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  1. S24: Contestants

    Khrys is now signed with the Curve division of Milk Model Management in the U.K.
  2. The Blacklist boss on that show-changing finale shocker From EW's Spoiler Room (a possible hint for S6):
  3. The Blacklist in the Media

    But remember, it's being pushed back to midseason.
  4. S05.E22: Sutton Ross (No. 17)

    As for the DNA test, anyone that's ever watched any soap opera (day or night) knows what happens to DNA tests almost all the time...
  5. S05.E22: Sutton Ross (No. 17)

    Echoing everyone else that the reveal was no big surprise. It could have only been the read Red or Katrina...ho hum. Even JB in an article yesterday said that most of the regular viewers had pretty much already put the mystery together and the finale was just going to conform it. So now we get a shortened season six of Lizzie and her half-sis scheming to take down FakeRed. How is this interesting? Lizzie doing some thing somewhat smart is always surprising so good bluff getting captured by Ross because I was sure based on the preview that she made a typical Lizzie-boneheaded move and got captured. However, why go to all this length to try and fool FakeRed? And yes, why would anyone care that FakeRed isn't the real Red? I really don't care about Liz and her vendetta but it would be nice if TPTB answered those questions. Glad Samar woke up and yes her hair looked great but all the people surrounding the room made is seem like there had been some Holy Resurrection which was sort of silly. I hope the two get married during the off season so we don't have to spend part of S6 watching Aram making googly eyes and talking about wedding plans... Dembe did seem to be a little over it when Red killed the driver, so that could be interesting to play in S6. Brian Dennehy is always good to see but what are he and FakeRed to one another? Will Lizzie track him down and get him to help take Red down? It would be interesting if S6 is everyone teaming up to take Red down. Red shooting Ross and then nonchalantly walking off with the duffel while the FBI looked on stunned was standard stuff but still annoying. How far does Red have to go before someone reacts and just shoots or arrests him? We shall not talk of the random John Waters cameo...
  6. The Blacklist in the Media

    Blacklist EP: Finale's Duffel Bag Reveal Is 'Biggest Answer We've Given to Date' I'll have to see it to believe it otherwise I'll treat this as someone having a bridge to sell... And of course TPTB have no clue what season six will be like which isn't surprising.
  7. S05.E21: Lawrence Dan Devlin (No. 26)

    Speaking of Aram playing his music, unless they were in a private ward somewhere that was awfully loud... And yes, I had the same thought about the ring but we're talking Aram and he does keep getting dumber the longer this show goes on. Also, I guess I'm asking a lot but I guess no one x-rays evidence for any potential hidden items because maybe they'd have found the pill? But hey, as has been said, everyone on this task force has killed someone and not really suffered the consequences for it so why not Aram? As for the bones, I'm waiting for a damn good justification as to why an entire season has been devoted to this nonsense but I don't trust TPTB to actually come up with a legit payoff. Based on the previews though, it looks like our Lizzie continues her string of boneheaded moves so there's something to look forward to...
  8. S24: Contestants

    Coura for and on cover of 7Hues mag, May '18, Noir issue, Ancient Future ed, photos by UK Maracaibo, pp 13-18
  9. From EW's The Spoiler Room:
  10. S05.E20: Nicholas T. Moore (no. 110)

    Agree that this was a waste of an epi (and that's saying something for this show). Garvey being dead doesn't surprise me but Liz's what the heck attitude I did find annoying but I generally find her that way. She's now determined to get the bag so we'll see how well that goes. The bags might be in Costa Rica? Okay, good luck with that. Reddington and his daughter's heart-to-heart was meh but hey, at least he promised to leave her alone afterwards. And yes, some plan he made for keeping those two safe. That worked out so well. Samar getting taken out by the kidnapper was annoying as well. The woman was former Mossad. You'd think she could handle one guy. Aram and all his hand wringing about Samar was over the top and yes, he couldn't have found that van on camera's by hacking into different systems? He's done it before and then running off to possibly get shot by a bunch nutjobs while everyone else just looked on and let him go? But it's not the first time the supposed good guys have stood around and not done something. I do hope that Samar survives but if not, at least Aram can stop with his puppie dog moping. And dear whatever ultimate power, do not let those two get married. Gah! I guess Reddington can waste some time helping get Samar while his lackey tries to see where the bag might have gone in Costa Rica...
  11. S24: Contestants

    Jeana interview with i-D.vice.com america’s next top model star opens up about living with alopecia
  12. Media: Fighting Back

    The Good Fight Renewed for Season 3
  13. S05.E19: Ian Garvey (13): Conclusion

    It would be more interesting, that's for sure.
  14. S05.E19: Ian Garvey (13): Conclusion

    Ah, well that makes sense. Of course Lizzie didn't search him so he pocketed the gun he took at the bar. Standard boneheaded Lizzie move as well as interrupting Garvey when he seemed to be ready to tell Lilly what the heck all this was about. This show has done nothing but retcon throughout. Although heck, they aren't the only show to do that.
  15. S24: Contestants

    Liz for Atlasmagazine.com, Vital Signs ed, photos by Noah Feldman