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  1. I had to pause the podcast and come here to write two things. One: excellent point that the club is going downhill because of David’s stupid show. Two: Now I really want a Save the Peach Pit conmemorative mug.
  2. I laughed so loudly in the street that people stared at me - it was so great expecting what was coming and waiting for it ... and there it is: DA NA NA NA. So great!
  3. I may have been guilty of doing that around that time in fashion history. Not a defense of Donna or her hair; more like something that I should be ashamed of.
  4. Am I suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or is Steve looking pretty good at this time in the show? It's so hard to care about Lauren. When a pic of her was up on the facebook page a few days ago, I couldn't even remember who she was, even while reading the caption. No one cares. But at least she gives Kelly another reason to be a smug bitch, so there's that.
  5. S04.E27: Divas

    Listening to the podcast has made me rediscover my love for Steve. Sure, he’s a terrible person sometimes (racist and whatnot), but he seems more realistic as you said. And he’s a charming son of a bitch.
  6. come on, Dylan, you’re supposed to be so cool in your European ways: You don’t take an espresso to go. You order it, you drink it. Sigh. On the other hand, I’m so happy that the book finally mentioned Luke Perry’s pet pig. That was really the big thing in all the teenmagazines at the time. He’s so cool and quirky, he has a pet pig!
  7. Having a “comedy” plotline involving corpses in freezers is really in a soap/drama series. One moment: social injustice - the next moment: teehee, this guy died and we put him in the freezer. What?! And strip poker? Are they 15 years old?
  8. In a way it is good that the writers forgot that Kelly and Dylan have known each other since the sailboat and whatnot. I’m not sure any of us could bear if Kelly and Matt had gone to the playground to find Dylan (which they surely would have if the writers had known about it). Matt should break up with Kelly and go get drunk while smoking a million cigarettes. And about that: did he quit? Have we seen that or did the habit disappear with grandpa?
  9. If I didn’t think it would be too cruel to the rest of the world, I would request the new sound drop and use it as my textmessage tone. Isn’t it a little eeird to have Dylan come back and let him be totally unlikeable amd disgusting? At least he had his charming moments in earlier seasons. But a gunwawing drugaddict as a “special guest star” leading man of the show?
  10. Nice shout out to the puzzle. #neverforget Do you think the writers hd a bet going on how many times they could use the same gun plotline without anyone noticing and caring? Also: Noah as an inanimate object is very precise. But I kind of appreciate him now when I only have the audio version of him - he’s involuntarily funny and every single clip of him makes me laugh.
  11. Well, she already tried working for free at a store selling ugly clothing, and that didn’t work, so she had to try something else...
  12. You mean the parents who started out as hippy-dippy free spirits a season or so ago? The writers of this show are the worst.
  13. Didn’t Steve learn all about being okay with gay back in the cuppachino episode in college? If we’re continuing to complain about stupid retcons (and why shouldn’t we): Kelly doesn’t remember spending christmas with her grandfather. She (and Jackie) ended up with the Walshes like every christmas and thanksgiving in high school and college. The Walsh family magic clearly overshadowed poor granddad (who by the way didn’t seem to act on his grandaughter being left with a substance abusing mom either), so he had nothing left but to smike cigarettes in his loneliness.
  14. It’s hilarious that Luke Perry is “speciel guest star” from now till the end of the show. Whatever gets you through the night, Jones.
  15. why do they drink champagne from cups? Get champagne glasses, idiots. Aren’t they supposed to be from rich and fancy families? Felice wouldn’t be caught dead drinking champagne like that!