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  1. Past Contestants Photo Gallery

    C22 Mame in Lexus LF-1 commercial
  2. Past Contestants Photo Gallery

    C10 Fatima is back with New York Model Mgt under Direct
  3. S24: Contestants

    Liz for Office mag (NYC), Issue #8, S/S '18, Greater Land ed, photo by Fumi Nagasaka
  4. C6 Danielle for Pyer Moss F/W '18 NYFW
  5. Past Contestants Photo Gallery

    C9 Lisa at The Blonds F/W '18 NYFW C19 Leila at Calvin Klein F/W '18 NYFW (Exclusive) Leila's Next NY showcard for F/W '18 NYFW Leila for Calvin Klein 205W39NYC S/S '18 C21 Chantelle for Marc Jacobs F/W '18 NYFW I haven't posted them but C10 Stacy Ann, C22 Mame, C21 Ivy, C23 Justine, C20 Nina, C14 Gabrielle and C16 Monique also walked.
  6. S24: Contestants

    Coura at Laquan Smith F/W '18 NYFW
  7. S24: General Gabbery

    Sneak peak for epi 7 - Combatting Bullying
  8. The Blacklist in the Media

    The Blacklist first look: John Noble to appear as 'peculiar' Blacklister Martha Plimpton also will guest star in the same epi:
  9. S24.E06: Beauty Is Pride

    Photos from this epi
  10. S24: Contestants

    ^Jeana had two looks in that show. The other look wasn't a good look. She also was in the Stevie Boi "Pink" show. Interview with Liberty
  11. S24: Contestants

    Coura at Romeo Hunte F/W '18 NYFW Coura at Negris LeBrum Presentation F/W '18 NYFW Liz at Kim Shui F/W '18 NYFW Sandra and Liz at Adriana Sahar F/W '18 NYFW
  12. S24: Contestants

    Yeah, I know how Tyra felt about Adrianne posing nude and she's made comments before regarding that when girls were auditioning. But it makes no sense to cast Jeana at all in this day and age when a basic search would have made all of that info available. She's getting a lot of hate for the nude stuff on her IG and the ANTM FB page from a few trolls. I'd be more surprised by her winning based on NEXT being the agency prize (though they'd probably sign her in L.A. and place her under Direct) or Pantene being the prize. Although there's been nothing said about doing an ad for them and just the prize money, it would still seem a little odd but maybe not. Who knows?
  13. I seem to recall some article or something mentioning that Ashley's fashion inspiration are the Kardashians so take that however you will...
  14. S24: Contestants

    Coura at Datari Austin presentation at New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion F/W '18 NYFW
  15. S24: Contestants

    Khrystyana for Adidas Originals by Danielle Cathari F/W '18 NYFW for Colt magazine.com, photos/videos by Rachel Brennecke