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  1. S14.E16: Caught Somewhere in Time

    The show wants Jackson to be Maggie's Derek. But I'm not buying it. I'm more opposed to it since they're shoving it down our throats. Besides that crap, I enjoyed this episode.
  2. Amber

    He did a shitty job on that stain.
  3. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I've spent the past week reading the past 70 pages of this hoping to get to the part where Jenelle was fired. The good news is y'all are hilarious.
  4. S14.E15: Old Scars, Future Hearts

    I'm really sick of the insinuation and outright accusations that Maggie/Jackson or Maggie is disliked because of racism. I'm sure that is the case with some out there but it certainly isn't with me and it's not the first time I've had to defend this. I'm not a Japril shipper either. I liked him with Stephanie. Priya seemed nice too. I would love Maggie and Jackson with someone outside of the hospital. I don't give a crap if those people are white, black, Indian, Hispanic, etc. I just hate Jaggie. Somehow Jackson looks like a creepy stalker and Maggie comes off as a 12 year old. To be fair, I'm inclined to be annoyed with Maggie because the show keeps shoving her down our throats and how amazing she is. I also don't like Jo or Amelia. A weird part of me would like to see a Jackson/Mere pairing but I realize that makes very little sense.
  5. S14.E15: Old Scars, Future Hearts

    I didn't want Jo either. But yes, I found Maggie unbearable this episode. I like her in moments with Richard. I like her with Clive but he has a wife so.
  6. S14.E15: Old Scars, Future Hearts

    I hated most of the episode..I liked getting more of Alex's backstory but why did Maggie's have to be shoved in there? Can't Alex get his own episode? Love getting a little bit of Alex/Mere friendship too. I did enjoy April and German together. That's it. The rest of it sucked.
  7. S14.E14: Games People Play

    I've been pretty vocal about my dislike for Maggie. While watching, I realized there were times I actually liked her. Those were when she was with Clive.
  8. S14.E14: Games People Play

    Ugh the Maggie/Jackson stuff ruined this episode for me. I hate that they made Clive be married. I would rather he just be. a good guy that Maggie dumps.
  9. S03.E10: Down By Law

    Why can't Maggie have nice things? This Barry crap was unnecessary. I liked him and don't care that he changed his identity. Reese. I've officially crossed over to the hate train. She can go now.
  10. S01.E07: Full Moon (Creepy AF)

    It's a birthmark. There's some fancy term for it that I don't recall. I should keep reading before I answer. Whoops.
  11. Are there other series from earlier that show more of Hearst's side? I believe she was raped. I believe she was brainwashed but have trouble reconciling that with all the actions she took over the next two years. Both Harrises should still be in jail.
  12. I grew up knowing about Patty Hears but nothing beyond rich girl kidnapped and she joined them since it happened before I was born. I have really enjoyed it so far. Bill Harris irritated the crap out of me.
  13. S03.E09: On Shaky Ground

    I agree with everything you said. Also, this doesn't make me like Bekker. As a NICU parent and an aunt, I've spent a lot of time in there. They don't automatically decide 22 weeks isn't viable. There were 22 and 23 week babies in the NICU. I've met ones that have graduated from the NICU so that bugged me as well. That baby should have been in the room with his parents. The NICU team should have been in the room and waiting for the potential birth.
  14. S14.E11: (Don't Fear) the Reaper

    I agree. Bailey was absolutely correct when she said heart attacks in women present differently. I loved this episode too. This is the Maggie I like. Her rambling in the waiting room slightly annoyed me but I'll give her a pass for this instance.
  15. S03.E08: Lemons and Lemonade

    It also depends on if it's a private or public hospital.