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  1. LBH = Little Big Head = Giada. Goes back many years, probably to TWoP days. Just explaining, not endorsing.
  2. That's the point. Along with her voice and mannerisms, it's supposed to be OTT ridiculous.
  3. Home is where your heart is. And Zillow can help find you that home.
  4. @spiderpig - the inflatable wine bucket arrived today. I can see lots of uses. Our dock at our marina holds lots of potlucks. I think it will come in handy for keeping wine cold at those. It wasn't as easy to inflate as claimed, but it works. It's ready to be packed. Thanks!
  5. Yep - saw it. Never seen anything like it. People are usually somewhat polite.
  6. Take out.
  7. Egg, cheese, and potato frittata with a side of bacon. Emptying the fridge in preparation for being away for a month starting next week.
  8. He did have a show for awhile - can't remember what network it was on (not FN). It didn't last very long.
  9. I wonder what her ratings were tonight. I saw the news of the Manchester attack around 6 pm ET on Twitter, and we tuned to CNN. They were doing Trump coverage. Checked back at 6:30 and 7, same thing. Turned to MSNBC at 8, and Chris Hayes seemed to indicate there would be political coverage, and that didn't happen. So it took the 24/7 news networks 2 hours to gear up to endless repetition, so it seems. Disappointing.
  10. No kidding - especially when there is no new information - just endless rehashing of the same info while showing the same footage over and over. I guess execs think that if they don't do the endless coverage, folks will switch to channels that are. Wrong for us. We switched to Food Network and HGTV.
  11. Question: Who is doing Italian on FN (or CC) these days beside Giada (and her food really branches out from traditional)? I remember a young vlogger who was doing Italian, but she seems to have disappeared. Just asking since some are asking why we would want more Italian.
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing IC back on my tv. FN is going to do that, right?
  13. Oh, those ads crack me up (pun intended). :)
  14. Found this on HGTV's web site.
  15. When it came to ice on our trip last year, I'm afraid we were ugly Americans. QM2 was fine - mini-fridge in the room and all the ice we wanted from room service. In London, our hotel had a fully stocked mini-fridge with little room to stick in anything you wanted to cool. No ice (1st day we requested ice from room service and got an uninsulated bucket with 10 cubes of ice in it.) Next day we found a convenience store that sold bags of ice - problem solved. Our next stop was in Bayeux in Normandy. No ice at the hotel, but found ice at the Carrfour (they had 2 bags). So, after 2 days we had used up all the bagged ice there was in Bayeux. The third day the desk clerk suggested going to the bar and getting ice. The bartender handed me (1) 12 oz. plastic glass with ice, and when I asked "deux?" he looked at me like I had 3 heads. When we got to Paris, our hotel had a countertop ice machine in the room where they served breakfast. We thought we died and went to heaven. Needless to say we are staying in the same hotel this trip. We've never been to Italy, but I think when it comes to ice, it will be similar.