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  1. S01.E01: Approachable Dreams

    The comparison to Vicki and Brooks of RHOC is pretty spot on. Vicki even sees herself as Debra, the naive, successful business woman with several failed marriages and so desperate for love she ignores all red flags. Now waiting to see if John fakes cancer.
  2. All Episodes Talk: I (Don't) Want To Be Alone!

    This show reminds me of Siberia. I think it is scripted and the castaways are actors. It’s too contrived to be real, just like Siberia. I loved Siberia but this show, not so much.
  3. True Dat. Nearly all of Loyola Law’s courses, torts, contracts, etc. only have one exam and that is the final exam for that course and that exam would be given in May for the spring semester.
  4. Many homes in the New Orleans area that were built in the 60’s have terrazzo floors. They’re beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. The terrazzo floors in my childhood home survived Katrina’s floodwaters and were easy to restore. Quite an accomplishment considering the house was under 10 feet of water for over a week.
  5. S01.E04: Alligator Tears

    The Fairgrounds is a race course located in the Gentilly neighborhood where Jazz Fest is held.
  6. S01.E04: Alligator Tears

    I’m trying to identify some of the locations in this episode. Looks like they went to Restaurant des Familles after the swamp tour. That place is crawling with gators.
  7. S01.E02: Art House Party

    Jon had some of his paintings on display at NOPSI Hotel at Christmas time. I spoke to him briefly and he was very friendly. I love his work. I find it odd that Reagan would want to live in the French Quarter while attending law school uptown. But I certainly understand why she wouldn’t want to commute across the Causeway, 24 miles of torture.
  8. Sun-Bun, thanks for responding to my post. I look forward to visiting some of the hot spots you recommend. LOL at the reference to Patricia taking her medicine on the veranda. I truly appreciate the Southern hospitality you have extended to me.
  9. I’m going to be in Charleston the first week in December and would like to see some of the locations where Southern Charm is filmed. I was planning to go to Gentry but it looks like I won’t be able to do so if it is indeed out of business. What other places do you locals recommend I visit?
  10. Flip or Flop Fort Worth

    I recognize Ashley Williams. Was she on one of the Property Brothers competition shows?
  11. I thought Teresa’s mother was in her mid 70’s and was shocked to learn she was only 67. She really looked old for her age.
  12. And the psychic who told Ramona her husband was cheating on her.
  13. Next thing you know, Craig will be hawking toaster ovens.
  14. My friend works the Jo Malone counter at Saks and says that the candles are big sellers. Movie stars and rock stars often stop by to buy candles for their dressing rooms.
  15. S02.E05: Episode 5

    I got the impression that as soon as his child was born, JJ quit working so that he wouldn't have to pay child support.