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  1. S04.E03: Abestos Fest

    I'm sure Chris Elliott is a nice guy, but if they killed off Roland I would not mind one bit. (Please keep Jocelyn, though. Make her the mayor.)
  2. The Durrells In Corfu: Fun to hang out with

    Anyone else expect David Attenborough to come wandering by Gerry's wall o' nature being natural?
  3. The Durrells In Corfu: Fun to hang out with

    Sven! Where is Sven -- I need to know. (And yet the spoilerphobe in me means I'm not going to hit up IMDb to see if the actor is in this season.) Nice to have the show back, of course.
  4. In The Media: Schitt Hits The Fans

    Per Dan Levy's Twitter account on 25 Sept., Schitt's Creek S4 will be available on Netflix on 11 Oct.
  5. The Miniaturist

    This should have been called "Vermeer's 'Gaslight.'" Alex Hassel (Johannes) is an acquaintance of mine, and, really, I'm watching this just for him. The cinematography is lovely, but the plot is awfully eye-rolly.
  6. S08.E01: Cake Week

    I've very much enjoyed Sandi as a guest panelist on QI. I haven't seen her as the host of QI because I haven't found any of the QI seasons past "G" and I'm not paying for another streaming service that has them (Acorn has seasons "A" through "G"). ANYway, it was odd to see her without her glasses, but she's a delight. I had no knowledge of Noel and was pleasantly surprised that he made laugh (some vaguely smutty crack about clutches that I can't remember now). A friend has dug in his heels about not watching the new crew, and I had to tell him to let that go, that's it's (nearly) exactly the same, and the differences aren't worth getting all shirty about. I am going to TRY to not binge this season and will only watch one episode each Friday night like I was watching it on PBS. (Does anyone know if PBS chose not to air these new seasons or if Love Productions wouldn't sell them to PBS? I know nothing about how rights and royalties work, other than they're very complicated.)
  7. S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    What's the over/under on another season? Nigel at least put in a plug for a Top-20 season. If that happens, I'm praying to Terpsichore that they go back to the original format of the early seasons -- 10 couples, a separate elimination show and jidges who actually jidge. (It's good to have dreams...)
  8. I have a friend who works on Cooks Country, and he said the new house exteriors are the Appleton Farms in Ipswich, Mass.
  9. S15.E11: Top Eight Perform

    Could the producers not get the rights to Ice-T's "Dick Tracy" (from the Warren Beatty movie of the same name) for the men's group number? That's all I could think while watching that number -- "Wrong music!" Also, it was the only piece I watched twice, other than Slavik and Gennessy's dancing butlers. (Slavik reminds me of a criticism I got when I was a sorta dancer. The choreographer said I wasn't the best technical dancer in the group, but I sold it the best with my face and the better technical dancers should take notes. Slavik does the same thing.) I don't know how Cat walks in those shoes. I do know now to FF through Vanessa's babblings. Can we please have Debbie Allen back? I'll even settle for Jesse Tyler Ferguson, for pity's sake.
  10. S03.E09: Patisserie

    Wily Minx is totally my new band name. There will be a bake sale at intermission (sorry, the interval).
  11. Small Talk: Alistair Cooke's Library

    I love Collins' The Woman in White and will be looking forward to this. Plus, it's a Jewel in the Crown reunion for Art Malik (Harry Kumar) and Charles Dance (Guy Perron), a series I could happily watch once a year if there wasn't so much good TV now.
  12. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I'm a huge fan of GBBS, Parks and Rec, Poehler and Offerman and yet... I didn't much like this. It was such a blatant knockoff of GBBS -- bucolic setting (albeit a barn instead of a tent), contestant benches all facing the same way, bantering hosts and judges sailing up to said benches and saying "Tell us about your XXX," even a lot of the camera angles (when the hosts and judges walk out to announce the challenge they are filmed from above their right shoulders) -- that the GBBS producers should get a cut of any profits (or sue for plagiarism). It just seemed lazy on the producers' part not to come up with a different show template. I also agree with a poster upthread who noted that the contestants' varying skillsets don't make for a level playing field, never mind that what they produced was all over the map -- embroidery hoops to wood crafts to fabric art (with trending tassels! [what?!]) -- so the judges also don't have a baseline. (On GBBS, the judges know how, say, a Chelsea bun should taste.) I noticed in the opening credits a "Written by" credit. While the GBBS may in fact be written (although it feels more "loosely shaped" than written somehow), Making It definitely felt scripted, and a lot of Poehler and Offerman's line deliveries weren't helping. Also: less of them, more of the contestants, please. Also, did Etsy pay to have their trendspotting judge on? Was there no one else they could get? I'll give it another episode, but I was sadly underwhelmed.
  13. S03.E08: Episode 8 2018.07.05

    I really only watched this season for Dino Fetscher (Stanley). And, yes, I am typing this from the shallow end of the pool with no shame at all.
  14. I thought the series was an absolute treat and am looking forward to watching it again. I liked that it was done largely as near-farce, although apparently Scott did not approve of attempts at his own murder being played for laughs. I've recommended it to all and sundry, and no one's disliked it. Plus, it had so many of my favorite British actors. (I swear there are only 25 British actors in total, and they just keep showing up in everything.) And every show I've seen Ben Whishaw in he ends up in floods of tears at some point (I call him Weepin' Ben Whishaw). Eighteen minutes in to Scandal? Floods. He is an excellent cryer (and actor).
  15. S15.E05: Academy 1 2018.07.09

    Boogie Shoes has been in my Bookmarks list for ages. When I need a little pick-me-up I watch it. It may be light and fun and simplistic, but it's a routine that I watch and think, "Hey, I could do (most of) that", given a day's rehearsal. (Unlike so many of the tortured Contemporary routines that I would never want to do.) I lost my link to Fik-Shun playing a waiter flirting with, argh, I can't remember her name, but he spilled water and she nearly fell later on, but it's such a charming and fun routine. (Apologies in advance to the P.tv PTB if posting links like this is verboten.)