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  1. Loved Preet trying to calm Bill down as he hysterically yelled “Traitor!Traitor!” Yes, what he’s alleged to have done could be traitorous, but let’s see what the Mueller investigation’s logical conclusions are. Alas, I feel that Jonathan Swan’s prediction that it may not prove a thing is probably true. Using a word like traitor becomes as meaningless as comparing someone to Hitler if it’s thrown around enough.
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    So, you live feeders and Super fans, can you explain to me how after 2 months in the House people don’t realize that Kaycee,Tyler,Angela & to some extent, Brett are aligned? Aren’t they all together lying around all the time? And how blind do you have to be not to see Fessie trying to get into Hayleigh’s pants all the time? I realize we see everything on camera but how bid is this house and how non-observant can you be not to see things going on under your nose? When someone said that Scottie says he spends more time with Hayleigh than Fessie, I was amazed that he is so clueless.
  3. So, Tyler’s mother outs him — he is not a cool surfer dude but a midwestern bowling champ. It makes me wonder about all of these personas -Brett is not a computer genius; Kaitlin is not a life coach; Rockstar is not a pagan witch....
  4. Rockstar’s delusion is so cringeworthy that I’m uncomfortable watching this.
  5. Season 7 Discussion: Season of Fate

    Bria is obviously looking to be the “star villain”of AYTO, which means she’ll get a spot on the Challenge and continue her reality star career, because no one gets that attached to one guy, and makes such a fool of themselves unless they are looking to be infamous. Either that or she’s totally mentally ill and they should have screened these people better.
  6. S20. E22: Power of Veto #7

    Yeah, I don’t like Angela at all but Rockstar trying to act “ bad ass bitch” and being such a poor sport does not make you want to root for her. I am getting tired of Level 6(4) acting superior but, honestly, the other alliance ( lost track of their name) are so clueless. And, Fessy, JC is NOT voting with you so why do you want him over Rockstar?
  7. Well, I do agree with Omarosa when she says if we’d stop giving Trump so much oxygen for the things he tweets and says, it would upset him. But unfortunately, all this outrage is making a lot of people rich.
  8. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    Poor Jason. Zachia is a real ball buster. I think Amber is her female Jason- I’m sure she bosses her around just like that.
  9. S20. E21: Nominations #7. Hacker #2

    So far Brett has proven to be useless in competitions. Is he just holding back or is he truly not good. He may just win this by keeping a low profile..
  10. I wish Bill didn’t give voice over and over again to being a coastal elitist. From his remarks about the fires not even wanting to visit the fly over states to his remarks about the Dakotas, he just oozes smug superiority, and is one of the reasons that Trump’s supporters band together.
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I think the L4 got a little too cocky with all their successes and now are coming off ( to me, at least) as the” mean girls” clique. They holed up in the HOH room, essentially lying in Angela’s lap all week, making disparaging remarks about the other HG’s and not reaching out to the house at all. Kaycee, has gone down in my estimation. She has done NOTHING in the game but now she’s getting petty about how everyone else is playing. Neither she or Brett have been able to win anything but they act as if they have been superior players. I’m disappointed in Tyler; he fell for the pretty girl and it ruined his game
  12. S07.E06: Too Close for Comfort

    Once again, the “ experts” failed to discuss or apparently even ask the individuals about their feelings and habits with money. This is probably the leading cause of marital difficulty and if you have a philosophical difference in the way you feel about spending/ saving it can be death to even the best of relationships. What actual research do they do before they put these couples together? What’s your favorite color? The one guy doesn’t even like pets and his wife has a cat. Last year theypaired someone who was allergic to animals with someone who loved their pets. I me@n, REALLY?
  13. Small Talk: Because No Man is an Island

    Doesn’t seem like anyone is interested enough to start a topic thread.
  14. I think Bugsy complained about her laziness last time or am I confusing crew members? Hannah is certainly no Kate! I’ve never thought that any of the crews on “BDM” were as good as the original “Below Deck” & the longer this franchise goes on the more we will get less actually trained crews & more actors & fame whores.
  15. Why are Emily and Shane’s mother embarrassing him on national TV about not passing the bar or retaking the bar. He’s apparently been able to find work ( wasn’t he her boss at one time?). I see another Shannon/David scenario coming up. Look, you’ve already established that you’re the boss and he’s the reluctant spouse, don’t give him an excuse to leave you by being a nag.