should cover her arms, etc. So yeah, very sexist as I see it. So, Happy Birthday Madonna ( I was going to say Madge, because she's pop royalty, but hey, she doesn't like the nickname so I'll skip it). I would like to say, Please keep on fearlessly pushing boundaries. I, for one, am grateful to her for that.
  2. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    I've watched it all (on BBC Two), but not sure how much of my opinion I can share here if some of you are not done yet. I'd love to discuss it though, wish we could have had episode threads.
  3. Survivor In The Media

    You know, I thought I'd be in till the end. And I had all the strategies of the contestants I'd watched that I could cite as examples on forum debates, etc. But even though I still find some contestants exciting, I'm kind of wary of the whole shebang. What's the point of getting me excited about A or B if C, which by all means should have been out, now gets a shortcut to F3 and the win (because winning the fire and the votes seem to go hand in hand, don't they). Doesn't matter if I like C, this is seriously fucked up. More generally, since the seasons started having random names, I have no idea who was on each season, and I even forget who won each, or who was on the season that X won. I'll still be watching come September, but over the past 12 months I realised I watched the show later and later, sometimes 3 days after airing. Maybe I'll soon be ready to watch it after the season is over, knowing the outcome, and FFing the talking heads of designated stars of the seasons and other boring shields. Come to think of it, this summer, someone hooked me on Love Island, which is total trash, but which I ended up watching with a relatively minor time involvement, catching up every few days and FFing through all the parts that involved people who I got to find boring. The longer it went, the more I zoomed through it all. A 45 min episode? done in 25, max. Once the contestants are embodying characters, its easy to know if they interest you or not. I'd be sad if Survivor became that, but given the way it's become increasingly gimmicky, and the very limited editing of contestants, I think it might soon become a show to binge watch when in bed with a bad cold.
  4. S01.E06: Cherry

    Back to hair topic - as someone with similar type of hair as Camille's here, the point in her hair at the bottom is the result of not caring/not getting it cut. Because I know hair grow faster at the nape, and we end up with a V shape that looks like a rat tail. Straight haired girls have it cut this way, but curly haired girls know that doesn't work for them. But it gets this way if we forget about the hairdresser. So, short hair Camille happy with her sister, and later long haired Camille: for me, if she was happy with her short hair, it could mean she stopped giving a fuck. Alternatively, based on personal experience: her mother insisted that her hair was cut short. After her sister's death, Adora was busy with her pain, and Camille was able to grow her hair, almost on the down low, and she's continued since. And it's twice the rebellion: Adora wanted her to keep short hair, to be less feminine; she doesn't but still she lets her hair live wild, which is probably another in that town and one that must be painful for her mother (mother of the year, that one, sheesh, not maternal is one thing, and then there's her.)
  5. S04.E09 Episode 9

    Forgot to say, in version 1, the song Alison is listening to has an audible verse that is "No one can be trusted".
  6. S04.E09 Episode 9

    Wow. That's what I felt after watching the show. And because I don't know anybody who watches it, I rushed here. So many different reactions, emotions, and interpretations... So, before I start on how I understand this episode, I'd like to send to those who relived physical violence trauma while watching this not just my sympathy but some virtual equivalent of "I get you girl, it's been hell, it's over, you're gonna move on, you're gonna be alright", with many virtual hugs. I know it's inadequate, and I wish I could do more, but to all of you who were reminded of things you put behind or want to put behind, I'm sending my fiercest wishes and encouragements. You survived, you will survive, don't let the bastard get you down. Back to the episode: I saw it as Alison preparing for a meet up scheduled a long time before. In the first version, she rehearses how she wants it to go, and it's the best case scenario. It's also the one where she's ready to spill her guts about her sense of culpability. So, she's expecting to get and to give total honesty, which, despite her intention to stay away from married men, could still let them get close. Of course, when faced with the real Ben, none of what she previously rehearsed works (the guy is seriously weird from the start). For me, it was gut wrenching that she had such high expectations for that meeting, even while she was planning to end the relationship, she still was very hopeful that Ben would rise up to the challenge and be her ideal man. Fix her mundane problems, see her and love her as she is and with her past, and open up to her about his past. As I see it, the RPQ (?) must have come up earlier, maybe during that seminar, because it seems that while she knew of it, she didn't know the full story there. Lastly, I think this is one of the best send off I've ever seen for an actress who leaves the show. Far from thinking there was any resentment, I see it as a last opportunity to honor the actress and her character in this series by giving her an amazing way to exit it. Plus that monologue at the end. It's clear that she's been very much valued by the show runners until the end.
  7. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    As I see it, what we know about celebrities is only what they decided to show us. Which may be true - or not. Their image is in no way a reflection of who they really are in the day to day life, in their couple, or as parent. Even third party opinions, such as from "insiders", are meaningless because if someone is willing to talk to the media, they have their own reason for it, which more often than not is not to reveal the true state of the situation. Then again, truth as such doesn't exist in absolute terms. Everyone will have their version of it. Supposing that "the whole world" was convinced that Brad Pitt was really a vampire, and that media kept reporting examples of him acting in a way that is totally coherent with being a vampire, he could still be convinced that he's a sweet guy, and not understand the animosity and fear of him. Same as, if "the whole world" has decided that Angelina Jolie is a cold-hearted human equivalent to a praying mantis (a few years after deeming her the embodiment of The Mother, and I'm not going back further in time because really, I had no idea how she was seen, I only knew her from Girl, Interrupted and had heard of Tomb Raider), she may see herself as a kitten, or as a cloud, or as a seal mama, or as anything, and react in accordance, based on information only her, her ex and her kids share, and that they may all remember differently because the experiences that color their interpretation are all different. A mindless shove to A is a lack of good manners for B, a trigger to remembering an assault for C, a fond remembrance to a childhood tussle with a sibling for D, etc. So yeah, we know nothing. Angie could be a raging asshole and Brad a sweetheart. Or he is the raging asshole and she's the scared kitten who hides behind a formidable facade. Who knows.
  8. Pet Peeves

    I quite like the idea of a newspaper mysteriously delivered to my door. Although it would depend on the kind of newspaper, I guess. Every 30 seconds is weird. I have the same alert sometimes, I click on my antivirus icon and update, and it says I'm already up to date. But if it keeps popping up, it might me an annoying malware or some such. Maybe try activity monitor?
  9. S02.E09: Til Death

    I love this because it brings to mind how conventions have changed over the ages. Back to the French court, there were times where it was essential for men to have long curly hair (or later perruques, probably invented at a time when a king was going bald), wear high heels and "rouge" (i.e. make up - again, probably because a king needed it to look healthy enough). All things that now are thought of as fringe choices, but which were very mainstream way back then. And back to Claws, I love its craziness. Yes, some people don't know that a shirt is supposed to be buttoned. Yes, everyone thinks crazy nails are supposed to be the norm. Yes, shit gets crazy all the time in unexpected ways, and that's what I love about it. Shows that keep on surprising you (I mean, me), and in a way that's coherent with their DNA? Hell, yeah! This is one I want to go on watching.
  10. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    Well, basically, it boils down to the girl with the most love drama being the most boring, and I'd add the one with the most real-life-past-drama integrated into her work life being the most insufferable. So, writers, please bring us more work situations, and leave the historical pathos to a minimum. Yes, they have a life outside the office, and we should see some of it, but really, I'm more interested in their work life, whatever form it takes (employed, freelance, etc.), and on how the magazine survives in this new era. And for the record, I've loved seeing Sutton getting better and better at her job. Not sure how I feel about Jane's articles, and no idea what Kat does all day (at her job).
  11. S04.E08: Episode 08

    But that's just the point, there is no "reality". You and I could watch the same man perform, you'd think he's great and I'd think he's lame (and vice versa). The whole point of the show is that people remember things in different ways, and this season I've finally realised that it's not about who is right and who is wrong in their perception (to be fair, I think I realised that earlier, but you know, perception and all, maybe I'm wrong) but that the important point is how they view and remember events. For instance, it's normal for Alison to think her dad wants her kidney if he mentions waiting for a kidney the first time he meets her. But if you go from the dad's viewpoint, you get that it's not necessarily true, maybe you just want the child you just reconnect with to know that you might not be there for long. THANK YOU! I kept wondering why I had never heard this Otter name while everyone seemed so sure that was what he was called.
  12. Romantic Comedies

    Yes, I've been thinking of a lot of films and series, and realising that if things were told from the antagonist point of view, I would agree with them, but the way they're told is supposed to make us by default side with the protagonist, and we often do, even when in reality we'd have more sympathy for the "antagonist" (for lack of a better word, it's not always really an antagonist).
  13. Pet Peeves

    I had exactly the same thing, including not hearing the alarm, and I had it a couple of times, years ago. Got the same treatment you got, and there was this magical feeling of getting your hearing back! As I understand it, it's not so much a build up of wax, but a case of a piece of wax, can be big or small, that gets right where it shouldn't. Could be the shape of your ear canal, or whatever else (happened to me when I lived in South East Asia, never before, never since, so go figure; one GP told me they were used to seeing European patients with that problem.) But (and this is way more than a pet peeve), after a number of occurrences, I decided to consult an ENT specialist rather than the usual GP, just in case there was an underlying reason that would be spotted by a specialist. The guy I saw (supposedly a well reputed specialist in his field) looked at my ear, dismissed any possibility of ear wax as it was all clear, sent me to hearing tests which indicated major loss of hearing (well, dah...), then to an MRI, because he thought it was likely that I had whatever the name was (weird that I can't remember the name now, but at the time it was in my mind all the time, and googling it let me know that it was the cause of Beethoven's surdity, so yeah, pretty dire prognostic, although nowadays there is a way to operate, but the results are not garanteed ...), on the basis that it happened more often with "Caucasians". The MRI came out inconclusive, meaning that it was possible I had that bone issue that was causing hear loss. Between the diagnostic, the tests and the results, I lived weeks of hell, and became a horrible person. I started getting angry at people for the flimsiest reasons, like my child telling me "but I told you" when I obviously couldn't hear a thing, or the staff at counters that I felt weren't listening to me. It was hell, I felt bad, and I was scared, and I felt no one understood. Music had always been important for me, but everything sounded weird, like a stereo turned to mono, and it sounded so bad. I went to a concert that I was very much looking forward to, and only heard very flat music. I was doing my best to get used to losing my hearing and still enjoy it while I could, and it was harder than I could have expected (I don't know if anyone ever did the "if I HAD to lose one sense, which one would be the worst?"). Then one day, I don't know why, I said to myself, sod it, I'm going back to the GP, won't tell him anything, just see how it goes. And, halleluiah, there WAS a tiny piece of wax lodged near my eardrum, so tiny that all the sophisticated machines had missed it, but the syringing dislodged it, and let me tell you, after that, getting my hearing (and future hearing) back felt like the most amazing miracle. And that was the last time I ever had that problem. @theredhead77, I hope you flight was not too painful (and sorry about highjacking your post with my very long tale)
  14. S01.E05: Closer

    This may have been my favourite episode so far. I was starting to get tired of all the indications of things not being right, so I've enjoyed the clear illustrations we got this week. I also liked that other characters noticed and commented. (They kind of are the Greek chorus, aren't they, whose only purpose is to oh and ah and comment on the main characters.) I find Adora fascinating, and cannot stand Amma - which is probably due to the quality of Patricia Clarkson's acting. (Incidentally, yesterday, I also watched The Party, in which Clarkson plays a sharp witted woman who I found rather endearing.)
  15. The first time someone told me about the plot of Big Eyes, I screamed "this is so much like Colette's story". I don't want to reveal too much about Colette, but she was indeed exploited by her husband and later went on to live her life on her own terms, and what a ride that was :)