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  1. I am baffled at how Tapp was convicted, much less put on trial. He is clearly innocent and the police are inept bumbling idiots.
  2. I detest the real time voting. I never watch live.
  3. What do these girls see in him? He is so greasy.
  4. I don't even like Jo and it bugs me that the storyline was completely dropped. I want to watch that. Not Minnick. Not stupid Amelia.
  5. I don't think Maggie should have been allowed to do the surgery. She hadn't established a relationship with the patient or prepared for it at all.
  6. Several rounds of applause.
  7. I just can't picture Jackson and Maggie together at all.
  8. I miss Wyatt and his glorious hair.
  9. I hate Dawson. She just steamrolls people and has no respect for anyone.
  10. I have zero recollection of who Intern Isaac is...
  11. If the goal was to get me to actively hate Amelie more, well done. I only wanted her off the show before. I now hope she walks into the path of a speeding semi.
  12. Like others, I expected to hate this show, but I adore Keesha Sharp so watched it for her. I ended up loving this show. I was really sad when I realized it was the season finale. I didn't expect to tear up in the middle of a Lethal Weapon episode either. But I did when Trish said you're family to Riggs.
  13. I actually think Meredith would have been a great person for Jackson to open up too. In some ways, their parental background is similar. She would have had an unique understanding of some of what Jackson is going through. She didn't know her father either.
  14. Jackson didn't add April. Catherine and April did and manipulated it by surprising him as he was boarding the plane. My guess is he did prepare with Mere beforehand. That's why everyone kept calling April Dr. Grey.
  15. I liked the Jackson part of this. I don't care about the Jackson/April part. Especially after they both gave Jackson zero choice in April going on the trip. It was manipulative of both of them. The man asked you to leave him alone. Leave him alone. The transplant needed two surgeons and I'm assuming Jackson asked Mere to go with him. Catherine and April steamrolled him and decided April was going.