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  1. The Comics: Same, Yet Different

    OH good. I thought I did something bad by not using spoiler quote thing. And they did screw up a good villain. But show loves their boy, JDM. So I don't think they'll kill him. I think they're hoping to make Simon more hated by the viewers and then they'll kill him.... likely Negan will do it to save everyone and redeem himself. Not sure that will work for the viewers though. Show is tanking the Walking Dead story.
  2. The Comics: Same, Yet Different

    Do any of you comic readers feel so frustrated with everyone's constant talk about....when will Rick kill Negan, why didn't Rick kill Negan, I assume Rick will kill Negan in the finale, Who will kill Negan, Maybe he got a flesh wound with the bat and will die, Negan needs to die soon, etc? I can't say...Negan is not going to die!!!!! And it drives me crazy. Anyone else? Hey, I just noticed the use of spoiler quotes. This thread says book talk. Are we not allowed to talk about what's in the comics, though? I am confused.
  3. S08.E12: The Key

    JDM is likely in for a long haul. I think show has been trying to make fans okay with that. It hasn't been working and JDM is their boy. I think show is now mega pissed us viewers didn't fall in love with their boy. I feel like show, now, is all about giving us viewers a giant middle finger. This episode was everything we viewers bitch about.... 1) cars zipping around when gas should be long gone at this point 2) Rick shooting all over the place but not hitting anything 3) Negan NOT dying 4) more assholes bloviating (Simon) 5) new characters added to an already bloated cast 6) new character are kwirky and talk funny (also their names...what, is there no Nancys or Jennifers in the ZA? Only those with kwirky names survive...Enid, Negan....) what else? Oh, and TTD having to explain that Rick lit bat on fire with Glen's lighter....uggghhhhh. And Negan's love for his Louisville Slugger is that it's named after his wife who he feels he abandoned and has guilt so he feels like he must keep the bat safe as if he's keeping his wife safe or some crap like that. I bet next episode is the backstory on all that...more filler. Blech.
  4. i came on this thread to ask this very question.
  5. S08.E11: Dead or Alive Or

    I want to watch this new show, Terror. Also saw some clip with Giovoni Ribissi....Sneaky Pete?? Might have to check that out.
  6. The show should probably pay them even if they quit. They probably banked on one or two quitters but them not paying if the HGs quit kept the HGs in to be voted out. If they just walked out, we then would have had two great evictions. So they should pay regardless if they quit or not. And to entice them to stay all the way, maybe offer to pay them the winnings and also donate same amount to their charity of choice.
  7. Don't forget Metta and his owl.
  8. diamond veto might lead to James going up....so I am NOT picking that one.
  9. Yeah, I seem to like one player on each team. I like Cody...he's a beast and rather calm and even keeled. Jess can be good at some challenges (with the partner swap she knew the order but Kristy wouldn't listen to her) but she is too prissy with some of the tasks and she is catty. I like Jen....she's also a beast who just focuses and get's it done and has a great personality. Her partner annoys and has trouble at tasks more. I like Henry...he's nice and calm and supportive even though Evan treats him like elephant poo. (loved seeing them struggle with the math challenge after all her bragging). I like Alex...he gets things done and stays cheerful while his partner can get grumpy and doesn't do as much. Glad Ocean is gone as I didn't like either one of them. He was kind of useless and she was whiny and berating. Guess I don't care who wins...except Yale as she annoys me most and they have struggled more than the other teams. I suspect the skiiers will win. Oh, and on the creepy crawly tasks...I would not have liked crawling through that nasty swamp but I'd have no problems grabbing frogs. I'd be freaked, though, that bugs or fish or snakes would be in that water. Blech. Though we'd have done the elephants as my DH is an actuary. But the scorpion task....not sure which part I'd rather do, the eating or the wearing. I'd have been squealing just like Jess. And she had that one moving around by her neck and chin....OMG, eeekkkkk. I guess I would have worn them and let DH eat them. I would have had to fight the urge to flick them off me though. Ick.
  10. It is hard to like any of them. I like Metta and James. Part of me is thinking Metta has been playing the fool more than he is the fool. And it's worked since he's not on anyone's radar. Mark has that going on too. I don't mind Mark. I did like Shannon but she played too hard and was socially unaware plus I don't like this pouting giving up business. I did like Ross and Marissa but they are such conniving backstabbers that I am not really liking them now. And Omarosa and Brandi....never liked. I'd like James to win. Or Metta...that would be so funny.
  11. All Season Talk: Knightfall

    Isabella....gahh. Can't stomach the scenes with her.
  12. S01.E06: Episode 6

    I thought Frodo's boss was also his mom.
  13. S05.E09: A Simple Story

    I used to hate Astrid and her psycho hubby, Harald...but now I am liking them and rooting for the two of them to wipe out all of the Lothbroks. Oh, except for the brother who looks most like Bjorn and Ragnar (Ubbe) and Bjorn's tossed aside wife, Torve (and Bjorn' s new squeeze looks like Girl with the Pearl earring).
  14. All Season Talk: Knightfall

    Oh, and the casting choice for Isabella...is...um...I don't want to be rude so I will just say it's not a great choice.
  15. All Season Talk: Knightfall

    I guess everyone stopped watching. The show is bad. But, honestly, Vikings isn't all that either. Though good enough for me to keep watching....this crapfest (Nightfall) I won't continue.