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  1. There are Survivor super fan nerds and then just needs. I like both because usually a regular nerd (not fan of the show so much) can still work out how to play the game. Unless they are more a geek, like Debbie, who has no awareness of the game and no awareness about the other people playing. I like strategic folks and they are usually nerds. One could say Joe is a Survivor nerd.
  2. Maybe they could do 7 couples and do a match up ceremony every other episode and have more comps and getting to know each other activities they show. Maybe only give them 5 match up ceremonies to get it. Is the show over a month period in the house? If so, do one match up ceremony a week and do way more comps/activities in between. Maybe two truth booths a week.
  3. @truthaboutluv Desi was a comp beast, Joe was not so much. Desi would be likable to a jury, Joe not so much.
  4. I wonder if Chrissy didn't know Ryan got the idol. He told her and told her to fill in hole but she didn't seem to hear and went on digging and then fought Cole tooth and nail and screamed for help. She could have been playing in order to frame Cole but I don't think she was. She and Ben may have truly believed Cole got that idol. And maybe they thought he'd share with Joe. And maybe then Ryan kept it secret since he was not one of the names mentioned as being on the block. Some part of him may want to sever the Chrissy and Ben alliance since he is also with Chrissy.
  5. How folks can say Ben is annoying or they don't like him but yet they do like Joe and Cole is beyond me. Ben is a nice good guy and a smart player. I like watching J on the show as I like gamers and he is gaming hard but he is an unscrupulous jerky douche that I don't like as a person. And C is a self absorbed jerky dimwitted douche. I hope C is next to go. Then it will be fun to watch the remaining players since they all seem to be playing (except maybe JP and they can go after Cole).
  6. I posted upthread about Desi's Lauren vote. But remember, she did not know Lauren had that advantage and wouldn't be voting. In that regard, if she was told girls are voting Joe and guys voting her and she knew (which I am guessing she did) that Mike and Cole were also voting Joe then it would be 5 Joe and 4 Desi with Joe voting Ben. Why she went Lauren instead of Ben....don't know. Maybe she hoped to work with Ben. Or Maybe in case Cole and Mike switched to vote Ben (then it would be 3 Ben and 7 split between her and Joe and maybe she thought 4 Joe and 3 her). I think she wanted Joe gone without going to a tie. And she didn't want to vote Joe as a little saving face.
  7. Adding that Desi also was unaware of Lauren's advantage.
  8. I think Desi voted Lauren because she suspected Joe was going home and she kinda didn't mind that. So she wasn't going to help their block of 4. I think she thought the other block would vote 4 Joe and 3 her and their block would vote 3 Ben so she threw to Lauren thinking and hoping Joe would go and she wouldn't be a vote for him to go. If she had voted Joe she would still be there and Mr Obnoxious would be at Ponderosa.
  9. Wow. These people are a hot mess. Alexis and Kareem being the worst....maybe they are a match.
  10. Um, and Jen says to her boss, Kate, that she has been wh@&ing around longer...?meaning a) she's old and b) she's a wh@&e. Then she has the balls to be irate at the 'how old is your kid' comment. She should be fired. She is the worst!!!!
  11. I would love it if Chrissy buried the fake idol and Cole steals it. But would she fight so hard and scream for help if he was stealing as planned. Maybe she knew where real idol was and was planning on switching for fake but Cole got there before she could make the switch.
  12. Yeah, @Special K...made me mad that Colby didn't help Amanda and he told her to give it back to Danielle. Not a gamer on that season...Colby.
  13. So I just pulled up the preview on my DVR and paused. You can see someone, I assume Chrissy, in the sand below the pink banner. Then you see Cole haul butt over there and the camera catches him on top of Chrissy fighting her to get idol. She yells, sounds like for JT. Someone is nearby and moves towards them, it's Ryan and he's down on ground helping. They show Ben jump up and then he is there fighting too. Then Ryan is up and off to the side...then in TH he says ' pandemonium is ensuing right in front of me'. They show Joe and a bunch behind him just standing there gawking. Never see JT, Lauren or Devon.
  14. I thought all boots after merge go to jury????
  15. Yeah, I am so wanting to go to Outback this weekend and try that lava cake. They didnt show Ashley and JT reunite, did they? Good on them for keeping their power coupling on the down low. I, in the obvious minority, am glad that Chrissy didn't get booted. I wish it had been Cole though.