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  1. S19.E02: Jackie R. 2018.06.12

    I love seeing Sylvia! I was a little confused on why she hated her ex husband so much. Was it because he refused to give her a divorce?
  2. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I agree. My ex did the same except introduced my kids to 3 different women. He moved in with one before the divorce was final. It hasn't been easy on my kids. The kicker here is he accused me of having an affair.
  3. S01.E08: God, I'm Tired

    Ha, I'm watching it too! I discovered it Monday and binged it in two days.
  4. Roseanne: Aftermath

    I didn't realize how fond I was of the revival until it was cancelled. ABC did what they had to do but I'm sad about it.
  5. General True Crime Shows

    I completely agree. She's guilty as sin.
  6. General True Crime Shows

    I'm so tired of seeing the same promo for The Last Defense (Darlene Routier.) Every time they say or she's the devil. I scream obviously. That being said, I can't wait to watch it. I also don't like that this appears to only be about proving her innocence. I want a show that gives me both sides. I suppose I'm asking too much.
  7. S01.E08: Heat Wave

    While I find this show very enjoyable, I'm always questioning the premise. Why exactly did they divorce? They could have talked about the sex thing. I'm over hearing the show tell me how many problems they had when we never see/saw it. So tired of hey we're done and surprise I'm pregnant now.
  8. S02.E22: One Day More

    I agree and I can't even bring myself to watch it. I'm sad.
  9. S04.E16: Fair Terms

    I'm over the Eddie steals Empire story. Also, I think it's ridiculous that they fire and ban Blake within a matter of minutes over a SINGLE photo when he was 10. If it had been a current photo, then okay. Kids are forced to do all kinds of crap when they're kids. Yes, it's offensive and racist but I'm not placing blame on a 10 year old who didn't know any better then. I've come to hate Tiana. I wanted her to break down on stage. I doubt all artists would refuse to perform that quickly. Loved the Jamal/Becky moment at the funeral and Jamal/Andre moment.
  10. S14.E24: All of Me

    Despite not being a Jolex fan, I really enjoyed this episode. I like that's Teddy is back but wish she wasn't pregnant. I care nothing about Matthew and April. I really adore Alex and Mere's friendship. I'm still in my lonely corner shipping her and Jackson.
  11. S03.E20: The Tipping Point

    Where was Noah this episode? He's become one of the few enjoyable parts on this show recently. I liked the focus on Goodwin. I hate April and Choi together so yay for a break up. Was I supposed to feel sorry for Bekker? Because I don't. Bye, she's awful. Weirdly enough, I'm invested in the Dr. Charles Homicide! Maybe because it's so bad, it's so good?
  12. Atlanta in the Media

    I adore this show and encourage everyone to watch it. I don't want it to end!
  13. S14.E23: Cold As Ice

    I enjoyed this episode as well. I know it will never happen but I'm shipping Jackson and Meredith.
  14. How does this get cancelled and other crap stays on TV forever? I'm so sad.
  15. S04.E16: Fair Terms

    I would have rather Shyne stay and Eddie go away.