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  1. S03.E09: Patisserie

    Wily Minx is totally my new band name. There will be a bake sale at intermission (sorry, the interval).
  2. Small Talk: Alistair Cooke's Library

    I love Collins' The Woman in White and will be looking forward to this. Plus, it's a Jewel in the Crown reunion for Art Malik (Harry Kumar) and Charles Dance (Guy Perron), a series I could happily watch once a year if there wasn't so much good TV now.
  3. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I'm a huge fan of GBBS, Parks and Rec, Poehler and Offerman and yet... I didn't much like this. It was such a blatant knockoff of GBBS -- bucolic setting (albeit a barn instead of a tent), contestant benches all facing the same way, bantering hosts and judges sailing up to said benches and saying "Tell us about your XXX," even a lot of the camera angles (when the hosts and judges walk out to announce the challenge they are filmed from above their right shoulders) -- that the GBBS producers should get a cut of any profits (or sue for plagiarism). It just seemed lazy on the producers' part not to come up with a different show template. I also agree with a poster upthread who noted that the contestants' varying skillsets don't make for a level playing field, never mind that what they produced was all over the map -- embroidery hoops to wood crafts to fabric art (with trending tassels! [what?!]) -- so the judges also don't have a baseline. (On GBBS, the judges know how, say, a Chelsea bun should taste.) I noticed in the opening credits a "Written by" credit. While the GBBS may in fact be written (although it feels more "loosely shaped" than written somehow), Making It definitely felt scripted, and a lot of Poehler and Offerman's line deliveries weren't helping. Also: less of them, more of the contestants, please. Also, did Etsy pay to have their trendspotting judge on? Was there no one else they could get? I'll give it another episode, but I was sadly underwhelmed.
  4. S03.E08: Episode 8 2018.07.05

    I really only watched this season for Dino Fetscher (Stanley). And, yes, I am typing this from the shallow end of the pool with no shame at all.
  5. I thought the series was an absolute treat and am looking forward to watching it again. I liked that it was done largely as near-farce, although apparently Scott did not approve of attempts at his own murder being played for laughs. I've recommended it to all and sundry, and no one's disliked it. Plus, it had so many of my favorite British actors. (I swear there are only 25 British actors in total, and they just keep showing up in everything.) And every show I've seen Ben Whishaw in he ends up in floods of tears at some point (I call him Weepin' Ben Whishaw). Eighteen minutes in to Scandal? Floods. He is an excellent cryer (and actor).
  6. S15.E05: Academy 1 2018.07.09

    Boogie Shoes has been in my Bookmarks list for ages. When I need a little pick-me-up I watch it. It may be light and fun and simplistic, but it's a routine that I watch and think, "Hey, I could do (most of) that", given a day's rehearsal. (Unlike so many of the tortured Contemporary routines that I would never want to do.) I lost my link to Fik-Shun playing a waiter flirting with, argh, I can't remember her name, but he spilled water and she nearly fell later on, but it's such a charming and fun routine. (Apologies in advance to the P.tv PTB if posting links like this is verboten.)
  7. Per... some recent photo I saw on Tumblr, Leonard and Mrs. M, er, C. are still on the show.
  8. There's going to be a new vicar in the dog collar next summer.
  9. Man in an Orange Shirt

    Nice production values, largely, but the writer ignored the truism of "Show, don't tell." It would have been nice to see Michael and Robert's relationship as schoolmates, instead of just hearing about it in passing. Suddenly they're macking behind a tree and there'd been very little build up to it. Plenty of gaps in Adam's story as well. I also couldn't tell if this had been cut down from a longer version. If it hadn't been longer, then it should have been. (What happened to the generation of Adam's parents?) Typing from the shallow end of the pool, I'll cop to largely just watching it for Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Good physical casting of Julian Morris as his grandson, as there was a resemblance.
  10. S03.E02: Bread

    I made bagels once -- they're not wildly difficult, but once was enough. And, yes, there are sweet bagels in the US (cinnamon-raisin, blueberry, etc.), but I've never seen them with ICING. Which is, just, no (at least to me -- and Red Bridey above). I kinda don't mind showstoppers that aren't, well, elaborate showstoppers. While I can admire the bakers' technical skillz in producing them, it's nice to see something (like bagels) where you think, Hey, I could do that. As mentioned, I've made bagels; I would never even begin to attempt a tennis cake or a Union Jack cake. Anyway, I'm very glad the show is back, it's in its Original Flavor and that I haven't been accidentally spoiled as to the winner, as I was during Nadia's season.
  11. S15.E02: Auditions 2 2018.06.11

    I could be completely mistaken, but isn't Benji occasionally choreographing ice dancing (or pairs) now? Because that's what his lifts and holds looked like. And, like a poster upthread, I would never have known that was West Coast Swing. Nice to have him back, though! (I sat near him on a flight once.)
  12. S15.E01: Auditions 1 2018.06.04

    Worth it for the delightful last couple of minutes of the show. I wound that back a couple of times. (Although I don't think I've ever seen tap shoes so... enhanced.) Can they swap out Vanessa for tWitch permanently? She seems like a nice person, but she brings very little to the judges' table. And I hope Mary sees these audition episodes and tones down the hair and makeup before the live eps.
  13. San Francisco's KQED will be airing Happy Valley S1 starting May 3. I'm assuming they'll show S2 at some point. Even though I've seen both seasons (thanks, Netflix!) I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Since it's on at 8:00, I hope PBS doesn't edit it for content (or time, like it does Call The Midwife).
  14. Based on the "One More Time," I'm guessing it's the last Original Flava season, but I'll take any and all! Yayness!
  15. S07.E05: Episode 5

    Dear PBS: Save the after-show extras for the DVDs and show us the complete UK versions of the episodes. I hate it when I come across a missing scene in the Old-School Recap (bless you, ALH).