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  1. S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    The people on this show have a lot of their budget allocated to takeout/delivery and suoer ugly tattoos.
  2. S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    Only 3 min i to this episode, and I haven't read any of the comments yet. I saw Robin wake up alone, and her morning "clean herself" ritual. All I could think was, "Oh this poor woman doesn't have a skinny husband to help her." Then she called out for James. This show is too predictable.
  3. S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    I wish I had your experience. At my place of employment, important meetings and some decisions are made by the boys over golf games. I don't play, and I don't have any interest in learning. When I spoke to my CFO about it (respectfully, not in a Rhylee way), he actually thought he was being thoughtful when presenting me with golf clubs in a pink golf club bag, and a pink pair of golf glovez. He is a great manager and person, but I was so steamed for days. I immediately donated my few pink clothes and have never worn that color again.
  4. S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    I do see many of your points about Kate and agree with them. However this crew lives and works together 24/7. I am always professional with even the battiest, chattiest, people I work for/above/with (well, perhaps not when I have deadlines and have to deal with our new money-saving IT call center for computer issues). I love my husband of over 2 decades but he had 16 days of vacation time he used over Christmas and New Year and I was going out of my mind with him home all the time. I can't even imagine living with the people I work with for weeks/months at a time. I would throw myself overboard. Yes, Kate is a mean girl (but smart and witty and good at her job). In that kind of work/living situation everyone needs to make an effort not to be confrontational and so hurt and just do their jobs. Good for Kate/Josiah and the current male deck crew for having a sense of humor so they have some laughs and fun while completing their tasks. I would imagine the military employs some type of training for these work/living situations. Some of the crew could use it.
  5. Family By The Ton

    Casey's mother's upper arms looked like those of a formerly obese person who lost weight (not normal aging). That is one woman who sadly exercised poor judgement wearing sleeveless tops.
  6. S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    Was this the mother who wore the French fry shirt to the appt with Dr. Now?
  7. Family By The Ton

    The other cousin getting the weight loss surgery first seems quite...dare I say normal? All considered. I hope she’s successful with her wls and backs the hell away from any more faaammmmmiiillllyyyyy gatherings. Such a crab pot mentality, especially with Baby Huey. And sorry Amy, you know you’re from a family of morbidly obese people when you can rationalize 379 lbs not being *that* bad. I messed up the order of quoting these posts. Thank you for the infor, SuzieQ. DreadfulLeigh, you called it! I thought she was a cousin as well. If the show is Family BTN, and she is not family and doesn't know these crazy people, I am confused as to why she is on the program. Because the weird family was just happy to be obese and eat, and they needed somebody on the show who could feature Dr. Proctor?
  8. Family By The Ton

    As Casey stated it, he was 500 lbs., and it was too hard to work so he quit his restaurant job. His mother had a house rule that anyone living in her house had to be working. Casey packed up and moved in with the foolish father to sponge off of. I'm sure his mom's version is far more detailed. I hope she appears on the show.
  9. Family By The Ton

    I really want to hear the responsible mother's version of events, and want the gruesome details of what being married to, and raising children with that idiot was like. I wonder what finally had to go down to make the divorce happen. Is that man the father of all these "kids," or just Casey? I'm asking because I honestly don't know. I have seen the term "good old boys" used more times in this thread than I have ever heard it in my entire life. Is that the same thing that people located in different geographic regions would refer to as a "redneck?"
  10. I just read about Lisa. I guess I am done with this show once her episodes have aired. I watch this show in spite of the other housewives, not because of them. I can't stand Dorit or Lisa R. I don't mind Erika and at least she has the serious wealth that I watch this show for, but I would not tune in for her. The best thing about whiny Kyle was her friendship with Lisa. Teddi - well I would not even have remembered her if it was not for her appearance on LVP's Vanderpump Rules the other day. Lisa will really be missed. I hope she takes it easy and enjoys more time with Ken and her kids and pets (prob not in that order lol).
  11. S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    Schwartz' drinking is really bad. It is not cute or funny. I guess he doesn't have any kind of job or schedule, so that makes it easier for him to drink. I guess I am stupid. I really didn't think that Tom and Schwartz would blow off a chance at something useful and meaningful for their future without VPR. But it seems like they will just be making appearances at TomTom for money like they (Tom S, anyway) do at SUR. They are not learning anything about the restaurant industry.
  12. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    I don't think he hurt Ashton at all and am so grateful that he was there! I did not know about his training and only knew of him as a camera operator. So glad this forum has people who explain things to us who don't know about boating. Since this episode aired, I have learned more from this forum about boating than I have known in my whole life. The next time we go on a cruise, I certainly will not be grumbling when we have to do the muster station drill.
  13. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    This very clinical analysis of Rhylee's gushing morning after is SO FUNNY!!!!!
  14. S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    I had never heard of beer cheese, so I looked it up. It is not something I am interested in, but if I was I would make it myself before buying it in a package. It's just a simple roux, beer, cheese and spices to taste. If you make your own, it looks easy and you can use the types of cheese and seasonings that you prefer. I just don't see many people being hungry for a sad looking prepackaged cheese dip that you microwave. Not even touching those two running a food business. What the hell was Ariana wearing? Thong, red lace, bell sleeves, long dress. There was so much ugly happening at one time. At least that terrible outfit was more interesting than her upcoming "I had a lesbian relationship in my past" story. Thanks to FF at least I will get to bed earlier once she starts this new yawn-fest. Loved Tom scolding Schwartz to be careful with his expensive shaker, and then promptly dropping it. Kristen looked gorgeous tonight. I don't really care about Raquel because she either has an arrangement with James, or being on this show is so important to her that she will put up with his behavior.
  15. Last season was all about her stupid vagina. I really, really do not want to hear about her past lesbian relationship this season. It is going to be agony. Thank goodness for FF.