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  1. Watch What Happens Live

    I noticed, too, how Andy just became like a pubescent boy when John Mayer came onstage, it was a little embarrassing.He couldn’t even wait until the break to make sure they’d have a dinner date and dropped Kimmel like an old shoe. Very rude.
  2. S09.E02: Reconnect

    Loved seeing Javi and his girlfriend teaching the boys to ride their bikes. Love to see the interaction between the boys and Javi. Agree that whatever Kailyn did to her butt was way too much. I’m just not getting this look -I don’t find it attractive at all.
  3. S02.E01: Season Premiere

    Is the Mooch going to stay in that suit for the duration of the show or is he going to be one and done ( as I suspect, he’s not going to waste 6 weeks here, he’s only on for the big reveal and then gone.)? He really looks so out of place.
  4. High Maintenance

    Enjoyed the first episode of the season. I guess we’re going to see the demise of the RV.
  5. Crashing

    It was kind of a big turn around to see “ loser” Pete acting like a big man around Jaboukie, “ yeah, NY is kinda my town” and rather over confident. I can understand what a shock to him it was that his protege was outdoing him right out of the gate, but honestly, his set was a bit weak.
  6. I think I will have to give the show a pass next week - I won’t be able to listen to Ann Coulter or to Bill scolding the audience when they react negatively to her. “Newsmaker”, my ass, he’s hoping she’s a ratings grabber.
  7. Though my politics always leans a little left of Republicans, I’ve always had a warm place in my heart for John Kasich. Last night, however,he left me cold. I don’t know whether it was Bill’s interview style or just Kadich’s prickliness but it was not his finest moment and I couldn’t wait until he was off the stage
  8. Ex On The Beach (US)

    My DVR cut off beforeI found out who left. I’m guessing both of them because they really had to trim the herd. How do they decide which of the exes are up for elimination? Why weren’t Nurys or other Corey included? Or Nelson or other blond girl. Too many people - can’t keep track of them.its obviously not hard to get fame shores to come out.
  9. S07 E27 Nique & Alice

    I’m totally on Alice’s side on this. She respected Nique enough that she wasn’t going to diss her on TV., I doubt she was interested in someone who was already in a polyamourous relationship. Leave it to asshole Nev not to respect that someone felt this was an inappropriate way to break it off. Why not take a previously suicidal girl and humiliate them on national television; not once but twice.
  10. Schooled

    I’m just surprised that the Lainey character is rather unlikable. She was one of my favorites on the “Goldberg’s” and didn’t seem as shallow and cynical as she does now.
  11. S06.E03: Old Habits Die Hard

    Please my eyes!! Buddy & Twit flirting is beyond sickening. You can see how jealous of his girlfriend ( why I don’t know) she is. And good god- what is it all these women see in him? Unemployed, drug addicted, alcoholic, greasy, hairy and obese. He doesn’t bring much to the table but, oh, well.
  12. S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Oh, poor Josiah! He’s been my favorite all season and Icouldnt love him more after tonight. I felt his anxiety and I feel the same way every other poster here felt; this was sexual harassment. But with Andy Cohen being part of the Bravi franchise what else can you expect?
  13. Made in Staten Island

  14. S04.E09: I Need Some Balance

    Why has my once favorite “ guilty pleasure that no one else I know watches” become so unwatchable? I love that they “ go there” about real life problems but I’m kind of sick of hearing about UTI’s and yeast infections. That said, loved seeing Father Brah!
  15. S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    Even though the cliff hanger is that Clint may be left at the altar with neither his debit card nor his credit card,I don’t believe for a second that Tracie would give up her television career for that.