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  1. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I just watched the episode with Morris when a guy with a gun who had robbed a jewelry store wanted them to save his girlfriend. (Under Pressure) I thought Morris shined in that one and the ending was a little bit of a surprise, I thought he might kill himself and the cops killed him without cause at that point. The actor that played Daniel had that "Ed Norton" look. The scripts would take it away from Morris on occasion but he matured a great deal. The shenanigans though with Gates and Sam, the sex on breaks, finding footage of them having sex ,this isn't the ER I loved, it seems geared to teens. Brenner I don't get at all, the first time I saw him he was in bed with 2 women, one couldn't get enough of him and then the next scene he is at the hospital. I thought I had the wrong show at first. Yesterday he told a black med student she wasn't good in bed, it just kept getting worse. My daughter bailed but I just FF a little. Does he get any better? I liked The Book of Abby, a much better episode than previously. They have in a CA a display of the ER badges at the studio it was filmed. I thought the wall would have been nice too.
  2. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    And what made that funny was that that later all she did was drink coffee pregnant and say it was "fine now" : ) Nicole story was not a fav of mine in general but yes, Abby did butt in a lot. I did like the James Wood episode Body and Soul (directed by our Romano) in that he was wonderful and although we never saw the past scenes before, we saw the slow progression of the disease and he was great projecting the feelings he had. Abby did butt in as usual but he had a strong personality and she did say if I remember correctly that she would help him if he decided to end it later. This involvement you rarely see in real life. One continuity error was that Romano and Chen were at Green's memorial and they said in flashback that Chen and Romano were working and that a lot of staff were attending. You tend to catch more of that watching 3 or 4 at a time vs weeks apart but I thought it was funny with Paul McCrane directing.
  3. House Calls - The Cast in Other Roles

    Interesting pilot for Noah. https://filmschoolrejects.com/noah-wyle-to-take-a-heavy-role-in-the-racially-charged-drama-red-line/
  4. My daughter went to a dinner party and met someone who's best friend did a HHI show. She said she wasn't sure if it was Cambodia or some place like it. She heard her say they were surprised to get the call and were told to let them know when they found a place. When they did, they moved everything out and staged the "hunt". She was told to say things about certain made up issues and it was scripted more than maybe some in the past. They got about 1100.00 each. The 6 months later was filmed then when they moved the stuff back in. She filmed some things, like " I need a deep sink" for instance out of order, it seemed odd but not all closeups were in the same place. It was like "look at the camera and say this" So maybe some really dumb people are just made to look worse. ; )
  5. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I never thought I'd like him and I do. The Xmas episode got me, the Santa and all the other stuff. He showed a lot of growth and when he spoke about his dad with Abby (who needed to leave) I could see why he was the way his was even more. Gates, just isn't growing on me, he can do nice things but the sophomoric stuff, I don't know. Might just be a personal thing with Stamos. Morris had more growth than Doug, I never really saw that with Ross, he got himself in a situation where he had to leave, they had him just dump Carol in a sense, he wasn't there for the birth, etc., that wasn't handled the best even with having half a couple, but their "reunion" brought stellar ratings. I also like more medical knowledge shown but the sex seemed to be out of control, even with Morris and the girls chasing him in the last episode I watched, the ambulance phone sex, the constant talk around patients about dates and needing a man. It was like "enough!" we get it. lol I also like Dr Moretti, not a fav of some it seems. I like his character, his grins and hidden faces after someone does something. I think he would have made a good long term character but I hear he leaves for his son and doesn't return. Having him with Abby from what I read here wasn't the best script, does everyone have to be with Abby even after marriage? ; )
  6. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I agree 100% but ER was flagging not just because of length of time on the air, it was written terribly considering the scripts prior. I didn't really remember why I stopped watching, catching the Carter and 'old cast" episodes back when it aired, but now I do. I will keep watching but do FF through some ER scenes or half listen to Sam talking to the policeman, it's more soap opera nonsense than a script. I try to picture, Benton,Green, Doug, Corday etc saying some of the tripe they do and it's impossible. Why they did that, I'll never know but they still interjected some quality writing in between while nostalgia kept it going. Different type of show, but Michael Landon said that about his LHOP show, it went on too long, but love of the show kept it going 3-4 more years. I feel that way with ER, you just hated to see it close.
  7. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I agree with most of what you said, but Romano was insufferable toward the end because they wrote it that way, he didn't want it, but they felt it would make his exit better. I still think someone was drunk writing that helicopter episode. My daughter hung in watching it for the first time until then. No realism left. I dread watching the Pratt episode, never saw it earlier. I also didn't see Abby get drunk again and watching them put holes in her marriage so soon will be difficult to watch also. I never read about her wanting to be killed off but that would have been WAY too much and she's a mom now, who would want to be killed off with a cute baby son! : ) I'm glad Laura Innes said "No death for Weaver" Let me leave a normal exit. Who would want to work in that ER...it was like a curse. lol I remember old shows like MASH withstood changes in cast, some left, some died, but the it always had a strong core of original actors or ones that were there a long time. Such talented writers to keep things moving and not go crazy with plots, it's hard to do.
  8. My coworker has a 700 ft home that is 2 small bedrooms (one for storage/office) but layout seems similar. Her land isn't as large but enough for her a patio area/shed keep things neat in the yard. She has an attic crawl space she uses for holiday storage and things she doesn't want to part with but doesn't want downstairs (albums/luggage etc) I like looking at tips for foundation homes, my daughter has the Ikea table shown a lot on THN shows. It folds on both sides and has 6 drawers in the middle. Really useful. Built in bookcases or dressers save space too. It's much harder with kids, but there have been smaller homes shown online with families of 4 or 5. Bunkbeds, limited toys and lots of cool organization make it work but like any home I'm sure there are days that it looks like a disaster. ; ) This family did it with 6 but I wouldn't suggest it. ; ) They had them on a catch up show, I haven't seen yet. https://www.facebook.com/pg/tinyhousefor6/posts/?ref=page_internal
  9. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I've never been a Neela hater but never a favorite either, but I don't get this physical attraction the show has going to her. It's almost like a hidden joke with the writers, let's have every man (and one woman) fall over themselves over Neela all of a sudden. Ray and Gates were like middle school kids, then Dr Dubanko (whom I like, reminds me of a doc I used to work with) falls all over himself with her, waiting in the wings. The female med student kisses her at the wedding, just couldn't resist she apologizes. I want to know what perfume she is wearing. ; ) There is no one else to date or meet? I never went this far before in the show so it's a little disconcerting. I also hear the Abby cheats on Luka for a night which is depressing watching her wedding. Alcohol or not, the desire still has to be there. ; (
  10. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Even taking out the really inappropriate lines, he had so many funny ones. Someone had a long list of all his one liners and zingers and I forgot how it broke up the tension on the show. I loved even after making a pregnancy weight comment he sent Lizzie the ice cream and pizza after a long operation. They only had her really "get him". I loved how she burned the tacky sympathy card the hospital sent at his unrealistic memorial. (that no one would really come) As the actor said in an interview, he seemed to agree with that idea of showing more of his character : TVGO: Do you wish you had a chance to show a softer side to the character? McCrane: I've had a ball playing him. And one of the things that has been fun is that every season they give him a little something here and there to reveal some other aspect of his ostensible humanity. Selfishly, as an actor, I would have loved to have played a lot of different facets of his personality. But characters serve functions in shows, and I understand that. I'm glad the actor got to direct as did others, some of the best shows they had. Nice quite a few got to try their hand at directing there.
  11. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    He was nice more than people remember, I remember him letting a patent get care that wasn't supposed too, things he said to Corday and others about cancer, illness, life in general. He loved Elizabeth, Lucy was a friend, they could have done a lot with his character they didn't want too. One of the first things I did at a hospital job years ago, was to help a derm doc was a hair transplant, I still remember the plugs and thinking, "was this really worth it". A lot of surgeries on moles, etc but some did more than others. This doc did a lot of studies on drugs, hair/skin products, that didn't require as much physical skill.
  12. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Yeah, Chicago Med could have done a lot more with Dr Charles and Dr Choi, both good actor's but they gave them not much to work with. When I think of old shows I watched as a kid, like MASH, I'm awed how the writers consistently kept up the quality compared with today. Some say it's supply and demand,if most want badly written reality shows, that is what you will get but I think there is a large group that still wants quality.
  13. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    It is funny how it turned. My daughter who is 25 never saw it back then and was watching it with me on Hulu. She said after missing a few after Greene, "Is this the same show?" The helicopter (twice) got her like many fans. They could have done much with Romano and his new arm, but they had the man mistakenly grabbing butts twice and then after a panic attack on the roof, having his death be the same way. Ridiculous. Sex also became more "in your face" with doctors and nurses talking about it in front of patients, around them, at the desk, in the lounge, it was like "are the hormones out of control all of a sudden?" I worked at a Peyton Place type of teaching hospital but at it's worse, was not like that. ; ) I also thought the deaths were too prevalent in the , staff, Green, Romano,Gallant, Gant, Pratt, Ray has to lose his legs. I laughed when the actress who plays Carrie said, "Let me leave with dignity, no car hitting me!" or something like that. lol If it did end with Green or a year later, they might have been able to do an ER TV movie as a catch-up but with the quality of TV today, I will gladly watch it on Hulu. I plan on finishing it even if I have to FF a bit and then watching my favorites when I can again. I still think it's way better than Chicago Med even now, but I miss the more quality scripts. Every few though, is a good one or most is and it keeps you going.
  14. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I just watched that yesterday, even the corny Morris on rooftop yelling "there isn't a Santa"after feeling some remorse after being so "good" then having it snow and hearing jingle bells. ; ) Seeing Morris play Santa was funny but touching too. I liked how they tied up the homeless kids episode, they don't do that often and seeing the homeless woman reunite with her family, hey it's Xmas, some smiles are in order
  15. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Ties are dirty, so many of the docs where I worked at Yale tucked them into their shirts. You don't see it as much now. The white coats get filthy too and some aren't washed as often as they should be, those sleeves get into a lot. ; )