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  1. Started ~ 18 minutes ago 4 PM ET. SO Far NO New INFO
  2. Which is why he took Sansa's chapters out of the last book, she's starting a whole new phase and didn't want readers confused. Something's going down at the Vale next book.
  3. Fame has its rewards with the negative.
  4. I remember guessing it could be a promo, but told maybe I'm wrong by another. : )
  5. when it's negative, I'll say it's negative. I don't think she's tempted for power. Safety, home and family yes, power for power sake like Cersei no.
  6. Well it's not how I interpreted that season. Who wrote the outlines?
  7. What makes you think she was tempted ?
  8. The statues could be for each main for all we know ;part of a promotion or tourist trade.
  9. I don't know about Summer being wighted, Leaf set off that small thermo nuclear device, Summer could be ashes.
  10. Well in book Gilly's baby was switched out for Mance's child; but in show we just have little Sam. Maybe it's Little Sam ( Little Mance ) the Others want. Gilly did state in show shouting to Samwell " They've come for the baby ! "
  11. IDK, from the one's I read they feel she died, when is the main question, young or old.
  12. Yeah, I thought it stated just speculation. I'm watching YT at half speed so I can try to decipher YT translations, I thought Spanish be one of the languages easy to translate, it's all screwy. LOL
  13. Well another great warrior may marry a Red Wolf : / I thought no video this weekend ?
  14. Same, but I have all the Starks as 50 / 50, I just don't trust GRRM.