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  1. Remember when Dylan got robbed at gunpoint and went to get a gun - and couldn’t get it legally - and then couldn’t handle it and almost shot Brandon because he was intoxicated and paranoid? So now David is robbed, goes to get a gun, has to wait, takes Noah’s gun and shoots someone. It wasn’t that good a storyline the first time around, so repeating it is not really necessary. And talk about a bad weekend. You take a chance and try to hook up with and old friend you’ve always had a crush on, and you end up being shot by his stupid girlfriend’s stupid ex-boyfriend. Poor woman should try looking for a job instead if she wants to get laid, it seems to work for other people!
  2. It’s a testament to the awfulness of late BH90210 that I found the return of Muntz to be a “I kind of missed that guy” moment. If you’re missing Muntz there’s not much else to be excited about.
  3. I too would love book coverage of some kind.
  4. So Brandon decides to ruin the party by making everybody uncomfortable with a stupid speech. Great. I know that’s my personal dream of a party: being surrounded by people who all of a sudden starts taking everybody hostage with speeches about how badly their lives are going. Jeez, most people came to have a good time a to check out which of the pretty girls got ugly so they can gossip about that with their friends after.
  5. Yeah, if you’re giving someone a Meaningful Gift like that, perhaps share why it’s so meaningful! The way Noah does is makes it seem like a)he’s trying to pass the jewellery off as real diamonds and only tells her because he gets busted or b)it’s a mean relationship test. Donna clearly interprets it as the latter and thinks she has failed. Nice job on the gift front, Noah. Funny how these people always knows someone: Brandon knows an iceskating guy and Val knows a jeweller. But I guess it’s more believeable than when Dylan knew a hairdresser who owed him a favour?
  6. Yeah, it’s hard to admit but at this point in the show I hate Kelly more than I hate Brandon. which is a lot. Also, teenmom whose name I’ve already forgotten and her mother should call the Foundation Foundation and tell Kelly’s bosses that she’s harassing them. Her behaviour is so over the line.
  7. Kelly saying “I’ve given this a lot of thought” is so stupid. When did she have time for all those thoughts - in the few hours that have passed? Also, what someone should probably tell her is that her chances of becoming a foster parent are not good: a 23-year old single (at least not living with her boyfriend with whom she has an on/off relationship) woman who has a history of drug abuse (how long has she been clean - a year and a half?) and membership of a cult is maybe not the first person to be picked. Add in that her friends all seem to be drug users or drunks, and we’re not really seeing a pretty picture of a good and stabil foster parent to a child (a child she seems to be unhealthely emotionally attached to, maybe because of her own loss of a fetus). Oh, and she nearly drowned her own sister and failed to get her medical attention after, but I guess social services will never know about that.
  8. I’ve never hated Kelly so much. And Steve is godawful this whole episode too. Okaying police brutality AND rape in the same episode, good job.
  9. I’ve just listened to the first couple of minuts and I’m so happy the subject of where to put a criminal when you have the car full of journalists (in this case it should be “journalists”). I’ve wondered about that a million times when watching tv-shows! Now, back to listening.
  10. This podcast was perfectly timed for me, since I was a little late to the party as well and just watched Wild Wild Country during the last three nights. You summed up my feelings quite accurately: I enjoyed it and would absolutely recommend it to others, but there was a lot missing from it. One thing I find interesting to think about is: what is the difference between settling and forming a new society (Sheela mentions something about opening a bank by borrowing money from the members, which basically sounds like a sort of coop) and a cult? Is it the worshipping of one leader? Coming to a foreign land a settling and taking over is kind of how the US was founded, so is that in itself bad? (No offense to the US, I just find the parallel interesting). The series doesn't help to answer questions like this, because we're not told what this particular cult believes or does, which is a shame.
  11. OMG, first Kelly really knew how an abused woman felt because it was kind of the same being cheated on by Brandon, and now Brandon really knows how it is being in prison for murder because he also “made a mistake”? Stop using other people’s misfortunes to feel even more sorry for yourselves, worst couple in history. I feel like Brandon is actually making one good point: he can’t undo “what happened”, it’s up to Kelly to decide to forgive him. The thing is, however, that he has not and does not act as if he’s sorry or feels as if he should apologize. He’s just being a creepy stalker asshole. On a lighter note: I keep saying this, but Noah is so much fun. (Also it’s nice to know than even a non-native English speaker is better at pronounciation than he is). Unintentionally, I’m sure, but he just sounds hilarious in the audio clips.