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  1. Live PD

    I was thinking 2 apts where joined by a door between the units.
  2. Damn!!! Why the hate? Do you know her personally?
  3. Schooled

    Damn~ Lainey looks old. Are you saying that the only good bb players are Black ?
  4. There is also cash to cover those expenses
  5. Live PD

    Don't know why Tom can't fill in for Dan ?
  6. Chit-Chat

    It's pretty slick because it's not illegal to give away "divine intervention oil. (even the shipping is free) That way it can't be called a scam.
  7. Chit-Chat

    Divine Intervention Oil Flipping thru the channels and came across the *Robyn Davis Ministries on a religious channel. They were encouraging people to call their 800 number to receive a free bottle of "Divine Intervention Oil" The line was to "anoint yourself/house/friends with this oil to ward off witchcraft/evil spirits" OMG!!!!! Are they serious ?!!!!!!!!! The bottle is free with no shipping cost ,etc
  8. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Look at Carla and you can see that her father was White. esp if her mother was Black
  9. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    "Light-skinned Black woman" equals... Bi-racial I guess some still go by the "one drop of Black blood" makes you "BLACK" Really hard to ignore that one of her parents is White.
  10. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    How was Rosanne killed off ?
  11. Adam Ruins Everything

    Adam & that "Expert" guy kept saying that there wasn't any proof that strangers harmed/killed children by tampering with halloween candy. That was really confusing,
  12. Adam Ruins Everything

    Are schools still teaching that Columbus "discovered America" ?
  13. Adam Ruins Everything

    Adam Ruins Halloween: Yep, totally remember my mother not letting us eat the candy until she checked it for razors/pins. We were never allowed to eat the fruit. If the candy wrapper was slightly torn, she would toss it out.
  14. Live PD

    Cant imagine being there and not helping that Officer. He was screaming for help. Someone had to hear that
  15. Live PD

    This show is Crazy intense. Who's watching ?