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  1. I miss Mario. I followed him on Instagram and Twitter, and he has understandably gone dark.
  2. Woke up at 5 am with a cold, and have spent the day in the bedroom in my recliner with a quilt across my lap, watching TV. My husband ran the dishwasher this morning, and this afternoon I heard him emptying it. Now he's making scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner. I'm one lucky girl.
  3. Yep, the Napa guys redid a house in DC.Randy was the DC crime lab's crime scene person.
  4. Hah! I could always just look away, but you know what they say about a train wreck. ;-}
  5. Marie shows up on The Talk on occasion. She looks the same to me. (Disclaimer: I don't watch it, but it's on the TV at the gym).
  6. I do too. Last I read it was still on HGTV Canada. Maybe our Canadian friends can answer.
  7. Last night I made Trader Joe's lemon-thyme chicken (so moist and flavorful), so tonight I'm making chicken noodle soup with the leftover chicken.
  8. I have a step-daughter and family who live there. (Uptown near Tulane). We visit twice a year, but rarely get to visit the cities icons. Last year good friends son got married Dec 30, so we combined a wedding visit and family visit. Lots of good times in the French Quarter, and had New Years Eve dinner at Emeril's NOLA. Yum!
  9. I so agree! It took me well over 60 years to travel to Europe for pleasure. I hate to fly, and 3 years my husband suggested taking the QM2 to England. On that trip we went to Paris, and our 1st day there I was absolutely blown away be its beauty. There was mostly nothing I saw I hadn't seen in pictures, but seeing it in person was mind blowing. I loved "I'll have what Phil's having". and have added this to my watch list on Netflix.
  10. Genise's ratings went up every week she was on. I think they were decent enough for another season. FN doesn't care what a few people think,. they care about ratings that bring in the ad dollars. I'll be surprised if she's not renewed.
  11. My husband made a rare trip grocery shopping with me today that included a stop at TJ's. I wanted to get the spatchcocked lemon thyme chicken and the cabernet marinated pot roast. They didn't have the pot roast. I should have asked, sometimes I forget how helpful their employees are, as I don't shop there often. When we checked out, the young man said he had a question no one else would ask us today - Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd? I never listened to either, but listening to classic vinyl on satellite radio I can now recognize a Grateful Dead song, so I said GD. Oh no, he said, has to be PF. My husband then named a PF song that was playing as we were driving there. All lost on me!
  12. My father was our milkman when I was born, so it was quite the family joke that I looked like the milkman.
  13. I like this show, and am glad they have a second season. They seem like a sweet couple (with the emphasis on seem, hope that doesn't change). I've been watching HGTV for hours this evening, and they are promoting Hometown almost every commercial break. Are they hoping it will replace Fixer Upper since FU is in its last season?
  14. The Palladinos and the writers on this show didn't give a crap about consistency They wrote whatever story line suited their plot du jour.
  15. Saw an episode this evening in St. Croix that featured a home in a community that we stayed at! Young couple with small boy and girl. The 3rd house they looked at was on a ridge toward the east end that had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths with a split floor plan and a private pool. Beautiful water views. It was a great place. When they said the asking price was something about $354K, my husband turned to me with a look like, why are we still living with 4 seasons. Hope the place is still there. I think St. Croix fared better than St. Thomas and PR.