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  1. I normally appreciate George Will for his calm and logical explanations of things I hate to hear, he really depressed me when he laid out the unconstitutionality of the Mueller probe and that ruined my whole night.
  2. I am watching a re-run of “My mother lied about my real father & hid th e truth in a letter inside her Bible” (whew). We all know the Mother lied but forty or more years ago it was not as easy to explain an illegitimate daughter, particularly if she was in another relationship, and I wish they hadn’t brow beaten her so much. Her daughter was a total bitch & needs to get over the past, and if she wants a relationship then pursue it but leave Mom alone.
  3. The “Mooch”and Avenatti went over like a lead balloon. No one can get a word in when Anthony is talking - Avenatti does better as a solo.
  4. This documentary was disturbing to watch. I think the quote from Danny Bonaduce, “his relationship with happiness was questionable at best.” said a lot. I remember when he did all those interviews about how awful it was to be a pop idol, I thought , “grow up, most people would love to have your looks, talent , money and adulation - stop your bitching.” As his story progressed over the years and it became clear that alcoholism was ruining his life,I did feel a bit sorry for him. Sad end for him.
  5. Chris Matthews seemed positively manic during his interview. I’m as upset as everyone else about the Trump administration but if our spokespeople ( and I’m looking at you,too Sam Bee)don’t calm the f. down we are going to look as nuts as the When you people start loosing your shit, I’m starting to think we’re in real trouble.
  6. The Tony’s are my favorite awards show. Everyone seems so much classier and more evolved.
  7. Why should I be surprised that Bill Maher hopes for a recession ( which no doubt will effect him very little); I hate Trump and what he’s doing to this country as much as anyone, but to wish for the collapse of the economy seems a bit extreme. I guess we’re all feeling rather hopeless & helpless.
  8. Heilemann was on fire tonight! I can imagine if you have to talk about this everyday over & over again, it must get pretty frustrating. I feel that way and I’m just watching them talk about it.
  9. S05.E10 Family Ties 2018.06.07

    Hate to say it, but Katherine should wear make up and ditch that ombré color and go back to auburn, especially when she’s filming. She looked totally washed out and plain compared to the other girls, who I don’t think were overly made up. I can’t believe it when people say that Ashley & Thomas are still together IRL; he wasn’t giving her “anything”and knowing that he will probably (if he hasn’t already) be fired by Bravo should be sending her back to California - unless she’s decided to try for Shep, Craig or Austen.
  10. S01.E01: Liberation 2018.06.07

    After the big build up that Kyle Richards and Bravo gave to this show, I was expecting more. Was “Big Kathy” really as affected as Alicia Silverstone was portraying her? Were we supposed to feel anything for any of these people other than bored disdain? The trouble is, it’s probably an accurate depiction of the hollow lives they lived, but I just don’t care. I like Kyle but this show didn’t do a thing for me.
  11. PBS: Viewers Like You. Thank You.

    Anyone see that lovely documentary about Mr. Rodgers by Yo Yo Ma’s son , Nicholas? Very nice.
  12. I’m very disappointed that they have turned this show into this dreck by casting it for looks & quirks. Very few of the crew have any actual experience in the yachting industry so their level of competence is low. I used to watch and marvel (as one who will never afford such lucury) at the party atmosphere; high end experience that seemed guaranteed on these trips. The guests seemed to appreciate the effort that went in to it for the most part. These guests appear to have been primed to be nasty& entitled.
  13. I agree with SunnyBeBe about John Mayer & Andy just doing it and getting it over with (Andy will lose interest as soon as they do). It's almost uncomfortable watching Andy fall all over himself. That said, John Mayer did a good job hosting.
  14. S05.E09: Hilton Head-Ache 2018.05.31

    Well, Ashley is really welcome to Thomas ( convicted felon and accused rapist are not exactly great credentials). He seems so vain and weak when he is with her and if he ever does put a ring on it, you can bet that lady will not be fawning over him and painting his nails. She will be laying down the law and have a leash around his neck. I am actually, hoping she gets him to do that as I would love to watch; however, if he gets written off the show I can guarantee that she will benhighttailing it back to California or suddenly find herself " in love" with one of the male regulars.
  15. S03.E03: Bad Vibrations

    I'm trying to figure out why Captain Sandy's character has changed so much this season. She's gone from somewhat intrusive micromanager to full on bitch. Since when does the Captain spend the whole trip hanging out with the primary? Why was she not consulting with Conrad about whether they needed 24 hour security and why is she on Hannah so hard ( did she watch the TH's last season and decide she was going to get her first). It's somewhat unsettling to see her being so unprofessional.