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  1. I did watch the first season of the reboot and was horrified at the retcons. Everyone basically became an only child on the show, except occasionally Kelly and David were siblings (except when he talks about how sexy she is) and Erin/Erica/goofy Steve brothers/ Kelly half sister would show up but not at any big life event. Even Brenda never came back. Hannah did get a shout out... something to the effect that she looks way too old to be in high school.
  2. S06.02: You Got Zuko’d

    Funny I had to argue with my 7 year old that Jackie is a different actress. He kept saying she just got a makeover. Count me in the Rowan fan club. I didn't watch Girl Meets World but Rowan has been a very vocal feminist and even at a young age talked about intersectionalism in a way that floored me. It was stuff that I didn't even talk about in college women studies classes. So, for that, I like her. She doesn't seem to be the typical Disney gal who wants to get a recording contract.
  3. Is anyone else feeling twitchy reading the weird capitalization of Steve's flyer?
  4. If Matt/Kelly haven't DTR then it isn't a big deal that she's hanging out with Dylan. Has anyone had sex yet, aside from Gina and Dylan? Why do I think that Matt would be so boring in bed? As for the party planning, Noah is just such an ass. He pawns all of the planning to someone else and then takes credit? He also has the nerve to act like she did this on purpose? If he's such a freaking loving boyfriend then he would have picked the cake out or had Nat donate a cake. And I'm also pissed that Kelly had Gina cover her shift for most likely the entire day- while in Mexico. I'm also really irritated that Dylan's game hasn't changed in all these years. He brings girls to Mexico to impress them (Stacey, Brenda, now Kelly). Get some new moves man!
  5. Funny thing is that Kelly would like Matt more if he was a jerk to her and basically pulled a "don't talk to me about my business" kind of thing.
  6. I seriously want to punch Kelly in the face every time she has input on Matt's cases. Speaking of which... what legal violations did he commit this time?
  7. I loved it... but it reminded me a lot of my family (and I'm in my 40's), so yes, Appa is a bit old fashioned. I couldn't help but think about the wrongful arrest for Jung at the convenience store and how different it may have gone in the US- the cop even apologized! It's a cute show that I can watch with my kids... a rarity. The episode with the bratty child of the art teacher had us all up in arms. I couldn't believe she didn't at least pay for the crap that kid ate.
  8. S01.E13: Slumber Party

    I think hard partying sophomores- yes... but having done it around 8th or 9th grade- not really. Even the most mature girls in my school who were having sex around age 13 weren't hard partiers who were in "the scene" (like Dylan). This is some Drew Barrymore level stuff that Serena and Dylan did (didn't Serena think she killed someone when she was having a 3 some or something?)
  9. I always assumed that Dylan and Kelly just had amazing sex and that's what makes them think they have a deep connection. I think there is something about "winning Dylan" that appeals to Kelly. The stat rape- ugh! I just can't. Why didn't David sue Da Club for allowing an underage girl in there? I hate how when Val screws the photographer to get over David she's given the burden of AIDS exposure and how David slut shames her for "moving fast". Yet Sophie JUST skipped town and David does this and everyone rallies around.
  10. I don't like it. I understand why he'd want a hug. As a parent , one of the first things I hopped onto was the idea that my kids aren't forced to touch anyone if they don't want to. They need to give a polite greeting but don't have to hug/kiss someone. The way Dylan asked it forces Kelly to do it; I think she even says "sorry about that" as a response. Also, their relationship was very intense so a hug would have some meaning... vs the hugs from others are meaningless.
  11. Back then, all these dopes would have driven to The Walsh House right? Wouldn't Dylan be tipped off when he got out of the cab and saw all the cars? It really is too bad Val never slept with Bill Taylor.
  12. I think this guy was the random love interest on 7th Heaven (how they got rid of Jessica Biel after she posed in racy underwear).
  13. I have a few guesses... and they all revolve around Kelly. I think that she probably was pissed that Dylan actually went back to Brenda (after all that soul mate wild west stuff) after Toni was murdered. Then, my other guess is that Kelly would expect a special call-out from Dylan when he first set foot in LA vs Kelly being part of the general group that he saw. Remember how she pitched a fit that Dylan was getting married and HER feelings about the announcement. I think even he called her out on it.
  14. I know I posted before but hubs went to HS with Jennie Garth (before she left to LA). She was the new girl junior year I think and he said she practically glowed with beauty. Within seconds it was like all the popular mean girls realized that they had to befriend this girl. It was a huge deal when she dropped out and the drama teacher said she had zero talent. LOL