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  1. It’s hilarious that Luke Perry is “speciel guest star” from now till the end of the show. Whatever gets you through the night, Jones.
  2. why do they drink champagne from cups? Get champagne glasses, idiots. Aren’t they supposed to be from rich and fancy families? Felice wouldn’t be caught dead drinking champagne like that!
  3. I’ve considered many times to make a list of all the episodes that are named after Beatles songs. It enrages me because I feel the show is dragging the fab four in the dirt by keeping on doing it.
  4. When the twins were arguing about colleges, the parents decided to taking out a second loan to pay for their annoying children’s choices (and then they didn’t have to anyway), so they must have owned the house at that point. I can buy that they didn’t sell when they moved to Hong Kong, after all they maybe didn’t know how long they would be staying there, but after a couple of years they would def have sold. Why pay interest on a loan on a house just so some randos can live there?
  5. I call my parents by their first names and have always done so - I know a couple of other people who do as well. But the thing is: Brandon doesn’t, he calls them mom and dad (daaaad), but then he sometimes refers to them by their first names, which ... why? Why can’t he just say “my parents”. Because he’s an asshole is why.
  6. I wonder who all the strangers standing around at the store opening are. We all know that Kelly and Donna doesn’t know anyone. My best guess is that they all got a voucher for a free cocktail to show up.
  7. Oh my, I must have stopped watching by then. I vaguely remember the boutique boutique and Sophie’s existence, but the rest is all new to me. Seems I didn’t miss out on anything, but I send my heartfelt thanks to our hosts for sticking with it!
  8. And also: “hey, remember when my friend was shot and you saved her life by giving her blood? And please stop playing around with that gun, I once attended a terrible birthday “party” which ended with the birthday boy shooting himself by accident.” When you think about, it Donna’s history with gunrelated violence is quite long. She should turn around and run the moment she sees stupid Noah with a gun.
  9. Why would the sight of Kelly in her wedding gown be such a big deal to Brandon? He already saw her in that dress. At their wedding. So showing him what he missed? What? He knows that - he actually made the decision to not be with her when she was wearing that dress.
  10. Maybe the foundationfoundation is cutting funds because of all the complaints from patients about being stalked and harassed by that weird secretary who thinks she runs the clinicclinic.
  11. Exactly on the furniture stuff. It’s not like they were going to keep the chairs and the dancefloor if they had gone through with the wedding.
  12. Kelly is such a weirdo. When she “chose herself” and said no to Brandon’s first proposal (after considering going away with Dylan instead) she also expected that they would keep dating. That’s not how this works. One thing is to agree not to get married (I know plenty of people who have chosen just to live together, have kids, own a house together etc but not being married - but they didn’t make that choice after getting as far as a non-wedding.)
  13. One thing is that Val keeps working at the PPAD - but she goes with Noah to a club? He raped her, ffs! On a more shallow note: I feel like I spent the 90’s in a spaghetti strap top and a cardigan tied around my waist. I even think stupid magazines wrote about that as a “tip to emphasize your waist” or whatever. and who would want to go to the reception if the wedding was called off? Free food and drinks - great - but wouldn’t you feel very uncomfortable? We’re supposed to believe that the great Brandon and Kelly totally agree on this decision and thus everybody sees that this is for the best and how wonderful they did this and let’s celebrate that, but I’d have so much secondhand embarrasement that I’d want to leave and get drunk somewhere else. (Is the word “emphasize” correct? English is not my langauge and I’m halfway drunk on rose, so can’t be bothered to look up words right now).
  14. Haven’t listened yet but “ Miiiight want to up your SPF there, Steverino” - isn’t there a whole episode dedicated to Steve thinking he’s got skincancer coupled with beach models storyline (one of those where Steve learns A LESSON)