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  1. Don't the guys make a poem about all the girls David has slept with as part of his bachelor party? Oh... can't wait to see Mrs. Teasley. Will we finally get the Battleship Galactica in the Revlon aisle (paraphrasing that wonderful comment our hosts made when Steve gets expelled for the stupid legacy key and his mom bails out his keister one last time).
  2. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    So well put! I wasn't able to articulate WHY this bothered me so much. It makes me feel like years ago, I'd never see anyone on TV who looked like me. Now, we have more POC on tv but the role is either "funny/smart best friend" or "sounding board" or "temporary love interest that makes you go back to the white OTP". You're right about how much has been missed by the lesbian/interfaith/multiracial relationship with Kat and Adena. They started hinting at it, but now it's just "Kat's so sexy and attracts all the lesbians". I'm going to have to snoop around to find those interviews.
  3. These friends have ALWAYS put romance before friendship. Kelly/Dylan/Brenda/Brandon are the main examples. Although if I were David, I'd ask for a meeting with all three so they could talk honestly. He'd need to make sure Sophie was being honest with Steve, that Steve was ok, etc. I don't quite get this whole "my friend likes him so he's off limits" kind of thing. Sophie should be able to have the ability to decide who she bones. BUT, she needs to be honest about it and not play around like she's possibly into Steve (even if it means he doesn't give her freebies). Now I wish we had a 90210 Golden Girls. Felice/Samantha/Cindy/Jackie. Cindy would be Rose, Felice would be Sophia (picture this, Beverly Hills 1992), Jackie is Blanche and I guess that makes Samantha Dorothy.
  4. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    My husband was thrilled I am no longer watching shows with characters set in high school (looking at you Pretty Little Liars). I don't know anything about show runners so I'm going to have to do some research. A few years ago I binge watched a few episodes of "Girls" and the entire time was scratching my head why these girls acted so dumb. It made me wonder if I was this stupid in my 20s. Season One, I really liked this show, especially with the interracial dating. Now, it feels so clichéd. I just want more Alex, Ben and Oliver (maybe they can meet in the closet). I didn't notice it, but I see that all the disposable lovers are POC... now I feel sad.
  5. Was HIPPA enacted then? Maybe it's just a trope, but it seems that doctors were always spilling the beans about their patients. Even later on, you have jokes where the "clinic" leaves the info on the answering machine. On second thought, I do remember in 1998 a doctor leaving a message to me on our answering machine about an allergic reaction I had to antibiotics. Thankfully it wasn't the typical "we have your std results" call we see on tv.
  6. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    If she wants to reveal her feelings she can, but it's not like once the engagement ring is on Jessica's finger then that's it- time's up. It was so cheesy... the spinning camera, etc. And Sutton HAS someone to share it with- her friends. She can't even have a BM without them knowing. I was so irritated by her placing her notebook near the tub. Who does that? I only bring magazines that I don't care about in the tub, not an iPad or my WORK notebook. Most clinics I've been to will clearly let you know that you have a big ole payment due at the start, especially if it's not covered by insurance. The stealing the desserts was so dumb. It reminded me of some other show where they steal the lamp or something. Anyone else want to see Kat and Jane fall on their ass? I really wanted Jacqueline to tell her that her article wasn't correct- it was biting the hand that feeds, very one-sided, and wasn't something that all readers could relate to. This isn't a personal blog it's a magazine. If my husband had reached out to my ex-boyfriend at all, I'd have lost my stuff. Perhaps the reason Adena isn't "creative" is because she's got visa worries looming over her. And she has a lover who is a total baby. And Ben... it is so unfair. The "test" at the end of who'd you tell isn't fair to the boyfriend who isn't being used emotionally. It's not like Ben has ever been anything but supportive to Jane.
  7. I'm bored at work, so I'll take a stab at this. The characters "best match" based on folks they actually dated. Brandon: Susan Brenda: Rique Kelly: John Sears before he tried to hook up with Rayanne Graph Donna: Joe (damn bird) Ohndrea: floppy haired TA before he turned racist/unromantic Steve: Celeste David: Val (first time, before Ginger/Indecent Proposal)
  8. I forgot how cute Tori could look. I wish she'd go back to this color. The bleached blonde does no favors for her now. I'm ashamed to admit- I totally did that little clip thing on my side bangs too! And I really wanted to make my hair "piece-y" but it has so much freaking volume that it can never do that. I loved Laura Leighton but how OLD is she pretending to be here?
  9. Don't these actors do "table reads" with the script? Wouldn't TAT have remembered her own backstory? I guess she was counting down the days too. I always loved how entitled these brats were... "just start a newspaper/fashion business/pr company". Sad to see the end of the Clinic Clinic. Do we still get "stories of the week" that annoy Kelly via the paper or is that just through (spoiler) through DoorMatt?
  10. S02.E09 Trippin

    Ugh... this show! I just want to see Jacqueline, Sutton, Alex, and Oliver with a sprinkling of cutie pie Ben. How the hell are these girls able to take so much time off with no notice? I get that Sutton may be here/there for Oliver errands but this is crazy. I REALLY disliked drunk Jane. I kept secretly hoping they'd get pulled over and arrested for smoking (hoping one of the states they passed through wasn't marijuana friendly). What! Jane's mother passed away? insert full body eyeroll. Ok, we get it... The show isn't even in season three and the main characters are turning into caricatures of themselves. Kat isn't sexually immature, she's just immature. Sheesh... can't your gf work on something without it being a deal?
  11. Maybe they just hung out with the other parents at the Bel Age, complaining about whose kid is the worst.
  12. But in Kelly's case, she LOVED them, so it's different. Remember: Kelly only has sex with people she loves (minus her slutty years). Insert full body eye roll.
  13. S01.E13: Slumber Party

    I think it was a nice little nugget that Kelly had always pined for Dylan. She doesn't seem to push it much later on, as she's dating everyone off screen and then has her eyes on Brandon. As for Brenda, I think the karma was a bit harsh... she dated Dylan for two years and lost her virginity to him. That was a way bigger relationship than an 8th grade boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Remember how upset everyone was at Imily Valentine when she accepted the date with Dylan? Kelly basically tells her that Dylan is "Brenda's" and that they've been together for a year. I do think that there is this interesting parallel between Kelly/Brenda and Dylan/Brandon. Both seem to have these rivals/best friends that touch on nerves and make one person feel inadequate.
  14. I don't think The Gang ever acknowledges what a bitch Kelly is. She puts the whole suicide info on blast. She rats out Dylan/Valerie (because she's jealous). She continually slut shames Val throughout the run of the show. When she thought Val had an abortion, she meddles so much. She tries to hook up with Buffalo Tom. And the worst was when Val was legitimately raped by Noah, Kelly leads the charge against her and barely "apologizes". What I didn't understand from Val was why she screwed Donna over so much with hooking up with Ray.
  15. I know there is no continuity in the writing staff, but oddly enough I think Brandon first used this line on Kelly when she tried to seduce him during the Spring Fling dance (when Brenda lost her v-card to mad/bad/dangerous). Now, this all contradicts an episode a few episodes ago where they were having all the sex in elevators, right?