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  1. I used to hate Astrid and her psycho hubby, Harald...but now I am liking them and rooting for the two of them to wipe out all of the Lothbroks. Oh, except for the brother who looks most like Bjorn and Ragnar (Ubbe) and Bjorn's tossed aside wife, Torve (and Bjorn' s new squeeze looks like Girl with the Pearl earring).
  2. Oh, and the casting choice for don't want to be rude so I will just say it's not a great choice.
  3. I guess everyone stopped watching. The show is bad. But, honestly, Vikings isn't all that either. Though good enough for me to keep watching....this crapfest (Nightfall) I won't continue.
  4. Totally agree.
  5. But she was made aware that she was on the chopping block too. How could she be so sure that Chrissy, Ben, Ryan and Mike were not writing her name down? With a potential 4-3 vote she should have at least brought that extra vote with her.
  6. You'd stated that at least Lauren knows her extra vote would not have worked because of Ben's idol....but her extra vote may have worked.
  7. It would have if she had used it on, say, Mike (splitting her two votes between Ben and Mike). Then she and Mike would have been a 1-1 tie and maybe Mike would go home on revote.
  8. I am liking this season. I have to say all those in tonight's, and even in last week's, episode are gamers. They are playing and not just lying down and giving up like we have seen before. Tonight was great TV, even though Lauren was my fave. She made two fatal errors, well maybe three if you count her calling attention to the idol clue, with A) giving her idol piece to Mike and B) not using that extra vote on Mike to force a tie that would have resulted in Mike going.
  9. Geles seems to think you have to have sex to see if you might be a match. Ick. And Michael....super ick! His 'girlfriend' in the house was right there in the same room. He's mean and sick. Can't believe Geles IS Clinton's match. Maybe it's Clinton and Keyana and Michael and Geles. Any possible way?
  10. So I think Ben and Lauren are playing the best games and I'd like them to go to the end. I was very annoyed when Ashley and Devin appeared as though they were going to switch and get Ben out. It's like why did you do the JP thing then???? Cause Mike would have been gone, the Joe and then Ben and they'd all still be in the alliance. It seemed like they were just wanting to make big blindsided shocking moves to build a resume for final tribal (where they had nothing on their resume thus far). Reminded me of the Michele win that should have been Aubrey.
  11. Wow! Getting good now! Loved the new alliance. Was worried they'd switch and go for Ben which then what would be the purpose of the JP vote? Not sure what happened with JP and Ashley power couple thing. And look how smug they all get when they Are on top...Devon and Ashley, looking at you two.
  12. I know....cant wait. It says 10pm.
  13. So...Matt. I agree that sometimes he just seems to dial it in and other times he knocks it out of the park....but I like all the stuff he makes. I would love that scallop salad and the mahi and asparagus. I personally wouldn't do two greens and no starch if I were making a menu but I'd love to eat all that myself. Jen. Kate Should have toughed it out and just fired her. Bruno, who had a nasty injury anyway, could have moved to interior. Everyone could have picked up some slack. Nico. He is soooooo disgusting. Melissa, have some self-respect girl and just say NO!!!!! He just wants what is there. Gross!!!!! Pig! Kyle. Um, I have read some things about you and you are gross. So why freak out when a clean fork gets dipped in your sauce? The chef had done that too, prior to serving it. Weirdo! And you are acting strange with Kate. Kate. Why does it look like she was sabotaging Matt? Seems like she wanted him to fail. Maybe so her boy, Ben, can come back next season???? Then when she knew the primary would be super picky and tight on tipping well, then she helps Matt???? Bruno has come a long way. I don't mind him. He and Baker are the easiest to watch and most likable.
  14. I haven't kept track of match up ceremonies and truth booths and whatnot to know if this is even possible...guessing not based on your careful calculations. But I would switch and match these....Malcolm with Geles and then Clinton with Alivia. Then Keith with Zoe and Ethan with Jada.
  15. There are Survivor super fan nerds and then just needs. I like both because usually a regular nerd (not fan of the show so much) can still work out how to play the game. Unless they are more a geek, like Debbie, who has no awareness of the game and no awareness about the other people playing. I like strategic folks and they are usually nerds. One could say Joe is a Survivor nerd.