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  1. Or maybe Rush got in the mix too? My FIL is a geneticist, I need to ask him if this is even possible to have two sisters look completely different if they have the same father and mothers who are sisters.
  2. In Gossip Girl, I think they were obvious about the connections the kids got based on their parents/parents' wealth. It's like we are supposed to forget that no one has any business training at all and yet they all "run" businesses. I WISH I could have seen the reaction of any loan officer's face to these stupid kids.
  3. Ugh! I know there is no reality but I just cannot understand Kelly...she is bored so she HIRES someone vs. maybe trying to be a publicist herself (spoiler). Why would she manage the business side as she has zero business skills. It would make more sense to have had Val. How did they pay for this store? Whose parents coughed up the money? I know we're supposed to think these girls are working but it is so entitled that Donna and Kelly run a store when neither has retail experience. Literally, Kelly would be folding tshirts at the Gap given her track record (psychology dress in the late 90's, drug addict, no work experience except modeling).
  4. Small Talk: Meet Me at the Bar

    The only thing I was nearly as disappointed in was the ending of Lost. I was trying to explain to my 13 year old that way back then, we actually watched a show on dvr (another side conversation) and didn't binge and if the show made you wait a year that was it, and there was lots of talk about it. The podcast is actually called Again With This, and it's listed on the forums under podcast. They rewatch every episode, make fun of it, and then have a fun little challenge at the end. It's hilarious. Even when the show itself is dying (like in the final seasons), the podcast is great. But I only listen by myself.
  5. Small Talk: Meet Me at the Bar

    I still feel like I need to apologize... even though it's not like everything that my husband watches is "Masterpiece Theatre" (that's a running joke from my dad). My "me time" only shows include(d) Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Carrie Diaries, The Bold Type, and Younger. I was watching 13 Reasons Why but quit after episode 4. My husband joked that at least with The Bold Type and Younger, the characters weren't in high school anymore. I don't even let anyone know I listen to the Beverly Hills 90210 podcast. The only "teen" show I feel ok with saying I watched was Veronica Mars. Typing this makes me realize I need to get over it.
  6. S05.E12: Lizability

    This is one of the few shows I watch as just "me time" since I live in a house full of men/boys. I agree on the Liza/Charles vibe. I think that in the end, they are in similar life stages, have kids, understand the same pop references... all the kinds of things that makes a better relationship. Josh is sexy but the conflict of him wanting a baby is just the tip of the iceberg. I do wonder how the Liza/Charles relationship will change when she gets to more "take charge" at work vs just an ingénue. Can she just state her age now? If I were Diana I'd be going someplace else... this is total bullshit.
  7. or "Maria" since she's from the continent of South America, right? Or I guess she could be another "Carla", as I think that was the name of the Latina girl Brandon fell for who was in the witness protection program.
  8. Do you think that Felice was originally named something else, like maybe Francesca (Frankie and Bobbi) and then she changed her name? I thought she didn't get knocked up with Donna but rather miscarried after they got married. My fan fiction is that she was an ambitious gal in college and met/fell in love with this struggling med student or maybe he was just an undergrad and she helped him through school? Remember when Felice was having an affair? Wonder why she didn't bring up Dr. Martin's infidelity during that time? (since I'm assuming this was all carefully mapped out in the 90210 playbook).
  9. Isn’t this similar to what Jim did for Dylan, where he had to approve every single withdrawal? So did Felipe approve this because of her secret shame of Dr. Martin’s key party antics with Bobbi? Are these girls the same age? Genetically how can they look so different if they have the same father and mothers who are sisters? I just can’t.
  10. All Episodes Talk

    I’m an Indian woman, married to a non Indian man, work full time and have kids. I really wanted to love this show, esp with Poehler as executive producer. I think I’m at the end of my rope. My parents aren’t perfect but sheesh the mom is just cruel. I have never seen an Indian parent so wanting their child to fail. Most of the time we hear how we aren’t good enough compared to someone. But I just watched the episode where Emet is juggling work and dance practice. The grandma is so mean, man! Also I grew up watching Mahur Jaffrey teaching my mom and I how to make different Indian dishes. It’s like watching Rachael Ray be mean in 30 years. This show needs to change, ASAP. What happened to her friend? I liked her.
  11. S03.E25: Senior Poll

    He's the same! Apollo. I think it said it was his junior year but I'm not sure.
  12. I know this is lazy writing/prop department. However nowadays there a bunch of kids with full legal names that are typically "nicknames" like Jack, Drew, Nate, Andy, Johnny and Tommy. I think there even is a girl in my son's class named Charlie.
  13. I guess there is a time warp in the BevNine universe- criminal trials take days after the incident, so why can't you finish your undergrad, go to law school, pass the bar, work at a large firm, get burnt out and start your own practice in just 3 years. Was Donna topless in just a G string? I must be friends with a bunch of nerds because we have NEVER done something like this. The last thing I want is to see my friends (or step siblings) or former boyfriends without clothes.
  14. I am in love with the top 5 lifetime movies starring the BevNiners. I know we've talked about them in the past- but I just love them. This could have easily been a top 10. I'd add for honorable mention "Lies of the Heart- the Laurie Kellog story" (Garth and Trapper John MD), Death of a Cheerleader (Spelling and Becca from Life Goes on), and She Fought Alone (TAT and BAG). So, this marriage with Matt and Lauren- was it so she could get health benefits? How was she ok with him dating Kelly? I'm so confused...
  15. Because I don't feel like working, I looked up the birth years of Garth's kids: 1997, 2002, 2006. Seems like puffiness isn't pregnancy related. I think she was preggo and recovering during her "amnesia/just got shot" story line. I also had that polo shirt thing that Gina is wearing in the hospital- expess... I thought I was so stylish back then.