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  1. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I imagine baby Joe has grown into an insufferable tween, much like Sam's son, with having Kovac and Abby as his parents. Like I just can't imagine them doing fun happy things and having family pictures on the walls and Kovac not having a wooden expression all the time, and Abby's probably fallen off the wagon again. If they'd even still be married. I feel like the chances of their marriage lasting was about 5%, and even that feels generous. Plus, he's got uncle Eric and grandma Maggie, and his Croatian uncle is well, all the way over in Croatia.
  2. I'm totally commenting out of order, so don't mind me. Chis Pine makes salt-and-pepper beards look super sexy.
  3. Awesome! I feel like every dress that isn't skin-tight should have pockets. If I ever get married, I'll probably try to have my wedding dress tailored to have pockets. Gotta stick my hands and chapstick somewhere while saying my vows. ;)
  4. I had no idea Andy Samberg was a bay area native. That makes him just a tad bit more appealing now. Helloooooooo Bradley Cooper. He just gets finer with age, but I'll always love him from his Alias days. Will Tippin FTW! I kind of like Sandra Oh's red dress. Her parents are adorable! Lady Gaga's hair matches Pete Davidson's. Yay Richard Madden! That's redemption for getting killed in the Red Wedding :P Does Kaley's dress have pockets? That just took it up a notch. What's up with some of the awkward weird camera shots? They couldn't even find Justin Hurwitz when he won. Awkward pause/silence after Gaga & company's thank yous. That guy's daughter isn't doing the best job of leading celebrities off the stage..... Regina, don't make me cry! You go Sandra Oh! Ok, now I'm crying. I'm okay with Lady Gaga. She was born the same year as me and we both have fibromyalgia, so I feel her pain about all that comes with that. No pun intended.
  5. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Watching reruns, I'm realizing I didn't actually care for any of the main characters except for Susan (Part I) and Carter and Benton. I liked the side characters and nurses more. Maybe because they seemed less miserable. Both Mark & Carol sure did have holier-than-thou attitudes most of the time. Watching random season 3 episodes currently - Mark was such a freaking douchebucket about the whole Jeanie/HIV thing.
  6. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I wish they could have made him laugh more often. Even depressed people have the ability to laugh once in awhile.... Clooney and Stamos laughed, at least. I mean, I get it, dating Abby isn't exactly something that puts a smile on one's face, but at least try to connect with your coworkers, or laugh behind Weaver's back. Ross had to date Carol and Gates had to date Sam, and neither of those women were exactly all that smile-inducing either. I've been at my new job for 3 months, and I finally have enough coworkers my age or slightly older who I bonded with over our love for Carter the other day when we were discussing 90s nostalgia. Meanwhile the staff in their early-mid 20s just looked at us with blank expressions (which is the same expression I have when they're discussing the hottest rappers of today, or when one of my coworkers says "lawl" in place of laughing, as in, "LOL").
  7. S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    Everything Nini did/does just seems too slow for me personally. Her way of talking, her walking, etc. Speed it up just a little, chop chop! She'd be that slow walker on the sidewalk who I'd have to try to maneuver around as I'm a fast walker and a fast talker.
  8. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Kovac had the personality of a door... sometimes you had an urge to slam it but overall he was just a boring hard wooden barrier amongst other storylines. And yeah, it was clear the writers just didn’t know how to use him effectively and consistently. Heck, even Malucci seemed more interesting most of the time.
  9. S07.E04: Lisa's Dilemma

    All I could focus on this episode was how Raquel has the tiniest forehead ever. It's barely a two-head.
  10. S37: Angelina Keeley

    Oh right, I forgot, Angelina can do ALL things, especially since she has degrees from Stanford and Yale. Probably as well as she negotiates, even! Everyone and their mom thinks they can start a successful nonprofit. It's not a corporation so it's super duper easy, right? Right. I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. S37: Angelina Keeley

    I think the only problem that I have with her starting a nonprofit, as someone who has worked in the nonprofit sector for almost all of my professional life, is that we already have plenty of nonprofits doing similar things and I throw a side eye to people who don’t know much about starting one but decide they’re going to do so anyway because of their ego and personal gain (and who knows how they’ll handle or run it later or how involved they’ll be). I’d be more impressed if she just did fundraising on behalf of another existing nonprofit or did some donating of her own. More collaboration with other organizations, less “look what I founded!”, please. Also, her lack of self-awareness can’t be good for being the face of a nonprofit. And I wouldn’t want to work at a nonprofit run by her, she’d try to take credit for all the work her minions do and bring up how she selflessly sacrificed immunity for rice in one way or another 😆
  12. S37:E13 Finale

    What remains my favorite moment of this entire season: Gabby: "Do you want to play with me?" Christian: "What, in the sand?"
  13. S37:E13 Finale

    Angelina's spelling skills are about as strong as her negotiating skills.
  14. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    And the second go-around. Although I’m glad they ended up together because I didn’t like her nor Kovac, so at least they could be miserable together.
  15. The NBA

    1) Pretty sure it's a joke (although TBH, I find someone saying the moon landing was faked far less offensive than someone saying the earth is flat, or that 9/11 is a conspiracy, or that they voted for the current president, or that global warming is a lie, etc). 2) Seeing as how he isn't a wife beater, cheater, rapist, steroid abuser, murderer or any other number of serious things that many famous athletes get in trouble for, I'm guessing that little girl still sees him as a role model.