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  1. I thought Ramsay would have at least wanted to hear from Michelle. I couldn't tell who the playback of the initial conversation was supposed to help. Drama makers or not, it was a little uncomfortable to watch the three white women nominate the two women of color, especially when arguments could've been made that one of those three could've gone up just as easily. Just ... not a good look, guys. I still have absolutely no memory of Michelle in her original season. I remember literally everyone else that came back this year except her.
  2. I did get a kick out of "Fly, my pretties, fly" as Zelena's chant for her spin class. And I feel like I've seen the "evol witch coven" and "scary little girl" in every B horror movie, and every supernatural TV series (The Originals and The Vampire Diaries both did variations on the theme). Didn't this show used to be about fairytales or fairytale-adjacent books like The Wizard of Oz and Frankenstein? I don't remember a fairytale about a witch coven. At least make it like, they're the cursed Good Witches of the North/South/East, or something. I'm sort of annoyed Drizella isn't the real Big Bad and got thrown down a well, as I find the Gothel actress tedious. Adelaide Kane was one of the only ones really hamming it up. She seemed to know what kind of show she signed up for, and she committed to it. She also seemed delightfully irredeemable, so I'm annoyed she has to take a backseat to Ren Faire Witch.
  3. I find it increasingly interesting that the last three Survivor seasons have edited the "best player" into the non-winner. In Khaoh Rong, it was arguably Aubry. In Millennials vs Gen X, it was David. In Game Changers, it was Cirie. In all those seasons, the winner was arguably not edited to be the "best player." It is the winner (non-best player) who must take down (or just outlast/outdraw) the "best player." In fact, they were three people where you'd think "wow, they could never beat the Best Player." (which has been proven true -- Aubry lost to Michele; Adam would've lost to David; Sarah would've lost to Cirie). And then they win. So, following that, is Chrissy the "best player" who the winner must take down in order to win? Maybe that's why she's getting a lot of footage about her game play. The "best player" edit seems to be someone who's very strategic, who's respected for their strategy and others know is a big threat. I don't put Ben into that category because he has no allies, he just finds idols. Chrissy has all these allies, Chrissy is running everything, Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy. And then suddenly -- surprise! Chrissy doesn't win. I guess I'm finding it an interesting pattern, and it suggests that whoever the winner is, a lot of positive footage of them may be left on the cutting room floor, so it's a "shock" when they win. Ben wouldn't be a shock, but literally everyone else would be, in some way, shape, or form.
  4. I have been saying to myself that Mike is either Bret or Adam from Millennials vs Gen X. (game-wise, not personality-wise). He's either the loud character who didn't really do anything and was sort of dragged along by an alliance who needed him as a number before he was bounced for having too many friends on the jury, or he's the scrappy underdog who clawed his way into an alliance, found a toehold and hid behind threats until everyone forgot that he really didn't make a lot of enemies because their focus was on his early blunders.
  5. But she's not, and moreover, the Survivor editors know she's not. If she does win, I think their editing of her has been awful, and more proof they have no clue how to edit a woman winner. They've been editing her more like Russell Hantz than Kim Spradlin, in my opinion -- obsession with control, how dare you go against me, a stranglehold on the strategic game with no social game. Jeff even threw a dash of Cirie "good on ya, little woman" in there with "look at you on this platform, winning a challenge when you were puking the first day." And it's interesting, I don't think their last three male winners seldom, if ever, claimed they were awesome, cunning and strategic (well ... during the season, anyway). They weren't. Mike Holloway was an underdog, and Jeremy and Adam were well-liked social gamers (per the vote). You have to go back to Cagayan (unpopular opinion: blech) to get a Master Strategist male winner, right? Have they decided this is the Master Strategist Winner's Edit now? I find it hard to believe they're that tone-deaf, but maybe they are. On the other hand, these are the "toss Culpepper's finale edit onto the trash heap, ha ha, we fooled you" editors, so maybe the finale will feature Chrissy rescuing kittens or something -- proving the show has yet to learn the difference between "misleading" and "lying."
  6. I don't want to do the Edgic thing, but if Chrissy wins, there has to be some kind of record for the amount of times they've shown her lying down at camp. It's all I notice now. But I do wonder if this was her "Hannah votes out Sunday" move, like in Millennials vs Gen X. Why not get out Mike, with all those healers on the jury? Or Devon, the potential immunity threat? Instead, she targets ... Ashley, goat girl who's made no moves whatsoever, on the weird "but she's a pair with Devon" argument? When she has a pair of her own and better relationships with the swing vote (Mike) than the other pair does? Nice strategery there, Chrissy.
  7. He was James, Cyrus' husband and a reporter. But I didn't think he'd been on Scandal in ... three years (I am behind on this season, though). As others have mentioned, Benjamin seems to be one of the only ones keeping his head down and working. He doesn't have the narrator edit, nor the bully edit nor the "here waaaaay past his time" edit. This either means he's an easy elimination in the next few eps when they want to keep people around for drama! or a potential winner. Jennifer's edit seems similar (again, as others have mentioned). Elise is just here to play a role and collect her next fifteen minutes of fame. I think that's her grand prize.
  8. I thought "Julia to Julios (or wherever), Ramon to Ramona, Irving to Irvine" was pretty clever. That's the type of word play they excel at. "He's a doll" was a little contrived, though.
  9. "For today's reward challenge, you're going to face off with an opponent. On my go, you'll make a fist in the form of rock, put your hand out in the form of paper or two fingers up in the form of scissors. First one to three? Moves on to the next round, where you'll face off in another of these rock-paper-scissors battles. Last one standing? Wins reward." I'm telling you, it's coming.
  10. I have the weirdest cognitive dissonance with Devon. He sounds like an idiot sometimes, but I admit, his plan to get Ben to play double-agent and keep Mike and Joe out of the loop was kind of brilliant. The order of the universe is restored and once again, the gamebots are the villains. Chrissy, maybe there's a reason it took you 16 years to get on the show, hmm?
  11. Devon to Ryan:
  12. Agreed, although is Mike a "Survivor nerd?" Mike seems like a nerd-nerd. Maybe I've blocked it out, but I haven't heard many "as a student of this game ..." confessionals from Mike. Though I'd take a season of all Survivor nerds over recruits (blech, those mid-2000s mactor-heavy seasons still make me cringe), but I feel like there has to be a happy medium. Give me someone who knows and likes the game, but doesn't go on reddit or Edgic or play Survivor games online. I want Survivor fans, not Survivor gamebots. Someone who raises an eyebrow when you talk about "social game," like it's an actual thing and not just a Survivor thing (Ryan ... Chrissy). I want to see "a student of this game" who gets a C in Survivor. Average Survivor knowledge -- enough to pass, but not enough to ace every freaking Survivor test. Jay on Millennials vs Gen X was a good example, to me. He was aware of the game, but didn't make a big deal about it. I think we need more of that type, not the A++ and do the extra credit work students. I want students of the game who when Teacher Probst asks a question, they might know the answer, but they also might be goofing off on their phones or zoning out and not paying attention. Then they bring a little more of themselves into how they play, and become a lot more interesting. (and I know Jay voted out Michaela. We all have our faults.)
  13. This. For me, what that season got right -- for all its faults -- is it had a lot of people who took the game seriously, but didn't take themselves seriously. This season is so much "I have a great social game! I'm the most strategic player out here! I'm smarter than she is!" Seriously, I haven't heard this kind of sustained, over-the-top bravado since Russell Hantz. Compare this to "I'm going to have to play from the bottom/ My back is against the wall (literally against the wall)/ I'm an endangered species," where you had players in that season communicating vulnerability or humility, even though they were frontrunners. I'm just never going to connect with players as much who say with a completely straight face (not a nod-and-a-wink, Parvati was good at this): "I'm so awesome, and here's why!" Sandra did it in such a way where it was like "I'm lying to you and you're stupid for believing me," where the viewers could laugh right along with her. Ryan, Chrissy and Joe, take several seats and stop telling me how great you are. You haven't won anything yet.
  14. I fake-swear on the marines, we better not be in for another Pagonging.
  15. Ninety percent of Survivor winners are in the majority in the first vote at the merge. So, congratulations to ... Ben, Lauren, Devon, Ashley, Ryan, Chrissy or JP. I wonder if it will hold true this year, since the vote was so close. I suppose we'll see.