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  1. Pet Peeves

    Me too, I don't miss cable at all. While I've had a couple of storm related outages, it was for an hour each time, at most, and I just watched my DVR'd shows during that time.
  2. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Diffuser lady was definitely unwell, she called the police about a missing diffuser! I felt so bad for that landlord, lord knows she probably did not need this stress at this time! Now if diffuser lady had accused someone of stealing her conditioner/straightening iron/hair brush I would have understood.....
  3. Same here, I think personality can actually make a person more attractive. I've dated guy who were 10's physically with zero personality, the sizzle died quickly. My boyfriend would not turn heads but he is funny, patient and kind, I find him extremely attractive. I agree, don't judge a book,.
  4. Pet Peeves

    Dear Amazon, please stop asking me to "Pick a Charity" whenever I log into my account! Since I click on the "no thanks" button every single time you'd think they would figure out that I'm all set, just have it under "options" for when I change my mind! Also, I don't need to update my income every other month! Jeez Louise, it's not like I get a quarterly raise! Just let me get to my account!
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Did anyone watch the dog sitter v. dog owner case where the DS was suing the DO because the dog bit her while she was attempting to leash the pup? She accused the DO off "swooping in" and startling the dog and it bit the DS. JJ could not get it through the DS's head that it is not always the DO's fault if the dog bites. DS was adamant that it was the DO's fault. And from the sounds of it she didn't even get badly bitten although we never got to see any pics or medical records because JJ was done with her. As was I, I hate the fact that people always need to make money off of accidents. Good grief, you're a DS and you have never been nipped or bitten before just because the pup was in a feisty mood? Heck my neighbor's dog, a big black mastiff who doesn't understand that she weighs almost as much as me knocked me over when she was attempting to give me kisses, my neighbor was so worried that I was hurt and had to assure him several times that getting knocked over by his ginormous dog was not going to cause me to sue!
  6. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yes to this 1,000 times, I do not cry in front of others, I will get quiet and you'll notice my eyes wander away from your face, not because I'm not upset but because I am processing it the only way I can. I am not cold, uncaring or unemotional, I am just not able to tear up and wail and cry in front of others. And god forbid if my children are present or someone else who I care about because I will be more worried about their emotions and withhold my own so as not to upset them. Ugh, you poor thing, I'm glad it wasn't worse! When I was newly divorced and my daughters were in their early teens, my youngest was terrified that someone would break in to steal our stuff. I would chuckle to myself since nothing I owned was worth much, at the time I had a 20 year old TV (the old large, heavy ones) and a desktop computer that was not easily carried. I wouldn't have been surprised if the burglar left me a bill for his efforts to break in only to find there was nothing of value.
  7. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Same here! And I had to remove a border, those suckers are stuck on with cement glue I think, and it took longer to remove that than the wallpaper at my old house! When the annoying painter mentioned having to clean it first, well duh, you always have to wipe down stuff before you paint, isn't that part of the prep work? If you're a seasoned painter you should know all the steps to prep, paint and clean up after, and it should all be factored in to the price BEFORE you start. Idiot.
  8. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Tight-lipped Lisa reminded me of a former coworker who bought an expensive vee-hic-cal that she couldn't afford, after missing a couple payments I heard her on the phone with the financing company saying "The dealership knew my finances, they knew I couldn't afford this car but they sold it to me anyway, they should make the payments!"
  9. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    My experience with billable hours was through my divorce, I retained an attorney to review my separation agreement after going through mediation for child custody/child support and dividing assets. I wanted to make sure nothing was missed. I was asked for a retainer of $2,500 and it was explained to me that every phone call, email or meeting would be billed by the minute. So if I called with a question, I was charged for the # of minutes on the phone. My lawyer explained that I should write down all my questions as they came up, and to make one phone call to cover them all. Thankfully the few times I did have to call her were brief. She did a great job, found a couple things I needed to fix and even returned a small portion of the unused retainer. There are lawyers who aren't out to bleed you dry.
  10. Pet Peeves

    I wish I could expect that small appliances last longer than a couple years. My daughter purchased a coffee grinder for me for Christmas 2 years ago. We use it weekly and it's not an appliance that runs long, you put the beans in, hit the button, it grinds them and stops automatically. Last week I went to grind my beans, I load the hopper, latch the lid and hit the button. Nothing. I check the plug to see if maybe I'd popped a circuit, nope. I take the beans out, make sure the blades aren't jammed, reload, still nothing. WTH? It's not worth contacting the company since it only had a year warranty, and when I was talking about it with my coworkers a couple of them said they had the same issues with small appliances. I get it, these days things aren't made to last like they used to, but could I at least get 5 years out them? Seems so wasteful to have to throw it out after such a short time. And by "throw it out" I mean hold it until my town does their semi-annual appliance recycling.
  11. I co-signed on a $500 limit credit card for both my daughters when they turned 18, gave them the exact same advice, now at 27 & 23 they both have excellent credit. It's too bad that not many parents teach their children how important credit history is, these days having good credit is as vital as a driver's license. Much more accurate now!! I am very grossed out by bad teeth, I was gagging while watching him, omg...... I wanted to add that my parents paid for regular dental cleanings and for braces for me and my sister and brother growing up and we were all taught to brush & floss regularly, hygiene practices that my sister and I have continued into our adulthood. My brother is 49 years old with a mouth full of rotting, yellow, foul smelling teeth. He has had steady employment with dental coverage for all of his adulthood. He does not live in poverty, and he has access to a dentist, he just chooses not to. We don't understand it and he refuses to do anything about it. I feel sorry for his coworkers and his girlfriend, I can't be within 5 feet of him because of the stench.
  12. I came here specifically to see who would provide the best description and @SRTouch takes the crown! Every time he opened his mouth I pictured Disney's Aladdin, when he's in the dungeon and Jafar (in disguise) tells him about the treasure.....
  13. Pet Peeves

    I have one and use it for the softer, finer hairs that grow on my chin, I still have to tweeze the thick dark ones but it actually makes them easier to find!
  14. Pet Peeves

    Ha!! I can feel them in 24, but can't grasp them with my tweezers until a full day later. I've always wanted to be on Survivor (the TV reality show) but by the time I won the million dollars I'd have a full beard! I am seriously considering this option, it would be money well spent.
  15. Pet Peeves

    Same here, I had caterpillar eyebrows in my teens, I started having them waxed in my 20's and have never regretted it. As I've gotten older and am moving into menopause I now have dark hairs popping out from my chin that I have to be diligent about. Waxing helps but I swear they grow back in 48 hours. Ugh.