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  1. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I agree, Romano was underused and even "under the influence of drugs" couldn't explain such bad writing toward his demise. The prosthetic hand being taken away (he didn't deliberately grab anyone, he hadn't trained long enough) from a nurse and then hidden like he was 5 was another ludicrous and demeaning to the viewer, moment. This wasn't a comedy and SNL segment. Someone wrote a lot of Romano one liners that were funny and times he showed humanity but were overshadowed by other things going on. Even the ice cream/pizza moment after he told Lizzy, "Do you really need it?"and sent it to her later. The snark comments about skills in ER (when you knew he admired them on some level) Dr. Robert Romano : What the hell did you use to make this incision, a chainsaw? The actor didn't understand why they wouldn't make him more dimensional but they did give him directing time later. Some actors got to do both though. Nice link, thanks for sharing.
  2. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I loved that too and his dad dating Elizabeth's mom. : ) He was a nice compliment to Mark's personality. Abby was crazy and they just winged it with her a lot. She really got tiring for me. The constant angst was unbearable when binging and not having weeks apart. As I posted in another thread I thought it was funny seeing her in The Good Wife and the first line I remember her saying was "I don't think people can change" It was so Abby, so reminiscent of her last date with Carter.
  3. I liked this show, even the "TV" comment about being able to see it from the kitchen. ; ) I actually thought TV's above a fireplace (unless electric) would be an issue. Maybe it was. I like how David says what a good job he did when the realtor finds the homes. lol The first home was nice but I felt like I was in a hotel with the tiki bar etc. I really am not a huge house person so I have to adjust my thinking. Getting land across the street was perfect. The pool is the second home was gorgeous and they would have a lot of land to build on or do things with. The last home was beautiful and I imagine will take a lot of money for upkeep for the land and pool and horses. I'm glad they didn't spend a lot of their money and I hope they invest it well. Since they never boarded horses, it would take a lot of work, if not for them, for someone else. A nice couple, I hope it works out well for them.
  4. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I agree, she seemed like a rich girl doing good like him, more in Paris than Africa at times, and that vague insinuation of a relationship with the guy at the Paris hospital seemed pretty clear to me. They showed their chemistry, laughter, etc. and the difference with Carter. Why they had him beat himself up with her, I don't know. I guess they didn't want a "happily ever after" ending but how about a new interest that might have possibilities in viewers minds, but not Kem. At least my imagination had him staying and meeting someone else. ; ) I also thought (wonder what others think too) that Michelle Hurd they gave to Kerry as a love interest would have been a formidable one for Peter earlier. I could see her as a doc, PA, or administrator with enough chutzpah and charm to balance Peter's gruffness and be someone he could relate too.
  5. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I think that happens in families more times than people know. You have perceptions and they are stubbornly set and sometimes later you hear about other issues you knew nothing about. I thought that was a realistic story and even Doug's, sometimes parents are never going to be "Norman Rockwell" and trying to have them fit the mold almost makes it worse. It's nice when the parent can say loudly, "It's me not you, it's not your fault" but it still stays with you. On a slightly different note, I remember an adult saying how she told a popular TV mom she wished she had her instead of her mother, and as she said why, she interrupted to tell her, she wasn't that mother, that mother was fiction, she was a working mother, away from her kids too often and had babysitters to fill in the time. Do not idolize her. I think Mark wanted a different dad at some point but his dad was more than he thought and his realization slowly was a good script. That storyline was one of the worst, how she went back and forth with her ex, taking her kid on the run all the time, finding jobs but her son never feeling settled. Then she'd let him back into her life and have him see their son. She never went to court or reported any abuse or really moved far but the whole thing to me was to make the last kidnapping/shooting "law and order" show a reality. I know these couldn't be the same writers as earlier.
  6. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I agree with everyone about those shows, absolutely wonderful acting. That's what made me years ago, give up when they went from stellar performances from Romano, Corday, Peter, etc and had limbs ripped off, helicopters falling, it was like "What?" I missed the Morris transformation which I liked now but it was too much then. I tuned in when old characters came back. I remember, although it might sound stupid, watching ER on Hulu and seeing the start of one show with a guy in bed with 2 women and they were fawning over him. I seriously thought I hit on the wrong show and hit back button. It was Dr Brenner but I was seeing the beginning of ER being about sex and who was dating Neela. Those shows really highlight what a great script and great acting can do. I also needed to shake off the boy Dr Greene talked too about his parents. It just stayed with me. I can't believe I missed this, Anthony Edwards abused? https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2017/11/10/anthony-edwards-says-gary-goddard-molested-him-for-years/852778001/
  7. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I liked Morettii and thought Abby had more chemistry with him than Luka. His scripts weren’t the best but he is a great actor. I loved Alan Alda also and his excellent portrayal of a doctor losing his memory. I also loved the MASH reference when he said he learned a technique in the war. Jeanne wouldn’t have just took off like that but her storyline with adoption made more sense. Carol tried to kill herself just a year prior, she was a bad risk. She was upset but she knew it wasnt right and her fiancé wasn’t on board. Funny, carol just took off from work to see Doug but she didn’t care about her job at that point. Good thing he was happy to see her 🙂
  8. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I didn't realize until I googled some info of Alex Kingston, how many Romano/Corday posts and forums were out there. I thought I noticed the chemistry (at least for friendship) and wished they had better scripts but they had a lot of fans. lol I felt because Romano looked like he did and they made fun of his balding and height etc. and also made him very not PC at times, she would never date him. There was always a respect though and he held her on a pedestal. I liked how "Lizzy" (to Romano) always knew who he really was, good and bad and truly loved him in her own way. When a fan wrote out all his nice comments and jokes , you realized how funny he was on the show and how many caring things he did even with a snarl. I wish he found a love interest other than the tall, beautiful women he would show up with at events and had a more rounded character. They used him as a caricature of the worst in some people (like Frank) but he could have been a much better character changing over the years and still holding on to some of his strong opinions but evolving. Elizabeth and Mark were okay, normal, but there was always something "off" to me and when they brought in Rachel, it got worse. Sometimes I wished they brought in more from other areas than the ER, because you did tire of Luka dating Abby and Sam and Carol and then they could disappear when they broke up like Tag. ; ) I also wish Jeanne didn't get HIV and ended up with Peter, it could have been an interesting relationship. They really didn't stretch Jeannies character too much, lots of fighting for equal status which was good but she became just that.
  9. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    They could have had him keep in touch while doing a year or 9 months of service in United States or another country and then finding another job at the end and Carol deciding to go. A nice gap year from the hospital and stress and he didn't know yet about babies. That way she could call or send messages, he's committed to his term (Doctor's Without Borders 9-12 months for example) and then they get together. This way he's not in a nice home in a beautiful area with probably beautiful people pretending to pine away while Carol slaves away at poor County and dates Luka and whatever else she does that year. ; ) But TPTB decided to write it their way but in my head, I always fixed it for me. lol
  10. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    He did and a years later FB search made it seem she was single. She was honest but it did sound horrible and cold. He deserved better. A quick search for him found him working in his specialty in GA. ; ) Looked the same except heavier like most of us. lol
  11. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Thanks, I was in 20's in early 80s, but I remember the doctor's talking it down all the time. This page shows the outcome over the decades https://www.aaem.org/about-us/our-values/history I remember doctor's working in ER's in CT while residents for extra money on days off, a dermatology resident did it a lot I knew well. One acquaintance lamented her doctor boyfriend couldn't pass his boards (wanted to be eye doctor) and she didn't want to marry an "ER doc" (we didn't stay acquaintances, very calculating person) They still have such great shortages in more rural areas. I'm glad it has gotten more respect, it's not like being a primary or surgeon but you need certain skills that cross a lot of areas and have to be quick on your feet. A great ER physician is a gift.
  12. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Please refresh my memory, I remember the animal crackers, when did Doug visit? I don't recall anyone saying he came, he'd come and not see anyone else? That is even more unbelievable and that he'd leave and still have her in "dire straits" A more realistic writing would be Doug saying he was setting up an acct just for the twins, money just for them, and she could take from there for their expenses if she wanted to be a martyr.
  13. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Back then ER medicine wasn't a real field. A lot of them were doctor's who couldn't do other things, didn't pass boards, etc. It's not like that now in most places but it wasn't the attractive specialty. They always downplayed the salaries to fit what objective they wanted. Some docs had nicer places than others. Most of Mark's places were "ehh" compared to others until him and Lizzy bought a home. I hated hearing Carol go on about money when the twin's father had money and a boat and large home in another state. Feelings aside, he should have been helping with childcare, etc Of course, when Carol decided to leave County, she left her job without notice, the twins with Mom, left her home/mortgage and I think car and most of her possessions to move in with Doug. I guess Mom had to help sell house and get things rolling. ; ) Sometimes life should be that easy. lol
  14. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    They did make Rachel unlikable for whatever reason. Most children weren't given the "cuteness" factor except Reese (loved Reese!) I felt they had Mark act overly guilty as a parent. Divorce sucks and her parents both worked a lot which is hard. I guess a loving nanny which some get with a high powered career wasn't written in, but I could see her feeling lost not having a sibling and being alone or with babysitters while Mom worked long hours. Her Dad was also away or working long shifts. I felt when Mark was sick, she still was rebelling and that was harder for me to swallow. One thing ER did with salaries was make most of them seem 2 steps from poverty, pay for ER nurses wasn't bad, residents and new doctor's were not high but higher than most. A two income salary as Mark and Lizzy had or a partner in a law firm like Jen could pay for many things. Only Romano was shown to have money and later Ross did VERY well leaving County, but really they all were pretty secure and had ways to earn more. Maybe Rachel needed counseling with both parents or a new school but Mark dropped the ball after the baby almost died.
  15. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    They had some odd characters, Bob was one. You could understand the foreign issues with her degree, but it was almost comical/weird. I remember Abby Keaton with Carter, I wondered about her quick exit but then I read they were hiding her pregnancy on TV. Couldn't have that going on with John. ; ) Benton's face on this scene. lol