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  1. S15.E09: Shelter From the Storm

    Why doesn't this show have any couples I can root for? Maybe they can just swap Mere and Maggie's love interests.
  2. S04.E11: Who Can You Trust

    Can he take April too? I can't even finish this episode because of her. Yes, while she was right about HIPPA, this show never cares about it nor has April ever cared about her. I don't know why she went to the chief but I'm against her for it. Why is she always acting like she's the dr?
  3. This episode fully pushed me into Jessica hate land. WTF are the writers doing?
  4. The Masked Singer

    Forgive me, but what loss did Raven have? I agree that Raven is Raven. My guess for deer was T.O
  5. S04.E10: All The Lonely People

    Was I the only one hoping April would be seriously hurt or die so we could be done with her for at least a couple episodes?
  6. S06.11: The Wedding Singer

    As happy as I am the engagement is over, I definitely teared up at the end.
  7. The Grinder

    I miss this silly little show and Fred Savage.
  8. Angie Tribeca

    I didn't even realize the show was back. I'll have to binge it.
  9. 20/20

    Yay, I found y'all again. Chris Watts is a despicable human being. I also believe the girlfriend knows a lot more than she says.
  10. S04.E09: Death Do Us Part

    That FBI lady is seriously incompetent at her job. I found April's scene with the baby creepy not endearing.
  11. The Cool Kids

    I adored this episode. I also liked the one before with Hank and the younger woman. I don't see a thread for it, though?
  12. So none of Betty's friends have noticed she's missing? Hasn't been around? Bizarre. Archie is too stupid to live.
  13. S01.E08: Three Dots

    Yes, and I found it odd she didn't seem to know anything about Reynolds
  14. S02.E10: Merry Ex-Mas

    Yes it was shrink wrapped. He said he had tried punching and kicking it.