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  1. Season 7 Discussion: Season of Fate

    Morgan, you lost me! If you are that horny and have that little respect for yourself, there are 10 other guys in the house. Zak must have some magic penis the way these women are willing to have sex with him. All I can see when I look at him is a walking STD.
  2. Omerosa’s book must be selling very well because she was so relaxed and comfortable with Bill. Bill was late to the party getting her on the show but it was an interesting interview.
  3. S01.E03 A Leash Is Not A Guinea Pig

    Since when is a clueless Asian man a thing? This guy ( and Jason on the Good Place) are so over the top stupid that it isn’t even amusing. Everything about this show is so exaggerated.
  4. S.11 E.4: All That Glitters

    Poor Monroe. She is living in a house where everything is escalated into drama. The bull horn siren was annoying, but calling the police and saying, “ we have a young child here” when Monroe didn’t seem to be bothered by it,seems excessive. I cannot WAIT until Gage and Jeff have to deal with pre teen Monroe when the hormones start kicking in and very real drama will ensue.
  5. Season 7 Discussion: Season of Fate

    I wonder what happens when you go home after this show and see what a fool you made of yourself on national television. All the twerking, dry humping and throwing themselves on people make me embarrassed for them. Then the drama!!
  6. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Did he have an idol ? If so, why didn’t he use it.
  7. S06.E02: Foam, Party of One

    I’m hoping that Steve jumps off a boat and breaks his back! What a total ass. He must have a lot of money for people to put up with him
  8. No one but Andy and Tamra needed to know about that but Andy had to say it on the air! Very tacky and nasty of him.
  9. S07.E20: Unconditional Love

    Well, Corey landed himself another cushy MTV job just by screwing his cast mate from the Challenge. Talk about “ a soft place to fall”. We’ll see how active he’ll be in his daughter’s life when there are no cameras around. I have no patience with Caitlin any more. If you know you have a problem with depression and anxiety that requires months of in patient treatment, you have no business bringing another child into the world. The little one you have already looks miserable. Tyler is soooooo done.
  10. Marriage Boot Camp All Episodes Talk

    I’m convinced that Aubrey and Pauline are not a couple but that even pretending to be is difficult for Pauline. My head is spinning from all the times he and she have broken up on this show. The paycheck must be pretty good.
  11. Andrew Sullivan must be thinking that his brief flirtation with common sense and open mindedness during the Obama administration was not going to get him bookings in the Trump era. Why else would he defend the straight, white upperclass American males and the Frat Bros who would have beaten the shit out Andrew and his gay friends back in the day. They are not your friends, Andrew!
  12. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    When the original “Murphy Brown” came out, there weren’t as many politically based shows ( at least that I remember). They had an outrageousness that other sit coms did not. Now, many shows are doing political humor, and doing it better. Unfortunately, Candace Bergen’s speech pattern and delivery DOES sound stilted and as if she’s just reading her lines. I’m just not sure this reboot is translating as well to the present day.
  13. Season 7 Discussion: Season of Fate

    I so hope these people lose the money because, honestly, they don’t deserve it. The only statistics that Callie was interested in were those that related to her perfect match. I would be thrilled if Zak’s match was Asia and he was forced to be in the match house alone with her. He thinks he’s bored with Morgan? Asia will light up his life.
  14. Season 7 Discussion: Season of Fate

    These are the dumbest people they have ever had on this show ( and they have had their share of dummies) . No one is even trying to figure this out statistically and idiots like Zak and Bria who act the most idiotic are the ones they are focused on. Why not Andrew or Lauren? What about Jasmine? Daniel? I am sick of the same faces getting all the screen time.
  15. S37.E02 The Chicken Has Flown the Coop

    I don’t see that Lyrsa was any worse than any of the others in the challenges - no one seemed very good in this one.I’m wondering if her sexuality came in to play. Christian thinks that he is running this tribe? Only in his mind.. I’m watching Elizabeth; she looks innocent but she was the one who orchestrated the blindside and I couldn’t be happier to see that bitchy blond get it. Wish David would win something, though. I hate the Goliath tribe.