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  1. Our Mid-Atlantic Giant Food grocery chain has started Free Fridays where you can load a free product on your loyalty card. Mrs. Field's cookie dough were a huge fail, but this week they had this Godiva bar. It was good.
  2. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Season 1

    The letter to Richard was a carbon copy, so the assumption was it was sent. Emily says that. If you focus on finances in this series, nothing makes sense. The writers, including ASP, didn't give a flip about continuity or common sense.
  3. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Seems to me requiring a picture violates the Fair Housing Act which says you can't discriminate on race - a picture would clearly show that.
  4. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    I used to live in the same area as Rockville, and we called that house a split foyer or split entry. ETA: In 1983, we bought a new build in Gaithersburg, MD, just up the road from Rockville. It was sold to us as a split level - you walked into the house and were in the main floor with living room, dining room, and kitchen. You walked up half a set of stairs to the bedrooms and bathrooms. You walked down half a set of stairs to lower level. That builder also offered split entry models, which were when you walked in and immediately went up or down. So those were the descriptions the builder was using.
  5. Behind the Drywall: DIY Shows

    Home Town has its own forum. Someone on that forum said Erin has said on her blog she is introverted and feels more secure when doing talking heads if she's touching Ben.
  6. Small Talk: Come in for coffee and chat

    I've been waiting to hear this. Her ratings were good enough, plus she knows the biz. Encouraging news for FN fans after Discovery purchase of Scripps that she'll be back.
  7. Fast Food Ads

    Oh dear. I avoid McDonald's, but I love milkshakes and love mint ice cream - not that their concoction should be any where either, but I am tempted to stop by my local McD's to see if they have it..
  8. Ina has been upfront from the get go that she does the TV shows to sell her cookbooks.
  9. Small Talk: Y'all come on in

    I think dry counties have more to do with some sanctimonious "we don't allow the devil liquor here". Once counties figure out there is tax revenue to be had, the devil liquor disappears. I haven't heard of more impaired driving in wet counties. That's going to happen if the county sells alcohol or not.
  10. Small Talk: Y'all come on in

    Dry counties - most of the people I know who live in dry counties drive to the wet ones to buy booze and take it home. My husband is from Cullman, AL which until a few years ago was dry. There was a liquor store right south of the county line off I-65 that did a booming business. The 1st time we went to visit my future FIL, he wasn't home, and left a note to help ourselves to any food and where the liquor was. I opened up to see what kind of booze he had - a variety of commercial products plus a mayonnaise jar with a clear liquid in it. At the time I was working for the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms lab in Atlanta. We got some moonshine products come through. Moonshine really tanked when the price of sugar went up in the 70s. So I opened the jar, and that horrible smell of moonshine hit my nose. When his Dad got home, I teased him, why did he have 'shine in the house, knowing a Revenuer was coming to visit. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, and said, "Nothing wrong with it. It's good 'shine." Hee. He was such a treasure.
  11. Taking dry counties to Small Talk.
  12. I interpreted "What new foods have you tried' as food, not even necessarily products, that you've tried that are new to you, not new to the world. Thus my question about Pad Thai. I'd never had it before, and the first I tried was sweet, and I wanted to know if the restaurant was at fault, or was Pad Thai a sweet dish.
  13. FN is actually running repeats of Ina's shows. One day they did a several hour marathon. I was so surprised to see that instead PW.
  14. Ugh - those dry counties in the South. We took the Crescent from NOLA to DC (which goes through Laurel) on a Sunday once and asked for wine at dinner. We were told Amtrak didn't serve alcohol on Sundays. I'm sure it was because of dry counties it went through. I've taken Amtrak from DC to NYC on Sundays and they sold alcohol.
  15. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    HH is doing it again - the 10 pm "new" HH Cape Charles, VA is a Beachfront Bargain Hunt rerun. I've seen it! Stop it HH!!