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  1. S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    Yes, starring Jerry O'Connell. Multiple, parallel universes aren't the same thing as the butterfly effect as there is no cause-and-effect, just infinite random variations. The Simpsons included a butterfly segment in Treehouse of Horror V: Time and Punishment.
  2. Lain/Sheldon was simply adorable in his space suit. His scrambling out of mom's grasp like a greased pig was priceless!
  3. S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    They apparently met on the force, so since AU Chloe wasn't a real cop, no meet, no Trixie. And even if AU Chloe eventually joins the PD, Dan is already on the lam with Charlotte and "Lu's" money. I'm surprised no one has made a series based on the "Butterfly Effect" and "Sliding Doors" movie concept, where every episode has the same main characters and starting point, but something is "tweaked" each week, by God or by a roll of D&D dice, to send them all off in different directions. I'm not sorry to see the series go as is. Too much dead-pan Chloe and Lucifer railing at Dad and not enough supernatural crime-solving -- and Tom singing (a show within the show).
  4. Season 9 Talk

    Remind me, isn't Mosley the one who is so hyper about avoiding international incidents, demanding rigid compliance with rules and orders, and not allowing agents to participate in cases where they have a personal interest? Things look different when it's your ox being gored, don't they, EAD Mosley?
  5. S02.E22: Run

    "I have diplomatic immunity!" "Not from me." Bang! Bang! Who didn't see that coming? At last, Hannah Wells can fold up her multi-tools and move on to the next adventure, motherhood. So Tom Kirkman is going the Conrad Dalton route and running as an independent. Lotsa luck. Too bad we won't get to see Michael J. Fox as the new Attorney General.
  6. That encounter did make me think of the Monty Python sketch where John Cleese is passionately defending the crime of the century with implications reaching to the highest levels of government and his distraught client's worry is what will happen to his wife and kiddies, while a bewildered magistrate explains that "it's only a bloody parking ticket!"
  7. I have extremely critical, life-and-death news to give you, but instead of leading with it, I'm going to drag it out by emphasizing how vital it is until it's too late to save you. If this was a murder mystery, I'd only be able to tell you who the killer is if we meet in a coffee shop in a booth directly in front of the window where I first have to tell you my life story while the sniper gets into position. And other tropes.
  8. Season 9 Talk

    In my experience as a support group leader and facilitator, there can be any number of personal reasons why pregnancy and other health issues can be highly sensitive topics; even their mere mention can be upsetting. Let us be content to always wish our favorite performers well and to try to limit show discussions to plots and portrayals. And to remember the saying that great minds discuss ideas; mediocre minds discuss things; and small minds discuss people (no matter how well-intentioned).
  9. S09.E21: The Escape

    Ç'est l'amour.
  10. S02.E23: Finding Fillion

    Geekfests without girls has been a running gag with TBBT's comic book store and comic conventions. The misperception just won't die. Ages ago when I was a sub, I asked a class once to write their definition of "making out." They all stated that adults don't know what it really means to teenagers -- and then provided 30 different "official" definitions.
  11. S09.E21: The Escape

    That was how Luke rescued Claire and himself a few seasons ago when they were adrift in a boat with no oars, by thinking that Alex would use the flycasting rod to snag a tree and reel themselves to shore, and doing it, but kicking himself that he was too stupid to think of it himself! I thought I heard Dillon say that he believed in "monotany." I know they only have a half hour, but it's too bad they couldn't have done more with Haley's assorted boyfriends, past and present.
  12. S02.E21: Target

    Ominous words in serial dramas: "Thank God, the threat is over! Everyone, stand down."
  13. S02.E22: Death Sentence

    The hypocrisy of the prosecutor objecting to Benny offering "could have..." as a defense when the state's entire case was based on "could have..." and "might have..." and "I don't remember, but maybe...." By the way, there have been cases IRL where courts have refused to reverse a conviction on appeal because they were only allowed to assess whether the original ruling was appropriate based on the evidence presented at that time, no matter how much evidence of innocence was turned up afterward. This case could have been stretched into three parts.
  14. Season 9 Talk

    And cool. A relationship evolving over many seasons, mostly sparring and tap dancing (to the late AD Granger's grudging amusement), finally getting to the next level.
  15. I really like Chris O'Donnell. I remember him from "Men Don't Leave." Another great, intelligent interview. Dick Grayson has done all right for himself. Grisha cleans up good! LOL. Chris is as charming IRL as his characters. It's good to see that Hollywood doesn't destroy everyone it touches -- some rise above it. SC is the most talented talk show host ever. DL should have retired sooner.