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  1. S15.E02: Auditions 2 2018.06.11

    I could be completely mistaken, but isn't Benji occasionally choreographing ice dancing (or pairs) now? Because that's what his lifts and holds looked like. And, like a poster upthread, I would never have known that was West Coast Swing. Nice to have him back, though! (I sat near him on a flight once.)
  2. S15.E01: Auditions 1 2018.06.04

    Worth it for the delightful last couple of minutes of the show. I wound that back a couple of times. (Although I don't think I've ever seen tap shoes so... enhanced.) Can they swap out Vanessa for tWitch permanently? She seems like a nice person, but she brings very little to the judges' table. And I hope Mary sees these audition episodes and tones down the hair and makeup before the live eps.
  3. San Francisco's KQED will be airing Happy Valley S1 starting May 3. I'm assuming they'll show S2 at some point. Even though I've seen both seasons (thanks, Netflix!) I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Since it's on at 8:00, I hope PBS doesn't edit it for content (or time, like it does Call The Midwife).
  4. Based on the "One More Time," I'm guessing it's the last Original Flava season, but I'll take any and all! Yayness!
  5. S07.E05: Episode 5

    Dear PBS: Save the after-show extras for the DVDs and show us the complete UK versions of the episodes. I hate it when I come across a missing scene in the Old-School Recap (bless you, ALH).
  6. S07.E05: Episode 5

    Thank you, PreviouslyTV PTB for ALH's fantastic old-school recaps. More, pleaseandthankyou! And I agree with ALH and the above posters that something is wonky with this season. It's not gone so far off the rails that I wouldn't watch it, but something's... off. Is it fatigue? Have they run out of stories to tell? At this point, I'm mainly watching it for the excellent Linda Basset. (Also, I would totally watch a three-part miniseries of Trixie swanning around '60s Portofino.)
  7. Even though I had problems with Grantchester seasons 2 and 3 (and McMafia), anything that brings Norton to my TV screen is fine with me. No one looks better in a black vicar's suit. (Maybe they can do another season of Happy Valley, too.)
  8. GBBO In The Media

    Surely (I hope...) PBS will at least show the last Original Flavour GBBS (with Mary, Mel and Sue) here in the US. Does anyone have any idea when? In the Clearly I Need To Get Out More Dept., I was very excited to see the Easter Masterclass show up on my DVR guide (Easter Sunday afternoon on KQED here in the Bay Area).
  9. S01.E05: Doink

    About 20 minutes into this episode I thought, Why haven't I laughed yet? The first four episodes were pretty hilarious (largely thanks to Susie). Then I had a rushing flashback to the days when Gilmore Girls was first airing. The same thing would happen -- a couple of funny episodes and then one that, while not without humor, just kind of laid there. And it would invariably turn out that Daniel Palladino had written it. Same with "Doink." Could I write an episode of Mrs. Maisel? I could not. But Daniel's writing doesn't -- then or now -- have the same snap that Amy's does. (I'd like to see her version of Midge and Susie's breakup scene.) I did guffaw when Caroline Aaron returned to the table at the dinner with Penny and just said "NO" but that was down to Aaron's delivery. Still, I did enjoy Abe quizzing Midge about working and the recreations of B. Altman's and the Stage Deli. And either Amy or Daniel can write out Joel ASAP.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Babbbling About Babylon

    Re the English-dubbing option: I heard it was nicht gut. I saw a dubbed clip on YouTube, I think, and the voice actor for Gereon sounded like Tom Cruise. Which, no. Happily, I don't mind reading subtitles. And Stephan Janicke's deaf parents nearly broke my hard little heart, especially his Mahler-loving father.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Babbbling About Babylon

    There are more seasons coming, yes? Please say yes! This is one of the best shows I've seen in ages. Great stories and characters and that production design! Sadly, I cannot get anyone I know to watch it, probably because it's 16 episodes of subtitled German, even though I tell them it's got everything from murderous priests to drag queens, White Russians to proto-Nazis. Well, their loss... There has to be another season -- what happened to the train car MADE OF GOLD?!
  12. I did get a smooth sauce, DUBBEL ZOUT. Per their recommendation, I used American cheese, something I would not normally look twice at, even in a chunk from the deli counter. It was quite smooth and made that glurpy, sucking sound when I stirred it. Other than it tastes great, the clean up is minimal -- no second pot or a colander to wash, just the box grater.
  13. Gotta say, ATK's One Pot Mac 'n' Cheese is pretty fantastic. And it only takes about 20 minutes and is easily halved. Rather than wrestle with ATK's website, I rewatched the episode and wrote down the recipe as Julia and Bridget demonstrated it (it's only six or so ingredients).
  14. Why -- why? -- is there a studio audience? It adds nothing to the show.
  15. English Premier League

    I haven't completely quit Arsenal, but I find Burnley much more enjoyable to watch.