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  1. S04.E08: I'm Not the Person I Used to Be

    I wasn't feeling SAstin as Greg either and, as others have said, hope he'll grow into the role. Mainly, though, I could not get past the five pounds of slap they put on his face. He looked poreless and Photoshopped. (Hi, WhiJo, nice to have you back, however briefly!) (Kamala Hare-is for the win.)
  2. I enjoyed the episode -- as long as I didn't look out the windows of the tent. Clearly, it was filmed in the summer or early autumn as there were still plenty of leaves on the trees. Yes, I know GBBO isn't a documentary (and heating the tent would be as much of a problem for the sound techs as air conditioning it), but it kinda took me out of the holiday spirit. The foam snow on the ground at the end didn't help either. /Scrooge ANYway, my mom makes mincemeat pie every holiday season. She buys it jarred (Crosse and Blackwell's) and doctors it with booze and whatnot. Since it is the only pie I'd rather not eat I can't tell you what's in the whatnot. But she lets it sit around for a couple of weeks before she makes the actual pie. Smells nice, even I don't like the taste of it!
  3. S09.E04: Dessert Week

    To me, blancmange = The Jewel in the Crown. Sarah Layton asks Guy Perron to her family's for dinner and apologizes in advance for dessert being blancmange, which they both refer to as "shape." When the excellent television version came out I finally learned how blancmange was pronounced. (And if memory serves, the "shape" on JitC was white, bowl-shaped and wobbly.)
  4. S04.E05: I'm So Happy for You

    Well, I guess I'm a shipper and didn't really know it. When I saw David Hull listed as a Guest Star instead of a regular in the credits I was, well, "saddened" is too strong a word, but I'll miss both him and WhiJo if that was, in fact, his last appearance. And he's one of the best dancers on the show, and he didn't get to dance in the Oklahoma! parody, he just stood around looking (understandably) peeved. Sigh... (Although, well done, show, for the snap into letterbox format; I laughed out loud.) I hope Hull has other work lined up (it was nice to see him on HBO's Insecure a couple of times). Who's next to go, Father Brah? Should we start a CEG dead pool? And where has Zayne Emory (Brendan) been all this time? The kid was excellent.
  5. In The Media: Schitt Hits The Fans

    Per Dan Levy's Instagram account.
  6. The Durrells In Corfu: Fun to hang out with

    Speaking of Sven, I'm 99% certain I saw him for a nanosecond in the previews for next week's episode. Maybe he's been making goat cheese with Spiros's wife all this time.
  7. The Woman In White - Dastardly men prey on women

    Nothing against the actor, but he is not the Count Fosco that I pictured when I read the book. Mine is much larger -- like Victor Buono (yes, I am old) or Sydney Greenstreet (super-old) -- and much creepier. And where are his little pet canaries and mice that live in his pockets? He's the best character in the book, I think.
  8. The Woman In White - Dastardly men prey on women

    I've read the book a couple of times, and I can NEVER remember how it ends. So I'm watching this with no idea of the ending (although it may come to me). Basically, I'm watching for Jessie Buckley, whom I enjoyed in War and Peace, and then Charles Dance showed up and then Art Malik did -- a Jewel in the Crown reunion! Except, thinking back, I don't believe Dance and Malik had any scenes together, just a tragic near-miss. Anyway, topic: As opposed to the poster upthread who thought this was too dark, I think it's too bright. In my mind, reading the book, the whole show should largely look dark and dim and dripping rain.
  9. The chefs on Milk Street also abuse "go ahead and". Let's blame Chris Kimball! The other cooking-show verbal tic I loathe is using "your" or "our" for "the." As in: "I'm going to go ahead and add our butter to the sauce." Or: "Pour your apples in your pie crust." Please just say "the."
  10. S04.E12: Singles Week

    Does Netflix US have the S4 Christmas episode or have I gone blind and can't find it? Also, do we Americans have to wait till Oct. 2019 for S5 on Netflix? Also also, what's the over/under on a sixth season? Also3: Dear Netflix -- Please get the rights to The Great Canadian Baking Show, thank you. If I can't watch Dan Levy on new episodes of SC then I can at least watch him eating baked goods in a tent.
  11. S04.E03: Abestos Fest

    I'm sure Chris Elliott is a nice guy, but if they killed off Roland I would not mind one bit. (Please keep Jocelyn, though. Make her the mayor.)
  12. The Durrells In Corfu: Fun to hang out with

    Anyone else expect David Attenborough to come wandering by Gerry's wall o' nature being natural?
  13. The Durrells In Corfu: Fun to hang out with

    Sven! Where is Sven -- I need to know. (And yet the spoilerphobe in me means I'm not going to hit up IMDb to see if the actor is in this season.) Nice to have the show back, of course.
  14. In The Media: Schitt Hits The Fans

    Per Dan Levy's Twitter account on 25 Sept., Schitt's Creek S4 will be available on Netflix on 11 Oct.
  15. The Miniaturist

    This should have been called "Vermeer's 'Gaslight.'" Alex Hassel (Johannes) is an acquaintance of mine, and, really, I'm watching this just for him. The cinematography is lovely, but the plot is awfully eye-rolly.