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  1. Things have changed in 30 years. If I don't keep up with the Waterpik, it can make my gums bleed. I hadn't gone to the dentist for 5 years, and when I did had serious issues, bordering on gum disease. All gone as long as I use it daily.
  2. That's what confuses me - I booked through Open Table and was not asked for credit card info. It came across as a threat and I didn't appreciate it. This restaurant has a hit and miss with customer service. ETA: So why did I book there? Food is good and the menu looked like a good value for the money.
  3. I'm watching the same show - she was quite the hoot! I'm a confirmed gas range lover, so her being able to turn out good food on an electric range is amazing to me.
  4. Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition is to go out to dinner as we have no family near us. This year for Thanksgiving I made reservations at a waterfront restaurant that we went to a few years ago. They offer a 4 course fixed price menu with several choices for each course. Today they called and asked to confirm our reservation as their policy is to charge per person for cancellations. I confirmed, because we want to go there, but wtf with charging for cancellations? How do they expect to get their money? Small claims court? Life happens - what if there was an emergency?
  5. Waterpik has changed my life. It gives me significantly better visits at the dentist. We started at the lowest setting and now are at full blast, which is significant pressure. I can't believe all the stuff it gets out from my teeth - even if I've flossed.
  6. As soon as I saw Justin and Aarti, I changed the channel.
  7. I'm so over the HH formula of he wants/she wants or whatever manufactured drama they do for every effing show now. HH - STOP IT! I watch to look at houses, see what kind of budget gets you in what location.
  8. My Whole Foods sells pastry wrapped brie ready to be baked.
  9. I had an aunt who was raised Mennonite - the women don't cut their hair. Her mother asked her on her deathbed to never cut her hair, and she agreed. She spent the rest of her life with easy to care for shorter hair. No one ever saw any consequences from the grave for her not honoring her mother's request. Practical solutions over comforting dying requests.
  10. Maybe we should tell her Martha Stewart has chickens (and goats and other critters on her farm in NY). Martha is more of a pioneer woman, or just woman, than Ree could ever hope to be.
  11. Thanks. I follow Mario, Michael, and Carla on Instagram and Twitter. Mario and his wife went to Paris this week to celebrate their anniversary, and are in Rome now.
  12. I caught a bit of the show the other day and saw Carla was wearing support on her left leg. What did she do to injure it?
  13. I grew up in a house built in 1891 that didn't originally have indoor plumbing. The house kept getting additions, with the last one having the kitchen with plumbing on the 1st floor and the 1 bathroom above on the 2nd floor. The bathroom had the original claw foot tub - no shower. The kitchen had few cabinets, and they were white metal. Couldn't wait to buy a modern house with more than 1 toilet and a shower!
  14. My husband is from Alabama and hard boiled eggs in gravy are a thing there.
  15. I heard a comedian say he told his new girlfriend he was allergic not just to peanuts, but all nuts. She asked him if he was allergic to butternut squash. His response - "I'm allergic to the food, not the word." Hee.