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  1. S02.E01: Part I

    Both adults made a face when they tested the drink. They quickly covered as one does when a child dies something that appears to be thoughtful.
  2. S02.E03 Part III

    Perhaps Marin died in childbirth or after it from something related to the birth?
  3. S01.E07: Falling

    This entire time I thought John's last time was Keane. Thanks to CC I now know it's King. So Adora is poisoning Amma and killed Marian? Jackie and the nurse knew. The Chief may have known? Or did be suddenly put some pieces together when the girls said Amma was sick? Camille wouldn't take the medicine so I see how she lived but what about when she was a baby? It appears that Alan knows this and does nothing. Was that scissors he picked up at the end? I thought he may be killing himself. Adora being the killer fits with the other girls. They sound a lot like Camille but I still think it's Amma. But I don't know why. Jealousy that her mom was paying them so much attention? Why is there so much focus on this doll house? Also, what was Amma looking for in Camille's room? She had zero reaction to the crime photos which is disturbing.
  4. I don't know why the spoiler tag is there nor can I figure out how to remove it. It was clear to me Sandra Dee had no intention of ever making it work. Her attitude was awful. She was so ungrateful and negative. I mean at least the other failed restaurant, they were grateful for the renovation. Lena and the Matthew chef guy should leave and start their own restaurant.
  5. I'm 20 minutes in and want to punch Sandra Dee and Tateyanna in the face. I hate these types of people. Always excuses and take zero responsibility for anything. The other daughter seems invested, though. Someone tell me she left the restaurant.
  6. S01.E06: Cherry

    What I mean was that she planted it on the farm to point to one of the migrant workers. So she's protecting her precious Amma. She knows what the sherrif thinks about the suspect already so it fits within that narrative.
  7. S01.E06: Cherry

    I was pretty convinced Adora was the killer until this episode. Now I've decided it's Amma and Adora must know and planted the bike. I agree that Jackie knows a hell of a lot more than she's letting on. Tell somebody. But I do enjoy her so show her more. I felt really disturbed and gross watching that party scene. Especially the way Amma was acting.
  8. S08.E31: On the Mend

    I understand why Chelsea did what she did. Being involved in tense drop offs is incredibly difficult. There was a period where I would have a panic attack before or after every single exchange. The child exchanges give me strange anxiety every time. So I did bring my boyfriend along for some or just sent the kids out without exiting the house. If my ex in laws showed up after some of the things they said and did to me, I wouldn't answer either.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Double Vision

    I remember this one. I found him infuriating.
  10. Farrah

    Me!!!! I maintain that this is my favorite reality show ever.
  11. S05.E08: The Bubble 2018.07.31

    I agree. Look when a man does what she does, he is pretty much a deadbeat. Not a single person would handwave or justify her actions. Yes the marriage failing is on BOTH of them. But how she handled that by abandoning her kids is on her. I hate that the show wants me to find her sympathetic. I don't.
  12. S01.E05: Closer

    I enjoy the words! I see some and miss some. I'll need out with you.
  13. I am with you and I own a dog. Somehow I retained custody of all animals in the divorce despite never wanting the dog in the first place.
  14. All Episodes Talk

    Her name was Megan. Amanda was one of the girls that was helping. Anyways, I agree with everyone else that Megan just wanted to be with Chris. She was willing to go back if she could be with him. She definitely wanted a free way up there. It was so creepy when Chris was spouting off about how perfect Warren Jeffs is and how he just knows Jeffs will get out.
  15. It did appear it was in the middle of nowhere which I'm glad to know it's not! Have you eaten there? I'm always so curious about these places and what they are actually like! I liked the end the best with Gordon taking pictures.