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  1. S11.E03: Rosa

    I wanted to like this so badly, and I thought the writing was the snappiest of the post-Moffat era, but this felt like such a ripoff of Timeless. On that show, the idiosyncrasies about history worked, because the main character is a historian. But do people really know who drove the bus Rosa Parks sat in? I just did not buy that these characters would have that information at their fingertips -- the Doctor might, but that was so convenient, it took me out of the story. And because I found their investment in Rosa Parks forced, I couldn't really embrace the episode. It'd be one thing if they were like "oh yeah, I've sort of heard of her," and they gradually get more invested, the more they learn about her, but that they all started off with "yes, she's amazing, I worship her" felt really contrived to me. Plus, the shadowy racist figure who wants to alter history (a.k.a. Rittenhouse, the main Timeless villains)? I realize there are no original ideas under the sun, but that felt so similar to Timeless, it just irritated me. Granted, I am one of maybe five Timeless viewers. But still.
  2. See, this is the Naviti Strong mentality that I cannot stand (from the tribes themselves, not this comment in particular). What are "the numbers?" The numbers are people you trust, who you can align with to have your back. The numbers are not "wearing the same color laundry as me from day one." And "the numbers" aren't static, they're constantly shifting. I guess ultimately the Dom/Wendell/Laurel/Donathan foursome was a combination alliance, but that combination was always working with other Navitis, not a mixed group. It was just like Laurel and Donathan were brought into the Navitis, and then Pagonged the other Malolos. The most recent example I can think of with no original tribal loyalty post-swap was mvgx. People formed new alliances, and stuck with them over their "day one" tribes (Zeke with David, Adam with Jessica and Ken). Heck, the David/Ken/Hannah/Adam foursome that went to the end didn't form until the merge. Hannah and David never even met until the merge, and he drew rocks for her. It can happen! So, I hope Alec does work with "the Davids." Maybe his interests align better with Davie's and Carl's and Elizabeth's than they do with Dan's and Kara's and Angelina's. Who knows? But I wish that contestants would remember Survivor is ultimately an individual game, and sticking with a "side" might help their "side," but it doesn't necessarily help them. And ultimately, it's a person -- not a tribe -- that wins the money.
  3. I think what's so unusual about Nick is he's naming two-person alliances, and that's classic Big Brother (Chilltown, the Renegades, the Hitmen, Coast2Coast, etc.) I mean, JT and Stephen were just "JT and Stephen." Dom and Wendell were just "Dom and Wendell." Rob and Amber ... well, you know. I'm not sure I can remember a named two-person alliance on Survivor, but I could be wrong. @SnideAsides pointed out this was used on Australian Survivor last year (as part of a super-idol -- one regular idol and one idol nullifier: two great tastes that taste great together?). But I remember it as being pretty anticlimactic? Or it took out someone pretty irrelevant? It's one of those things that sounds better than it ends up playing out onscreen, if I recall correctly.
  4. I don't know if it's because they're starving, but very few Survivor alliances have had names, right? (or names we've seen). I'm only remembering the Four Horsemen. Parvati's Micronesia alliance didn't really have a name, right? I've only ever called the Aitu 4 "the Aitu 4." (oh god, now I'm remembering Triforce, ugh). But I feel like named alliances number in the 1-10 range for a show that's been on the air for now 36+ seasons. As others have said, it's such a Big Brother thing that it always strikes me as odd when they do it on Survivor. And now that Nick has done it twice, it does make me wonder what show he originally applied for.
  5. Here lies Naviti Strong, Spring 2018-Fall 2018. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Which was fitting, since Alec listed Jay (along with Malcolm and Joe -- one of these things is not like the other) as one of the players he wanted to play like or thought he'd play like in pre-season interviews. And I thought Angelina made Bi's exit all about herself. "Look at my tears of empathy, look how empathetic I am."
  6. Survivor In The Media

    These folks are STILL going at it on Instagram with each other: I'm biting my tongue hard, as I believe this is a pattern for Angelina, given some of the Instagram stories I've seen with her in them, and that's all I'll say about that.
  7. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    This is the second time Angelina basically "sat out" of a challenge -- she had to be replaced in the last challenge by Kara, then she sat out here and of course, got the right answer. Hoping this was her one and only big move -- getting out the guy who talked himself out. The entitlement that wafts off her is ... something else. It wasn't even like she was in direct danger from Jeremy. And who describes dictating the vote as their "shining moment?" I'm getting a real Big Brother vibe from the David tribe. Not only the fact that Mason-Dixon is a named alliance, but it's a secret alliance. Maybe it's recency bias, but I feel like most prominent Survivor alliances are sort of out in the open, or at least not as cloak-and-dagger as this one.
  8. Yikes. Okay, then. I loved this season, actually. I was rooting against Sharn the entire time (after about the fourth time she began whining and complaining that she was going home). That ridiculous "I took one last look down the beach and thought it would be the last time, blah blah blah" at the Benji boot soured me on her for good. Shane was in trouble just as often, yet she kept her head down and worked to get out of trouble and didn't receive massive editing pats on the back for it. I actually thought that Shane destroyed Sharn in final tribal -- she was poised and sincere, and her arguments were terrific (coming back and owning Shonee -- who I actually liked -- about her "tell me about my life" question was a great moment), so I was shocked it was 5-4. Sharn morphed into Chrissy 2.0 -- "I won so much and me me me, and I worked so hard and I DESERVE this." And I thought she did deserve to be called to account on the Mat boot. You can't preach that loyalty was a cornerstone of your game, and then not warn your best ally about an impending #blindside. If she'd done that, Benji's mist* would've had no effect. Shane could back up what she was saying with her actions. This was one of my favorite Survivor seasons ever, with an unlikely, very likable winner. I loved that five of six of F6 were women (eat your heart out, OG Survivor). I loved that #Shenella was the showmance of the season. I found Brian such an OTT villain (King Grub!) that he was more entertaining than truly odious like Russell. I even loved the Lord of Chaos, Benji (I know, I know), that epic blindside, the Mighty Ducks and his misting Sharn -- even though I also found Mat really likable, and an aptly named "Godfather." David vs Goliath is good so far, but this set the standard this year, as far as I'm concerned. * a term we use in Big Brother discussion for players who are able to get others to change their minds and act against their own best interests. First coined when discussing Dan Gheesling on BB14.
  9. S37.E02 The Chicken Has Flown the Coop

    We've had showmances before, but is this the first-ever Survivor love triangle? (Gabby/Christian/Nick). @KimberStormer evoked Michelle on mvgx with this vote, and honestly that's who the Davids are reminding me of (alliance-wise, not personality-wise). This means if/when they swap, the ones on the wrong side of the numbers are going to make new alliances. On one hand, I hate that will probably help the Goliaths, but on the other, I'm so sick of Naviti Strong. We've had pretty much two seasons where it's been mostly voting along tribal lines (not counting the Heroes/Hustlers-take-out-Healers gambit), so let's mix it up a little.
  10. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    This didn't get talked about enough for me, because I could not believe she did that. I would say she looked at them with pity -- which is almost more insulting than looking at them like children. Talk about a complete and total lack of self-awareness. Sure, it was edited that way, but they can't edit things you don't do -- and unless they also released a litter of puppies next to the David tribe, her "aww" with the hand clasped over her heart was reserved for fellow contestants. The tone-deaf arrogance of that one shot will stay with me for a while.
  11. Survivor In The Media

    Jay is
  12. Survivor In The Media

    Thank you, they have heard my prayers. Every time I hear about an all-winners' season, I want it killed with fire. I want its torch snuffed. I think it's a horrible idea. Heroes vs Villains 2, however ...
  13. Wow. The best woman won. I have no idea what happened with Tyler and Sam, but wow, I thought he for sure had her vote. I'd also like to very publicly eat crow as I denigrated Kaycee here several times, and never thought she could win, but I thought her answers were terrific, whereas Tyler's were a bit all over the place. She was extremely straight-forward that she won comps and relied on her social game. Didn't try to pretend she was a strategist, but made a great argument that she didn't have to be. She was loyal and kept to her word. Not a bad argument for a winner.
  14. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    Someone said that? I missed that. Ha, oh Adam Klein, that is your Survivor legacy. I was more thinking along the lines of Johnny Fairplay and his dead grandmother, but heh.
  15. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    Wow, so much for nuFiji's perfect record of no medavacs. That was brutal. I liked the organic sharing of stories with each other on the David tribe. Nary a contrived Ghost Island cry-fest monologue in sight. Though I was worried when Nick had this squirrely gamebot-y edit, and then was like "and my mom died." I seriously thought, "he ... didn't just make that up, did he? Please tell me we're not making up dead mother stories now." Angelina is working my last nerve, though.