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  1. S01.E13: Slumber Party

    Yeah but didn't they say Dylan denied her a bunch of times and was not interested in her ? I guess things change but the feeling definitely was not always mutual . She said she tried to get a date with him. It is never discussed as to how or why it didn't happen, but him turning down one date with his girlfriend's bestie isn't equivocal to him not liking Kelly. I always figured that Dylan decided to avoid Kelly and her crew after he went into AA. It was well established they'd run in the same circles and been friends. And I figured Dylan would have considered Kelly's advances a setup. If he'd said yes, would she run and tell Brenda? Like maybe he thought she was testing his loyalty or something. Because Brenda barely gets in the van to LAX before he's glued to Kelly like white on rice.
  2. THIS! Point of fact: Tre HAS carried the show since season 3. You don't have to like the storylines or the show (I haven't), but it's been her show. Mel and Joey were probably all excited, thinking they'd get their turn to run NJ while Tre was "away." HA! Andy decided no show during Tre's "spa stay." All of a sudden the Gorgas were amenable to a detente after losing a year's paycheck. No mystery there. Now people are bored again so everyone's is stirring the pot and starting old arguments. It's all for the show but the sad thing is there are real issues there no one will ever address properly. I miss the early days too, when Tre and fam were fluffy comic relief and the Juicys were united with the Laurita and Manzo clans against the certifiable Staub. This wasn't the route I'd have taken, but you can thank Staub and the Gorgas for all this nonsense. I really do not think family members should be cast together on these shows.
  3. Sorry, just a day-one viewer with a decent amount of reasoning skills and zero patience for people who want to claim "family is everything," but really don't give a crap about their relatives unless they can use them to get on a TV show.
  4. It's Joe pushing for a Mel-Tre confrontation, not Tre. Tre tries to talk to Joey. He ignores her and then bitches to his wife. These are facts. In fact, the flashbacks only reinforce my dislike of him. Every time a scenario he doesn't like presents itself, he flies off the handle. Throws things, screams like a banshee, attacks Juicy... I could go on. Mel saying Tre has more time because Juicy is in jail...beyond dumb. As dumb as Tre saying Mel should control Joey.
  5. Melissa: false martyr and camera whore. Miss me with her BS, please. She is a disrespectful c-word and her husband is a lazy little shit who can't be bothered to fight his own battles, let alone spend time with his grieving dad. I wouldn't mind so much, but they both lie and expect everyone to pretend that their warped version of reality is true and they are good. I really despise them both. That trip was so tasteless. Of course they told no one. That's what you do when you have a guilty conscience. I'm sure Mel didn't care but Joey? Helen Keller could read that one from a mile away.
  6. S13.E18: Femme Finale

    OMG, I will not be able to abide this. I should sedate myself before the reunion. Here's the thing: Everything Tamra said was true. But a real friend says that to your face to help you. On or off camera. It's tough love. It sucks, but hey, sometimes it's necessary. Tamra, instead, played the victim the whole time, and told Shannon her issues were that Shannon was not being a caring enough friend. Shannon, to her credit, owned it and tried to be better. What Tamra did was secretly harbor much more resentment about Shannon in general, and Shannon's attitude and behavior towards herself. That was only ever said to other people. "I want you to stop being so negative and be happy" is not the same as "You can't complain about being fat for three years and not lose weight."
  7. S13.E18: Femme Finale

    Over a bridge with a shark underneath. No stakes this season. No drama. Boooring. Emily is like most people who love someone with a mental illness - she just doesn't understand it. She wants her mom to be "better." She wants her mom to "get over it" and show up for her. She doesn't grasp that such a wish is akin to wanting a person with a broken leg to run a 5k with you - and there's no timeline on the healing process. Tamra has survived yet another season never being called out on her BS by the person upon which she perpetrated it. Wait til Shannon sees the brain dump Gina gave Tamra about all the things she 'could have said' - clever girl to list them all on camera. Hopefully Tamra has nowhere to hide now. She was never Shannon's friend, and I hope Shannon drops Tamra like the bag of dirt she is.
  8. S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    My favorite since Meryl and Maks's. I'll rewatch that one forever. And I loved Evanna and Keo's as well. Best set of freestyles since season 18. The outcome? Not so much. But hey, I got all my mad out last week when Juan Pablo was robbed of his spot in the finale. He was the truly deserving winner. I'm kind of delighted Bobby won if JP got screwed. The season was just an asylum. Oh and BTW, Mr. Green, Grocery Store Joe was just a red herring. It was Bobby, with the lead pipe, in the ballroom. This. Whole. Time. While Bachelor Nation was scapegoated, Bobby's fans built an army and staged a coup d'etat. I love Sharna and she was robbed one too many times. I'm telling myself the Mirrorball was just for her. I will be back in March, along with the throngs of protesters vowing to never watch another dance. Seacrest out!
  9. She gets her long hair back in season 9, just in time for Dylan's return. And that, IMO, is no accident. ;) But ugh, these years. Brandon is smitten with her, Steve has determined she is the love of his life, and Dylan (God help me, I ship them so hard but she is awful to him this year) is pining away. Thank heavens David's her ex-step-brother or he'd have tried to sleep with her too! With the long hair, I got it. Kelly was the actual teen dream. But the prissy attitude, dowdy beige clothes, and stupid haircut just make me laugh from this point forward because Valerie joins the crew and let's be real, TAT was the hottest thing going. No one would have given Kelly, Donna, or Claire a second glance with Val around. Val is such a breath of fresh air. Best move they ever made was getting her on the show. She and Dylan are all that make this show watchable for the next 1.5 years (I do not rewatch the non-Dylan years).
  10. S09.E02: Easter Wives Hunt

    Danielle is a psychopath, not a perpetual victim. The only perpetual victims are the Gorgas - I do include Giacinto in this statement. How has no one stated the obvious here? The only issue that really exists is between Joe Gorga and his father. They are the ones who need to talk it out. Not Tre, not Mel, not Gia - just Joe Gorga and his father. But Joey won't do that. Why? Oh yeah, he loves playing the victim. Plus, exploiting that rift gives the show life (or at least Andy must tell them so). Do they think showing flashbacks of seasons 3-7 is going to garner Joe and Mel sympathy? All I remember is what a giant child Joey acted like, both at the Christening and at the "make-up" retreat. Everyone wants to pin it all on Tre and Juicy because of their legal issues, but it was always Joey who exacerbated it. Juicy didn't go at Joe Gorga; Joe charged at Juicy after Juicy demanded Joe stop calling his sister garbage. Every problem Joe has he wants to pin on his sister. It's pathetic. Grow up. He has a rift with his father? He blames his sister and what she puts in his ear. His father tells him TO HIS FACE that he wants to see him more - that's Tre's fault, too. Okay then. It's all very clear, and has been for years. Mark my words, when Giacinto passes, Joe will wail like a toddler and BLAME Tre for "not having spent enough time with his father." You could play these tapes for him and he'd still find some way to shirk, deflect, and make it his sister's fault. The work excuse is BS. Show up. Or make boundaries clear and don't. Either way, leave your sister and your wife out of it. Talk to your dad. Tre isn't your family interpreter, and if you have such an issue with how she portrays you and your wife to your parents, then step the hell in and make the effort with your dad. You will have no one to blame but yourself in the end. Tre and Joe don't want to argue with each other, so they both involve Mel. It's stupid, but so is Mel. And I don't feel sorry for her. She asked for this role in order to get on the show. Don't play the martyr and get paid for it and then wear it like a cross. You created this role and egged it on and pushed it so you could be on TV. Stop playing the victim and taking cues from your husband. Your SIL has had the shittiest set of years I can think of and is making something decent out of it, or at least trying. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU, MEL. Excuse yourself from the fight and make that clear to your husband and your sister-in-law AND your father-in-law.
  11. S02.E28: Wedding Bell Blues

    Yes! Yes to all of this. First of all, Kelly during the Val years? Unstandable Kelly. Ugh. Nothing was worse than her and Brandon as a couple. She took on all his sanctimoniousness and acted like an untouchable angel. I loved her wth Dylan because he'd known her too long to allow that crap. He saw her, in a real way. He knew her at her worst. It's hard to be around someone who sees you that clearly, but it explained their deep connection. Brandon saw her as a Stepford Wife and actually made her into one, for a time. And I remember seeing the Jake and Dylan scene during the original run and, even as a kid, noting that his aggression toward Jake probably meant he'd had a thing for Kelly in the past and felt protective of her. Even though it was Luke Perry who set the whole love triangle in motion, the show did an excellent job, from the very beginning, of setting up Kelly and Dylan's long history. Kelly and Dylan were basically inevitable, and the scene with Jake was just one more pit stop in a trail of breadcrumbs before they start dropping anvils on us.
  12. S04.E27: Divas

    EVERYTHING. All slightly annoying characteristics of Brandon become magnified when he dates Kelly. They are the Most Beige Couple of All Time. It's his sanctimoniousness that gets me. He never takes responsibility for anything. The cheating with Emily, the constant flirting with Valerie, the moon eyes he makes at Kelly even when he dates Susan and Traci. He just thinks he's such a golden boy and nothing is ever his fault. He lives on a soap box. Plus, he enables Kelly 2.0 of the Baby Voice. Ugh, I liked him so much better until the TASK FORCE came along.
  13. S04.E27: Divas

    One more thing: On what planet does a man go out with a woman who falsely accused him of date rape?! I cannot begin to fathom the whole Steve/Laura thing.
  14. S04.E27: Divas

    Brenda is the worst in these eps. How insecure are you about your own talent that you rag on your friend to anyone who will listen and call her names because the director liked her? She is such a petulant child this season. If Brenda wanted to be an actress, she should have been prepared for competition. And for the fact that no matter what you read for, the director can and will call you back for any role he or she sees fit. If a director asks you to read, you read. That's it. You don't say, "Oh, let me call and clear it with my friend so she doesn't get mad." Brenda was insufferable from mid-season 2 and the writers went overboard in season 4 making her an unlikable, unstable, nasty witch. Not saying Shannon deserved it, but that's what happened. They murdered the character. Can't wait to be rid of her. Stop mooning over Dylan. For all the times he sided with you and went out of his way to save you, he never went back to you. And he never dumped Kelly. I wish Kelly had seen the process through just until she'd been cast. Then, she could have dropped out. At least we'd have known if she could have gotten the part over Brenda. I think she was definitely getting the lead. And we wouldn't be left with the completely off-base message that dropping out to make room for your friend will get her the lead or make her a better actress. My point is proven by the way Brenda bombs the callback. On no planet would she be granted some private audience. Laura actually won that part. Of COURSE people would think Brenda slept with him. I think it's the only logical conclusion to reach! I still think she did. She was so darn desperate. She was thirsty before we knew what to call it. Oh God, that reminds me - Dylan's downward spiral is coming, Kelly is about to supplant Brenda as Most Annoying Character until mid-season 9, Brandon is about to become a major thorn in my side until he exits, and Dylan begins the Long and Winding Road of Mourning His Loss of Kelly. Sigh... these are the last of the good eps.
  15. I missed Melania. I love that kid. I always thought Tre was very pretty. I'm an Italian-American with dark, swarthy features so I can appreciate the natural beauty she has. However, at this point, it's all been covered by injections, filler, etc. To think, Once Upon a Time, I found her far more attractive than Mel because Tre seemed more natural. ::facepalm:: Mel still looks like a plastic blowup doll. I'll never find for her pretty, or good. I just can't stand her, and I will NOT watch one more season of her falsely prostrating herself and playing the victim. STFU, you barnacle. Joey Gorga is never around for his dad or sister who's raising four kids alone? And the ailing dad is living with said sister whose hubby is behind bars? Ok then. Well that makes him a crap person, but I always and loudly suspected he was an entitled little asshole and that's why Teresa's dad and Juicy couldn't stand him. It is not Melissa's job to reign in her husband. Joey Gorga needs to set better boundaries with his dad and sister about his need to work and nuclear family responsibilities. The problem is he won't, because he has a pathological need to be the golden boy and HATES the fact that his parents preferred Tre, pretty blatantly at that. He just won't own the fact that he can't be all things to everyone. He makes promises he can't keep and throws violent tantrums like a five year old when someone calls him out on it. Tre has never quite sussed out that her issue was never with Mel, but with Brother Joe. He uses Mel as a way to unload on Tre. It's gross. But nothing and no one is as gross as Danielle. What a phony, materialistic, self centered narcissist. I have never forgotten all the shady, downright bottom dwelling crap she pulled near a decade ago. Get her off my screen.