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  1. We always FF through the chases.
  2. What constitutes "Proper English" ? Different regions pronounce words differently. Doesn't make it wrong.
  3. I'm a Black American or just an *AMERICAN* Wonder why WHITES are not call *European Americans ?
  4. Inconsistencies and Continuity Goofs

    The show when Barney was first shown, Barney was introduced as Andy's cousin. Barney called him "cousin Andy" for some episodes. "Aunt Bea" really was his "Aunt Bea.
  5. Chit-Chat

    YES!!!!!! I thought it was just me...lol I actually said my dh... 'how can a car fire cause that much damage and why hasn't it been contained ?
  6. NHL Thread

    : - (
  7. Hahahaha. My dh said the samething
  8. That upset me probably more then it should have because I have nocturnal seizures ( brain injury/controlled by medicine) and I know there is no way that you can grab anyone/anything during a seizure. I was so angry with the POS for saying that.
  9. Fast Food Ads

    "WTF is Fan Food" Really ? Pretty simple...... You're a "Fan" of the food
  10. I really want to know what happened in her life that she thought living in the shit-hole with that that disgusting POS was better ?
  11. I'm pretty sure Detective Pini knows very well how to care for his dog.
  12. Chit-Chat

    Vegetarian chili dogs
  13. Long sleeves actually protect the skin
  14. Chit-Chat

    My neighbor said she got hers from Lowe's for around $70.00