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  1. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Me too! The "Godfather" looked to be not much older that that despicable rodent-faced defendant. I would not be surprised if godfather=boyfriend in her mind since she was able to rationalize a loan from a mentally ill, low paid nanny into a gift and have no qualms about that.
  2. Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    My lazy, self-important idiot brother-in-law is this person. Several years ago he injured his knee doing yard work, a couple weeks later he "fell" at school (he's a teacher) in the parking lot, proceeded to put a Workers Comp claim in without mentioning his prior injury. He collected $80,000 in a lump sum settlement about a year later, (which he and my sister blew through in about 5 years), low and behold this past spring he supposedly hurt his shoulder breaking up a fight between two girls..... ...this time the Workers Comp board made him go through physical therapy and meet with a orthopedic specialist to determine how "injured" he was, I think the Workers Comp board is getting very suspicious of people like my BIL who always seem to have some sort of injury. He was denied any money this time after it was determined that his "injury" was healing fine.
  3. Pet Peeves

    I'm not into blood and gore also, my decorations are orange and white string lights with a ghost projector light (like the ones for Christmas only with ghosts floating in circle). I love the idea above and will be incorporating it for next year!
  4. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I'll join you on the soapbox for this one rant: I have 3 indoor-only cats. Every day on FB there is another lost cat (and dog) post from some nimwit who says "kitty always comes home but we haven't seen him in a couple days!" WTF??? To anyone who says they should be set free to hunt because it's their nature, baloney, they are domesticated animals who face many more dangers outdoors than they are prepared for. Amen sister.
  5. S37.E02 The Chicken Has Flown the Coop

    I am of the same thinking, those types of nose rings are unappealing on both men & women. Of course I don't understand why anyone wears any kind of jewelry on this show, I'd be afraid it would break or get lost during one of the challenges.
  6. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I felt bad for the defendant neighbor as well, from the looks of the plaintiff's "garden" it was just an overgrown mess encroaching on to the defendant's property. Maybe his landscaper did get a little crazy chopping it to the roots but if for 18 years I'd had to deal with that guy I might let my gardener loose with a chain saw and clear the whole bunch of it.
  7. Pet Peeves

    Thank you @AgentRXS, I finally got through! Sinus infections are the worst, and I probably let it go too long trying to treat it with sudafed and a netti pot. I don't really want to be on antibiotics but now it's gotten to the point where when I lay down and turn my head to the right I get dizzy. It made for a pretty rough night. Ugh.
  8. Pet Peeves

    I hate it when I call my dr's office when they are supposed to be open and the answering machine is still on saying to call back during business hours. I called at 9:11am, their office hours start at 9:00am. If I didn't have a raging sinus infection that is causing the entire right side of my head to throb it probably wouldn't infuriate me as much.
  9. Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    100% agree with this. Many years ago I used to tell my daughters I couldn't wait to be a grandparent, then a coworker of mine was talking at lunch one day about how her and her husband were not going to have children and how it bothered her every time her parents or in-laws brought up wanting to be a grandparent. Ding ding ding in my head, I decided to shut up about it to my kids. I have since stopped discussing it, so when my oldest told me her and her husband were also going to be childless I congratulated her and told her I was happy for her either way. And to be honest, I had my kids young, divorced their father when they were 9 & 13 and was 95% responsible for their upbringing for 13 years, I am now living a life that I enjoy and making plans for my future, I'm kind of relieved to not have to be at a dance recital or a soccer game or have to babysit on a Saturday night. If that changes I'm sure it will be great, otherwise, I'm good!
  10. Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    I was a parent at 22 years old, my husband was a year younger, we both matured quickly and took being parents very seriously. My daughters are now 28 & 24 and are no where near ready to have kids but it's not because they're immature, quite the contrary, they are focusing on careers, buying homes and enjoying life experiences, as they should. My oldest and her husband have told me that they don't think they'll ever have kids and I give them credit for being mature enough to know they can't commit to 18+ years of taking are of someone else's needs. I don't see that as selfish, (as one of my friends called them when I told her). I would much rather have grandchildren who are loved and wanted rather than ones who get dumped off to a sitter because mom and dad still want to have 'freedom'.
  11. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I think this guy saw $$$$ when that tiny thing nipped him, he wasn’t scared or sweating, I know a woman who is terrified of dogs, big & small, she practically hyperventilates when one gets within 30 feet of her, she would have fainted standing that close to one. He had a whole speech prepared about being an independent contractor and not having insurance, I think he is an opportunist who thought his payday was coming.
  12. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    YES! I watched, laughed, rewound, laughed harder and then went to get a bottle of wine to drown my sorrow for the women of the world who think that piece of shit was worth $5 let alone $5,000! I’m sure she’ll be showering money on another stupid, blubbery idiot before this episode shows up in reruns.....
  13. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I grew up in a small rural town, these idiots used to ride across my parents yard at all hours of the night. Every spring my dad would be out there cursing them as he resodded what they tore up. He complained to the sheriff to no avail. Two years a go a group of 3 riders attempted to cross a partially frozen lake, in the dark after several beers. I felt sorry for their families, standing in the cold waiting for the recovery divers to bring up their bodies. The riders, not so much.
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I got the same vibe, like he wanted to pick a fight for his 5 minutes of fame. I loved that JJ kept shutting him down as he tried to steamroll his agenda into his case. That poor stylist looked confused and amused. My fiance has had longer-ish hair as well as a buzz cut, he says that the guy would have felt and probably seen the first swipe of the clippers and could have voiced his objection then. I think he sat there smirking like a loon rubbing his hands together thinking of his big TEE VEE debut......
  15. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    **SNORT** so true!! I thought this as well.