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  1. I also got the feeling that he has another diagnosis in addition to the ADHD that was missed. He seemed much younger than his actual age. I suspected he was gay like @Enero.
  2. I didn't think either set of parents wanted Farrah and Daddy Derek together.
  3. Hudson is much better. My sister is a teacher and I'm shocked at the names people saddle their kids with sometimes.
  4. Is that poor kid's name really Huddle?
  5. This is ridiculous. A crash can happen anywhere regardless of the neighborhood. Also, I don't understand how the wreck is being blamed on the Gaines. They weren't the ones driving the car. My friend's house has a fence around her front yard. It has large brick columns and iron. It's in a great part of town and that fence has been crashed into more than once. It's a slight curve and add drunk drivers and speeding and that's what happens.
  6. Who is Chad's Mom?
  7. As dumb as Kyle was, he at least didn't knock up Maci with two trap babies.
  8. It doesn't matter if Gary gives Amber more time. It isn't like Amber is actually going to see Leah even with the time she already has.
  9. Maci absolutely knew. Taylor on the other hand probably didn't but he had to have noticed her body changes? I actually think that's partly why she kept drinking so she wouldn't have to tell him.
  10. Dead. Cannot stop laughing.
  11. Maci gets zero sympathy from me. She's known this whole time and didn't care. She could have "quit" like she did before. I guess taking a stand is only important when it comes to porn stars. They all knew and let it continue.
  12. Actually, it doesn't matter if his name isn't on the lease. He can keep living there since he's an established resident.
  13. I agree. Perhaps I do know them and I don't want to be friends with them.
  14. I just watched this so I looked it up. I think that the reenactment made it seem like forever but it wasn't. At least, none of the articles mentioned it. A security guard saw the "crew" running away from the scene. The article mentioned that he was on extra alert and told the police immediately. It also said that the 911 guy was traumatized and quit. He now owns an auto parts store.
  15. Well, to be fair, I kept throwing fits and demanding to live with my dad. My mom gave in and I assume they just changed the custody agreement. It could be something that Kristina and her ex husband agreed on?