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  1. Is there room on the couch for me to join you? Because...same. There is always room! I need someone to talk about the show with, as I watch 5 eps each Friday on Pop and then lose my mind in a vacuum of nostalgia. Luke Perry lovers, unite!
  2. S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    Well, for everyone who had Grocer Joe pegged as socially awkward, verbally stunted, or just plain dim, we can set the record straight: Joe is the guy who doesn't say much, but when he does speak, gems fall out. THAT is a man. THAT is husband material. Kendall has no business being within a 50-foot radius of such maturity. She attempted to project on him and he would not allow it. He shut down her false narrative. He then demanded she own her excuses and her feelings. Then he clearly expressed himself and backed it up with an action - walking away from her. ::slow golf clap:: I didn't think such a man would ever grace this trash-panda cage that is Paradise. No hysterics, no dramatics, nada. He stayed the course and then realized the buried treasure at the bottom of the sea was a mirage. Time to chart a better course. After the Leo debacle and kissing John, Kendall has nerve thinking she deserves Joe to even look at her again, much less give her another chance. ABC, you REALLY screwed the pooch here. Joe would have been an OVERWHELMINGLY popular choice for Bachelor after this arc, but no, you had to shoot your wad early and shove Colton down our throats. No thank you. I'm pushing for Joe. This season, next season, whenever I can see more of him. If he's announced on DWTS tomorrow, well, all is forgiven and I'll be one happy girl who votes for him each week. The Astrid and Kevin thing literally came out of nowhere. Kevin needs to call his therapist. Astrid... seems way too well-adjusted for everyone, except maybe Joe. She was a queen in all of that. I've never seen such calm and graceful exits in Paradise. I want Jenna and Jordan to get married. This season made me a Jordan fan. He is so clearly giddy for her and over-the-moon in love, it makes me all right reasons. Weird. Krystal and Chris must have bonded over their traumatic family messes, and for that, I root for them to find happiness with each other. It's not easy to explain that stuff to someone who hasn't lived it. God help me, I am rooting SO HARD for Annalise to get a happy ending. I have a feeling I'll be disappointed, but a 30-something can dream that the fairy tale is still possible, right?
  3. Yeah, but he always has. He could still get it, though. Sorry. (Not sorry!) I watch Riverdale purely for Luke Perry. I will always be in love with him. He (circa 1992) is the template for what I find attractive. I was raised on 90210. Pity me if you like, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
  4. I know I'm standing alone here but I legit don't rewatch any eps from the time Luke leaves until he returns. I live for the moment he returns. THANK GOD. He is the only thing that makes the last 1.5 seasons watchable. The writers dropped the ball spectacularly and could have done far more with Kelly and Dylan in the final seasons had they gotten rid of silly lawyer Matt and Gina who no one cared about. At the end of the day, I'm always thrilled that K/D ended up together. I missed Brandon (always wanted him with Andrea), but I missed Val at the end far more than I ever missed Brenda.
  5. S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    Why not? Carole did. Repeatedly. Carole can attack Bethenny and Bethenny should just take it? Nope. Nope. Nope. No, see, it does not work that way. When you say, repeatedly, that someone does not have a career, you should expect to get shit for it. Especially with a career as impressive as Carole's. The fact that Beth doubled down on it just shows how nasty she truly is, because the one thing we all know she isn't is stupid. And STUPID you'd have to be do say as many times as B did that Carole has no career. So, due to Beth's clear and repeated allegations, Carole figured it was time to shut her up and list her accomplishments. Sadly, we never get to hear the half of it - especially the prestigious awards - because the Maw of Frankel had to interrupt with her own resume. Which, by the way, NO ONE ASKED FOR. Carole never did anything so mean-spirited, insecure, and disrespectful on TV as say that Bethenny didn't have a career. That was all B, and she should pay the piper for that one. Empowering women, my ass. She would tear down a 9-year-old with a lemonade stand if she could.
  6. S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    I'm taking signatures all week long! I wish we could get some buttons! "BGone"? Or maybe, like Alex McCord of old, we should make some T-shirts. :p
  7. S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    Yeah, except they can't really get mad at her because they'll be booted off the show. Ramona telling B she didn't see herself clearly was gold, and the TRUEST EFFING STATEMENT that has ever been made on this show. Bethenny literally would not allow Carole to speak one sentence. And yet, Bethenny inserts herself into every segment and situation, from Lu and Dorinda to Tins and Sonja to Sonja and Dorinda. She just never shuts that gaping maw of nastiness. And why would she? It's not like Andy shuts her down or stops her from commandeering every conversation even when it has jack-all to do with her. It's mind-boggling. Her talk show failed spectacularly. Why is Andy allowing her to basically have another one, three weeks a year? It's time to make my concerns more direct: Dear Satan Andy, I know your head is buried far up her tiny, constipated rear end, but if Bethenny is to keep being the main player of the NY franchise, I have to ask that you give her the same treatment you give OGs like LVP, Vicki, and Tre, and let her fight her own battles and be treated like any other cast member - especially at reunions. Otherwise, I kindly ask that you make her an executive producer. It's been quite clear for three years now that she's being treated as a level above all the other ho-wives. For pete's sake, Ramona actually did star in all 10 seasons, and she doesn't get a fraction of the deference you give B. The double standard has permeated every aspect of the show, and led to disingenuous alliances and willful ignorance so obvious that I can't even buy into it at the low standard of "reality TV fake" anymore. I'm watching 5 women try to stay on someone's good side and deflect her venom so they can remain on TV and keep a paycheck. That would be fine if it wasn't obvious each week and in the reunions, but it is. I want to at least be given the option to suspend disbelief. If you fail on that front, your show has failed in this realm. Please go find a way to create a plausible, believable piece of reality TV crap, or find another show where B can read off her B-level resume and be edited to sound comparable to someone who has Emmys and Peabodys. It's insulting to my intelligence. Sincerely, A Day-One Viewer Who Used to Love Bethenny But Has Had ENOUGH
  8. The Bachelor in the Media

    There were so many fabulous options. We had Blake - poor, brokenhearted, in-need-of-redemption Blake! He desperately wants a wife and a forever love and soul mate and all that. We had Jason - the hottie who looks like a classy Jersey Shore cutout (my taste) who seems to have a fun demeanor, cool family, heart of gold, and fabulous hair! He has great friends who care about him and an articulate brother who can pass for Darrin Criss. What went wrong?! We have Grocer Joe - the Preference of the Proletariat! A sweeter, humbler, more normal person, I have never seen. Sure, he's not particularly loquacious, but I'd enjoy looking at him for 12 weeks and hearing produce jokes. We could have a whole group date focused on squeezing melons and playing Supermarket Sweep! Geez, that season writes itself. Who turns that down? Instead, we got Colton. For a show that pushes engagements and marriage, I've never seen a worse choice. This guy is emotionally in high school and doesn't have a prayer of convincing us of an engagement. Anyone can pull out a ring and propose, but we need to be convinced it's real if we're not to revolt. I see a sea of 21-year-old bimbos and Insta models who are willing to put up with anything for camera time, because who else would stick around for Colton? I think a lot of the quality women will leave of their own volition when it becomes clear Colton is a glorified man-child. And to think people once complained about Nick. I wish they'd Womack-ed him rather than picked Colton. The only worse choice would have been a second go-round with Boring Ben Higgins.
  9. S05.E08: Week 5: Part 1

    I was unable to relax and go to sleep after that shit show ended at 11 p.m. last night. I needed to watch a Seinfeld ep and laugh a bit and try to calm my pounding heart. I, too, am prone to both of those wonderful, life-ruining conditions, and between Chelsea and Christen, I might as well have watched Grey's Anatomy and picked up the Disease of the Week. BiP, you are supposed to be my safe place! No more talk of passing out and ringing ears. I have had enough vaso-vegal syncope episodes in my time that just hearing that made me reach for some Xanax and valerian root. I muted most of Ashley and Jared, because UGH. But also because that was so rude to do to Kevin that I could not even begin to describe it. But dear Kevin should take heart, because Astrid is way hotter than Ashley and seems 10 times more mature and stable. Bullet? Dodged. Bye, Colton and Tia. No one expected you to last. I am rooting so hard for Annalise but she just makes it difficult. She was so cool to Kamil's face and then just lost her mind for no reason. Kamil seems so vacant, and not worth any amount of investment or tears. He reminds me of this really hot guy I found on Tinder, who was a dead ringer for Jensen Ackles. Too bad this guy showed up in black sweats and told me his idea of a perfect day was one in which he never had to put pants on. He had, to quote Hermione Granger, the emotional range of teaspoon and nothing interesting to say. It was at that moment I realized looks cannot be everything - even with someone that hot. I hope Annalise gives herself enough love and credit to reach the same conclusion.
  10. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Thank you. Exactly. And in all honesty, this debate isn't about Carole for me. It's about the fact that Bethenny presents herself as the only one who's ever had a child, a career, a divorce, a troubled childhood, etc. She can never commiserate with anyone or show empathy. She can show sympathy, as she does with Lu, because it elevates her position and leverage in the friendship. And that, as has been shown over the last 10 years, is all that interests Bethenny. She has NEVER acknowledged or celebrated Carole's writing success in any way. She often makes fun of it, and of Carole's deceased husband. Those are facts. She denigrates Ramona as having no career when that is patently false. If you do have a career she can use to promote her own, then you might stay out of the line of fire. But she has often made fun of Luann, Sonja, Tins, etc. Again, it's not about Carole (who I don't even LIKE but whose esteemed career I do RESPECT), it's about the pattern of behavior Bethenny displays that she is never properly called out on, until now, by Carole. Based on the above, you'd think to yourself, oh ok, maybe Bethenny just has no use for people who don't have to work. Maybe she wants to hang out with women who are just as driven as she is. But history disproves this as well. Jill has a career. Bethenny went after her and took her down and used her husband's funeral for camera time. If Jill was complicit in it, so be it. But it was gross all the way around. Look at Heather Thomson. That's the kind of woman you'd think Beth would want to be around. Truly successful, active career, has children, is married, does charity work. How did Beth treat her? Oh right, she hated her on sight. I don't need to connect the dots here. Every time Bethenny behaves the way she does, she makes Ramona sound like the Dalai Lama. She does not support other women in business. She does push away everyone who wants to get close to her. When you're making Ramona look utterly perceptive, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. But here is what I gleaned from last night's reunion that really bothers me, and what I think is the root of the annoyance of the other women: Beth is the NY franchise. Only a fool would deny it. Just like Vicki runs OC and Teresa runs NJ and LVP owns BH. It would take a stick of dynamite or a nuclear fallout to get them off their respective shows. However, none of them get the protection Bethenny receives from Andy. Vicki has handled horrible reunions, Teresa had to deal with her fame-whore SIL being brought on the show specifically to lead a mutiny against her, etc. Beth never has and never will reckon with any of the horrible things she says or does, because for some reason, Andy goes to bat for her and then boots her detractors from the show. The other women are sick of the double standard and special treatment. They're all sitting on the couch to be held accountable. Bethenny is never held accountable. And the sick thing is that when any of them get within a hair's breath of exposing her, the apple is snatched. No one wants to play a fixed game you can't win, and that's what this franchise has become since B came back. You think Sonja likes B? Hell no. She's TERRIFIED of her, and she's going to bat for her to keep her paycheck.
  11. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    I take severe issue with this statement, and not only because it excuses Beth's venomous comments. A career doesn't disappear. What you do and accomplish cannot be taken from you. Carole isn't 40, she's nearly 60. She paid her dues and made her bones. I'm 31 and when I retire I will still call myself a writer. I won't say I USED TO have a career just because I'm not 20 and hustling anymore. Carole is an award-winning journalist and writer. Full stop. Beth's argument is akin to calling Rod Laver up and telling him he used to be a tennis player. As though getting older and slowing down negates the work and accomplishments of previous decades. There is zero comparison between Beth and Carole's careers. THAT is apples and spaceships. Both are highly successful in vastly different areas. For Beth to assert otherwise is pathetic on her part.
  12. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    No one needs a medical degree to diagnose Bethenny as a narcissist and a liar. Her double-speak was on full display tonight. Dr. Drake Ramoray could diagnose this woman. All you need are two eyes and one working ear. Carole's career isn't up for debate. Stories written, Emmys won. It's not Carole's fault she's older than Bethenny and hustled a few decades ago. She doesn't have to get in the current decade to please Beth so Beth can "win." This is why B dislikes her so much. Carole just will not kowtow.
  13. S05.E12: Lizability

    Oh fuck this show. What a joke it's become. I can't pretend to care about this glorified soap opera any longer. I am OUT.
  14. S01.E08: Milk

    One more thing: Alan is the shittiest human being. He's not worthy of being called a man. He knew those two girls were about to die. He knew enough. He chose to do nothing. He deserves some kind of accessory charge. He takes "willfully ignorant" to a new level.
  15. S01.E08: Milk

    I can only fully appreciate and understand the ending because I've read the source material multiple times and all motivations were neatly explained. I want to see Camille's full reaction to Amma being a full-on psycho killer who, in my opinion, is even worse than Adora. I want to see her bitch friends get arrested and watch as they all squeal on each other to save their own skin. I want to see Adora and Allen's reaction to Amma's crimes. I want to see if Amma confesses or forces a trial. I want to see Vickery have to release John Keene with full apologies. I want to see John Keene take the stand and confront that nasty bitch Amma and her evil girl squad. They chanted baby killer at him and threw him out of parties, and meanwhile the Southern Mansons killed his sister. I'd like to see him get tossed out of the court room for trying to wring their necks. I want to see Bob Nash's reaction to the truth. Maybe he and John Keene sit together in court. I want to know how Natalie's blood got under Ashley's bed. Did Amma put it there a few eps ago when she was lying by the pool and taunting John? I want to see Amma explain her motives for killing those girls. I want to see Jackie's courtroom outfits and her blasé expressions during the trial as she realizes that one Crellin girl wasn't worth saving. What I didn't want to see was a montage of those girls being killed. Thanks for the gore but all it gave us was proof Amma's roller-skating gal pals were accomplices. And then the show was over. No joy. I watched a lot of driving montages and 45-minute episodes. I was excited this would be a series because I thought we'd have time to explore the aftermath. I didn't realize they'd cram it all into 10 minutes. Time wasn't used well here. Taylor John Smith was a revelation these last two eps. Eliza Scanlen is a stunner. There was SO MUCH I loved and appreciated about this show. I wish we'd had another whole episode to create an ending that had an impact and not mere shock value. Because with the level of detail provided, I don't think this series will hold up for rewatch.