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  1. Huh. I'm going to have to watch Noah's performance again because I hated it. Clearly, I'm missing something.
  2. I wish they had focused more on how to do things without technology. Jackson/Maggie make me want to vomit. Quit shoving this down our throats. There is zero chemistry there.
  3. I think it was Dekalb County? Either way, she's a terrible detective and should be fired.
  4. They did invite KH back at some point. She declined. She only opened up to it once her career fell off and her movies kept bombing. It's been reported that she was also bratty on her movie sets. None of that excuses what Washington did but I get why the show isn't having her back. Also, I don't want her back. Alex's imagining of her life was perfect and great closure.
  5. @BaseOps the ending made me cry. I loved that it just let it be those 3 and no one else.
  6. This episode was near perfect. I was annoyed that once again, Amelia is right and she was bratty about it. I also could have done without the Carina/Owen scene as well.
  7. Party of one here: I love Jason George and will watch his new show. Especially if there's reasons for him to take his shirt off. I think he's more attractive than Jesse Williams.
  8. I openly said that I wished the tumor killed Amelia and when that didn't happen, I also said I was hoping to see her die in Owen's truck on the drive home. I'm an equal opportunity hater. I'd also like to see Jo, Carina, Owen and Amelia leave. I was happy to see Riggs go.bBring in someone, anyone to do ortho now that Callie is gone. The cast is far too big and yet they're not bringing in needed people. Like an oncologist.
  9. Her social awkwardness seems to have gotten worse to me. Ducking behind the counter when the cute guy comes to pick you up for a date isn't cute or playful. It's downright rude and annoying. Can we bring Stephanie back and get rid of Maggie?
  10. I enjoyed this episode but wish we had more of the guys on the boat. I didn't like Carina/Germann sleeping with Owen and Amelia. Amelia is still annoying.
  11. I almost turned it off then. I did stop watching it because I couldn't believe how one sided the whole thing was. I can't stand the perception that private school must be better than public. Frankly, it was ticking me off. That's not the case. Now I'll finish watching that I've read these responses.
  12. I like Sam but despise Ruby. I loved the episode except the parts that focused on Ruby. Ugh.
  13. I think they're both pretty but I see zero evidence of Jackson being attracted to Maggie at all. There is no chemistry there. The show can keep trying to tell me there is but I don't buy it. I did believe he was attracted to April.
  14. Regarding the women's restroom, my dad had to drag my sister and I out by entering in once. Granted, we were younger than Deja. He did ask women to check on us but none of them would because they assumed he was a creep. It was tough for him because he didn't feel comfortable taking us into the men's restroom at our age but he knew he couldn't accompany us into women's restroom either. I was 7, she was 5 and when he finally went in after 30 minutes he saw my sister crawling under each stall door to get toilet paper for me. I refused to leave my stall until I had some. Don't ask me why my sister felt it necessary to crawl to accomplish this task.
  15. Ugh I so found lice in my super curly headed child tonight while washing it. She's 3 so this process took ages. I only found two but I'm seriously debating paying someone to check it again because combing through curly hair? Sucks more than straight.