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  1. Except at one point he woke up in her bed after a night of too many drinks with her.
  2. That wasn't my only interaction with her. She had a way of worming her way into law enforcement agencies to do research for her books. I've got lots of PC stories. Enough that "her people" sent me 2 autographed books she had asked me info on.
  3. I love garlic mashed potatoes. Which reminds me for no particular reason I was invited as part of a group to have dinner at a restaurant hosted by author Patricia Cornwell. We were in a private dining room. She knew I and another woman love Chardonnay, and told the waiter to bring one of their most expensive bottles and keep it flowing. Someone asked if they had garlic mashed potatoes, and the waiter said no. Patricia turned to him and said "Can you make that happen?" Why yes, yes he could. Money talks.
  4. Beachfront/Lakeside Bargain Hunt

    Yes, I've seen them demonstrated on This Old House.
  5. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    No kidding - my step-daughter replaced a black kitchen sink in the house they bought for exactly that reason. It always looked awful.
  6. I cracked up at the Brooklyn guys talking about getting away from the horrible snowy winters. Come on, it's Brooklyn, not Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maine, or Alaska.
  7. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    My local paper in the Home section said 50 shades of gray are very in. Today they said black toilets and sinks are the new "in" thing - yuck.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    Didn't stop Kate Gosselin.
  9. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Y'all are right -they are repackaging Beachfront Bargain Hunt. Or they are burning off episodes they don't plan to show.
  10. Discontinued Foods You Miss

    That's nuts! I went to Kmart's site today to look for folding chairs and they were all listed at being over $2,000. Russian hackers?
  11. What's For Dinner?

    Yesterday I realized I hadn't bought any of our local sweet corn, so got some at the local farm stand and we grilled it along with a marinated pork tenderloin last night. My goodness, the corn was so good. I know the corn at the stand has been picked if not the same day, at least the day before. Tonight we're having grilled hamburgers on toasted pretzel buns.
  12. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    I grew up in a house with no shower - just a claw foot tub. I didn't have a shower until I went to college. I survived.
  13. The thing with the Cascade ad is it doesn't depend on your detergent - it depends on your dishwasher. We had a builder grade dishwasher and it didn't matter what detergent you used, you had to rinse the dishes before washing. We upgraded to a top of the line Bosch - game changer. Throw them in dirty and they come out pristine.
  14. S14.E06 Shark Night Dinner 2018.07.15

    Bobby talks a lot about his Mom. He's also mentioned his daughter Sophie often. ETA: When he was married to Stephanie he not only mentioned her, but had her on a show, and once her sister and Mom on a show.
  15. Respectfully disagree - favorite is not a superlative. ETA: Favorite is an adjective modifying a noun, thus you can have all the nouns in the English language being modified with it.