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  1. Chit-Chat

    My neighbor said she got hers from Lowe's for around $70.00
  2. Small Talk: The Command Center

    Officer Zendejas seems a bit uncomfortable in the command center.
  3. Chit-Chat

    Saturday, we bought a George Foreman 'indoor/outdoor electric grill at a thrift store for $10.00 It works great!!!! No charcoal mess or propane (or propane accessories)
  4. Sonic: One of the guys is shouting something and then he says to the other guy *something like...' if you can hear that, there's a problem' What ?
  5. I agree with your assessment.
  6. S08.E02: Roxann and Barbara

    Yesterday, I saw Barbara & Roxann. Damn! Barbara looks like she's 107 yrs old. She looks really really old I 100% agree that Roxann's older sister was jealous of her looks. I think the older sister just needed to make her daily run to.... McDonald's/Burger King/Wendy's and she would be an ok person.
  7. As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    Not me.
  8. I wonder if the female cop in Pinal CO is a rookie ? She was reading that stupid drunk bitch her rights, and that stupid drunk POS kept saying "no" over and over again. The female cop told the other cop that she "envoked" because she kept saying "NO" The male cop said "that's not envoking" The next scent of the female cop reading someone their Rights, she actually read the entire rights to them without stopping.
  9. Past Seasons Talk: Look Out For Sail Cats

  10. Stupid/drunk bitch deserves whatever happened/happens to her
  11. I really want to see the footage of this guy in court.
  12. Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Have you guys been following the story about the 30 yr old man from NY who refuses to move out of his parents house ? After his parents have him 4/5 noticed to move out and even gave him $1,100.00 to help with moving expenses, he still refused to move out. They finally ended up takng him to court and the Judge ordered him evicted. He still refuses to leave. Opinions....
  13. S26: Tonya Harding: Whyyyyyy!?

  14. S26: Tonya Harding: Whyyyyyy!?

    How do you know this ? And a lot of people do.
  15. Life in Pieces - All Episodes

    Yes. My son is active duty Marine. My dh & I went to the gate with him this past tuesday