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  1. Speculation Without Spoilers

    That would certainly be interesting. But I don't know if it's needed. Did Jimmy really steal all that money out of his dad's cash register? Or did Jimmy's dad repeatedly fall for the scam-artists who knew to come into his store? Was Chuck 100% right about Jimmy? Or just 80% right? In the "Off-Brand" promo clip we can see Nacho manhandling a bloodied up Krazy-8. I'm gonna guess he's not yet a DEA informant, and it's just about Krazy being short on his due funds that week.
  2. Kim Wexler: She Has a Two-Year Plan

    There is also the more likely possibility that Saul was just BSing Walt with the two ex-wives speech. Dude lies all the time to get people onside. I dread the eventual downfall of Kim and Jimmy. But I fully expect it, and would be disappointed if they get a happy ever after. Hoping for a few more small victories together before the inevitable.
  3. Mike Ehrmantraut: You need 5 stickers

    Wait a minute! Wasn't that door repair man the same Mr Clark from the Mexican clinic? /sarcasm Mike and Gus' trajectories crossing was a long time coming, but so worth it.
  4. Gene speculation thread

    Best case scenario: show gets two more seasons. We get one more cold open in Season 4, likely followin up on Gene's fainting spell (panic attack?). Then, in Season 5, the black and white Gene world returns after first commercial break, with colours slowly fading in. Maybe that happens right at the start of the season, maybe midway. But we get a present-day resolution to Gene's story. I expect no happy ending.
  5. S3E3 cold open was another brilliant way to strengthen the bond between the BCS and BrBa worlds. The Los Pollos truck driving north to the United States, over territory that once saw Hector Salamanca's ice cream truck. The tobacco filter made its return; unmistakable sign that we're in Mexico (in case the Spanish signs were not a dead giveaway).
  6. S03.E03: Sunk Costs

    Oh dear god, not another one ... Though VG seemingly played with the fans' off-season obsession with this theory by framing Ernie's arrival at Kim's office in a way strikingly similar to Gus' arrival at Casa Tranquilo. Still, it would be redefining the term "stretch" to find that Gus and Ernie were, in fact, in any way related. Didn't bother me one bit. Gus and Mike's first meeting was epic, with just the right amount of irreverence. Mike holding up the "DON'T" note and asking "Care to elaborate?" was Mr. Ehrmantraut at his most bubbly, bon-vivant self. Those dancing eyes. Tyrus and Victor on either side. Mike and Gus in between. Hector the common enemy. And somewhere far away on the other side of ABQ, a younger Walter White was writing "apply yourself" on a chemistry test for the very first time. Or so I am convinced.
  7. S03.E01: Mabel

    They've invested three lengthy season intros into the post-BrBa world of Gene. And hopefully we don't leave future-Jimmy passed out on the Cinnabon floor with icing on his face. But the way these writers operate, as of this post they might not even be sure exactly where they plan to take the flashforward stuff. I can't wait to find out.
  8. Speculation Without Spoilers

    Yellow has been associated with the drug world in BrBa, and not just with Gus' yellow shirts and the Pollos signage.
  9. That's cute. They clearly mean Jimmy is going to represent HIMSELF. And Mike and Gus' long game of chess is drawing to its conclusion. Can't wait to see what's next.
  10. S03.E02: Witness

    I think Kim's already quite enmeshed. Her whole solo career is based on a scam Jimmy pulled, and now she's trying to stay ahead of (or on the right side of) the truth coming out. We saw her on the couch in their office, going over what their next move should be, checking in with Jimmy for his input. I too hope she gets out unscathed, but the other part of me is ready for some serious tragedy.
  11. S03.E01: Mabel

    As some residents have pointed out, that was not special effects. That's just what Nebraska looks like.
  12. S03.E02: Witness

    Please let it be OMAR.
  13. S03.E01: Mabel

    And possibly the fact he was shaken up. As careful as he had been watching Hector, someone else was even more sly watching him.
  14. S03.E01: Mabel

    In this thread: people complaining about BCS doing the slow burn like it's something new. We get it. You want BrBa-level adrenaline rushes. This is not the show for you.
  15. Speculation Without Spoilers

    Moscow Mule The HHM garage trash can Marco's pinky ring Mike's pimento brown bag