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  1. Because of that lisp she has due to her huge fake chiclets (where all her "s" sounds sound like ""sh"), did this sound like "I'm a douche?"
  2. Probably not as much as she would be jealous had Jill not already "designed" a shoe called the Shawn: Surprise! It's a shabootie! https://www.qvc.com/GILI-Peep-Toe-Ankle-Booties---Shawn.product.A296500.html?sc=SRCH
  3. I'm not watching right now, so I don't know what Shawn means by "not showing anywhere". Her name is certainly showing up on the Program Guide online. Was QVC supposed to put the announcement on Broadway or something? Shawn's such an a**hole. I tuned into the main channel and heard Frau's voice and was confused. So I went on the program guide, saw Frau's name, then went to QVC2 and there was Shawn Killinger.....she's got another show on QVC2 right after this Jiggly show.
  4. I know what you mean. When I was watching , she was talking about how some people may not get QVC2 and would be streaming it on their computers, wondering how they could ask a question. Shawn said "go on my Facebook page, apparently we are streaming this there....." Her show is ALWAYS streamed on her FB page. She acts like QVC2 is a third world country (well, it kind of is) that doesn't get the same perks as the main channel, which she called "QVC1" instead of just QVC.
  5. Interesting stuff! It appears that , tonight anyway, Shawn is on QVC2. Yes! QVC 2 !
  6. #notbuyingiteither Marriage of convenience, as they say......
  7. we can only hope!
  8. QVC

    Bwahahaha! I didn't hear it but I'm taking your word for it! P.S. peenies are my favorite flower!
  9. You're bad! Lol! That was funny!
  10. Well, yes....me, too! I thought everyone ate it that way! I thought that was the way we were supposed to eat it?!
  11. It does sound disgusting, right? Jill Bauer had it on her cooking show today when she was doing the Vitamix presentation. Said her kids rave about it......I don't know, maybe they're raving over it and eating it so they won't have to eat what's for dinner!
  12. what I noticed when Shawn was on her well deserved respite is the way in which she shot her pictures. Typically, she'll post pictures of herself and her family that specifically show where she is and/or what they're doing. Beach, drinking, eating, beach, you get the idea. This time, however, it was some artsy thing she did ...she was, "in general", in Beverly Hills.....she was "in general" at a restaurant.....she was "in general" at a place that served kale lemonade (which would go nicely, I think, with Jill's Snickerdoodle humus - both are a solid blech! for me). All of these pictures weren't real specific, as if, for a change, she didn't want to disclose where or what she was doing or even who she was doing it with! I get it, her life should be private, as far as I'm concerned. But it's a departure from what we've seen from her on vacays past. She loves to show off who she's with, especially if it's someone famous - and there are at least two people out in the SoCal area she could have hob-nobbed with (Lisa Rina and the Barefoot Dreams lady - someone she's posted a pic with before when she was out there). So it was odd to me that even a companion wasn't shown.
  13. This is nothing new, but Jan Muller disturbs me in some way I can't explain. It's 2019......there's no need to scotch tape a mike to the side of your face, is there? And he looked miffed because he had to make another soup, but didn't know what it was.....Jill tasted it and declared it baked potato soup but - quelle horror! - Jan discovered it was corn chowder! ........ as did the Lovesmesome household! blech!
  14. Mark looks thinner because Antony is quite slim and makes McSilly look svelte! I just tuned in and I don't know about you, but I think Jill looks decent today! Must be the tunic length blouse she has on, instead of her usual boxy, tight, boob length leather/pleather jacket!
  15. You beat me to it! I was just typing a post with this info! And here's a great article about Amazon's use of algorithm based pricing.....I have dozens and dozens of articles saved, as I was part of a marketing workgroup within my company that formed to find out everything we could about Amazon. If you want to win against a competitor, you have to understand them! For my company, delivery, representation and surge pricing became the ticket to fight against them. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/amazon-surge-pricing-are-you-getting-ripped-off-small-business/ https://camelcamelcamel.com/