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  1. Debbie and Michaela would have been ideal to take to a F3. Maybe that's why they got rid of Debbie. Aubrey was always smart about that on her last season. And maybe Sarah realized she was one of those goats too and need to make a move to be not a goat.
  2. I am going to miss this show so terribly.
  3. So the sheriff said to go to Norman's and Romero's houses. But then they weren't there. You'd think they'd be staking the motel out. That seemed like a plot hole.... that Norman got back to the hotel and putted around for that long without police showing. Side note...."I played the shit out of Norma".... yup.
  4. BwW was terribly boring. Don't waste your time.
  5. My three teams, I am rooting for... Tara and Joey (who seem to have a little thing going on... call each other babe), LoLo (just all around nice pair) and Team Fun (Becca's belly laughing when she landed was awesome). Brooke is the worst one left, then I'd say Michael is next worst. Then probably Ashton. Though to be fair, Vanck seems to be a stick in the mud (first episode she was trying to have fun and he was cold and shut her down) and he is serious to a fault and too slowly calculating for this game. Still, she must be more of a B-word than he is a stiff when Brooke comments that she's awful (Brooke????). And the boys are douches. Brooke's partner, Scott, is slightly annoying too as is Liz.
  6. Sierra was on blue collar and didn't gel with her other blues. She was kind of the Hali of that season where they kept her around for the vote but she was not really a part of their alliance. That's what I remember of it...could be wrong.
  7. I suspect there could be some bitter Betties. For sure.
  8. They both said they'll be happy with any of the others joining them at Ponderosa. Really??? Even Debbie? I would rather shoot myself.
  9. What's the deal with the Ponderosa this season? Do we have to have CBS all access?
  10. Dumb episode. BUt this show has been clinging for life for years now. Please just put it, and us, out of misery and pull the plug.
  11. Don't like the boys... remind me of the tattoo douche bros from Survivor past season. But they are a formidable team and I worry they will win, or at least be around for a god bit. Next on my dislike list is Shamir. Good God, man, what a baby. Big time props for Sara in dealing with that putz. Then, Brooke. Her whiny voice reminds me of the make-up you tube sensation from past season. The one who raced with her 'Daaaaaddddieeeee'. Was her name Brooke too (or Blaire?)? Bless her partner too, for dealing with her. I like the other teams, so far. Really like the 'mom and dad' team because, well, I am old too. I liked the Olive team and was bummed it was them who came in last.... like many of you I was hoping it would be Shamir. Becca...yeah, didn't like the 'and a broken nose' comment as I too immediately thought that a guy would NO WAY say that to a girl. But I agree with another poster, up thread, who said Becca is always at an 11. And that little snafu Floyd had almost got them the boot. I also noticed Floyd's wanting to hug the taxi driver but reading driver's body language, he backed off. Good on him. I really like Floyd. And Becca reminds me of a cousin so I 'get' her and am hoping this team stays a while.
  12. I too wondered how Audrey got from the pool pit to the lake. Unless her body was never in the pool pit and Norma just presumed it was due to finding Audrey's earring near it. But I do think Chick is going to be the fall guy for everything. Maybe Romero will be a hero for killing the true murderer. I think Chick's book is him writing what Norman did but writing it as he, himself (Chick), doing it. The book will be left and Romero will take the tapes and hide/destroy them. Maybe Romero will hope Norman gets off so he can kill him.
  13. There were so many commercials in the episode. I wonder if Chick wrote the true crime story as himself committing the murders while taking advantage of a crazy Norman, having him assist in the dumping of bodies. That might get Norman off. And Emma being okay with Dylan spending their money on Norman's lawyer.... not likely.
  14. Yeah, that's what's called a 'difficult' personality. Hope he goes soon. Him and Brooke cause she is A-NNOY-ING. I like the post above that said they hoped Scott and Sara would remain and be paired up.