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  1. Anyone else grossed out that Shannon picked up after the dog and washed her hands in the kitchen sink? If I do anything even a little gross/dirty, my hands are washed in the laundrybor bathroom sink. My husband learned this house rule early in our marriage.
  2. My eating habit is the same as what I was raised on and eaten my entire life. Ayurvedic vegan, nutritious, nourishing and delicious. Rice; mung beans seaoned with turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger and tomato; and cauliflower/broccoli in a spicy spinach gravy. Closest way to explain it in Western terms.
  3. Noooo! The two people from this show who slam the truck door shut with the window frame! I will be double-cringing and wincing this entire episode!
  4. ITA with the general comments about Captain Sandy's failure at leadership this season, but I hate how many times she has been called a bitch. Captain Lee's worst offense is being salty, grouchy or a curmudgeon. Captain Sandy misbehaves, and the go-to term for her is a bitch.
  5. American WomAll Episodes Discussion

    This show is bad, bad bad! Two positives I can find: 1) I think Alicia has aged very well. She looks great. In part, I'm sure, due to her vegan lifestyle. I saw her recently in person sans makeup and she has perfect, glowing skin. Ofc, she arrived late to the yoga class after the instructor locked the door and the class had started, kind of ruining the flow for everyone. 2) For anyone who watches RHOBH, this idiot show takes me back to Kyle's ridiculous, OTP laugh at some non-funny joke on the show during her viewing party. She was the only one who laughed, and it was such a stupid and loud laugh, that it makes me laugh. ETA: Love the 70s scenery and fashion as well, but I think Mad Men's level of excellence may have ruined all period shows for me.
  6. S02.E10: See You Soon, Macaroon 2018.06.07

    Speaking of disguises, I thought it was so cute how Jules looked like Velma from Scooby-Doo.
  7. S02.E10: See You Soon, Macaroon 2018.06.07

    This whole season , with Sally's masculine body type and that god-awful haircut, all I saw was the scarecow from the Wizard of Oz. Oh, and I wish Paul Adelstein would stop writing himself as a character in EVERY SINGLE show he is is a writer/producer of. We get it.
  8. I wonder if these are going to be the guests that Hannah and Adam referred to as the worst guests of this season on WWHL last week? Casey has seasickness and chooses to eat her bread while watching the waves from the deck? I really hope we do not have to endure any more scenes of her vomiting.
  9. S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    So glad this season is over.
  10. S36 Donathan Hurley

    Glad I don't have to see creepy Donathan or his serial killer smile again. He looked like an insane clown in the last few tribal councils. Just my gut reaction to him. If I was ever on an elevator alone, and he got on, I would immediately get off.
  11. In her original episode, there was a chocolate-eyed, dark-haired, tall and strapping young paramedic who I found quite fetching. When he was helping the team load her back into the ambulance (after a Dr. Now or hospital visit, I don't remember), he shriveled his nose and got a look on his face like he had just smelled the most offensive and disgusting smell. I only noticed it because I was only watching him, but I really hoped someone else saw it too.
  12. S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    I rarely swear. But just from the first 10 min of this show, screw you Schenee for keeping your poor dog locked in a cage outside and not even acknowledging him when he is begging for attention and to be let out. Why does this bitch even have a dog? I hope someone in the area calls the Humane Society and saves that poor creature. Screw you too for getting behind the wheel in such useless physical condition. How does she even have a license. What a selfish and worthless person. Harm yourself, I couldn't care less. But don't inflict your garbage self on animals or innocent bystanders. Wow, I can't remember hating someone so much, so fast, on this show.
  13. S06.E18: One Ton Family: Part 2

    I agree with all that you said, but the three-pronged approach talk was one of the scenes that made me not care for Dr. Etter. That was good information, but he sounded like he was reading it straight from a pamphlet. He didn't offer any of his own insight or experience, or apply it to these patients specifically. He was just regurgitating info, like a bad book report done by a little kid. Maybe it's just me, it seems like quite a few people on the forum do like him.
  14. S06.E18: One Ton Family: Part 2

    I didn't care for Dr. Etter one bit. He came off as so studied and scripted. I don't think one word out of his mouth expressed any of his thoughts or feelings, it all seemed like it came from a textbook. He could write those stupid opening monologues they start each show with. I'm sure he is a skilled doctor and surgeon. He just seemed devoid of any personality.
  15. S06.E18: One Ton Family: Part 2

    I'd say rice and beans, no chicken. If any of these people just went vegetarian or vegan they would drop so much weight so fast. Rice and legumes are healthy in the proper proportion. I've never had meat or fish, and have never weighed over 105. I eat rice, vegetable and legume-based dishes every day. I rarely eat Western foods. I just hate seeing rice being blamed for weight gain. Just look at most Asian cultures for thousands of years. It is the way Westen cultures prepare it (butter, cheese, stock, salt - blech), and the huge portions they eat that are the problem.