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  1. I was a huge nerd, so at the time, I thought Dylan was this "tortured soul" who was into the lit books that I was into. Now, I see him as a pretentious ass- but 20+ years ago, I wasn't able to see red flags and that boy is a walking red flag. I was never into Brandon but didn't see him as the punchable bray that he is. Age is a wonderful thing I guess. I think Ray was the start of the "disposable significant other of the year" that most of the main characters had. Deep down, you knew that they would never last. Clare lasted for several years and Valerie too. But with Ray, Collin, Susan, Tracey, Mark (later Gina)- all these folks who were part of this revolving door of love interests. It was better than the girlfriend of the week that Brandon had from season one. I think part of what stagnated the show is this sense that there was never any new long-lasting blood. Even Melrose Place had expanded a little to be beyond the folks who lived in that apartment complex. I guess Noah stays until the end but by then, we just are so sick of all the new people who will leave.
  2. I don't think the show meant to do this, but I find it very interesting how these kids make really bad choices and their behavior is just explained away and most impressively they are hypocrites when it comes to their "outgroups". Kelly/David/Donna do drugs it's ok because of stress/finals/pain. But Valerie or Collin do drugs, they are morally corrupt. Kelly/Dylan/Brandon/David cheat they it's complicated/soul mates/one time thing/horniness but when Valerie does it, she's evil. It's really gross that two stable adults in a committed relationship are considered "unfit" vs the singles who sleep around, do drugs, and can barely hold a job.
  3. We are now entering the phase where things just completely go off the rails. I'm about the age of Hillsters and was in PR right out of school. I had a degree in literature and had a crappy "office manager" (aka receptionist) job where they dangled a carrot that I may be able to move up into an account assistant position. I found myself like the gal in Reality Bites. How the hell does Kelly open up her own firm and get clients? I gotta say one thing, Kelly never lacks in the self confidence department. When I was 23, my main goals were what bars were we hitting up after work and how quickly could I take off my fucking pantyhose and run out of the office. I wouldn't have known what to do with a baby, let alone offer to be a foster parent.
  4. I remember that. She even used the phrase "when bad things happen to beautiful people" . Like it's ok for ugly people to have problems?
  5. Alex, Inc. in the Media

    Now that Roseanne is cancelled, maybe they can bring back Alex Inc?
  6. I think they do "punish her" by having it be that Kelly is somehow infertile too. And, of course they act like only at age 20/21 did she get on the Pill, when we full well know that Jackie would have had her on it. I think Gina got the whole "Cousin Oliver" thing... the cousin (secrete sister) you never heard about before. And I would have loved to see a better spin off with Val and the club scene. I could totally see her having a Paris Hilton type friendship with the young and beautiful.
  7. Roseanne: Aftermath

    Agreed! I actually am surprised more celebrities aren't fiscally conservative (esp if they are financially successful). And being liberal doesn't give you a pass for being a jerk. The talk up top about the collateral damage (cast and crew) reminded me of a small bit from Clerks (I think) where two guys were arguing about how the contractors who worked on the Death Star were innocent victims. One had then argued that as a contractor himself who he works for and their values comes into play a lot. Not sure if everyone in Hollywood has that luxury.
  8. Roseanne: Aftermath

    The one day I actually have a deadline! So late to the party... I think so many of you have hit all the main points. But as a woman of color, I wanted to add the additional aspect of the "planet of the apes" part of the tweet. I've always been surrounded by some rando racists who either have various implicit biases or wonder why certain ethnic groups "always" do/act/think one way. But I haven't personally come across the Jim-Crow type of racist who sees people of color as actual monkeys/apes/animals. While Roseanne isn't the first to use this turn of phrase, she seems to be part of a rabid group that must feel like the floodgates are open now. The entire tweet is gross, but in particular this element is very cutting, cruel and general disgusting. Again, I was really starting to like the reboot- I felt that they were showing some interesting developments. I just watched the one where they meet the Yemenese (sp?) neighbor.
  9. S10.E08: Netflix & Pill

    My husband had nasal surgery a few years ago and received a GIANT bottle of Oxycotin in liquid form. This was the bottle that the pharmacy gets and then puts in little bottles. It was insane. He hates medication and never used it. We kept it, just in case, though we never used it and I think we finally found a way to dispose of it. I can see folks doing that and giving them to Rosanne when she complains. I think the fact that they are prescription makes people feel they are "safe". The credit card hold! That can really kill you. Once while traveling for work, the hotel decided the hold amount would be the rack rate times the days we were staying. All of us had maxed out company cards (we couldn't even pay for a coffee). Even now, I ask how much they will hold. The guy was a jerk and obviously didn't want the Connors to stay there. He could have done a lot of things to let them stay. Recently, I was at a hotel and my company card was maxed out. I was calling our accounting staff and couldn't get someone during lunch. The clerk told me he'd just run the amount for $50 and gave me a key. I had the privilege of being an Elite Silver (eyeroll) status so they figured I wasn't going to skip out. Someone mentioned how these service workers act like they own the place and therefore are snooty. I don't even understand why they do this? I sometimes get this (esp as a woman of color). I always think to myself that they are PAID to work there- it's not like it's there's. My points/money are as good as anyone else's. I'm not a germaphobe but something about putting the whipped cream INTO/near people's mouths really grosses me out. YUK!
  10. I think my standards are so low that I will look for any glimmers of "the acting". I think when Shannen freaks out and ugly cries (when she has PTSD after the robbery), she does a really good job. I think she even did a good job when Dylan/Kelly come to get her to tell her the truth of the summer. I remember the look on her face when they arrive together at her house, she knows something is up. Given that Shannen was the most experienced actor and one that seemed the most professional, I'm surprised wasn't deemed the best.
  11. "I'm trying to apologize here. Not sure how much simpler I can make it." REALLY? I seriously want to throw something at that smug, punchable face. Why do we keep having David in music situations where people want him to abandon his "crew"? Keyboard? As for the fake abortion, isn't this all freaking hearsay? Only Kenny could talk about that. Noah's defense is "I'm too nice to rape"? So, someone who donates blood and invests in a nightclub not able to date rape? What kind of logic is this? They should have brought up how he killed his girlfriend to show how he has a history of poor decisions when drunk.
  12. S10.E07: Go Cubs

    I really loved this episode. A few thoughts based on the lively comments here. My parents were immigrants and part of the "model minority". My dad owned a successful small business when we were growing up. Then, a few missteps happened and my dad declared bankruptcy. Both my parents (who were well into their 50's and 60's) had to get jobs at the mall. My dad HATED it. But, thankfully that job existed. After a few years of that crap, they decided their best strategy was to move back to their home country. They'd still collect social security and they had had a house built there (so no rent). Now, they live comfortably vs. dealing with creeps in retail and worrying about a medical catastrophe. Not everyone has that option. I can see how the Connors are basically stuck. Would I go to an unknown neighbor's house at 2am- NO WAY! I do like how loyal Rosanne is to her grandkids. She will do anything for them. I do wish she wasn't such a bitch about asking for a favor (the bat). And she didn't seem to act like waking someone up that early was an inconvenience or could cause THEM to feel unsafe. It made me think of current police situations... if the Yemen family had reacted anyway defensively would they have been found at fault? I don't know anything about EBT- do you need to be a citizen or have a green card to qualify? As for the "luxury items" for poor. Given how much money our country wastes on the inflated salaries of politicians (they get salary and bennies for life after just one term in office), I say that questioning if someone who uses an EBT card has the right to a car or cell phone is ridiculous. In today's society those are considered basic needs. Now, my parents grew up in what our current administration may consider a sh!t-hole, so they were fine not having any things including cable, internet, or cell phones when times were tight. They also were a lot older so they hadn't been accustomed to the technology. is that idiot David paying child support while boinking "Blue"? I hate how on TV moms will indignantly refuse child support from a father, saying how she can "do it on her own". Girl, if you don't need that money, squirrel it away in a savings account for your kids! Obviously the Connors could use a few bucks for the extra electricity/water/food those kids are using.
  13. Thanks! I used to watch this a lot but stopped mid-way through this very arc. I think I was so upset that Emmett got mad that I just couldn't. I think I always wish that 90210 had some nuances and subtly. I just don't understand how everyone shrugs their shoulders and is all "oopsie, Noah had sex with a roofied Val but since brother Josh was the perpetrator, it's all ok." And why does it take so long for Val to leave? The Gang is always choosing relative strangers over her. Just Find. New. Friends. And let's add Kel to the mix: she fell for the cult, cheated on Brandon with Dylan, did coke with Colin, almost prostituted herself for cocaine, had the bad judgement to bring in Tara street child, and now is constantly violating HIPPA rules. But still, it's all ok.
  14. I wanted to chime in on the "can they act?" portion which I am loving. Mr. Curly went to HS with Jennie Garth, a fact he will tell everyone and loves saying how she gave him a kiss on the cheek when she left. Jennie left her high school in the middle of junior year I think to go to CA. Mr. Curly said how the school drama teacher was very vocal that Jennie didn't have any talent and her dropping out of school was a big mistake. I think he may have been forced to write a retraction of sorts when Jennie landed a sit com with Barbara Eden. If I were to do a "watch me" reel for the actors, I would definitely have the one where Shannen freaks out about being held at gun point. Now, on to the atrocity that is this episode. Steve's immediate dismissal of Val reminds me a lot of when crazy Laura accused Brenda of sleeping with the director to get the part. Steve had known Brenda in "the gang" for at least 3 years and yet was really quick to dismiss her. He even said something like "I'm friends with your brother, not you." He's kind of doing that with Val. Why is NO ONE caring about the roofies in her system? Do they think she roofied herself? And except for the exchange at the end, no one seems to care that sex without consent is rape. Noah isn't being tried for giving her drugs, he's on trial for having sex with Val when she was out of it. I'm already flying into a rage thinking about how Kelly "apologizes" to Val. Does Donna forgive Noah for cheating? And while I'm trying not to do work I may as well add, what was the final decision on Switched At Birth? If both parties are drunk, where does the blame lie?
  15. Alex, Inc. in the Media

    I saw it talked about in Tiya's Instagram feed. I am so incredibly bummed. I thought the writing was good. It wasn't as tight as say hayday Modern Family but it was very cute. Also, I'm Indian and my kids are half-Indian and I think we really related to that element of the show. It's rare that Indian kids aren't just the "nerdy side kick with the thick accent" on shows. And I liked the take of the second-generation Indian mom who was successful but also dealing with the elements of her culture. Plus, I think Tiya is drop dead gorgeous. Loved her on The Good Place and I really want to steal all her clothes and makeup looks. Bummed.