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  1. Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    So very sorry. I know it sounds trite, but the grief really does get better (but never really goes away). Virtual hugs on the way (and teary eyes as I share your pain and remember furbabies I've lost)
  2. Yes looking at https://pethelpful.com/exotic-pets/10-Exotic-Pets-That-Are-Legal-In-Florida I see lemurs listed as legal under #6 of the article Reading the intro, it's fairly obvious the author and I have widely different opinions regarding the wisdom of keeping "exotic pets." Quoting the author, "For a Class 3 permit, you are asked some basic questions about the species you are applying for and how you plan to care for it. In my humble opinion, I don't see a need to require permits for most of the species listed, and Class 2 animals should be moved down to the rules for 3. The only species that should require experience and/or inspections should be truly dangerous animals, such as big cats (not including the cheetah, snow leopards, and medium-sized cats), elephants, and great apes." Nope, I'll never agree with her "humble opinion" as stated above. But, rather than rant about the wisdom of her stance, I'll just hope this article answers how Dr K's clients are bringing in lemurs. Oh, and following a link from the above article, Florida is not alone, or in my opinion the worst, in allowing exotics pets https://pethelpful.com/exotic-pets/exotic-pet-legal-state (same author as first article, and I have problems with several of her statements.)
  3. Season 10: All Episode Discussion

    Ok, best Jackson Galaxy yet! Never mind the overly dramatic clueless cat owners with Jackson arriving with predictable solutions. I much preferred this actual cat rescue and TNR education.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Warming Up the Bench

    Oh my, just sat down to watch past two days worth of cases only to find dog attacks on three out of 4 episodes. 99.999% of the time this type of case features clueless pet owners at the root of the problem - which is why I don't even watch - and from earlier posts sounds like this is true again. Only thing to add, even though I didn't watch the case I caught the hallterview of yesterday's bulldog vs shih tzu. Totally agree with @CRAZYINALABAMA about use of shock collar - its use has nothing to do with whether a dog is vicious or not. Even without watching the case, plaintiff saying something to the effect that any dog that needs a shock collar is dangerous had me shaking my head and glad I didn't watch whatever nonsense she spouted in court. NOTE: that said, IMHO, use of a shock/electric collar should be reserved for experienced dog trainers/handlers, not something clueless owners are able to order online. And, never to be used remotely as with wireless fences. As if finding dog cases on three out of four Hot Bench episodes wasn't bad enough, I start to watch today's JJ and find program description "Gruesome Pet Discovery - beloved dog maimed and bleeding" for today's rerun episode.... maybe I'll come back for today's new JJ episode, but, for now no court TV for me today
  5. Rerun from January 30 (recap on page 94). Actually enjoyed this more than most of current run of "new" cases. Case #1 - idiot pays some dude who comes up to him in parking lot "restore" his car's paint job. Fun part here is P, who was dumb enough to pay D, tracks D to his home and claimed to be a DEA agent while demanding his money back. Dude has a lot of gall, suing for 3 grand instead of the couple hundred he paid guy. I wouldn't have given him anything, but this is another time where a litigant offered to settle, settlement rejected, only to have MM enforce the offer. Case#2 - landlord gave tenant check for their deposit, but then stops payment. Fun part here, landlord trying hard to come up with justification for keeping money and resorts to introducing pictures taken right after place had been renovated as his before pictures - neglecting to say other tenants had rented the place before these tenants moved in. Not good when MM discovers date on pictures by going ghrough guy's phone. Didn't agree with this decision - I figure tenant should be awarded value of the check plus any bank fees they were stuck with trying to deposit it, plus extra for wasted time. Instead, MM decided there WERE a few things wrong above normal wear and tear - no argument there, tenant doesn't deny them - asks tenant what she thinks would be fair for landlord to have charged for - she ends up letting landlord keep $250 and returning the rest Case #3 - only decision I agree with 100%. Homeowner pays for sod to be laid in yard - sod subsequently dies - landscaper offers to replace dead sod - no labor charge this time, but homeowner has to pay for the sod - homeowner refuses, he wants his money back. Thankfully, this time MM doesn't enforce landscaper's offer to do job a second time without being paid for his labor, instead dismissing the case. Maybe because, this time, homeowner's testimony has him underwatering the sod - which is why it died - though he argues landscaper used too much/wrong fertilizer.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Warming Up the Bench

    Didn't the big Christmas morning kerfuffle start because the kids wanted to open presents and dear old dad wanted to sleep in?
  7. Well, guess hiatus in recaps will continue - my Direct TV guide has reruns all week - says next week will be new, but has "no information" listed for the cases... today's cases were recapped back on page 92, and not something worth watching a second time
  8. Small Talk: Warning! Don't Feed The Lions!

    Sort of my take on the sad situation. Elephants ARE social creatures. My understanding is that in the wild there are several levels of female groups, beginning with family. https://www.elephantvoices.org/elephant-sense-a-sociality-4/elephants-are-socially-complex.html Not sure how welcoming a a group of strangers would be to Happy. So, is it better to leave her with caretakers who know and love her? Or, go to the expense of shipping her to some sanctuary where she might not be welcomed and be miserable missing her "human" family? Like you, I think I trust the folks at Bronx to know more about elephants and do what they feel is in her best interests.
  9. Ah, today, like yesterday, only has one case worth watching. Sooooo, skipped cases #1 & #3 after reading the comments. #2 not much of a case, but I agree medussa/fur hat is eye catching - probably would have skipped it when I heard a dog was accused of the damage - but WTH, sitting here with 2 days of TPC, and puppy barely mentioned. Yet another out-of-stater renting an apartment sight unseen. I've never lived (or even been to) NYC, but my understanding is that for the amount that you'd pay for a dump there you could rent a 5 bedroom home here in SW Oklahoma. So, these folks from Carolina (not sure if it was North or South) are underwhelmed by the what their money gets them in Brooklyn - and for which they pay thousands without ever getting a signed lease. @ANGELAHUNTER summed things up for me - P had me on their side until the husky.... Mini-rant... no No NO! Huskys are not apartment dogs - they're working/athlete dogs that needs lots of physical activity. Not even a breed, but a generic term for sled dogs - well, except for Siberia Husky - usually picked for their look with no regard for dog's future mental welfare/happiness. Unfortunately, they're popular now with people looking for latest "fad" dogs because of Game of Thrones https://abc13.com/pets/dog-rescue-surrender-of-huskies-rising-due-to-game-of-thrones/2255385/ they join the list of other "fad breeds" - German Shepherds from Rin Tin Tin and Roy Rogers, collies from Lassie, dalmatians from 101 dalmatians, etc - all working/athletic dogs who are ill-suited for many who fell in love with them on a screen. Plaintiffs are actually lucky that all their puppy damaged was the weatherstripping - well, I guess they only lasted a month, so they got out before he/she really went nuts cooped up in the apartment... end rant Thing is, isn't long before big mouth landlady, with her $1000 for weatherstripping, 9 grand in un paid rent for a month to month tenancy, plus money for security system because they unplugged it to use the power outlet. P wants $1800 deposit back - but agree their dog damaged door weatherstripping. D expects lotto win - filed 5 grand countersuit, but claims they owe way more. Rough Justice - MM let's D keep $250 for weatherstripping, ordering she return $1550 - and countersuit goes poof. (9 grand in unpaid rent based on lease she never gave tenant to sign.)
  10. Quick summary of Thurs cases - which I'm finally watching now - and I understand some folks missed due to scheduling screwup... whoa, all three bogus cases - the hutzpa of plaintiff in 2nd case worth the watch when reruns come around, other two not so much 1st case - 15 grand remodel job for which no one thought they needed a freekin' contract - homeowner suing contractor - I stopped watching when contractor claimed homeowner sent him naked pictures of herself masturbating, and how she had told him of her rape fantasies because she had been raped by her grandfather, dad and brother - geez, not what I want to watch... didn't even stop for the decision (though saw she was second out to hallterview) towing case: this is entertaining, and only one of 3 worth watching when reruns come around - summary - P lives in gated community with limited parking, so each home only has 1 parking space - management is quick to have violators towed - since both hubby and wife have vehicles, they scout around and find spaces assigned to empty units and use it for their second vehicle - claim everyone with 2 cars do it - on their way to church (of course, had to get "church" mentioned) they notice their second car has been towed - suing for the whopping 200 bucks they were charged - but they aren't suing management, not even suing their fellow tenant they claimed lied and complained to management because complainer wanted to park her second, unauthorized vehicle in this unassigned space, nooooo they're suing the contracted towing company, which just did its job and has a signed tow sheet authorizing the tow - on the theory that the person who signed the authorization was the complaining tenant instead of the security guard who escorted the tow truck to the car and waited to escort tow truck out the gate 3rd case - evicted tenant suing ex-landlord - wants $4200 - claiming she had to leave behind her fridge and baby crib when eviction judgement ordered her out after months of not paying rent - ended up skipping most of this one - same old story of tenant not paying rent, getting evicted, leaving stuff behind after date judge ordered her out, now trying to play games and take home lottery win because.... not sure, didn't watch the rest
  11. Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    Hey, great that she's still got the spunk to rule the house 😊👍👍
  12. for those who wondered why no recaps lately - either I'm getting jaded or pretty much this whole batch of new cases are boring😴😴😴😴. I've recorded, but have yet, to watch yesterday's or today's.😦
  13. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Hmmm, my first thought was some alien from the original Star Trek Universe - followed closely by an exaggerated, colorized version of Endora's eyes/long nose (Agnes Moorehead) from Bewitched's B&W seasons, all tatted up, of course Oh, and I'm not sure why JJ had a hard time understanding her - I didn't even need to turn on CC like I do with many of the litigants
  14. Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    @TIFTGIRL so sorry to hear about your recent loss and current worries May not work, but when my Lil Bit was declining, I found that I could hide crushed up pills in sardine oil - had to let her lap ip some without the meds, then was able to substitute dosed oil (damn, been 5 years and even now I can get teary eyed - believe me, I know your pain and am sending virtual hugs your way
  15. Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    Remember freeloading squatter who took up residence in some Texas dude's home - think it was on Hot Bench. She managed to get the guy kicked out of his own home by claiming he - like a lot of Texans (and us Oklahomans) - had some guns. Anyway, after a lot of legal wrangling, she finally gets kicked out. IIRC she was in court suing for big money claiming when she got the boot she her left essential stuff behind - like her undies and high dolkar make up. Anyway, dude had home surveillance cameras, and we were treated to lady carry boxes out to her car, moving heavy planters around the porch/patio... then hobbling along with a walker when it was time to leave.