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  1. I hope they keep Cynthia. I find her more believable than Maxine.
  2. I'm shocked! But yay.
  3. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Chelsea didn't have an issue with skyping in until she knew that MTV flew out the crew, Dr. Drew, etc for Janelle. Janelle who threw a fit and refused to fly out since MTV wouldn't foot the bill for her racist homophobic abusive fired pos husband. I would have been upset too if I were Chelsea.
  4. S01.E01: Vanish 2018.07.08

    I watched on my tiny phone and saw the scars clearly. I was also wondering why she never changed clothes. I haven't read the book but I enjoyed the first episode.
  5. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    My child's dad is minimally involved. My dad took her. Also, a friend's son offered to take her as did my cousin. The way it's marketed around here is father daughter dance. Bring your dad, granddad, make role model,neighbor, etc. It's fine. We have grandparents day at school and I've heard the same complaints. I disagree. It' also says or grandfriend. All the grandparents that go always "adopt" the kids that are unable to have anyone there.
  6. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    I agree. I'm 34 and have a 10 year gap. The only job I've been able to find is a lunchroom monitor job. I've applied for anything and everything. Zero luck.
  7. Cults and Extreme Belief did an episode on JW.
  8. All Episodes Talk

    Lifetime needs to stop with their shenanigans. Skipping episode numbers and packaging episodes as new when they're not or only some of it is. This latest one was mainly an old episode where Rachel Jeff's tries to talk to her sister and maybe about 10 minutes of Ava. I would have liked to see and hear more about her and how she's adjusting to everything. I'm thrilled they granted her emancipation.
  9. All Episodes Talk

    Yes! I noticed the resemblance too. The family tree fascinates and horrifies me. In one of the episodes, they did show a part of it but it would take hours to go through it.
  10. General True Crime Shows

    I've always thought her husband was complicit in the murders. I believe he stopped her from killing the baby and then helped set the cover story up.
  11. All Episodes Talk

    Did anyone watch the premiere? That girl seemed legitimately terrified. But I never understand why they just don't leave their stuff and run. They spend too much time getting it. Also, this is listed as episode 3 but only 2 have aired? Really one since the other one wasn't new at all. I saw a commercial for after the escape but can't find it on demand.
  12. S03.E10. Change of Heart 2018.06.27

    It sounds like I shouldn't even bother watching the latest episode.
  13. There was way too much Christina for me.
  14. Chip & JoJo: It's All In The Family

    Crew is an absurdly stupid name
  15. General True Crime Shows

    I don't believe he heard nothing. I think he was somewhat complicit.