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  1. I have a 3 year old and am regularly am around her friends. My boyfriend's son is also 3. All.of them carry on full conversations and usually talk in complete sentences. Sometimes some words are hard to understand but you get the jist of what they're saying. My guess is Nova is never around other kids nor do any of the adults actually talk or really interact with her so that's why she doesn't talk. It wouldn't surprise me if she has developmental delays.
  2. I was really excited to see an episode with Bow at work. I didn't like this at all. It was also unrealistic. Ugh.
  3. I haven't watched it yet but am interested to. Your responses don't give me much hope, though. I'm really interested since I live in the town where it's focus is.
  4. I'm not defending Ryan at all. He won't go to court either because he doesn't actually want more time with Bentley. My divorce and custody agreement is fresh and brand new. I did have some concerns about where my ex husband was staying. (Drug use by roommates) However, I legally could not withhold visitation based solely on concerns only. Unless we went back to court and I won. I would be in contempt if I did. My ex (messy divorce.) attempted to not give the kids back to me because he made up some concerns. He had to give them back to me because the police went by our custody agreement. I think Macy's concerns are valid but she doesn't actually give a shit.
  5. It doesn't matter what Maci's concerns are. Legally, she has zero right to withhold visitation. It doesn't matter if Ryan is a crap father. If it's Ryan's time, it's his time and she has to abide by it. My divorce agreement is very clearly spelled out down to holidays, school breaks, etc. If Maci was truly concerned, she would go back to court to revise it or ask for supervised visitation. She doesn't do this because her excessive drinking would come to light.
  6. This season has been very uneven for me but I loved this episode. I felt like this was more like the fantastic first season.
  7. I'm sorry. That's a difficult thing to go through.
  8. I love seeing Jamal and Hakeem bond. I need more of the brothers together. Thirsty has somehow become my favorite character. Holy crap, no idea Pamela was a hallucination.
  9. Anika sure likes Cookie's sloppy seconds, doesn't she? Can she not find a man that Cookie hasn't had or isn't Cookie's son?
  10. Agreed. No judge would have allowed Angelo to be the lawyer either since he had an intimate relationship with Cookie and by extension the rest of the family. I thought she would have given joint custody. 50/50. Good grief.
  11. I agree. I just can't do nursing homes. It's the smell. They make me so anxious. I think I'm traumatized by the many days spent there visiting my Great Granny when I was a child.
  12. I don't know what it is about Adam C. but he bugs me. I would have rather seen him go over Jon. I liked his performance from last night. I do always enjoy when it's both of Adam's artists in the bottom 2. I love Keisha and I don't mind her combining genres.
  13. I adore how strongly you feel about this. It's the best.
  14. Huh. I'm going to have to watch Noah's performance again because I hated it. Clearly, I'm missing something.
  15. I wish they had focused more on how to do things without technology. Jackson/Maggie make me want to vomit. Quit shoving this down our throats. There is zero chemistry there.