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  1. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    I need to clarify that when I say the threat is to expose compromising photos, I'm not talking about anything that's been posted. I'm talking about intimate, maybe nude photos that were not posted but were sent privately to "Sam." I think threatening to send those photos to Kody or anyone else who might care is the hold Sam has over Meri, and it's why she doesn't want to talk about what she's afraid of from "him." She may well have told one or more of the other wives, but I am certain none of them has seen the pictures, much less has access to them.
  2. Wait. Those tickets were free? I'll never forgive myself if Whitney is unable to reimburse Glenn for the rental of the RV. What is the point again? Is she planning to open franchises of BGDC in Pittsburgh? How is Whitney paying her mortgage?
  3. I think this is true of Buddy as well. He *has* to keep threatening to go back to drugs or to kill himself to keep himself on the show. We don't really know what the state of his sobriety is, and we don't really know if he is qualified to do anything for a living besides bartending/pizza delivery. It suits his place on the show that he be on the verge of snorting cocaine/killing himself, just as it suits Heather's place to be unable to get over Buddy. I think we are being manipulated A to Z with these two characters. And just because I can't help myself: what kind of adult who is trying to live a fabulous life has to make s'mores because there is an outdoor fire? Are s'mores such an irresistible treat for an adult who made sure we saw how well she was eating just one episode ago? I'll never forgive myself if Buddy commits suicide/goes back on drugs; if Heather's feelings are hurt/she thinks I love Buddy more than I love her; if I have to get off the fucking couch and actually dance to rehearse my big comeback tour performance. I'll just never forgive myself, and that's my worst nightmare.
  4. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    I did not watch this show from the very beginning. Did Meri know she couldn't have more children when she moved into the five bedroom house? If she has four empty bedrooms, why doesn't she start a B&B in her own house? <not a serious question. Are the houses fully furnished? They seem to have a lot of very nice, new furniture in their living rooms--do their children play elsewhere? And the furnishings all look like they come from Home Goods--or is that a "look" nowadays? How can they have four big, fully-furnished houses (assuming they are fully-furnished) when their incomes are so sketchy? I've read that they get paid a lot for appearing on the show, but Kody's previous (and seemingly on-going) debt has kept them in the red. If they are paying only the interest on their mortgages, what happens when they move? Does the lending institution reclaim the houses?
  5. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Being lonely in your marriage is no excuse for looking for love online. The honorable thing to do when you're unhappy in your marriage is either to work on it or get out of it. Meri was married; her friend was not, and that's a huge difference, especially if you are appearing on TV, ostensibly to show the world how "normal" polygamy is. I do not believe their conditions were the same at all.
  6. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    The big difference between Meri and her catfished friend is that her friend's husband had left her and she was legitimately looking for love. That circumstance alone makes the friend's situation one of a victim and indeed kind of heartbreaking. Meri, who was married, was whoring around on the internet looking for an affair. And I am sure that the "threat" Sam is holding over her is compromising photos.
  7. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Not only, but it's important to her to be seen as a victim of this twisted, horrible catfish. And when Kody asked her what the catfish was threatening her with, she suddenly couldn't talk about it any more. We all know it's nude photos, don't we?
  8. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    The only admirable person on this show is Ysabel's orthopedic surgeon who did not make fun of the Browns' faith in (I assume cheaper than surgery) voodoo medicine. He restrained himself even during his TH. He knows she's going to have surgery. It's just a matter of how long the Einsteins want to pretend decades of successful treatment of scoliosis aren't for Ysabel. Poor child. It's called Leadership.
  9. Responding to myself, I found a list of calorie content in all Starbucks drinks, bottled and brewed. Of course, plain coffee and tea have zero calories, but we know that's not what is in those creamy-looking beverages Whitney consumes. I was surprised to learn that a 16 oz. "coffee misto" which I think is coffee with steamed milk--the lowest calorie coffee with milk I could find--is 110 calories, and 16 oz. iced coffee with milk is 120 calories. For comparison, a 12-oz can of Coke is 140 calories. If she's drinking lattes/frappuchinos, calories in those range up to the mid-400s. Here is the complete list: https://www.thespruceeats.com/starbucks-calories-766066
  10. <picks jaw up off of floor and tries to reattach it> Well, now we know. Those awful tight, revealing dresses were all Coltee (not that she wouldn't have chosen something similar on her own); he thinks it's fulfilling "wants" to provide shelter, food and medical care for his fiancee who is dependent on him for everything. Why does this remind me of Steven demanding to be thanked for all he did for Olga? He went out of his way apparently to take her to ESL classes. What a gem he is. So. Not only is Larissa completely under Coltee and Debbie's thumbs regarding expensive purchases, like a couch or a car, but she wasn't even allowed to choose her own wardrobe? If she didn't start out BSC, it's no wonder she ended up that way. I have no idea whose fault the DV was, and I honestly don't care. They clearly don't belong together, and she will be much better off back in Brazil than living the life Coltee is willing (grudgingly) to provide for her. I still like her: I think she's funny and smart, and I'm sorry her experience in the US has been so awful. But she needs to get out of town.
  11. You can find out what's in various Starbucks coffee drinks at https://delishably.com/dining-out/Whats-a-Latte-Your-Guide-to-Different-Starbucks-Drinks If Whitney is drinking a plain latte, I think you're right--it would essentially be coffee with milk and shouldn't be a problem unless she's drinking them all day long, and even then it would be only milk calories. I wish we knew for certain what she is drinking, though; the article I cited mentioned that a lot of people have vanilla syrup or caramel sauce added to the coffee, and that would be a problem. She would not only be getting the extra sugar calories but also maintaining a high blood sugar level because it looks like she drinks them all day long--and they are *big* drinks.
  12. As I understand it, No Body Shaming is about loving your body (and yourself) regardless of what other people think. Whitney started out by denying that she felt a need to lose weight; her mission was to show that a person can be obese and have a healthy, fabulous, active life anyway. Over time, it's become clear to us students of Whitney Thore that she does indeed care--a lot--about what people think about her body, and not because of horrible incidents like being unable to get up when she fell on her skis. She does want to lose weight, and until recently she seemed to believe she could do that by eating as much as she wanted and going to the gym for a tough workout. Well, keeping up with that kind of workout is tough, and she didn't want to keep doing it. Eating whatever she wants is easy, so she did keep doing that. And she got fatter and fatter. She had plenty of health scares and situations where she was in danger of injury because she is so fat, but those didn't seem to make a bit of difference in how much she ate. She was ineligible to adopt a Korean child because she is too fat. She *maybe* has PCOS, whose symptoms are made much worse by being too fat. Now she's making sure we see how healthy her eating is, and this time she insisted on being weighed (despite the resistance of her trainer who knows that a stall in weight loss or even a temporary gain will send Whitney right back to the ice cream aisle) so we could see that she was, too, losing weight. I'm honestly happy for her if she finally understands the relation between what she puts in her mouth and how fat she is. I hope she is able to continue on this path. I don't want to be able to say "I told you so," but I am 100% certain this phase will not last long enough for her to get under 300 lbs. Why are we no longer hearing about No Body Shaming?
  13. I don't get that, either. Was the thinking "we're going on a three-city tour, so we need an RV" or "We need to rent an RV to jack up the season, so let's do a three-city tour?" And I was totally there with Todd's saying he'd meet her at the airport in each city. Besides the rental of the RV--and Whitney needs a large one, thus more expensive--those things guzzle gas like nobody's business. Do they really think they'll drum up enough business driving from Greensboro to Pittsburgh (or wherever the hell it is they're going) with a poster on the side of the RV (also an expense to make the poster) to pay for any part of this stupid trip? "Whit and Todd's Merry Adventures in a Big-Ass RV" is what we're going for, I'm sure. Anything to try to get people to continue watching. So Todd *will* be traveling in the RV.
  14. It's my Worst Nightmare.
  15. Although it's her Worst Nightmare. Despite the fact that a professional addiction counselor is renting her second floor.