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  1. S01.E10: We Are Gone

    It was after Crozier ate Goodsirs foot flesh and he already told the other dude at the end to get up. He hit whats.his.name and then the scene ended. Show came back to Hickey atop sledge with men chained to it including whats.his.name that he hit in the head. So I assumed he hit him to knock him out so he could chain him to the sledge. You hear whats.his.name yell 'get this chain off me'. And the needed to disappear was before Crozier's 'why didn't you just sign up'.
  2. S01.E09: The C the C the Open C

    I DVR and watch from that and no issues. The monster thing. I think it's more just a normal bear or Eski and they are so wacked out that they see scary monster.
  3. S01.E08: Terror Camp Clear

    LS put her hand on goodsir's right chest, not where his heart is. It looked to me like she was saying 'come no closer'. And all the stuff Goodsir said to her, about how he wished she could come to England, was said in English so she didnt understand a bit of it.
  4. S01.E08: Terror Camp Clear

    So Hickey told the other party of 3 that the Eski killed those two that we saw Hickey kill last week. So the party of 3 shot the Eski. There were some wounds on the Eski. Don't know what was the effect on Collins' face as the bear mauled him. I don't think Hickey is telling the truth about Crozier. I can't remember him saying any such thing. Maybe he said something and Hickey was using his words out of context. The bear...maybe Lady Silence being at camp kept the bear away. And maybe she was happy to leave camp so the bear would go there now and she'd get justice for the murders of her Eski friends. Guessing any warm fuzzies she felt for Goodsir went away when she saw the dead little Eski girl. Luckily our boy, Goodsir, is keeping himself safe. I wish he had gone with Lady Silence.
  5. S04.E04: Buried

    Vultures seem evil to me in that they use that little girl, Charlie, to go into places which could be unsafe and they dont care. Also he said he convinced his family and community to stay put, that they'd be safe but then he got out while the place burned to the ground. Seemed to me he was pointing out to Madison that he purposely did it....letting her know he cares about nobody (is evil) so she needn't think he will join her community as she was trying to convince him. Whole premise is stupid as they are nomads, travelling gypsies, but as pointed out last thread....gas is on shortage and really actually should be gone by now. So their whole lifestyle is nonsense. Stupid Gimple. If he is faking us out about Madison maybe being dead....and she isn't....what the eff. Another Glenn under the dumpster. Maybe Morgan and John will find Madison and Laura under a dumpster.
  6. S04.E04: Buried

    Is this now the work of Gimple? I am thinking it is. Gawd he tries too hard to be "artsy" or as we used to say way back in the day..."that's deep, man". As the kids say now..."epic fail", man.
  7. S01.E07: Horrible from Supper

    This is a dang great show. You two with acting experience, who aren't super impressed with the Hickey actor, did you watch Bates Motel? If so, what were your impressions of the acting there? Or Westworld? I love the acting on both of those shows. I think this show, too, has some great acting. But I agree that the Hickey actor just isn't slaying it like some of the others but I feel he has the hardest role.
  8. S01.E07: Horrible from Supper

    It's lead in the tins and that isn't alive. So his boozing wouldn't help that. Though I do wonder if he and the left-tennats eat other food. I suppose they have been eating the tins since they weren't aware until recently. But maybe now they will eat the little other food available. At least Crozier and Fitzjames....can't have the leadership going mad.
  9. S01.E07: Horrible from Supper

    I was wondering that too. Or it could be the voyage that the other guy mentioned....where they dragged the Terror back...that Crozier had a relative on that voyage and he died?? I tend to think it's more related to Hickey though since he was shown at that locker in the flashback at the end. Edit to add....the more I think about it, i think your hidden theory is right. Can't really point out other little hints because then I will be spoiling it. Has to do with that fixing the toilet convo and the whipping.
  10. S01.E07: Horrible from Supper

    It's a locker and it does look to be imposter Hickey's as at the end Irving is there to assign it to him and he says he's trying everything new when Irving says 'are you trying something new?'.
  11. S01.E07: Horrible from Supper

    Was it the door to the stairs? Was that the spot they showed imposter Hickey meeting, was it Jopson? at the beginning of the expidition, and being told where to go and Hickey didn't know and said he was trying a new adventure or whatever. Maybe those are the imposter's real initials? Rewatching now to see.... looks like it was a locker and the only one open. Bet it's imposter Hickey's and his real initials. His is open and not closed like the others to show another act of not doing what he's supposed to and not doing what everyone else did...closed their lockers??????????
  12. S01.E07: Horrible from Supper

    They did two flashbacks. The first was a rosey cheeked boy getting his assignment papers and the second he had a beard and even mentioned it. Looked like different guys to me but could be he stole the identity prior to getting the papers.
  13. S01.E07: Horrible from Supper

    I bet some of you Hickey fans aren't liking him so much now. Um, so the young Hickey who got his papers to work, at beginning of epi....that was real Hickey but this crazy guy is imposter????? Yeah, no hero there. I am sensing Hickey is the evil where the doctor is the good and one will prevail. Gosh, I wouldn't mind them going off facts and having the doctor and lady silence live and be happy together. Not gonna happen.
  14. S04.E03: Good Out Here

    How can the journalist, what's her name- Alice?, use a video camera this far into the ZA? Like how does she charge the battery? And I am not liking her. She was annoying on the Lost too.
  15. S01.E06: A Mercy

    Very well written and hits the nail on the head. I want to add that he climbed down in the grave to cover that first dead guy's coffin. Nobody else wanted to. He likely did it out of sick morbid curiosity much like the brain poking session. That is when he stole the poor dead bloke's ring. Was he also one who helped carry the dead guy to the cellar storage room when the one dud was freaking out? Again, kind of morbid curiosity in him. I see a bit of Opposition Defiant Disorder. Therefore his grudge against feeling wronged by Crozier will not be forgotten. Injustice collector.