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  1. We're in NOLA visiting family, staying at the Park View Guest House on St. Charles. My favorite cookie right now is the homemade chocolate chip cookies they put out every afternoon. Yummm!
  2. Yes. 40 some years ago when I was working as a med tech in a hospital lab, I did fingersticks in pediatrics. Those kids tugged my heart strings. If you didn't lie to them and say it wouldn't hurt, but it would be a little prick and they needed to be brave, they did it. I loved the kids.
  3. We're leaving for NOLA to visit grandkids early Wednesday. I'm getting rid of fresh stuff in the fridge. I had some asparagus, so I steamed it, added it to Trader Joe's asparagus risotto with some cooked cocktail shrimp I picked up from WF. Perfect. I'll pick up some Mexican from a local chain on my way home from a meeting tomorrow afternoon. They're offering free chips and queso with an entrée purchase to celebrate tax day. Hee.
  4. We were in Provence last June - totally converted me on the rose. My favorite wine store has them out now, and I've been scooping them up (the ones from Cotes du Rhone).
  5. I caught (2) 30 minute episodes back to back starting at noon this week of a show called "Rafters" The on-line guide said they were new. It was a business of 2 couples in the Phoenix area with a business named "Rafters" that renovate mid-century modern homes. I'd never seen it before. I wonder what makes HGTV burn off new shows with no fanfare or promotion. Something they made and decided not to pick up on? Interesting.
  6. I liked the couple moving from NYC to Pittsburgh. Fun to see expensive homes. He seemed to have a good sense of humor. I think the producers have a hard time getting mature couples/people to be ridiculous and anything other than themselves. The second house is an example of people with more money than taste. The interior was absolutely hideous! Enjoyable episode. That is one big house they ended up with. ETA: I also liked how with a 1 million budget, when the last house was 1.4 million they didn't get dramatic about it being soo far over budget, just looked at each other and said it was more than they planned to spend. In other words, they could afford it, just more than they had in mind. We did that with the house we're in now. It was more than we planned to spend, but had everything we wanted, we could comfortably afford it, so we bought it.
  7. One of our grandsons did - his mother called poison control and they told her not to worry. He was fine,
  8. I thought the staging was better on the 2nd show - not too cluttered.
  9. And the Birmingham News reported he will also not get his pension and the customary State Trooper protection given to ex-Governors. We have a friend who knows the reporter Rachel had on last night. He's coming to visit in a few weeks - looking forward to see what he's been talking to him about this story. I'm also interested to hear of other fallout that Rachel alluded to. Our friends in Alabama have been appalled by their politics for quite some time.
  10. I ate at a Chinese restaurant recently that had the best hot and sour soup I've ever tasted. It's not close enough for regularly getting take out, but I was at a meeting this afternoon that took me by there. I stopped on the way home and got hot and sour soup and Kung Pao chicken for me, egg drop soup and shrimp in lobster sauce for my husband.
  11. The forum I requested for Home Town is now up and running. Whoo hoo!
  12. Do you think it will be in permanent rotation or are they doing a marathon today?
  13. I didn't see any professional stagers. All I saw was her going shopping for pieces to put in the house - waaay too many pieces.
  14. Say what you will about T&C, they hire professional stagers who know how to show case the space, not clutter it.
  15. Lazy easy dinner. Jumbo lump crab cakes from our local fishmonger who uses fresh Maryland crab meat, Red Robin steak fries, and Cole slaw from the grocery store deli.