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  1. Spoilers With Speculation

    But the connection of "perfect vessel" was set up in episode 3 of that Season and there were stepping stones in between. Then the entire culmination of Season 5 for say, the last three episodes worked towards just that. Right now the brothers only know about AU!Michael in name. AU!Michael couldn`t care less about them in return. I don`t think he will cross over till at the earliest the ending of episode 20. Michael in the cage hasn`t been thought of (and even the idea of him was easily discarded in Season 11). On top of that we have a crap-ton of other plotlines and mini-villains. If episode 21 is all about dealing with Lucifer (and possibly Asmodeus, Ketch, Rowena, Anael, situation in heaven) and then episode 22 about dealing with AU!Michael, when would they put this entire mini-arc in? If you wanna leave at least half the episode for culmination, that gives you roughly twenty minutes to put in the set-up that would normally take say at least 4-5 episodes. Now I`ve never believed this would be a thing this Season but now it looks extremely unlikely. Not to mention there is also Jack. So I`d give it a 0.000000000001 % chance.
  2. Spoilers With Speculation

    I think it`s gonna be some run-of-the-mill pagan "God". So Scoobynatural is probably more standalone and then the next three episodes after that will likely be about gathering the remaining ingredients. We have blood of a Holy Man already, apparently. It stands to reason that they manage to find whatever it is in that 1920`s bunker while the "God" will provide the hurdle part of that. According to the spoiler sheet episode 18 will feature Ketch and Hunt filming in the woods. That episode will mark supply number 3? We have the pics of Gabriel out and about for episode 20. Thus, archangel grace. Also, according to the spoiler sheet Mary and Jack film at some "camp", can only be the survivor`s camp in the AU world. So at that point they are still there. Now episode 20 might be the episode they open the rift and bring everyone back. Then ep 21 is called "Beat the Devil". Gee, I wonder what it`s gonna be about. Ep 22 "Apocalypse Now" - AU!Michael wreaking havoc and trying to turn our Earth 1 into his apocalypse world? I wonder if like Season 4 of Buffy this will serve more as the conclusion of that arc. Whereas the final episode is a more "standalone" capper. However, this would mean that at the earliest AU!Michael "meets" Dean in episode 20, maybe 21. Another reason why I don`t think at all those two characters will have anything to do with each other. Way back when Dabb or Singer said that "at first Michael won`t be interested in Dean". Well, there is not much time between "at first" and "end credits for Season Finale". Not enough to have even a mini-arc. Right now I`d say Sam or Rowena or a combination thereof will get to beat Lucifer. And then Jack will deal with AU!Michael.
  3. I`m currently back in my very old fandom love of Star Wars and right now it`s impossible to make even one step in any direction without being hit with that exact sentiment so I totally get it.
  4. OMG, you`re right. How could I have been so blind all these years. Now they just need to reveal that Laurel found the formula for what is basically anti-oxytocin and injected it into Oliver all the time. Why she would do that, I don`t know, but clearly it happened.
  5. Just skimming the posted excerpts, I felt the same way. Oliver was "mean" putting Dinah in her place? That was one of the best and most satisfying moments lately in the show with one smug noob getting the well-deserved verbal smackdown. Diaz is "intense and scary" and much better then Cayden? I actually liked Kirk Acevedo way back when on Fringe but even with the material both got Michael Emerson is ten times the actor KA is. And if Oliver isn`t happy with Felicity why is her mere presence enough to make him go from broody to smiling? Does she secretely inject him with endorphines all the time or what?
  6. They have several cars for shoots of course, one (maybe two, not quite sure) to use for "talking shots", when it`s just having dialogue in the car and such, no stunt driving or anything. I think the stunt-car is called the "hero-car". But I digress. A lot of shooting in the car is actually done in that "talking shots" one. When Jared was in the driver`s seat, he kept fiddling with stuff and broke some pieces of equipment time and again. It held up shots, it cost them time and money to fix over and over. At a certain point, it was just "okay, nope". They told the story at a con couple years back. That said, Jensen is apparently a good "stunt-driver" for not actually being one so he brings that skill-sets to use for those scenes as well.
  7. He probably would have driven it more in the ongoing show just as Dean probably would have kept wearing the amulet but there are behind-the-scenes reasons why both stopped happening.
  8. Spoilers With Speculation

    To me it actually looked like Cas has a weird mustache in those pictures. It`s distracting. Dean doesn`t look too much like Dean but at least it`s better than that horrid In the Beginning comic where young!Dean for some reason was drawn to look like freaking Chucky the murder doll. This looks more generic but innocuous.
  9. I got the reference but thought the episode itself was still pretty lackluster. Just found the Mafia shenanigans boring for the most part. Just don`t think the SPN writers have a hand for either a funny parody of old movies or a clever homage or doing a new spin on something. I watched a lot of classics with my mom as a kid so I recognize the movies but that doesn`t mean I necessarily enjoy the "homages".
  10. Spoilers With Speculation

    I think she is more like a vampire in a teenage romance, sure they are "stuck" as a teenager but actually are old as dirt. I`ve never really watched Scooby Doo as a kid but it started in 1969, right? Daphne has been a teenager when Dean has been younger than her and she was his teenage crush. In that context she is the "older woman". So I don`t mind any flirtation. If a cartoon runs long enough, I just can`t take the frozen character ages seriously after a certain point. Like Lisa and Bart Simpson still being kids. It`s just too much suspension of disbelief now.
  11. That doesn`t mean one has to think they do a good job. Or are professional at doing their job. I believe it neither, looking at their "work".
  12. I mean, I see them in interviews, then see the digs on Dean`s looks they write in the episodes and think "yeah, right". Buffy and Angel had some cheeky commentary on actor`s looks occassionally but never something really mean-spirited. And on shows like TVD noone ever pretended those people weren`t scorching. Or Arrow with the "Oliver is hot" remarks. None of those writers would put in ridiculous digs like "old and ugly" against their actors. Considering they are all on what is pretty much known as the "pretty people" network.
  13. Sam has gotten the "woman obviously prefers him" plenty of time. Back in Season 1 with Sarah, that doctor in the Siren episode, that one old lady in the Bela ship episode. The cougars in that shapeshifter episode. Sorry, blanking on titles all over the place. Other than Mildred at the retirement home, I can not remember a single time the reverse happened onscreen. When I watched the latest episode, I could easily picture Dabb and Singer putting themselves in the place of that woman salivating over Sam, with basically drool running down their chins. If they liked Dean, they wouldn`t go so easily to the dumb!Dean well. Usually Dabb loves to go to the weak!Dean well. Both are among the most unattractive traits imaginable.
  14. S13.E15: A Most Holy Man

    While I liked the Priest character, the episode validating his outlook was ridiculously simplistic. Dean`s stance was self-aware and pretty much correct. They have never been perfect and they can`t afford to be so now. Sam suddenly being all dainty and pearl-clutching about stealing and then doing a 180 once he likes what the Priest is telling him? Annoyingly predictable. And not very endearing. Of course he spent the entire episode being all superior and disdain-ful of his stupid uncouth brother. Fantastic. My very least flavour of the character. Of course we got some dumb!Dean digs thrown in. At least the "holy man" stayed a random dude and wasn`t Sam so thank you for small favours. The Mafia shenanigans were just stupid to me. All in all, it was a script I kinda expected from Dabb and Singer. They make their views on the brothers pretty clear and in the process make themselves look like assholes. Exactly.
  15. You didn`t like the leadership thing for Sam, I cared less than nothing about the Mary part. Which I only consider busy-work. I knew Mary would be getting the kill. And Dean`s speech in her head was about Sam`s suffering anyways. To me Mary still took Dean entirely for granted at the end of that episode. So as "pay-off" for Dean`s supposed arc during that Season? Hated it. A scene where Dean speechifies to a bunch of hunters who look at him adoringly for instance. I would be happy if the writers kept it that each brother had a different area of expertise/skill-set (which sometimes overlaps, fine) but both are valid, positive and needed. And both get acknowledged as such. For example, keep Dean the weapon`s expert who would do stuff like repair the Colt and not ask like the most stupid newbie on the block if Sam can do it. Stuff like that just rankles. If you do a poker episode, have it focused on Dean`s skill set. If you do an episode about something academics-related, have Sam focused on it. Random "quirky" skills should go equally to either brother, say one can do sign language and the other for some reason can read Braille. Do not give every single of such "quirky" skills to Sam. Every language and everything. Because "he took a course in Stanford". What did Dean do during those four years? Not pick up anything new? Something I actually did like in Season 12 was how the hunter`s funeral episode dealt with them. It was all "wow, the stories we heard about you Winchesters". Yes, some creepy dude singled out Sam specifically but it wasn`t like all the hunters only focused on the things they had heard about Sam and were like "and who are you exactly again?" to Dean. Unfortunately, the show does this kind of thing only once in a blue moon.