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  1. I don't know how Geno really feels about the Thumb, but it's for sure that he sees this as any easy way to make money. He behaves as if he knows all us viewers are in on the joke, which is refreshing and why he's the least despicable character--and I do mean character--on this shitfest. I hope he sticks around long enough for me to undergo some kind of treatment to help me stop watching. Weight loss surgery is only a tool; the Thumb is a tool; detoxification is the tool I want, I guess. Did I mention how much I hate this show yet am compelled to watch? Maybe what I need is an exorcism--"I compel you to leave my head! Get thee behind me, Thumb!"
  2. Jeezus H. Kreist. What are we doing, people? Now they've introduced a feral cat for Alana to "play" with. I swear to god I'm not going to watch, and then the human thumb draws me into her world of crazy-eyed madness. And I know I should be ashamed of myself for mocking her disability, but I'm just beyond humanity when I see these folks on my tv. The phoniness--Jennifer having an affair???! OMG!!!?1!! --makes me want to throw things at the screen. And yet I watch. Jennifer is going to weight-loss surgery? The only thing that would make that interesting would be if Dr. Now got hold of her and straightened her nasty ass out for her. God I hate these people but they won't get out of my head. June pulling on that very expensive gown to try to get it up over her massive thighs--I was waiting for it to rip. Geno seems like such a nice guy, but then what in hell is he doing on this shitty excuse for entertainment? I'm sorry for my uncharitable attitude toward this bunch of losers, I really am. I try to be a kind person to everyone. But I just can't. I missed Jellybean's actual death. Did somebody sit on him?
  3. S08.E24: Unicorn Poop 2018.06.11

    My 5 year old does this when we sit down to eat, every meal. I call his bluff and take him. He poops every time! I swear he is a magician who can do that on command. I think this is universal kid behavior. The thing is, during potty training, you really do have to take the kid seriously when s/he says they need to use the bathroom, if only to teach them that it's important to put it in the pot. When I was a kid--not a toddler, but ten years old or so, I always had to use the toilet right after dinner. I was't kidding--it's just how my digestion was working then. My mother always gave me shit so to speak about it--she accused me of trying to get out of doing the dishes--but I wasn't trying to get out of anything. I knew I'd still have to do the goddam dishes. I just needed to use the pot. If you tell a little kid they don't have to use the pot when they say they do--even if they're faking--you're telling them that their instinct to poop is not to be trusted, and that's a bad thing. Better to call their bluff and let them sit there with no results than to deny nature's call, even once. But try telling that to Jenelle, who's checked out, or UBT, who is praying that the kid will shit himself so he can be punished.
  4. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    There is some small comfort in that apparently fish can live in the water, so maybe it's not chemically polluted too much for life. I would be more worried about what a baby might step on in such a creek--a slippery stone or something sharp. I'm not sure that being one with nature is something babies care much about.
  5. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Somehow I don't think registering to vote is on UBT's radar. I suspect his political involvement is limited to retweeting hateful racists tweets he thinks sound tough. Speaking of parking too close, could UBT get that SUV any higher up that car in front of his's tailpipe?
  6. S08.E24: Unicorn Poop 2018.06.11

    What you say makes sense, and it makes me sad. I hope, then, that the public shaming Jenelle and UBT are suffering helps curb their mistreatment. This treatment of Kaiser really disturbs me. It's such casebook abuse--one child is picked on by the abusive parent, and soon enough the other kids know that they can pick on him with impunity. The book "The Basement" by Kate Millett is a horrifying classic about this topic. Others have pointed out that CPS goes out of its way not to break up families, which is good, I guess, and I know this is true, but it's really upsetting to see this going on without the hope that the authorities will step in and save this kid.
  7. S08.E24: Unicorn Poop 2018.06.11

    I kept thinking what a good thing it is that this is being televised, so that Nathan and his mother will have evidence to use in court. I agree with everything you say, plus I was horrified by the way UBT grabbed Kaiser's arm when he pulled him to his room. It's so easy to wrench a kid's shoulder out of the socket or even to cause a spiral break of the upper arm bone--spiral breaks are typical of child abuse--without really meaning to. It is sadistic for an adult to blame children for a "ruined" vacation. UBT and Jenelle were bored and ready to go home. The kids were having a great time--granted, running up and down those outside stairs was probably dangerous, but the way to stop that activity is not to sit still and yell about it. At the very least, they could have dragged their drugged-up asses outside and sat on the deck--where they would be able to watch the children play--you know, like parents do, especially when the kids are playing in a strange environment. If UBT is no longer filmed, how will we know that he's not abusing Kaiser?
  8. I've thought of a way for Robbalee to rain on Nicole's parade. If this were a legit engagement, she, as mother of the bride-to-be, would have wanted to meet the groom-to-be's mother to talk about the wedding. It should be a simple matter for Nicole to arrange a Skype meeting for the two moms. I'd like to see Robbalee to press for this. Of course it will never happen because Azan has no idea at all of marrying Nicole, but maybe a refusal to put the moms in touch with each other would jar Nicole's smugness--without Robbalee having to be the Bad Guy.
  9. Stop the presses! I went looking for clarification on the cost of Nicole's dress and found this: from InTouch magazine. She has lost weight! https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/nicole-90-day-fiance-weight-loss-160503 She looks a lot like her mom now, and she's very pretty imo. You're probably right. What I thought I heard the one time was "seventeen ninety-nine," but nobody else seems to have heard it that way. Does Amazon sell dresses that big (<--of course they do!)
  10. If he did, Chris paid for it. Guaranteed. I wonder if he waddled when he wasn't fat--if he has some kind of problem with his hip.
  11. Was it $795, or was it $1795? I watched the show twice and heard it a different amount each time. I honestly think $1795 is more likely--if the saleswoman was told the budget was $2000, I don't think she'd be showing Nicole any gowns under $1000. Girl's gotta eat.
  12. Your mouth to god's ear. Only thing wrong with this is that we won't get to watch it on TV.
  13. But the question remains--what does Ashley want David to do to rectify that situation? And her complaint, over and over and over, is that he's putting his (new) wife ahead of his flesh and blood--which is as it should be, when your flesh and blood are adults. I understand that Jacob is still young and needs his parents, but Ashley is the one carrying on. I think David needs to apologize to Ashley--not some self-justifying "I've suffered myself thinking of what I did to you"--but a genuine, groveling "i'm sorry" apology. A sincere apology goes a long way to mending hurt feelings. And I don't blame Ashley for being mad at him--it's awful that he abandoned his children--but she seems to think that he ought to be acting toward her now as he should have behaved when she was a child, and that's unrealistic. Honestly, I don't think Ashley knows what she wants from David--that's why it's up to him to step up and apologize. She has said she wants him in her children's lives, and that should be easy; it's clear Annie has an affinity with the kids, and he can just go along (I don't think I'd want him to be grandpa to my children, but if Annie stayed in the room I wouldn't object to his creepy presence).
  14. You beat me to it. I don't think that thing would look good on anybody but on a large person it's just awful. Leg'o mutton sleeves are not your friend, Molly, nor is electric blue. Molly's body is a mystery to me. She seems to have a very flat belly (spanx? can they do that?) but from the waist up she looks like she's really overweight. I realize she's very, very busty, but it looks like she's broad across the back, too. Family Chantel is jaw-droppingly rude and horrible. They just can't leave Pedro alone! "Well, that isn't what you said last night." Give me a fucking break. Pedro was trying to tell CeAir not to respond, that it was none of their business, but he couldn't seem to get her to understand. And for those parents to sit there and let fucking River and Winter dig at their son-in-law was further evidence of their poor manners and poor parenting. The way I see it is that CeAir is the pride of the litter, and everyone feels like they have a proprietary interest in the only hot one in the family, thus feeling they're entitled to every bit of information about what she and her husband are up to. I hope the Pao-Russ-Juan business is producer-driven. Otherwise, Pao is a disgusting excuse for a woman.
  15. Remember way back when George was explaining why he was looking for a wife from overseas? American women were too "liberated" for him. Anfisa now has his number and is going to make him prove she can trust him--and at one point he told the camera that maybe it wasn't that American women were too liberated, that it was something wrong with him. No duh. So he's all happy to be back living with Anfisa, wants her to say she's happy to have him back. She lets him know in no uncertain terms that he's there only conditionally, and then *he* has the balls to say "Why are you giving me that attitude?" He's as delusional as Nicole about his desirability as a partner. Anfisa is smarter than he is, better looking than he is, speaks more languages than he does, has more potential to be successful in life than he does, is more interesting than he is--and he's critical of her *attitude*? There's something really wrong with Molly. Sure, Luis is from a different, more macho culture, but I think any man she tried to treat that way would react as Luis has. An American guy would be better able to articulate what the problem was, but she clearly has no idea of what marriage is about. Sure, a husband and stepfather pitches in to help--because he wants to help, to keep the family running smoothly, to make his step-children feel safe and loved, blah blah blah, but you don't get that from a man by ordering him to do it. She seems to assume that that's what any man would do--instantly fall into her pattern of what his role should be, without any concern for what he thinks about anything. She was cramming those kids down his throat from day one, and he was obviously uncomfortable with them. So she forced further intense contact, instead of just letting him live with the girls until they got to know each other slowly and naturally. Ditto the housework--she went full-bore from the get-go, without giving him the chance to see how her house was run. Now, as a guy, he probably wouldn't ever have picked up on the fact that he needed to help out, but she expected him to be Mr. Mom the day he showed up. Something is really wrong with Molly.