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  1. Also liked that she blamed Paul. That's likely why Julie rushed her off.
  2. But Mark did jump ship on Cody. He voted to evict Jillian. I agree with your showmance thoughts.
  3. Mark is the muscle bound guy....
  4. Yes....all of this...exactly how I feel.
  5. Paul voted to evict keep Xmas so she would gun for Jedy which is also now who Paul is gunning for.
  6. I don't know...I think this season sux...a big one. These people are so so dumb and unlikable. It is so high school and just awkward to watch. All these stupid gimmicks too. All to keep Paul around. 'eye roll'. And Mark with his tearful ass kissing to Christmas. Hmm, could it be that he and his dumb entourage realized Xmas is no longer a comp beast/threat with her casted foot???? So he wants to keep her and get on her good side the waterworks and major apologies ensue???? Barf and thoughts on this season.
  7. Don't like any of the romances. Cody is unsettling and seems to think he can manipulate Alex with his awesomeness (good on her for calling BS). Also get the feeling he wants the two girls fighting over him or something...ick. His girl, whatever her name is...Jessica?, is a mean girl as are the other two. Fake lips girl is just too distracting to watch. And, yes I feel for Mark, but jeesh....why can't a guy miss his family? Mark was a bit over the top. Would be liking Paul this go 'round except that I too feel like it's awfully convenient all the things that have gone his way. Show making me root against him. But he, and this is sad, is more likable than most of those other dopes. I like Kevin and....maybe rodeo guy....maybe the Cosplay guy. Kinda like Alex but was disappointed she quickly turned on her friend and bought Jessica's crap. Seemed a little 'high school' there. I do think Megan truly misremembered and wasn't lying intentionally. I also think Jessica was a bit sketch to call Alex Pao Pao and my daughter told me that Alex is not the only minority houseguest she calls another name.
  8. So...could Jules have a bun in the oven?
  9. WTF...haven't watched in a couple weeks and imagine my confusion when Lilly's daughter walk on set and is grown. Huh??? She was just like 10. Like a month ago. And Lilly looks 30 while her daughter looks 18. Doesn't add up.
  10. Debbie and Michaela would have been ideal to take to a F3. Maybe that's why they got rid of Debbie. Aubrey was always smart about that on her last season. And maybe Sarah realized she was one of those goats too and need to make a move to be not a goat.
  11. I am going to miss this show so terribly.
  12. So the sheriff said to go to Norman's and Romero's houses. But then they weren't there. You'd think they'd be staking the motel out. That seemed like a plot hole.... that Norman got back to the hotel and putted around for that long without police showing. Side note...."I played the shit out of Norma".... yup.
  13. BwW was terribly boring. Don't waste your time.
  14. My three teams, I am rooting for... Tara and Joey (who seem to have a little thing going on... call each other babe), LoLo (just all around nice pair) and Team Fun (Becca's belly laughing when she landed was awesome). Brooke is the worst one left, then I'd say Michael is next worst. Then probably Ashton. Though to be fair, Vanck seems to be a stick in the mud (first episode she was trying to have fun and he was cold and shut her down) and he is serious to a fault and too slowly calculating for this game. Still, she must be more of a B-word than he is a stiff when Brooke comments that she's awful (Brooke????). And the boys are douches. Brooke's partner, Scott, is slightly annoying too as is Liz.