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  1. S27.E10: Week 8: Semi-Finals

    Dear me what a mess of a season, the beginning of the end. I voted for Milo, I think he’s a worthy winner and has been the best since week one. It wouldn’t bother me if Evanna won though unless Keo flubs the freestyle.
  2. John got underscored IMO. Absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was deliberate as well. The producers have seen the votes and know that he’s probably the best chance they have of getting rid of a male next before Alexis and Evanna. I’m not a fan of this female cull, but I’d have no problem whatsoever if Alexis was next to go. Sick of her and that fake showmance.
  3. General Gabbery: DWTS

    You have to take competition into account as well. DWTS has to go up against The Voice (which ironically is a hundred times bigger here than it is in the UK), The Big Bang Theory and Monday Night Football. I don’t think there viewership would increase from a day change but they may not continue to drop at the rate they are now which is pushing the show dangerously towards cancellation levels. Really though I think it does come down to the cast. It’s a really poor list this season and that is the responsibility who ABC who have slashed the budget of the show. It’s no coincidence that the show has fallen off a cliff since ABC revived American Idol. I’d like to see the show leave ABC and move to a new network with more money to throw at it and see how it does. Also recent breaking news is that the DWTS studio is being sold by CBS to a group who will more than likely demolish it for houses/retail. Another nail in the coffin I suspect.
  4. General Gabbery: DWTS

    ABC are obviously doing something wrong. It’s a soft excuse saying it’s heyday is over, the show has been on just as long in the UK and incredibly is getting bigger by the year. They treat it properly though, it gets a two and half hour slot on Saturday night with no adverts and is a long season with 16 celebs so they can get a range of different celebs, something for everyone so to speak. They also have a results show the next day with a dance off which ensures a sense of fairness when it comes to eliminations. ABC let pros like Derek leave for a rival network and have made awful decisions over the last 18 months which has absolutely killed the show. It was pulling high 1s in the demographic and at least 10 million viewers 18 months ago which is a staggering drop and ABC have to take responsibility for that. I think if ABC moved the show to summer and had an extended season rather than the 9 weeks it gets now then it could work out. Try and copy the formula which has worked in the UK.
  5. General Gabbery: DWTS

    One thing I’d change right now is the voting rules. Instead of a 50-50 split I’d change it to 75-25 in favour of the judges until the semi finals when I’d revert it back to 50-50. I think that would make a positive impact. In terms of ratings it really doesn’t look good. The show has lost up to 3 million viewers from last season and has plummeted in its key demographic. It’s very worrying for the shows long term future and I suspect a direct result of that absolute garbage that was the four week spring season and the huge cuts made financially to the show by ABC in order to fund American Idol. It’s out of its depth compared to NBC who are chucking big money at the likes of John Legend to do the Voice on the same night. No wonder the cast isn’t recognisable as they are probably being paid chump change to do the show. Once you lose your viewers it’s very hard to get them back. The show is renewed for one more season right? I think one of two things will happen, either it will move days away from the Voice, maybe to Friday or Sunday night where the sort of ratings DWTS are currently getting would be considered acceptable. Or ABC will move it to the summer and have only one cycle a year. Either way I’d say there is a massive chance that the show will not see the next decade at present. I can see ABC ending it on a milestone like season 30. If it does get cancelled by ABC, I do think at some point we’ll see it again. The show is cheap to produce, is owned by BBC so won’t need to be completely revamped plus it’s absolutely killing the ratings around the world in places like the UK which gives executives the belief that they can revive it with a good budget to throw at attracting star power celebs. Give it a year or two and I reckon another network will pick it up. Maybe even a cable network.
  6. S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    Fair point. It’s hard to be sympathetic for Joe when a blind contestant was getting better scores and looking moderately respectable compared to that hot mess last night.
  7. S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    I’m sure Tinashe would have gone way further with Val. Not only would see have cultivated more votes from his fans, it would have given the general audience a reason to sit up and take notice of her because of her pro. He also would have probably brought out more personality from her. No offence to Brandon but it’s his first season as a pro so he has no fanbase plus he’s not the sort to pro to crack a whip and bring out a different side of his celeb like Val can. In terms of other pros bar Val for Tinashe, Keo you’d imagine would be a shock elim, Gleb definitely a shock elim, Alan probably a shock elim, Sasha would have done a solid but unspectacular job like he does with pretty much all his stars. Artem would have cultivated interest from the audience as it would have been his first time with a proper ringer, but to get her to the final he’ll have had to bring out her personality.
  8. S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    A fair response. I personally don’t believe it comes into voting but I can understand if you do. It didn’t stop Amber Riley winning though. And I can’t remember the last time a black female was a shocking boot on the show? I could maybe give you Simone Biles getting booted in the semis over David Ross but really that was down to Cubs fans and not her race. Normani can’t be used as an example because she was a finalist.
  9. S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    Oh no doubt the female pros are well ahead of the male pros at present. DWTS only gave themselves to blame for that by continuing to stick with complete deadwood such as Gleb for example. And yes Derek can definitely get a partner through on fanbase. I never believed that Mark could get a partner through on fanbase as he had many shocking elims. But he was fantastic at showing off his celebs with his creativity which was why he always did so well to his credit. I personally never rated Louis that highly, Tony did a good job with the rubbish hands he normally got dealt with and fair play to him the moment he got a proper chance, he won. I’m hoping that the same will happen to Artem if DWTS wakes up and gives him a capable dancer. But you can not deny the vast majority of DWTS viewers are middle or older aged females who are far more inclined to vote for a good looking male. Your average 60 year old housewife is hardly going to be to pains to pick up the phone and vote for someone like Tinashe or Alexis.
  10. S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    One thing I forgot to say, let’s not bring race into the debate over Tinashe’s elimination. It has absolutely nothing to do with it. Her fans aren’t the type of fans to vote on a show like this while fans of Bobby’s and Joe’s are. Simple as that really.
  11. S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    I was genuinely surprised when Tinashe’s name was called and I haven’t been surprised at a DWTS elimination in ages. I knew she wouldn’t have the votes to win or possibly even make the final but to go out in week four is really bad! It won’t be the last “shocking elimination” either because the girls simply don’t get the votes anymore on this show compared to the men especially when the throw in the huge fanbases of Joe and Bobby. It’s only a matter of time before Alexis follows her out the door for the same reason. I think we’re set to see an all male finale this season. Milo is my favourite of the contestants followed by DeMarcus and I think both are locks. I’d have no problem with either of them winning. I imagine Juan Pablo will join them and the fourth will be one of Joe or Bobby depending on who has the more rabid fanbase. Maybe Evanna could knock one of them out? But she needs to start getting big scores and a big push from the judges very soon or she’ll be in trouble as well!
  12. I never thought in a million years I could dislike a partner of Sharna’s more than I did Bonner Bolton. Step forward Bobby Bones! Can DWTS make a mental note never to cast anymore males with the initials B.B?
  13. General Gabbery: DWTS

    The first all black couple was technically Emmett and Cheryl in season 3 was it not? And they won.
  14. I don’t think Val is in anyway invested in this season, he seems far more invested in Jrs where he is a judge and probably earning a good wage. It’s no doubt very important to him financially that Jrs is a success. He knows he has no chance of winning this season so like his brother when he couldn’t be bothered, is just going through the motions. The show probably want him around as long as possible though, hence having them up as the bottom two in jeopardy.
  15. Yeah I think he hates it as well. But the big five figure fee you get every week you stay on means he’ll stick with it. And he’ll be around until at least the quarter finals.