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  1. S07.E21: Suns Out, Buns Out

    Another distressing result of TM is that these young people, because they're on TV and get lots of money for it, believe that they have important things to say that will be helpful to other people. Bristol Meyers is just starting out, and she already understands this (although to be fair in her case it was god who understands, but he told her. Tomato-tomato). Tyler and Catelynn spent at least three seasons giving speeches about how wonderful adoption was; now we are told (duh) that Carly's placement with her adoptive parents is a trauma, at least partly responsible for Catelynn's depression. They were especially blase about how easy it was to maintain a relationship with your child, how "part of the family" it all felt. Now, in the same vein and with predictably the same results, they hold themselves up as examples of how to deal with mental illness. Maci is helping other women with PCOS... uh... by going to Washington and getting a prize? Amber has expressed herself hopeful that the example of her successful life will give hope to people with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and look how productive her life has been! God only knows how Cheyenne is going to make the world a better place--maybe by demonstrating that you're never too old to let your butt hang out at your parents' pool party?
  2. S07.E21: Suns Out, Buns Out

    While Bristol has lost weight since she Danced with the Stars and has apparently had some work done, it was only this morning that I realized what's making her face look so freakish to me. She's had liposuction under her chin, but they took out too much fat, so that she is Skeletor from the tip of her chin to the top of her neck, and it is disturbing. One more reason not to watch.
  3. S07.E21: Suns Out, Buns Out

    Raising my hand. And god help me, I think it's because of his vulnerability. I just want to cradle him. Joining the chorus of celebrants who have weaned themselves from this show. Cheyenne has nothing going on that I give one shit about; Bristol is repellent, and her obnoxious mother keeps showing up for no good reason but the occasional "amen"; Whitney Thore already has the PCOS franchise; Amber is just disgusting and not in a good (i.e. hate-watchable) way, and Tyler needs to get off TV so he can finally dump Catelynn, who is sucking the prana out of all of us.
  4. Two words: Wendy Williams.
  5. Does Paul know you can get DNA from the roots of hair?
  6. Furthermore, Angela is one of the few characters who hasn't been given a disparaging nickname--"Big Ang" hardly counts when you compare it to Derp Face. I'd say Angela has been treated more than fairly here. It's funny how my feelings about these people have evolved. The only one I haven't changed my opinion about is Michael, who I still think is a lovely if misguided young man--even though I totally believe he stole $600 from Angela. Pole was weird to begin with, with his strange phobias, and he has revealed himself to be abusive as well. I felt contempt for Darcey, but now I full-on pity her. Jesse started out as being OK, and I even saw Jesse's step-father's point about Darcey's not being in his class, although it seemed unnecessarily cruel to say in her presence. But now Jesse may be the most disgusting of the bunch for me. His deceptions are not driven by despair, as I think the rest of the foreigners' are, but by lust for glory. He thinks far too much of himself, and it's not just his looks. He is a smug, pompous know-it-all who pretends to have concerns when he doesn't. I doubt that he even thought much about the sex with Darcey, other than as a way to try to clear up his skin. Rachel started out as sweet if vapid; who would know she was really a world-class whiner? I like Jon more now than I did then, although his irresponsibilities have reached level 11. I think he genuinely loves Rachel; there certainly doesn't seem to be anything else motivating the impossible position he finds himself in. Angela struck me as a good ole girl, and I didn't even mind her Trump enthusiasm because it was of a piece. But her thirst for being on tv has become more and more plain to see, and she is willing to act out the most ridiculous and unlikely scenarios to keep her story going. Ricky started out as sweet and ended up as perhaps the biggest jerk of all, maybe--MAYBE--second only to Jesse. I guess I saw Tarik on dick drive then, and I see him on dick drive now, only in hyper mode. Derp.
  7. I want a reality show based on Pole's family. Does he have siblings? For some reason, he strikes me as an only child. And the other posters who said this are right: "Father" explains a whole lot about Pole's universal fears. I wonder how his criminal past fits into this? Especially the arson, which strikes me for some reason as an odd crime for such a young man to commit. The hair in the backpack sounds like serial killer's trophies--and the arson does, too! The serial killer trifecta is bed-wetting beyond a reasonable age, setting fires and animal cruelty. Kreeny better sleep with one eye open. I still believe Michael stole the $600, based solely on his guilty behavior when Angela told him about it. He did not deny it and fumfed around like a person not accustomed to criminal activity. I'm glad the bank gave her her money back, but I suspect it did that to get her ranting ass out of the lobby. Further, I think Angela's whole story line is fake fake fake. She loves to be on TV and loves the easy money it provides. All of her yelling about words Michael used about her seems so forced, even if her understanding of the English language is deficient. He said "elder" before he even met her. And what a gentleman he was to keep a straight face when he finally met her in person--did you see those glamor shots of a 70-pound lighter, 20-year younger Angela she had sent him? You want to talk about catfishing. Darcey did really well, I think, burdened as she is with 30 pounds of filler in her lips, until she allowed Dutch Boy to hug her. What I wouldn't have given to see her turn away and say, "No--why would I want to hug you?" Rachel predictably hit all her marks--jeans, ugly shirt, eye-wiping and then look at it, complaint about fairness--but who saw her feistiness with Angela coming? In the previews, we were shown a Jon reaction shot which seemed related to Rachel's standing up to Angela, but I didn't see it in the actual episode. I do not think Hazel is beautiful at all. I think it was awkward--and now we know after a poster explained abortion law in the Philippines--dangerous for her to talk about the loss of her pregnancy if it ever existed, which I totally think it did and which I totally think she aborted with herbal tea. The only thing I'm going to miss about this couple is reading Derp Face. Ricky is disgusting. He is a pig, and he looks like a pig, too. He can't be straight with anyone, not even his daughter. What a jerk. Ximena is right; he did her a big favor by getting out of her life. And a "good person" is not what Ricky is.
  8. I just want to say that a man pursuing a career as a high-fashion model in NYC needs to learn not to use so much bronzer on his face that his fish-belly white hands and ankles glow in the dark--especially if he's going to wear those oh-so-hot short black socks. His vanity stuns me. His face is not attractive--his narrow lips on a small mouth make him look constantly querulous, and that vertically-striped suit was a fucking joke. Go home, Dutch Boy.
  9. Remember Marta and her cross? I've been rewatching, and unless I missed something, that scene where she's talking on the computer with her Muslim boyfriend is the only one in which she is wearing the cross. With a low-necked top so you can't miss the cross, and a smug look on her face as well. I call shenanigans on her whole non-story. What a stupid idea, having a christian woman court a muslim man and make sure she rubs her religion in his face. There's no way this was going anywhere. TLC needed filler.
  10. Totally agree. I think he stayed in NYC, maybe looking for an agent. Your post made his "for integrity" shit--which is so clearly shit--make sense. It's an excuse to spend time in NY. And his luggage is proof.
  11. Of course. And I think it's fair to assume he had a key to that room. But when I'm alone in a hotel room, I put on the metal bar flip lock and the deadbolt lock. I believe most women traveling alone take these precautions, but I don't think Darcey did. The point is that she didn't have to abandon her pose; he walked in on her 1) in the chair per her or 2) on the floor per him. Her having to go let him in would've destroyed the drama.
  12. S07.E20: Unconditional Love

    This wasn't about gender identity per se. It was about knowing which pronouns the parents (and the kid) wanted us to use when speaking to him. This was no attempt by his parents to honor the child's feelings; just as high school teachers are expected to use the preferred pronouns when speaking to a transgendered kid, we parents needed to know how to address this child. This was in 1988, btw, when such concerns were virtually unknown among professionals, totally unknown by run-of-the-mill parents. We didn't care what was in Evan's pants. We wanted to know whether we were supposed to call him "he" or "she". In general, I take your point and agree wholeheartedly. I have a trans nephew and nobody better give him any trouble.
  13. S07.E20: Unconditional Love

    Excellent point about "boo boo." You're right--those aren't names a real mom would normally call a real child, but Amber doesn't know what an affectionate nickname sounds like. I bet she called Leah "booger" and Leah laughed, and Amber thought "nailed it." Case in point: Farrah called Sophia "boo boo" as well, and while they did seem to spend a lot of time together, no way was Farrah *present* for Sophia. Is either of them of an age where this would make sense? And even if it did, is this something you'd compare a little girl to?
  14. S07.E20: Unconditional Love

    It occurs to me that Amber uses those nicknames with and about Leah to pretend that they are close. That's the way you talk to a kid you're around all the time.
  15. S07.E20: Unconditional Love

    I cut your experiences not because I thought they were not relevant but because they were so painful to read about. What pisses me off about Catelynn is that she is happy claiming the PTSD diagnosis (and the depression and anxiety diagnoses) when she must be aware of Bristol Meyers' husband, who makes Catelynn look like a model of mental health. It's wrong, and I realize it's not Catelynn's fault that she was given the same diagnosis as Bristol Meyers' husband, but she ought to be a little ashamed of herself for claiming that she is immobilized by her mental illness in the same way we can *see* that he is. I can't begin to imagine the feelings one would have after placing a baby for adoption. Frankly, I never thought T&C's open adoption was a good thing--if I were an adoptive parent, I wouldn't want those teenagers butting into the life I was trying to build with my daughter. T&C seemed to feel that they were part of Carly's family, and outside of biology, they are not. There would have come a time, later, when they might have had a relationship with Carly, but for her childhood, photos and written reports ought to have been enough. I think Catelynn has been torturing herself with Carly and needs help addressing this. People like AVA111 who have severe depression don't run off to treatment centers where they suddenly feel great. People with severe depression are depressed wherever they are. I think Catelynn has been milking her diagnoses long enough. I'd like to see her examined by a *real* mental health professional, not somebody who puts earclips on you to align your brain waves.