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  1. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

  2. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I used contractors through Lowe's to install new carpeting, they were professional and did great work. My dad felt I paid too much and I should have looked for a handyman to do it cheaper. See, he had a handyman install a skylight years ago, that thing leaked every time there was a sprinkle, it cost triple the amount of money to get it fixed than what they paid to install it and yet he still thinks the cheaper route is the way to go. I love the man but he doesn't just doesn't understand when you buy cheap, you get cheap.
  3. Pet Peeves

    Same thing happened to me, only I had to purchase a gym membership to collect my prize. After that I would no longer fill out those entry forms and I warn anyone one I'm with to not do it either. Such a scam. I once had a group of young people, college age, come up while I was paying for my transaction, the male of the group literally was at my shoulder as I started to enter my PIN for my credit card. I stopped, looked up at him expectantly without saying a word. He stood there for a few seconds and then realized I wasn't going to complete my transaction with him standing there so he backed up. I heard one of the females whisper "jeez, what's her problem." Good grief....
  4. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Didn't Mrs. Carter, the toothless wonder, also say that she was on Zoloft to "keep my mood up"?
  5. Pet Peeves

    And this is why I stopped sitting with the "in" folks at my daughter's soccer games years ago. The same group of moms would openly discuss their shopping trips / mutual vacations / dinner parties, etc. while the other 2 or 3 of us sat in silence. I did not care what they did, I was not jealous or envious, it was just so awkward to have nothing to add to the conversation and it seemed as if they wanted it that way. Myself and the few others who weren't included started to sit separately and discuss relevant topics of the day or about our kids. I also had an experience with former neighbor. My husband knew the her husband from work so the two men thought it would be great for us to all be friends. Unfortunately "Todd", the neighbor husband, did not discuss it with his wife who made it very clear during the 3 get-togethers (that involved other neighbors as well) I went to that she was not interested in being even polite to me. I told my now-ex-husband that he could go and I'd stay home from now on. Again, I wasn't upset, I just don't have the time or energy to try to make someone like me.
  6. @MargeGunderson, truly! I am so exhausted today, I haven't slept the last two nights because this person verbally attacked me for asking a question and then made it out that I was being rude. Thankfully it happened with a witness who told this person they were overreacting. The coworker finally calmed down enough to have a conversation, however stilted, but I left the meeting reeling. Like I said, this is not the first time she has gotten her claws out over a minor interaction, and it comes on the heels of an upheaval in our office, but it does not affect her any more than anyone else. She is acting as if she has lost a loved one, and she is lashing out at the rest of the assistant staff. We think it's because she thinks she's going to be out of job, she won't be, but irrational behavior is not a stranger to her. Today she has been avoiding everyone and we are all relieved for the reprieve.
  7. Does anyone else work with an overly dramatic coworker? The person who always takes every little snafu as a personal attack? The person who gets defensive if you ask them a question, a question that is based on confusion, not an accusation? Whose tone gets snippish and curt whenever you tell them you'll have to get back to them with an answer? Who, in a group meeting just giving information on a situation, decides its time to air every grievance they've had for the last 6 months? I'm dealing with that coworker right now, and it's not the first time, this time I am done apologizing and asking if everything is ok. This is a job, it is not your "life", get over your emotional attachment to meetings, files and phone lines, we are all just doing our jobs! ARGH!
  8. Pet Peeves

    For the love of whatever you worship, yes! To add to that, I am glad whenever public toilets provide the tissue seat covers, however, it is YOUR job to make sure your cover flushes with the rest of the remnants, please don't leave it for the next person to have to remove! And I'm going to add to the bathroom pet peeves: What in the world takes some women so damn long to go to the bathroom???? I am mainly referring to venues where there are long lines (concerts, bars, sporting events, etc.) and they can see there is a line of women out the door but they take their time undressing, they wait until their business is completed before even reaching for the toilet paper, and then take several minutes to redress! I guess having gone through boot camp where you PEE 'N GO (as my DI used to yell), I don't get why women dawdle in the stall! Especially when you know people have to pee just as bad as you did, get it done and get out!
  9. I'm driving a 2009 Hyundai Sonata, bought used in 2010, I don't love it like I loved my Maxima but it has been very reliable, 200,000 miles on it with very few repairs and great gas mileage. It's been paid off for 3 1/2 years and it's showing some rust spots but I can't bear the thought of having a car payment.
  10. Thank you! For the life of me I couldn't figure out what he thought someone would want those coke-bottle, fugly glasses for! I'm pretty sure there is no market for cheap frames but, hey, what do I know? I think you've got it figured out! I am always so grateful I go to a mechanic with a conscience, many years ago I had a 13 year old Nissan Maxima with 250,000 miles on it. I loved that car, I used to say that everything on it was new except the frame since I'd replaced practically every part. Well the day came when the compressor went and my mechanic told me that it would cost more than the car was worth and he could not in good conscience go through with the replacement. The Maxima got traded in (very likely for parts since it wasn't worth anything else) and I purchased another new-to-me vehicle that I will drive until it dies.....
  11. Pet Peeves

    My ex-husband is remarried, and both of his stepdaughters have had children, he is all over FB bragging about how they love their "poppy" with pics of the babies and outings everywhere. I feel bad for my daughters who have always felt their stepmother pushed her kids in front of them since day one. While neither of them has plans to have children in the near future, I do worry that he will be bored being a "poppy" by then.
  12. Pet Peeves

    Sounds like you've driven through the countryside in Western NY!
  13. Pet Peeves

    i would have thought "lehROY" would have been in there, too. oopsy, you are correct, lehROY is also used!!!
  14. Pet Peeves

    LOL! Prior to my breast reduction (36DD to a 34C best.surgery.ever.) I used to keep a dry washcloth in my car and would shove it down my shirt to absorb the trickles. There's a town near my hometown called Leroy. If you poll 20 people, 10 will say it's pronounced LEHroy, and 10 will say its pronounced LEEroy. You can't win.
  15. Pet Peeves

    Absolutely, and please don't think I have ever done that, I am 5'4" for the record, and my e-harmony dating profile did not mention a height restriction, I don't care about that. I had one date with a guy the same height as me, unfortunately he made a disparaging remark about cats being dirty, and since my profile did highlight my love of felines and the fact that I had 4 of them at the time, I declined to go on a second date with him.