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  1. Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    Christmas isn't the same when you are an adult.
  2. Reminds me of the movie about Brandon Teena where Brandon has Hillary Swank's tan lines from a French bikini.
  3. Ernie

    a female Ernie would've been interesting. I explore this in my gender transformation My Three Sons story: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8504161/1/My-Three-Sons-When-Boys-Become-Girls
  4. Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    and the kid has some makeup on, i think?!
  5. Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    Woolworths here in Australia. I posted their "kid who looks way too old to believe in Santa" counting out carrots for the reindeer advert.
  6. Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    Christmas stuff in Woolworths in September.
  7. Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    god, eighties McDonalds ads make you scratch your head. Wish i could've been crowned Homecoming Queen at a Maccas:
  8. I just got the image of TV Carrie, aged 12-13, trying to fumble with her newly needed bra, and finally ending up with it on her head...
  9. Let's talk about that freaking high chair... even as the twins got way too old for a high chair.
  10. I also thought Carrie was cursed by a witch to pee helplessly for the rest of her life...
  11. Yeah, the Turnbaugh twins were way too old for a high chair. (ML: "Props, can you make a high chair big enough for two girls that are almost in Kinder?)
  12. The only person who would ever be Carrie’s friend is Carrie.
  13. Things That Happen On TV But Not In Real Life

    Some of them probably ARE serial killers...
  14. Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Yeah. It's a reactionary response to girls wearing trousers and shorts and the adults behind the advert - who grew up during the Depression - still wishing girls dressed like child Shirley Temple.
  15. Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Looking at this Suzy Homemaker ad from the seventies, I get the feeling that it would have been considered retrograde even at the time and the way they've dressed the child actress reminds me of how they dressed Vicki in Small Wonder a decade later and it's for the same reasons - to project the image of a certain type of femininity and to indicate that the child is a "proper young lady". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ70VuVqCj4