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  1. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    My kids were raised with cats, they learned quick not to pull their tails and the scratches healed. They are both cat lovers to this day, one daughter has 3, the other is getting her own place soon and will add to my grandkitty numbers quickly. I had my ex-husband scoop the litter during my pregnancies, didn't Chris & Anna have someone to do it for them anyway?
  2. Pet Peeves

    WHY do parents do shit like this? I'm not sure of @peacheslatour 's age, but my childhood was in the early 70's, we had very little money and my mom & dad refused to waste food. I sat at the table for 2 hours staring at 4 very cold brussell sprouts because I refused to eat them. I was sent to my room for the rest of the evening (as if that was a bad thing for a reader!). Anyway, the mindset these days is much different with childhood obesity on the rise I think the majority of pediatricians don't promote the 'empty plate' rule.
  3. Pet Peeves

    YES! I called to cancel my cable & landline, I was paying close to $300 and it wasn't worth it. I was keeping the internet service though and the service person kept telling me "well if you bundle you could save x amount of dollars!" WTH?? Why couldn't you just give me a fair price for the internet instead of forcing me to keep things I don't want or need in order to "save" money? These days how many people have landlines anyway??
  4. Pet Peeves

    My future MIL makes banana bread every month. My fiance will eat a couple slices and then it sits on the counter until I throw it out. I asked him why he doesn't tell her we don't eat banana bread that often, he says it gives her something to do and it makes her happy so he doesn't want to ruin it for her. We had a very limited menu growing up, pork chops were a staple, but my mom did not know how to season food so they were just blah to me. I would choke them down with a big glass of milk. I just assumed that's how ALL pork chops tasted. In my 20's I was stationed in California with the USMC and one of my friends made pork chops on the grill and used some sort of seasoning, oh my freakin' heavens, it was like I was tasting for the first time. Good seasoning does wonders.
  5. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I too love Lucy but can I just say, why would a stylist do this to her hair? The cut is horrible, and it looks like someone over bleached it to the point where it It looks fried. She had beautiful silky hair at one point, now she looks like my daughter's 1st year cosmetology classmates got a hold of her.
  6. The People's Court

    Very true, my parents timeshare is with Marriott, so there is the added benefit of getting points whenever you stay at one of their hotels anywhere that can be used to extend or add on to your timeshare vacations. My fiance and I are aware of what the annual maintenance fees are and when we compared that to planning a week long vacation at a hotel on our own, the cost was actually better on the timeshare side. The rooms at the TS have full kitchens so we are able to save money on meals, and since we don't do tourist attractions we can use uber to get us to and from the airport and the grocery store.
  7. The People's Court

    LOL, my parents are leaving me theirs, it is a beautiful resort outside of Orlando, FL, I've gone with them every year for the last 6 years, I love it there. I realize I'm the minority but I hate planning vacations and worrying about the hotel and the amenities and where I'm going to eat. I am not a beach person and I don't do theme parks or any touristy attraction where there are crowds and lines so this is perfect for me. Give me my kindle, 50 spf suntan lotion, a bottle of water or a bloody Mary and I'm all set by the pool for the day! That guy was another toothless blowhard who thought is mumblings, rants and theories were proof enough! "The dome light was on!" "The car was running!" "The car wouldn't start!" None of which made sense or made it the defendants' fault. Totally agree, I also wondered what the missing employee would have said either way. "Yea, I sprayed it with the pressure washer like I did the other 11 cars that day." Ok, well, still doesn't prove the plaintiffs "theory". I felt the manager could speak well enough on the process of cleaning an undercarriage and how it was unlikely it caused the problem with the plaintiffs 15 year old car.
  8. Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Oh my gosh, yes to this so many times. It took me a number of years to realize the man I was with only saw me as a part-time girlfriend, not full-time partner in life.
  9. Pet Peeves

    Me too, I prefer grandchildren. Lol, my daughter has 3 cats and she tells me that may be all the 'granchildren' I get, and I'm fine with that. When I cat sit I can read a book, take a bath, go for a run and not worry that Child Protective Services is going to show up and throw me in jail for neglect!
  10. Transitions

    @MargeGunderson thank you for the link, this is the statement that hit home for me. "Dr. Ferrari noted that clutter is also often the result of an “over-attachment” to our personal items, which makes it difficult to part with them."
  11. Transitions

    Thanks for this, the luggage thing especially because I have a set that I need to get rid of and wondered where would be the best place. My appliances (except my washer & dryer) are staying, so no worries there. Anyone one know if animal shelters take stuffed animals? I found a tote full of them and neither of my daughters want them. If not I will likely dispose of them, I know most daycare centers won't take them due to bacteria and/or allergy issues.
  12. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I agree, I loved Madonna back in my days as a teen! I wish she would grow old gracefully, not so much that she walk around in a muu-muu with slippers on, but stop trying to act like you still look like Arianna Grande or Taylor Swift. We age, and no matter how good you look for your age no one wants to see your 50+ year old bare ass!
  13. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    @AngelaHunter, no apologies needed, he's a typical JJ litigant: his poor choices are everybody else's problem, not his fault. He's a selfish jerk who thinks the world should bow to him. I maintain a frosty relationship with him to keep my parents happy, once they are gone (not anytime soon I hope) I'm done. If only life was fair! They should have a show similar to Cheaters, where people on disability/workers comp are caught in the act and confronted. The voiceover at the end can tell us how they paid restitution and/or did jail time!
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    She did say the dog was back, I too believe the dog got out and she wanted to be vindictive. I agree! The only reason you don't register a vehicle in your name is if you have legal troubles, back child support, outstanding warrants, or, if your my brother, 3 DUI's. I'm always amazed how stupid people are. Glad he didn't get anything.
  15. Pet Peeves

    Yes, I finally got my parents & siblings to agree to no gifts. We do a white elephant, but you are only asked to bring items you already own that you no longer want/need. It's actually been a lot of fun laughing at what people bring and surprisingly most of the gifts are useful to someone else! This year I emptied my junk drawer of highlighters, pens and unused pencils that my children accumulated during their school/college years, they were a hot commodity and got 'stolen' a couple times. Bottom line is, none of us need anything so why waste money giving something no one wants or needs? At least with this white elephant you don't have to feel bad if you decide to donate or trash the gift when you get home.