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  1. I want Brent, the mister, to go. And take that dumb 'stache with him.
  2. Wait...so Swaggy getting all that intel means he won't be coming back??
  3. Interesting...could go any which way this week.
  4. Who's Tyler in love with (girl with a BF back home)???? Sam?
  5. Um...his bit with Sam. I want him got. Bye Felicia! And for the love of Gawd, please wear a shirt and/or button your shirt/jacket. You should already be lit. Unless Special K's crying fit counts as 1...should count as like 5.
  6. S20.E07: Power of Veto #2 2018.07.11

    I was wondering about this too. Thought I missed something.
  7. Just goes to show... every political party every age every religion every nationality every sexual orientation every class ....has it's nut jobs. I heard about it on another forum.
  8. Good. Hope she blows her game.
  9. I don't think she's toning anything down...full on crazy...all the time.
  10. S20.E5: Live Eviction #1 2018.07.05

    What, the sleeveless jean vest? Or the other sleeveless buttondowns?? All awful!
  11. S20.E5: Live Eviction #1 2018.07.05

    Yeah, man, that Kaitlyn is a piece of work. I want her gone the most but now we're in for a full week of Kaitlyn highlighted. That girls was so jelly of the Fessy showmance (or lowmance...lol). Tyler...he's my pick for winner. That boy is a gamer. Love it!!! Smart surfer dude...who knew!?!?!?!
  12. These parents are just as interactive as the Gosslings were. Exact! Seem so self absorbed that I cannot even watch. Just watched the dentist episode. She brought two friends to help and there she is sitting with one baby while friends each have 2. She sits in chair with one and says she can hear all the others screaming and she remarks that she can't be holding each one. Um...yes she can. Do one at a time instead of all 5 at once (take 3 kids to dentist one day and 3 another. My son was 2 when I had twin girls and I took 3 to dentist and sat with each one). And they were a tad too young for the dentist anyway.
  13. I don't really watch this show (I watch Y&R) but catch bits here and there (I used to watch it but hate most of the characters so I let it slip). Anyway...imagine my surprise to recently watch and see Dance Mom's Nia on the show. Eeekkk! What were everyone's thoughts about that?
  14. Well the Cody and Jess season the pretty people initially teamed up but then it all went to crap and became divided with Cody and Jess on the outs and the other pretty folks being the rats to the pied piper, Paul. We all wished Paul wasn't there so we could see how everyone would play on their own and it likely would have been a pretty people VS underdogs. Maybe Swaggy can be the Paul and lure away some of the pretty people from that alliance.