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  1. I have to watch that, I work 10 minutes from there. ; )\ UPDATE That was so cool. Not only did I know most of the places, the second one was my coworkers condo. ; ) I knew when he said 1-2 bedrooms in the beginning, it was probably the last one. No one ever says one bedroom, so I figured he had that one already. The"view" was 8 out of 10 on list and beach was 10. His view wasn't good at all which is why he probably had it lower. Nice guy it seemed, I hope he takes that trip and has fun.
  2. I never did either, my parents swore on occasion but not like that and my mom said "cultured" women and men never did in pubic. I used the F word once as a teen in front of my dad and he said, look in the mirror when you say that, not very attractive and your better than that. I admit, I still drop it on occasion but for effect. I think Midge swears way too much and it takes away from humor. That said, I always liked the cleaner comics, you can be observant comic and not be off color too much. Seinfeld did it, Cosby, David Brenner, Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan, the late John pinnette, the list is long. I remember seeing Eddie Murphy years ago, he was funny but then got very raunchy making fun of women and sex acts and you can tell the room laughed less, he even commented on making some women uncomfortable. He seems to have faded but some classic "shock" comedians were funny and being first to do something made them popular but Midge, like at the wedding, is just bad. I hope she does more of a mix in the future. She's funny but not when she's manic.
  3. S02.E03: The Punishment Room

    Well, Midge's dad did say "What are you going to do with your degree?" He knew it was fluff for jobs but I felt he would have preferred for her to get something else. I remember my Mom telling me in her day, if you were rich enough to go to school as a woman, you went to college for an "MRS" degree. I was confused. She said, rich women would take courses they liked, including how to throw dinner parties and although expensive, the main goal was to find a man of your station to marry. It helped them be more well rounded but mainly put them with other men who could afford to take care of them and their children. Always sounded so cold to me but to each his or her own.
  4. Probably, but being TV, who knows. This show doesn't research very much. I read much like what is below anywhere I looked to help protect spouses. Can I Get a Home Equity Loan Without a Spouse's Signature? ... While you can get a home equity loan without your spouse as a co-borrower, you can't get it without his consent. Even if his name isn't on the deed, if the property used as collateral is your marital residence, the spouse must agree to the loan. When I got a second mortgage/home equity loan, my husband was doing double shifts and had trouble getting in bankers hours and I asked if he could just sign. The woman slyly said "no" they would never do that, legally they need to know the spouse agreed. We had ID also. But again, this is TV and who knows how it was done. Maybe his wife was never on original deed.
  5. You have to know if the baby is born, NO baby on TV that belongs to someone else, and they are hiding it, doesn't have a disease/condition that requires a blood transfusion or blood marrow that a close relative can give. No one but Eddie will have it. : p I like the Jon flashbacks and making him look all disheveled and worn will help us see his anguish but he didn't look like that when he jumped. Maybe it was just resigned. I do feel doing something that dramatic was all for the TV, a loving father wouldn't want his kids to deal with the publicity from such a violent act and although they seem okay (for TV kids) I wonder why they aren't more curious.He planned every single thing, the letter, the will, the life insurance, the video, waits 2 years, leaves instructions for Ashley and he jumps to his death on a sidewalk? That was for the viewers, he probably would have done something else in real life. Delilah seems no more sympathetic to me in the previews, just angry and worried, and I don't think, for me, that will change. I hated what Nash said about Maggies cancer, but I suppose it's realistic. It sounds like someone doesn't make it. Nash said, the actor, Allison [Miller], who plays Maggie — I told her this yesterday. I said, “When I wake up at 5 am and have to watch a cut… there’s always a point where I just well up with tears at how you’re playing the humanity of Maggie.” It’s truly beautiful. I have lost many family members and a few friends to cancer, and the journey that Gary and Maggie go on ends in heartbreak. He said she gets gaunt but being thin anyway, she probably had to lose just a few more pounds. Having a mom and sister who had breast cancer, I like to see someone make it or have a long remission. We will see how long she goes.
  6. S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    I also meant to add working in a medical environment, HIPPA should have had that doctor be quiet about the pregnancy. They really don't research medical things well.
  7. I agree with them all, and I think Gary helps Maggie finish the race. I think Ashley likes Jon but he'd never use her that way. They had him look like crap when he showed her his apartment but why would he need one anyway and why was his mail going there? He could have had a post office box instead. Why does Ashley keep opening his mail box and acting surprised there are more unpaid bills? Not the brightest bulbs in the shed in this show. lol
  8. S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    I can't add to much to the Gary/Maggie line, but how did the actor even say it? Did he hesitate? Why didn't Maggie, say "What??" So badly written, did the writer feel this way himself? Just when you think you've heard it all. Maybe the vomit was a reaction to it. I hope he doesn't really fall in love with her, they'd be mistress's all over. I actually feel, although it might be out there, that Maggie stumbles near the finish line and buff Gary helps her finish, because she's a winner. ; ) I hate This is Us trying to fake people out, I hope this show doesn't do that, if Jon actually did have an affair, it's beyond cliche and bad writing. Do they think the fans are dumb enough to like that or not get the setup? I guess I just want real cliffhangers, not pretend. I can't see Delilah pregnant in the future and I can see her miscarry and Eddie not coming home and that gives her an excuse to not continue relationship and go on to gas station guys. lol We will see
  9. S01.E09: Perspective

    I kept thinking Maggie would let on about chemo by fainting or running to bathroom, until Gary said his car was new. Then it was a waiting moment for the vomit. I'm hoping her character gets more growth next season.
  10. S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    I've said this so many times, it drives me crazy. He married an idiot. Must we only see a weekly character for lawyer? I agree, dumb. I think the fake out for Maggie will be Ashley or someone else but "gone" is ambiguous too. I think it might mean Ashley left town. Maggie probably does collapse but since she does things like that and there is no followup, not a big deal. lol Running with chemo is done but it surely isn't easy. I feel Jon kissed Ashley too quick and passionately for it to be fluke, but I suppose he can show her the apartment and not sleep with her. Seems like silly story now, his mail goes there so a legal address, it's confusing but hey, so is a lot of it. Did Deliah not know her house was being taken because all the mail went to the apartment? Still not flowing well, you don't get to that point and not know and Ashley says, don't wreck their Xmas? (Hair pulling moment) Maybe I was too tired, but the Xmas stuff seemed to fall flat for me, you knew Deliah couldn't fall without spotting, you knew the oranments or decorations would be about Jon, I wonder how his daughter will feel when she knows her mom slept with her dad's best friend. No more guitar lessons?
  11. I think they forgot, that would or should have been her comeback, and it would have been dead on target since Joel did it first .. ; ) Re Depression, I hear this a LOT from kids with parents from this era (not mine though, no hidden money) Some are Italian, some Jewish, but I heard from kids who grew up in relative poverty and found stashes of money hidden under drawers, bankbooks they knew nothing about, 20,000 life insurance policy's never spoken of. One daughter said she found 5,000 in a tin in the pantry. She said it was like a scavenger hunt and she still wonders if she missed something. When I moved into my home, an old colonial owned by an older Jewish couple, we years later, found about 100 in a jar under work bench screwed to the top and some old coins (haven't had those looked at) I happened to crawl under to get something. I sometimes wonder if there is more. lol
  12. S01.E09: Perspective

    Re Katherine, I agree, it's all what she wanted. She seemed to want it with the request for time (I have a feeling a guy would just do it and not ask) but she also seemed relieved. You are supposed to want those things because of money and power, but it's not for everyone. My niece took a nice pay cut at a big accounting company. They loved her, gave her great reviews but she had no life, worked early to very late, weekends, etc. After 5 years she stayed long enough to return their paying for her masters at UVA per contract and went somewhere she could breathe. No kids yet, but she wanted to have a life outside of work and I admire that even though some thought the loss of income was stupid. That's the world we live in but if it's your choice, you'll be happy. I want to see more of Jon but how many cancer flashbacks can they have or will they have Delilah have them or Rome? Maybe Ashley? I love his smile. I don't know how we will see the progression of his decline and how he got to the end of the line, but I hope the writing is better. My coworkers left the show because of the bad writing, the Maggie debacle, watching stiff Deliah talk with that breathy voice, not having any real chemistry with any of her fellow actor's. I don't feel with her acting, anything with Eddie or his kids or anyone really. I told them to give it another chance but for some, an hour is a long time to waste. One coworker said it is like they can't decide if this is a drama, a night soap opera with bad writing or a comedy/drama. I still have hope Nash will find what he wants. Gary is the glue for me, Jon's appearances and wanting to know who Barbara is, but if that plot fails, they might lose more. I wonder sometimes if Nash knows who she is yet. lol
  13. I have a feeling they had money and having a home for part of his job, have more to spend. My daughter's boyfriend's dad had a house through his school 3/4 of his working life and they finally bought a small home in their late 50's. He wasn't paid as much but they still could save. It is a nice perk. Money is there for sure and I know Midge doesn't need a job to afford clothes and the makeup etc she gets. They do seem to want her to be self sufficient though which is good and get married. I know some families where just getting married was enough. I doubt with next season we will see Miriam home much or her kids and I suppose that one area, I wont relate too. I could never be that uninvolved even with money. But I understood her Mom wanting escape to Paris and I like how she was guiding the young women at the college to see the reality around them and maybe in the future, they will fight for more women teachers, etc. Sure she wanted them to find good "business husbands" but you can see she is growing. I hope if it continues, they show more growth and less stereotypes (not as funny if overused) I don't think some of the vulgar speech is funny, some is, but I always liked the "cleaner" comics who observed others, Seinfeld, Cosby, Jim Gaffigan, David Brenner, etc. As a mother too, she should mix it up and not just be a "shock comic" although I realize her niche is being funny raunchy and a woman in the 50's.
  14. My daughter spent a semester there and loved it. She figured that apartment wasn't "real" and they had to pick the one far away. I'm assuming from her "savings" comment and her age, her family has money or she had it another way. You don't just move to Scotland without a job. My daughter assumed when I said, I didn't believe the 2 wk thing, that the "saw each other before" was exaggerated and they were just friends and decided to move to Scotland or the whole thing was a lie. Sometimes it's just a bit much, especially the ring. Maybe for them, the "problem" wasn't going to be a second bedroom or washing machine, but just that they were new to each other. Just didn't flow well but it was nice seeing some locations again.
  15. I feel the same way and have seen many rich women like her. It's like a bubble, but her ego is certainly well massaged. Her looks are her looks (although can you imagine that bedtime routine with makeup?) but it also made her go after her first job and career. It wasn't total insecurity that I see many times with women who look very good, like they are afraid everyone will see all their faults. Midge is just out there and seems to know hers. I know not every woman is motherly and many kids from richer families are raised by nanny's but I feel bad watching her act like she doesn't have children. I ran a marathon once and was away a day a missed mine. lol They don't even eat together! I'm glad they have staff that seems to care. There is not even a second thought of going on the road or being away. The actress said on a talk show, Miriam's worst Hanukah gift would be another kid. Probably, but I didn't laugh. ; /