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  1. He knew she also be implicated since she 's also 's Tyrion's wife and she fled.
  2. As Oh OKWhat said . We know: Sansa figured out or out right knew : he framed her and Tyrion ( most likely understood QOT was in on it ), was witnessed to ( show and book ) or victim of Lysa's murder, etc. what she did not know was : KL throne room, KL bordello and dagger lie, and Harrenhal, the only other thing he could have helped with was the micro under plan of the Vale and Arya's misconception of Sansa on the dais of KL, and him playing her.
  3. Since I never shipped them, you got my blessing. LOL Don't ship the Hound either, can't believe people would want a broken violent drunk for their own Sister,daughter or friend. I also don't see Tyrion worthy either. Pod I can see, Ned Dayne in book, or maybe GRRM introduce someone later who be worthy. Most likely alone at first marriage maybe later. It's phrasing from Jeyne Poole.
  4. Some what true. But to get over so many for so long puts him above many. He got careless and had some caring for a auburn haired Stark girl, who recognized it and learned to use it.
  5. In case anyone missed it: And from a e,Rddittor who translated. Traslation of the FK´s vid. The frozen wolf that appears represents the fall of Winterfell after the attack of the army of the dead. In addition, also appear unsullied frozen which make us suppose that a part of the army of Daeneryas will die facing the KN´s army. In addition, the twins also appear, where it seems to form the dragonglass in the teaser. According to FK, there are people who defend what will be in this place where the final battle between the living and the dead will take place. Others argue that the NK wants to reach God's eye to be able to remove the fragment of dragonglass that he has in his chest.Therefore, in this area where the symbolic image of the fight between cold and fire appears. He speculates about the possibility of the deaths of the dragons when the dragon Targaryen appear frozen. But it's just a guess, it's not leak! Another theory that he raises in the video: after the destruction of KL, Jon and Dany would move to Dragonstone leaving the government of the seven kingdoms to the Council of which I have spoken previously in anothers posts. Finally, FK refers to Maisie's latest statements about her character, suggesting again that it is very possible that Arya is Cersei's murderer. That's all mates. It is not much since HBO is not giving us any information in this clip. And as I always tell you, I apologize for the errors that the text may have.
  6. There is something there in the books, maybe not romance; protection maybe ? GRRM himself said there is something there.
  7. Think they survive? I thinking not, maybe she gets one of Nymeria's pack.
  8. I'm totally surprised with myself, after 7 years, I'm still effin on the fence with her. The scene with Jorah, keeps Dany from killing him, then has him banished a second time.
  9. Dogs ! I don't see Sansa as a cat person.
  10. As I see it something needs to bring Show Tyrion closer to his book Tyrion, and book Tyrion has a lot of resentment, on how he's treated, Sansa leaving KL, Not willing to bend the knee in the wedding, etc.
  11. IS jAIME GETTING THERE AT THE SAME TIME?, i THOUGHT HE GETS THERE AS wf IS BURNING. ( Sorry caps lock hit ). The other thing I put forth was Tyrion tries to rekindle the friendship / marriage and Sansa refuses him ( following his book arc and her stubborn Stark knees. ).
  12. It may not start out as a betrayal, it could be he simply makes a mistake in judgement, thinking Lannister solders at the gate of WF, and opens the gate only for it to be the GC.
  13. I'm still hoping Sansa and Arya wipes out Tywin's line.
  14. So Sansa is Elizabeth of York vibe.