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  1. I think we've come full circle: Bethenny is the Kelly Bensimone of this trip. I'm waiting for her to flip out about someone attacking her in the press, talking about her kids, and maybe before it all ends she'll say she had nightmares because she thinks someone wants to stab her. "Satchels of gold!" Get that woman a bag of Haribos and call it a day. Beth's venom (excellent term for it, Writer Girl) was on full display. Guess Satan Andy and the editing couldn't protect her this year. She was, as always, nasty AF to and about Ramona. Even in her TH she insinuated her room-choosing game was better than Tinsley's - guess she's sour that Tins's had Tiffany and was clearly better. Then she, of course, went around to every ho but Tins griping about how she needs a nice hotel and the place isn't up to par. I might have a problem with the cleanliness, sure, but B was lying on the bathroom floor and the rest of the house was charming and lovely. Get over yourself, B. Just because it's not a SkinnyGirl trip and you didn't plan it doesn't mean everyone can't have a nice time. Ultra hypocritical: The SCREECH-SERMON she gave Ramona last year about being a "gavon animal" and ungrateful and therapizing her up and down for her bad behavior about the Mexico rooms, when - cut to this year - Beth is ten times worse than Ramona! She wasn't just bitching about her room. She was bitching about the house, the view, the company, etc. She pedantically told Ramona to look around and be grateful. You should try it some time, B, when you're not running the show (BGrateful?). Beth was the one who couldn't hold her tongue about the guy she doesn't want and dove on Carole. If I were Carole, after the litany of shit B had said about her and Adam, I'd have tossed a drink at her and that white dress. And isn't this the second time Beth has taken a dig at Carole about her age? No wonder Beth put Aviva on the show - they have the same mean-girl playbook. Beth has one set of rules for her and one set for everyone else. She doesn't have conversations - she doles out orders, proclamations, and punishments. Everything she says is gospel. Ro was right about it, and I'm happy to see Carole and Dorinda calling her on it. Bethenny speaks to Dorinda like she's her staff - constantly telling her how she must interact with her and treat her. Dorinda used to take it seriously; now she's just nodding with a blank face until she can get away from the harpie shrew. She's learned what many others know: You can never please Bethenny unless you're totally subservient to her at all times. Sonja and Bethenny get along now out of convenience, but I think part of the reason for Beth is that she can offload SG jeans on Sonja and have an excuse to say, on camera, that everything is too big for her. Cripes, that woman is skin and bones. She must be under great stress or something because she doesn't look healthy at all. I'd be concerned for her if she didn't purposely try to humiliate and poke at Jules. Dorinda is a shit-stirrer, sure, but she correctly told Bethenny that IT'S NOT GOSSIPING WHEN EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT. If you want to bitch to everyone within earshot, how do you think Tins isn't going to find out? Bethenny likes to go at Dorinda because, when Dorinda drinks, she tells B some hard truths. She "sees" Beth, I think, and that is why B dislikes her now. Beth also feels she can safely label Dorinda a drunk, and does so at all times now, so nothing Dorinda says can stick to her. It's sick. I agree with everyone who thinks B is having a bloody meltdown over the fact that the friendship with Carole looks dead and Beth is scared she'll spill some dark stuff. How does anyone with a serious food allergy not speak to kitchen staff before a meal? That makes no sense at all. Tins's roses transported us to an Italian funeral. That might have been more fun than what we saw last night.
  2. S14.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates 2018.07.16

    Colton's sidebar with Harrison was embarrassing. You're not signing a letter of intent, Colton. There's no contractually obligated sexual liaison in your future. This is all a pathetic setup for him to be the next Bachelor, because I can't imagine why that would have been filmed at all. Why is Caroline getting hate? At least she actually seems to be Becca's friend For the Right Reasons. Tia is basically casting herself as co-Bachelorette this season. WTF is her damage? I defended her to no end when everyone wanted to rip her apart for bringing up Baby Bekah's age to Grampa Arie, but now I find myself feeling foolish. She's nothing but a camera hog and her "realization" about Colton is too little, too late. Wake up, sweetie - he didn't like you that much. Becca just met his family and he told her he loved her. Pretty sure you're out of the running. She had no business bringing that up. There's no way it could do anything but confuse and upset Becca and make her feel guilty, and she doesn't deserve that. A real friend would have spelled it out up front - not waited to get a second segment on the show. And that's who Tia is. She's a cling-on who wants camera time. And for a different perspective, I think Becca is naturally stunning. She's like a breath of fresh air compared to those overly made-up ladies. Except Baby Bekah - she could use a little more makeup. Becca might be "boring" to some but she's just effortlessly beautiful and down to earth, IMO. She's not great for drama or antics. No wonder Tia wormed her way in. All the families seemed to love her, which speaks well of how he comes across in person. She's my favorite B-ette ever, thus far.
  3. S14.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates 2018.07.16

    Jason for Bachelor if for no other reason than I need to see his Darren Criss doppelgänger brother who was serving me Versace realness. He is so articulate and would make a great adviser for Jason throughout the season.
  4. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    I can see how, on paper, and within the narrative, Team Charles is the way to go. It reads like natural endgame. But sometimes what you see on screen can change things. Nico and Sutton's chemistry, when compared with the lack of chemistry between Peter Hermann (no less hot than Nico) and Sutton, might be driving the writer's indecision, or maybe neither are set up as the OTP. Sometimes that chemistry or lack thereof actually changes a show's endgame (see: BH 90210 shift from Dylan/Brenda to Dylan/Kelly and Gossip Girl's complete twist on the books with Chuck and Blair). But chemistry's only part of the issue. The writing surrounding Charles and Liza hasn't been up to par for me to ship them. As of late, the writing in general hasn't been great. Plus, if the writers didn't want me on board with Josh/Liza, they shouldn't have played that Perishers song during their scene in the season 4 finale. Maybe I'm just a big fan of that song who happens to know all the lyrics, but if you're taking a narrative cue from that scene, then Josh and Liza are endgame. "There's Nothing Like You and I" is a stunner of a song so I suggest listening and checking out the lyrics if you want to see why that music choice was so important to me.
  5. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    Perspectives vary on this, to be sure, but I think he went back on this in last season's finale. He and Liza addressed that at the hotel ("I can't give you the life you want") and he told her he wants any life that includes her. Was it vague and poorly timed? Yes. But that's how I read it. And he is still, 5 seasons in, the only man to accept and love Liza for who she is - while knowing the extent of her lies. I could get behind another love interest, maybe, but the show has given us Josh and Charles as the only real menu options. One is filet mignon on screen and one's a hamburger.
  6. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    So that ep was largely a miss for me until Nico and Sutton had their scene together. I held my breath through the whole thing. I don't care if you aren't a fan of the Josh/Liza relationship, you can't deny that those two have explosive chemistry. I can see why Nico was supposed to be in just a few eps and was quickly made permanent. Compare them to Charles and Liza and the latter is stiff as a starched shirt. Peter Hermann is every bit as attractive as Nico, but for some reason, he and Sutton fall flat on screen. Maybe Nico could have chemistry with a lamppost, I don't know, but he's a better actor than he was in season 1 and he's quickly becoming the only thing along with Diana that can salvage these eps. I cannot fathom why Liza is wasting time with broke asshole writers and pining after a whiner like Charles. Neither of these men accept her for who she is - and both are willing to sell her out to save their own skin. Then there's Josh. This is not a tough choice, IMO. Kelsey's got a pattern she can't break. That's one facet of her character the writers have kept in tact and I can relate. We have jumped the shark with people buying Liza's last-minute saves. Age-queer? Please. Fact checkers in places like that WILL find a birth certificate or something equally telling and that's the jig. We need more Maggie.
  7. S14.E07: Week 7: Bahamas 2018.07.09

    They came close with Sean, but Colton is even purer! Plus he has a cute dog they can exploit. I'm rooting for Jason to be the next Bachelor. No way she picks someone who was on the 3-on-1, though to me he's the only choice left. Garrett is coming off as TOO happy - much like many of the people I meet here in Vegas. I'm a native NJ resident and I swear everyone here is sniffing happy pills. Come back down to earth. Wake up to the state of things and be properly upset about something, thanks ever so much. Blake has "stalker" written all over him now. The barely-contained red-face rage over the mere possibility of not receiving a one-on-one was just entitled. Like, it never occurred to him that it could be poetic that she bookended her one-on-one dates with him? I'm a bit disgusted by it all, especially the guys' low-level gossip about Colton's virginity, but Colton's reticence about it rings true. It's one thing to say "VIRGIN TIL MARRIAGE" for strict religious purposes, but it's difficult for both men and women to bring that up if they're simply waiting not to lose it to a rando. Wait too long and all of a sudden it's "a responsibility," a secret, and something sinister and shameful that the romantic partner has to "handle." Gimme a break. There was a point in my life when I held my V-Card and I had PLENTY of life experience. Intercourse does not make one more mature, more cultured, or more capable of love and a serious relationship. And eff you, show, for making it seem like Colton SHOULD be ashamed. All above stands with the disclaimer that we are taking him at his word. I have a suspicion this is a ruse, but I'm cynical. :)
  8. S01.E01: Vanish 2018.07.08

    I think the big thing to remember about Adora's character is that we are really only meant to view her through Camille's eyes. And what woman doesn't see her mother as a charicature or larger-than-life presence? One of my favorite things about the narrative is how biased it is from Camille's perspective. If I had shot this, it would take place entirely through Camille's eyes and the only thing we'd see of her are her scars as she looks down on them.
  9. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    That's my reaction to every role Patricia Clarkson has ever played. She's vastly underrated, IMO. I found Adora easier to picture in the book than Camille, and Clarkson comes pretty close.
  10. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    This book, in my opinion, is Flynn's masterpiece. I read it after Gone Girl and was struck by how much more authentic and truly grotesque this story is. There are insidious elements to it that worm their way into the corners of your mind and linger long after you put the book down. It's half the length of Gone Girl, meaning you can tear through it in a day, but it packs much more of a wallop. I wanted this to be a film because I think it could have won Amy Adams an Oscar, but now I'm thrilled it's a limited series. They're going to be able to wring every ounce of the book and pour it on screen. I'm impressed by how closely the sticky-sweet, claustrophobic ambiance of the page-narrative made it into this adaptation. I never pictured someone as bright and beautiful as Amy Adams playing Camille, but hey, I guess that's why she's a 5-time Oscar nominee - she made me a believer in minutes. She dirties up really well. As a huge fan of Julie and Julia, I'm ecstatic to see her paired with Chris Messina again. They have insane chemistry, and it's such a departure from the cuteness of cookbooks that it's going to feel totally new and fresh. I am hoping the books gets more attention from this series. I always felt its impact was marginalized because Gone Girl (at least the first half) was basically a rip on the Scott and Lacey Peterson case. Sharp Objects has no such real-life hook to hang its hat on.
  11. S03.E19: Back In The High Life Again

    What you're seeing here, based on everything I have read over the years, is bleed. If anyone would like to find who to blame for the destruction of Brenda/Dylan and the genesis of K/D as a lasting concept, look no further than Luke Perry. He went to Charles Rosin and Aaron Spelling and asked to start doing more scenes with Jenny. Enter: Summer of Deception and Kelly and Dylan as soul mates. If you watch the early seasons closely, a Kelly/Dylan flirtation was always alluded to, and in the slumber party ep, Kelly confesses that she tried to get a date with Dylan after he and Brenda started dating. You know it's just a matter of time before something goes on with those two. It's a natural narrative progression. But, if not for Luke's "suggestion" and overall frustration with Shannon, I'm not sure K/D would ever have been endgame. Dylan was, understandably, sick of and done with Brenda. Their relationship became nothing but drama, but they did really love each other. When people point to this scene and question how Dylan could be so callous, my immediate response is that you're seeing Luke mad at Shannon there, not Dylan mad at Brenda. And it tells you how sick the entire crew was of Shannon's antics that they didn't call for a retake. They really buried Brenda in season 3. For pete's sake, Brandon didn't even have the stones to cut out Dylan or Kelly senior year. The writer's room was piling on. Jenny, IMO, did a great job of playing Kelly's conflicted feelings and doing the ultimately shitty, teenage thing - being really nice to someone while do something awful to them. It as all so pitch-perfect for high school behavior, it's no wonder that love triangle lives on in infamy. What contributed to the nail in the Brenda/Dylan coffin, beyond Luke Perry's request for an exit at the height of Dylan Mania (they'd have given him anything he wanted in those years), is that Jenny and Luke have insane chemistry and get along really well off-screen. They're close to this day. I read Jenny's autobiography last year, and she has a chapter in it called "Kelly and Dylan Forever." So, in summary, a lot of things went on offscreen that contributed to what you saw in that scene. And while Brenda/Dylan were set up as the OTP in season 1 and 2, the show did a pretty amazing job of selling Kelly and Dylan as soul mates from seasons 3-10. I guarantee you'd have seen a different show if Shannon was easier to work with, but that's not how it went down. The writers, production, and actors had so many issues with one person that the original concept morphed into something else entirely.
  12. S03.E22: The Child Is Father To The Man

    Yeah, I cosign your whole post. Kelly was great with Jack and Christine, and fit perfectly into the little happy world Dylan wanted when his dad got out of jail. Brenda still had Jim looming over her, and that - ultimately - is why I believe Dylan "chose" Kelly at that time. He told her in the pool that it was always her, and even though I believe they are soul mates, I don't think he wanted to make a decision until he saw what a normal "double date" with him and his dad could look like. It wasn't Brenda's move-in or summer in Paris that killed her and Dylan - it was her discomfort about and around Jack McKay. Which is why I find it so ironic that Kelly's discomfort around Jack's death is what put her and Dylan in such a bad spot. Kelly and Dylan were never a perfect couple but they were a very real and relatable couple. I never quite responded to the Romeo and Juliet crap with Brenda and Dylan. Dylan and Kelly came from the same place, grew up together, and understood each other. They fit together pretty seamlessly, when he wasn't trying to imitate Lord Byron and she wasn't trying to play St. Kelly of the Beige Baby Voice. I love the prom and graduation eps, and actually all of the senior year eps. They are TV gold. Senior Poll is the best ep, and it's mandatory canon for any D/K shippers. Dylan articulates their connection so perfectly. And this happens after Jack's death, so whatever Kelly did wrong in those few eps, Dylan moved past it. The sad thing is, I don't think she did. Then cut to the rest of the series and Dylan attempting, constantly, to win her back. While she's with Brandon, before he gets married, and so on - the show was good with this relationship's continuity and not much else near the end. I was glad they referenced her inability to handle death when Josh Richland passed. I wish it had been more strongly referenced after Toni died. In my opinion, Kelly's discomfort with death is the only excuse for not having a heavy scene between her and Dylan before he leaves. Pieces of this episode are some of the best this show ever did, and Luke really shined. When Jack came back in season 10, I couldn't be upset about the lazy writing, because I kept thinking of child Dylan crying and I just wanted that kid to have his father back. And, sucker that I am, I sobbed when Dylan basically stayed behind and let his dad move on without him so he could be near his Kelly.
  13. S14.E06: Week 6: Richmond, Virginia 2018.07.02

    The frontrunners at this point are so obvious, they should cut to final 4 immediately. Jason is my immediate favorite. He reminds me of some of my first major crush in college, just a nicer version. I kind of want him to end up 4th or 3rd so he can be Bachelor. I adore him and wouldn't mind a whole season of his awesome hair, giant cross, and genuine nature. Plus his friends seem fun and lighthearted - clearly there for him and not camera hogs. Chris is awful, yes. He behaved childishly when Becca cut him and he seems a little in love with himself. But I also think the other men share these unfavorable characteristics and just hide it better. Lincoln did blatantly lie and this was corroborated by Connor. They should have taken Connor to Becca to spell out what was fabricated. I do think Lincoln kind of got away with a lot there. Garrett and the rest put the blame squarely on Chris, when it wasn't his fault. Lincoln lit the match and Becca forced Chris to defend himself. Becca is far too easily influenced by male gossip. She can't seem to shut it down, as past Bachelors have done, and just say "I'm going off of my connection to this person. You should stop worrying about them and focus on me." Instead, she takes every nugget of negativity and puts it under a microscope, giving it full credence before even checking its validity with the other person. So of COURSE the men get upset and go on defense. She doesn't see it but she's basically creating an environment where gossip thrives and she's marginalized.
  14. S05.E04: The Talented Mr. Ridley 2018.06.26

    Did Peter Hermann get huge veneers, or some weird facial Botox? He looks different, and not in a good way, and it's so distracting to me that I can't even be bothered to be annoyed with how petulantly Charles is behaving. Empirical isn't failing because people don't read books; it's failing because Charles lacks basic professional skills and business acumen. This season, for all its major reveals and plot twists we were promised, is a major yawn. The fact that I didn't want the Maggie and Josh scene to end is a bad sign. Liza's jig is up. Totally. 100%. If Charles had two brain cells to rub together he would gladly have accepted a signed letter of resignation and moved on. You don't have a leg to stand on once you resign and sign something. I felt in the beginning that this show could survive post-reveal plot, sort of like Mad Men. Pete, Roger, and eventually Betty and Bert Cooper found out that Don was actually Dick Whitman. The show continued and it was still great. In fact, Mad Men was on longer after the reveal than it was before. By continuing with the soggy plot point of Liza's age front and center, this show has gone stale.
  15. This will never happen, because this is all Bethenny cares about. Being "right" about everything is a great tactic to avoid evaluating why you're alone and miserable. Beth never felt she won, even though she made tons of money, had the fan support, got her own show, and eventually returned as a headliner. Why? The best revenge is living well. Jill had Bobby and close friends. No one could take that from her. Despite her flaws, many of which she put on camera for us, Jill has a happy and full life. Beth admitted as much, with sincere regret. She told Jill in front of the funeral home, "You have good friends." Bethenny does not. She has employees who are yes-people. She's bitten the hand of everyone who's ever shown her kindness. That's why she was on the phone telling Lu she loved her and trying to mend fences with Carole and crawling up Sonja's rear. At the end of the line, no matter what you amass, relationships matter. And she can't hang onto friendships or a man, so she's bereft besides having her daughter. I hope this opens her eyes to a different way of interacting with people. The almighty dollar makes for a cold bedfellow.