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  1. I like it too, but what amuses me, as someone who only occasionally visits Manhattan over 40 plus years - I have never seen the streets of downtown Manhattan look that empty, day or night. Manhattan is a consistently traffic jammed nightmare.
  2. Maria is heading to St. Croix with 175 mph winds. Yikes! What's left of the Caribbean for them to film?
  3. When I heard they were telling people on Puerto Rico to evacuate, I was like, where? They're on an island, how to you fly 5 million people out in 2 days?
  4. Thinking there won't be enough of the Caribbean left to do shows after Irma and now Maria. I also wonder what it's doing to the cruise industry that have no ports to go to in this area.
  5. My understanding of what makes meatballs "light", and I learned this from ATK, is the use of a panade - a mixture of diced bread and milk that is mixed with the meat.
  6. I finally watched the show today, and it was fun. I must say, Bobby's kitchen, while probably very nice in person, does not make for good tv. Blue cabinets with dark gray tile backsplash - just seems dark.
  7. I read she hired tutors.
  8. Yes. So obvious. I'd say it's effective because who cares that much about mattresses, but new wonderful cell phones, probably more.
  9. Nathan already had a show(s) before being on FNS and still is on "A Greener World" on PBS.
  10. I don't see it as competition - I see it as an expansion of options, and I welcome it.
  11. Since this is small talk, I took a picture of my avatar this afternoon - Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse at the mouth of South River, on the Chesapeake Bay just south of Annapolis. Pretty day to be on the water.
  12. If you go to Milk Street's web site, and you can search what PBS stations are carrying it. WETA in DC is carrying it along with both ATK and CC.
  13. Awww - I think the Johnsonville sausage commercials are funny. ;-}
  14. We have a 32 foot sailboat that has heating and air conditioning - the unit is in a locker in the cockpit and comes in through a vent in the galley wall. Keeps us cool in the summer and warm in cooler weather. I can't watch this show - I think they're all idiots.
  15. I know professional contractors get cheaper prices at places like Home Depot, while you, the contractor's customer, pay the retail price. But I agree the prices seem low. Maybe they get a volume discount since they do so many flips.