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  1. S16. E12. The Last Link

    I thought at first that Dabney Coleman was Richard Farnsworth, but he died in 2000. The episode seemed boring maybe because there was no urgency, no ticking clock. It allowed my mind to wander to how to verify the food source for a protected witness: number one, DON'T use room service!! Bring your own, in sealed containers. Once again, TV and movies discourage anyone from agreeing to be a protected witness, since their location is always found out and they're most likely killed or barely escape. The vending machine was cool. Someone feeding it a dozen or more $20 bills would be suspicious, though, or getting $20 bills back in change. A unique franchise in that the "mother ship" has turned over its entire crew except for Gibbs, McGee and Vance, and keeps on chugging.
  2. NCIS: Los Angeles

    LOL. I so agree. Deeks has gone from scruffy to seedy, IMO. Everyone has aged noticeably except Sam and Hetty.
  3. NCIS: Los Angeles

    Some questions: Don't these agents ever bring any weapons to a showdown other than guns? No grenades, flashbangs, tear gas? Don't microwaves cook your brains, not just give you a headache? Wouldn't one bullet in the tires have kept the silver van from fleeing the scene? Otherwise, a lot of likeable, sympathetic, if trite, characters. But a show that's running out of plots.
  4. S03.E07 The Code

    Everyone gets to be happy on this show but Katie and Oliver, it seems.
  5. FBI

    He certainly had a closed mind about Fletcher until the end. Whether it's nuclear secrets, the number of pencils purchased or evidence of potentially lethal negligence, if you leak it, you're a filthy rotten traitor and capable of who knows what other heinous crimes. All in all, substandard dialog and character ddevelopment. The words cardboard and one-dimensional come to mind. The melodramatic pauses didn't help. There is definitely room for improvement.
  6. The Neighborhood

    They maybe need to dig deeper into the culture clash and take it more realistically. More depth, more backstory to the characters. Another show that doesn't know what to do with young children. If they can't write a decent scene for Grover, they need to recast the part with a child actor who has the chops or cuteness to hold the audience's attention on his own. Meanwhile, keep smiling, Dave . He reminds me of Phil on Modern Family and Adam on Rules of Engagement (both naive cheerleaders in school).
  7. I just saw this episode again as a rerun, and it's still my favorite. Georgie and Missy were adorable together. I don't know if Georgie cried when Missy got 100% on her homework and a smiley face, but I got dewy-eyed. I hope we see more of them together, supporting each other and finding their own way in a household so focused on Sheldon. Montana and Raegan are keepers. Dr. Sturgis might be an adult Sheldon, with his genius and foibles, but unlike Sheldon, big and small, he's generous, completely unflappable and capable of showing affection and unbridled joy.
  8. S03.E07: F-O-- FOLLOW T-H-R-- THROUGH

    A carafe, a hot plate, and a jar of instant coffee would be much cheaper than a Keurig-type coffee maker. The DiMeos live on a shoestring budget.
  9. S16. E09. Tailing Angie

    I wondered that, too. Unless we're being set up for something. Ominous?
  10. S16. E 08. Friendly Fire

    Elon Musk probably drilled a tunnel straight through the Earth connecting the Navy Yard to Frankfort with his supersonic bullet train. From Frankfort, all of the Middle East is a stone's throw on Gibbs's map. Besides, give them a break, they have to wrap up the case in less than an hour, no matter how far-reaching and convoluted the plot.
  11. S16. E 08. Friendly Fire

    Apparently so. NCIS-LA sends its whole team to Eastern Europe and the Middle East every other episode, it seems. But note that they're traveling on military aircraft that were on scheduled runs.
  12. S16. E 08. Friendly Fire

    Everyone knows, in typical crime shows, the witness will only reveal the killer's name while sitting in the window of a diner on Main Street, and only after telling his life story, giving the sniper time to line up his shot. Special Agent McGee, with your guy standing out in the open in the middle of the compound while you question him, why don't you hang a sign around his neck that says, "Hey, Mr. Sniper, I'm about to spill my guts! Take your best shot!"? Kasie's chatter is getting annoying. It was also annoying when Abby did it. Cut to the chase. You know by now that Gibbs prefers brevity. The Marine escort duty sub-plot was well-handled and very moving, including Gibbs' "Rest peacefully, Marine. We've got the watch." I'm still wiping away tears.
  13. We know from Georgie's revelation on TBBT that there was much in Sheldon's childhood that he wasn't aware of because everyone in the family went to great lengths to shield him from them. I don't know how that will be played out on YS. But the two story lines are not one-to-one, so there is room for improvisation. Sit-coms do sometimes deal with heavy issues without sugar-coating them. An Alfred Hitchcock episode dealt with juvenile crime with a tragic ending, and when Hitchcock came on at the end, he said, "If you're expecting an ironic twist to this story, there isn't one. Juvenile delinquency is a serious matter." I wonder if YS would be nearly as interesting if we didn't have 10+ years of "foresight" to supplement it. Whether or not YS ever gets to the future dark events in its run, how can you see these characters without also seeing what lies ahead for them? Personally, I'd prefer that period to be presented as a tragicomedy featuring Georgie and Missy.
  14. Georgie is very self-aware and practical. When he said he could be making money and learning a trade, he wasn't thinking about buying expensive sneakers or a dirt bike. (You must know how hard I'm biting my tongue here.)
  15. Good for Georgie. I can almost see a future-Georgie spin-off for the next phase. Maybe it's just Montana's authentic Texas drawl. Please don't let anyone coach him out of it like happens to so many young actors. Missy is a rock in the Cooper household in her own way. She has Mary's sober fortitude and yet Meemaw's don't-take-life-too-seriously outlook. Meemaw tickling Sheldon was priceless. I wonder if Lain really didn't know that was coming. Sitcom characters across the board don't laugh enough.