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  1. Y'all, I have had a crappy day but this thread has made it so much better. I can't stop laughing at these posts.
  2. Yes!!! His chin bothered me the entire time.
  3. Somewhere along the way, I grew to really enjoy this show. It helps that I like the cast. I'm not surprised it wasn't renewed but I wonder if it would have been if Patton was still here. RIP. Loved the ending.
  4. I'm happy for Chris but was a bit surprised Lauren didn't win. I don't think she needed the win, though. I think she will be fine and will likely be on the radio soon.
  5. I liked Aliyah's original but didn't care for the other two songs. I loved both of Lauren's solos but not the duet. Didn't care for anything Jesse did. I thought I would enjoy Chris's original but only liked his cover. My preference for how they finish is Jesse, Aliyah, Chris, with Lauren winning. I do think the winner is a toss up but I think the cumulative multiplier may give Lauren an edge. I also wouldn't be surprised of Aliyah is 4th.
  6. It would have taken Minnick two minutes to tell the firefighters Stephanie was missing. It took Meredith 30 seconds while she was assisting on a surgery. Telling someone wouldn't have prevented her from treating patients which is how she was behaving. It doesn't matter if it is in her job description. She said she would do it and didn't. Her attitude about forgetting was like she forgot to turn lights off. She can also lose me with patients are priority she kept spewing. She has never shown that. She's shown her method and winning the residents over was the end all, be all. Her method is so important, she killed a child because of it. I'm still irritated this was glossed over and never addressed. Someone would have been in danger, once they found out liver lac was a rapist.
  7. Alex dated nurses! Remember the syphilis?
  8. I enjoyed all of the episode except for the Jackson/ Maggie crap. I hate it now and forever. I do wish there had been more Alex. I will really miss Stephanie, though.
  9. I never saw it advertised either. It was also by chance that I found it. Too bad because I really enjoyed it.
  10. Yes,this is what I thought too. How disgusting.
  11. Chris Stapelton is country but older country, I suppose.
  12. I think if Vanessa had been singing instead of Brennley, Hunter would have likely won the sing off. I do think going last has an advantage, though.
  13. Functional alcoholics are a real thing and do exist. Maci very well could be one.
  14. I couldn't even finish watching it.
  15. Wow, I am genuinely surprised at those results. This is the final 4 I wanted but it stinks for Gwen.