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  1. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Mike was active in trying to keep the Goliaths together and then masterminded the vote that got Christian out. Angelina is doing something, she did replace Gabby in the Carl, David, Nick alliance. I suspect there is more to her game then we are seeing. I think that Angelina has something going on with Mike and Nick. I don't think Angelina has played a good game or that she has a chance of winning but she does appear to have more connections to people then Kara. Kara made her move too late to be taken seriously by the Davids. I mean, we have seen so little of Alison or Kara's game that it is hard to know what they have done.
  2. S37: Angelina Keeley

    Gotcha but normally by people who have an established relationship with folks. Davie did not have a relationship with Angelina or if he did, we never saw it. I doubt it. Angelina seems to get along fine with people. There is some eye rolling when she harps on something and laughter at her silliness (the jacket tribal, the immunity idol) but I don't think she has really angered anyone. She was the easy target at the merge because of ridiculousness, not because she was a threat. I can see people ignoring her at final tribal and her interjecting herself. Question goes to Nick. Nick answers. Angelina raises her hand and asks if she can add something.
  3. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    We saw Sandra working with people in her alliance and strategizing with people. There is a difference between "anyone but me" and "pawn." Sandra tried to tell the Hero's that Russell was playing them and they ignored her. She wasn't going to vote against the majority but she tried to shift who they voted for. The fact that the people she was trying to work with are idiots is not her fault. It also helped that Russell is a horrible human being and Parvati was perfectly willing to go along with Russell's bullying. So Sandra could spend her time at final tribal going "I told you so. You didn't listen. If you had listened to me you could have been here but you ignored everything I said." And her competition played one of the worst social games in the history of Survivor. Toss in that Sandra convinced Russell that she wasn't a threat, when she totally was an everyone knew it, and she demonstrated that she could manipulate the person who saw himself as a manipulator. Kara cannot tell anyone that she tried to shift anything, because she didn't. And the people she is playing against are not awful human beings. Angelina is an entitled brat who is annoying but she can at least point to things she tried to do. And she has the rice (eye roll). Mike can point to moves that he made and the fact that he was socially connected to both sides. Kara was a vote.
  4. S37: Angelina Keeley

    You are not going to tell Angelina, in the full viewing public, that you are keeping her there to keep an eye on camp. Davie did not buy into that final four, he said so at the reward. Davie's connection was with Nick, not Angelina. Angelina can feel slighted all that she wants, the way she handled it was bratty and entitled. The whining about the rice was met by general silence and a lack of reaction from everyone at camp, which makes me think that Angelina is using her rice "sacrifice" as a tool whenever she can. I also suspect that Angelina is completely unaware of how often she discusses her rice "sacrifice" and how often she tries to use it to benefit her.
  5. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    Ah, sorry about that. One was a spelling competition that required a lot of balance, that was the one Ben lost. I can't remember last seasons.
  6. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Because we have not seen her initiate pretty much anything. The only thing that I can point to Kara and say "That was her idea" was the Dan vote and even then she supplied some hints in the form of falling anvils but never flat out said "Dan has a second idol." Kara has been floating since the John vote and has been working with who ever approaches her for her vote but she has initiated nothing. So she is a pawn who has not won anything and is not really a threat.
  7. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    That is what I was thinking. We saw Angelina making fire at the swap tribe but have never seen Kara making a fire. The FICs were pretty normal. Each person gets a station with fire making materials and a rope that they have to burn through. First to burn through the rope wins.
  8. No reason to spoil the show. Maybe we can start a thread for folks who are watching for the first time and add no spoilers there. At this point most people should know that the series is 100% out there and that the main topic includes spoilers. The Drazi are not totally insular but they are not exactly imperialists. A race can participate in military actions and not be interested in conquest. A race can also chaange its attitudes over times. At the time that Morden was looking for a race to work with, the Drazi were not interested in expansion or conquest. The Narn and the Centauri were the natural races to talk to because of their known antagonism. the Narn were ruled out because they were mainly interested in destroying the Centauri and that was about it. The Centauri have a large element that wanted to see Centauri Prime return to its imperialistic past. Londo wanted the glory of the old republic, think Rome and not the Italians. There is a hige historical difference between the Ancient Romans and the Italians. The Drazi were more interested in maintaining their own place in the Galaxy and not seeing other wars tear the system apart. After the Shadow War the Drazi seem to be a bit more aggresive, perhaps being targeted made them more agressive but they are stopped pretty easily and quickly.
  9. The Drazi are aggressive but not expansionist or particularly smart. They determine their government by splitting in two and beating each other into submission. Not what the Shadows would be looking for.
  10. S37 Ponderosa *Possible Spoilers*

    Carl looks better with a shaved head. He commented on the George Jefferson look he was rocking and was thrilled to get rid of it. I think the big difference is Carl looks relaxed and less intense.
  11. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Agreed, kind of. Christian was a more outgoing personality then I think anyone anticipated. But that allowed him to develop relationships with Davids and Goliaths. It also made him a target. I think he can also point to the fact that he had a strategy and was actively involved in decisions that knocked out Dan and John. With the John vote, Christian played it cool when Nick told Christian he was the target. He didn't scramble so much that everyone was aware that Christian knew what was happening. And while he did not have a role in the idol play, playing it cool allowed the Goliaths to not worry that Christian knew something was coming and prevented the Goliaths from scrambling or coming up with a back up plan. There are not many players who would play that vote as cool as Christian did. And Christian did play a role in trying to move the Goliaths to work with the Davids during the Dan vote. Two votes, and possibly a third, went to Alison in part because of the Davids conversations at camp. Alison seems to get along with everyone but she is not someone people go to talk to about strategy. She is someone that you bring the plan to. Christian was someone to consult with. That is kind of the difference between Alison and Mike. Mike is someone people go to talk to and who has been shown strategizing. Most of Mike's plans have failed, the Christian plan is one of the few to actually work. If it had been Christian vs Nick/Davie in the final tribal I would want Nick or Davie to have won because I think they played a better strategic game but I think Christian would have won.
  12. S37: Christian Hubicki

    Christian said he knew Gabby would target him eventually, he thought it would come at 7 and not 8. I think Gabby would have been better off targeting Mike, Nick or Davie but I get why she aimed for Christian.
  13. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Yeah but she might have learned that from Christian and his 3 hours of blabbing on and on during that one immunity challenge
  14. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Christian had a killer social game, won an individual immunity challenge, and found an idol. Very different then just surviving votes. I actually think that the way Christian survived a couple of votes might have hurt him in the end because he required other people to physically intervene for him to survive. Then again, he could have argues that his social game helped him in that area. Christian was a legit threat to win. Alison seems to be a threat by default and not a real threat.
  15. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    LOL I was discussing Alison not Angelina. Alison did not get them rice and is not capable of making a decision on her own.