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  1. All Episodes Talk

    That is a great description! Katie's Semi-Homemade reference was spot on. My first thought was The Boob Lady! That was my late sister's pet name for Sandra Lee (The Queen of Cleavage)! All these years later it still cracks me up!!!
  2. All Episodes Talk

    Saliva Moment??? Ick! Also......did anyone else have a hard time believing that G.Z. had never heard of a poke cake?
  3. I always liked Allan Melvin as Archie Bunker's neighbor Barney Hefner in All In The Family.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    Just saw this episode earlier today. While the gold mining people did look like shoppers at my local Walmart, they turned out to be likable people. The dad seemed like his aim was to do something special for his daughter's big day...in a most loving and sincere way. Refreshing! Now I would have paid to see the mining people kidnap the Chick with the gray skin tight top and put her to work operating a backhoe or something. Bet she couldn't do it because her big old fake boobs would get caught in the controls. It would be so amusing......ah we can dream.......
  5. All Episodes Talk

    Sulfurous Buckets Of Hell....that is awsome!
  6. Hubby and I travelled to Cleveland and visted the Parkview Nite Club. The owner came out and talked with us. He was impressed that we journeyed all the way from central Kentucky and could not have been nicer. Good food and good times. Old Guy has probably done more to boost business for the establishments on his show than anything short of an act of God could accomplish. I'm thinking these entrepreneurs really appreciate it.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    Sorry to be late to the party here! Just catching up and had to comment on this lovely dress. The Irish singer Enya is wearing an almost identical gown in the 80s video of Orinoco Flow. Check it out on YouTube. I think you will agree!
  8. The Consultants

    Pimping For Pnina.....sounds like a fine spinoff!!!
  9. All Episodes Talk: Open Casket

    Saw the last half of the Jobs episode last night. Too bad he did not have wisdom along with his other smarts. Yokosmom is right! As for Brittany Murphy.....there was another show about her death and the similar passing of her husband that may have also appered on Reelz. It mentioned that thier home was somewhat packratted out and then it just drove on by what effect this fact may have had on the conditions in the home and the consequences on the health of the occupants of the house. Maybe Miss Murphy's medical problems stemmed from the fact that she was unintentionally working on her own special episode of Hoarders and sadly wound up on Autopsy instead.
  10. Chip & JoJo: It's All In The Family

    Well then, I assume they are not from Texas!
  11. Chip & JoJo: It's All In The Family

    Hubby and I only started to watch this in the last couple of days. I wish to God that the hosts would stop referring to the clients/participants as "guys" or "you guys"! If the hosts are indeed pushing the 40 year mark in age it should be possible for them to speak in a more mature mannner with a better vocabulary. I love the work they do. It would be even more effective if they would speak in a more intelligent, age appropriate fashion.
  12. All Episodes Talk

    Just watched this program again after not viewing for a few months. Is it just me or does Katie look painfully thin?