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  1. Watch Tyra Banks strut back onto the ANTM runway
  2. When this show wraps up, I want the mysteries to have been exposed and explained. I think the trap that this show and other fall into and thereby subsequently lose viewers, is that they take too long to "solve" their mysteries. Not everyone has the patience to wait and watch several seasons of a show for a payoff. My Mom is bad in that way, heh. If she thinks something is being drawn out too long, she'll drop a show. You expect this nonsense on a soap opera but on a prime time show when there are other shows vying for your attention, you better make it good. Frankly, Bokenkamp has annoyed me. I think he's down the same rabbit that most shows go to with these over arching plots (they forget or drop things they introduced earlier, they write themselves into corners they can't get out of logically, they retcon, etc.). Like I said earlier, Tom being dead is fine with me. He made a dumb mistake that cost him and Liz still is her usual clueless self. Okay, what is Red doing about Garvey and what is going on with the task force since they would not have been Red's priority with Liz in her coma? What's Liz going to do when she's up and about besides sulk? She's probably going to want revenge but nobody knows who those folks are except for Red and he ain't talking so good luck with that. And seriously, where are Agnes and the dogs, lol?
  3. Apparently Ryan was also considered eye candy going by the comments I've read on other sites and those women are pretty much mad he's going and will not be watching any longer. Who knew?
  4. Yes, everyone's comments pretty much sum up my feelings as well. Off the top of my head: Is it wrong that I was more involved in singing along with CSN than I was by Tom and Lizzie potentially meeting their maker? Not shocked that Liz was taken out immediately upon entering the apartment. Lizzie did look good after 10 months in a coma and even on TV shows they show people waking up with a tube down their throat and coughing or trying to pull it out but not Lizzie! Is Agnes with the dogs? If Tom isn't dead (and I have no problem if he is) is Harold in on it? Is Red? Is Liz really going to think that Tom died because he was trying to find out who killed Nik? And yes, nobody wants to see Liz sulk her way through the rest of the season. Number one though: Tom deserves to be dead because how dumb is it to go to your home when you should damn well know that the guy who kidnapped and beat you up knows where you live. That should have been a given. And yes, why not just tell Liz over the phone? Oh no, he needed her to see the bones because him just telling her or showing her the DNA results (and yes, the big letters on the envelope, really?) wouldn't have been convincing enough for our poor dumb Lizzie. That was pretty much his one and only job to tell Lizzie what all this was about but noooo! Because no way is Red going to tell no matter what Dembe said to him. Always nice to see Lance Henriksen. I'm more intrigued by what Red has been doing these 10 months about the bones and the results and the resulting fall-out. He can't have been sitting by Liz's bed reading the bible the whole time. What's the task force been doing?
  5. The Blacklist enlists Nathan Lane for landmark 100th episode
  6. Okay, that was mostly filler even if I do like seeing more Dembe. Heh, she had to have figured it out by the time sonny admitted he wanted to kill her himself. Tom and Liz being all lovey-dovey had me rolling my eyes and telling them to shut-up and answer the phone. Just gag, already. Tom is still continuing down his path of stupidity. Again, when Red warned him off it should have put up a big red sign in front of him but apparently not. So he and the rest get snatched and Tom is left alive and beaten and now trying to make a deal with Mr. Eyeglasses. Once again, Red is going to have to save his sorry ass for little Lizzie. Please show, hurry up and wrap this story-line up because I doubt we're going to even get a good payoff after all of this (unless Tom dies, I'd be good with that).
  7. All I could think is that once the wife found out what hubby did, why didn't she just shoot him then? No, instead she comes up with this elaborate plan to track down everyone involved with the business of killing people and has her husband take them out because he has no clue who he happens to be killing with his condition. No sense whatsoever. Cooper killing people arbitrarily and identifying himself as FBI is supposed to have no repercussions? Really? Tom and Lizzie getting married...whatever. At least there wasn't a kidnapping or gunfire involved. Tom's quest...whatever. After speaking with Red it doesn't dawn on him that someone higher up the food chain than Pete is behind Nik's murder and Pete's girlfriend being warned off? No, he's going to figure out the mystery of the bones by God because Lizzie must be saved from Red. Just kill Tom now though I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.
  8. Oh see, there you go looking for logic. You sound like Mom. She's always complaining about how TV insults our intelligence. Ha! I wouldn't be mad if Tom got whacked but some fans have expressed they'd be up in arms if he gets killed out...go figure. And hey, he bounces thoughts off of Agnes (she still exists!). Of course, trusting a flaky third party and having it come back to bite him (and more permanently, Nik) wasn't the most stupid thing he could've done because NOBODY saw that coming at all. Now Red knows. I'm hoping Aram getting trained (and yes, the driving thing would be necessary) won't be as silly as Erik on NCIS:LA or NCIS;NOLA's Sebastian becoming field agents. I also thought Liz being that broken up over Nik was a little over the top but hey, we got see the actress "emote" so there was that.
  9. Showtime Scores Peter Moffat’s ‘Your Honor,’ Robert and Michelle King to Produce
  10. Yes, my Mom asked about Agnes and I said that she's with the dogs... Oof, talk about bad parents. This. I was more upset about the horse than the blacklister killing herself to save her son (not to mention burning a man alive in the barn and the hotel worker, etc.). Mommie I could care less about. Of course Liz wasn't going to pay that much attention to Cooper because she's Liz and all. So long Dr. Nik but why do people go into rooms when the door is open and you know it shouldn't be open? I know movies/tv do it all the time but it still makes me roll my eyes because nothing good is ever going to come out of being that nosy. I'd have told Tom to take his butt over there if he was that anxious. I did like that Red is rebuilding his empire. Instead of robbing houses while people are away, let's harbor fugitives instead! Good times.
  11. Well come on now, people. If you're looking for logic from any of the show characters (or the show runners) this is the wrong show. Yes, the tree stumps also baffled me but like most of this show, what's the point in looking for the logic? When Red said that if anyone would put a bullet in Tom's head it would be him, I yelled, "Yes!" Speaking of Tom, so you agree to enlist the help of some possibly loose cannon in figuring out the identify of the bones and then act all mysterious on the phone why you see Red looking at you? Way to hurry up the inevitable beat down that's coming your way, idiot! The only thing interesting in this epi was Red's offer to Ressler. As big of a pickle as his dumb ass is in now with the cleaner, what would taking Red up on his offer entail? I liked that too.
  12. A fair-to-middling episode. As implausible as it seemed for Blaise's staff to just take Red at his word it was funny and Red got what he wanted. Also, how great of an art thief could Blaise have possibly been if he couldn't tell wet paint. Also, how long was it going to take for the authorities to figure it out as well? I kept thinking they'd come driving up as Red was doing his thing at Blaise's (them or Blaise himself which would have been interesting to see...). Now Tom is off after some other McGuffin re: the suitcase (Oleander?) and what the heck was that dinner party about? Tom is going to "clever" himself into a royal beat down which I won't feel at all bad about. If those bones aren't Lizzie's mom I will be highly annoyed. I still don't think Red is Lizzie's dad so her talking herself into any of her bad behavior because she believes he is, is just Lizzie being her usual dumb self. Yes, Lizzie and Tom did at least acknowledge Agnes but where the heck are she and the dog(s)? And as amusing as it always is to see Cooper lose it when dealing with Red, his questioning the legality of the FBI assisting Red with his criminal enterprises is silly considering that's pretty much been the formula (whether Cooper admits it or not) since day one...