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  1. Ree Drummond has been doing the same thing forever, and she has one of the highest rated shows on FN.
  2. I like Good Bones. I think it's cool a mom and daughter have this kind of business, and they really seem to be having a good time doing their show.
  3. OMG! It is heaven on a bun, especially if the chili is good.
  4. As long as Ree is one of the top-rated shows on FN, she's not going anywhere. FN cares about revenue, and she is bringing it in - big time.
  5. Cheddar cheese on Triscuits washed down with gin and tonic. Don't judge.
  6. Who? What Southern cooks does FN have. Other than Trisha Yearwood who just seems to cook what she grew up with, who are all these country and Southern cooks?
  7. So does my Bed Bath & Beyond.
  8. Isn't that the truth. Their formula of showing zip lining, skiing, whatever has no interest to me. At least we get to see more than 3 houses most of the time.
  9. Love mine too. Bought it at BB&B so $50 off with coupon. It's just the 2 of us - perfect for baked potatoes.
  10. Potato frittata with andouille sausage and fresh tomato washed down with a Spanish rose.
  11. I agree the Pepperidge Farm frozen rolls are great. Even America's Test Kitchen gave them a big thumbs up.
  12. I call BS on that. My husband has UC, thankfully treatable with meds, and never heard any thing of the sort. She certainly didn't eat that way when she had her own cooking show.
  13. Boy howdy, I do enjoy following some people on Twitter (Mario Batali, Michael Symon), but I'd block her if Ree showed up as a suggested feed. Ugh!
  14. I've been to the PSU Creamery - but it's been over 50 years ago. It was wonderful. I was born in Lewistown, and had a great aunt and uncle who lived on Main street back in the 60s. They sold it to someone who built a McDonald's in the 70s - made a small fortune. I went to UM College Park grad school - they are also a land grant college and have a farm - the cows were across the street from the chemistry building. Their creamery has really good ice cream too.
  15. Alton Brown disses "single taskers", but I love my little 4 cup egg poacher pan. Doesn't take up that much space and turns out perfect poached eggs every time.