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  1. Apparently it was the Watchmen backlot. Though I have no idea what/when they filmed there. Be gone, unclean thing. *jazz hands*
  2. Another tweet said this This would point more to a comedy iteration for one episode.
  3. Spoilers With Speculation

    So this new one is the Vince Vincente of vessels? I really wouldn`t have pegged Michael to go for a female vessel. But that really might just be Berens` obession with "girl power". Despite apparently even angels choose gender-specific vessel if they can. Cas seems to prefer a male one, Anael (Jo) and Duma a female one. Anna chose to be born as female. Lucifer goes for male. And so on.
  4. Spoilers With Speculation

    So she is just a random chick he jumped into? Or maybe he has been jumping vessels willy-nilly? It would have made more sense to bring Christian Keyes back IMO. At least he would have been a known entity. What with their bending backwards to keep Pellegrino around, not at least having the same thoughts for Michael`s vessel makes their bias even more obvious. I get that Michael needs to have a body if he is to interact with others and that can`t be Dean if Dean is somehow also interacting with him but in that case, Keyes would have been the perfect solution.
  5. S14.E08 : Byzantium

    He is using it now, to stay healthy. That`s why he had to read the words as well. If it was only about bringing him back, he`d have the same problem without his grace. Part of his soul now "powers" him.
  6. Spoilers With Speculation

    Ah, okay. Thanks, must have gotten them mixed up. I couldn`t make heads or tails of "prophet and loss" because we really have no prophet left.
  7. Spoilers With Speculation

    The episode called Damaged Goods, right? I wonder if Dean gets an injury-tease. Like, woah, is he gonna go blind or paralyzed? Obviously not but the thread. Personally, I'd go with blind since they already fucked up paralyzed with Bobby.
  8. S14.E08 : Byzantium

    It was overly dramatic as the writers bought into their own nougat baby idea. The characters reacted in an inorganic manner to the situation. They didn`t lose a child and yet the entire premise of the thing was build on that foundation. It`s the same as when a love interest is clumsily and shoddily build up and yet suddenly when the plot demands it is a love story build for the ages. You see that pretty often with romantic love stories, very little with familial love stories but it`s really the same problem. It`s not wanting to put in the work of building real relationships.
  9. While Michael stupidly got down into fisticuffs with her and the spear did hurt him, he still could have used his powers then easily to kill her and take it. Like, did he really need to make up such an elaborately complicated plan with Dean just for this stupid toothpick? Well, it`s the SPN writers so probably.
  10. Having rewatched the promo and the second episode scene of Michael, the eye flash looks exactly the same so apparently werewolf-chick is Michael after all. For no reason whatsoever. I mean, it`s not like the actress or the character left an impression in that episode. Blergh.
  11. It`s from this The retconning of Season 5 motivations continues... Or maybe Dabb and co never even understood this Season. Bucklemming certainly don`t what with their stupid "Lucifer is the older brother".
  12. It is difficult to say. Apparently this wonky vision thing/Michael probably spying on him/though him will continue. It won`t be in every episode and Dean will keep it a secret at first. That all sounded like it played out in the second half. If there was a super-warding spell, this wouldn`t be a thing. In general terms, I`d say the fight against Michael goes something like the mid-Season Finale of Season 5: search for a special weapon (Spear, ? , Colt) - check; getting said weapon from shady character (KaiaSue, Crowley) - check. Now I expect using it against the villain and it doesn`t have the intended effect. We have seen the spear harming Michael but maybe he did something to counteract its use or some mumbo jumbo while it`s no longer an option. Now how to bring in any kind of sudden possession? No idea. Michael just randomely jumping back into Dean for a five minute confrontation scene isn`t beyond these writers. But why would Michael do it? Just to say "muhaha, I can do this whenever I want"? And how do you conclude this, he just lets them all go and fucks off? The logistics don`t make sense. Oh, and of course there was this stuff about Michael presumably wanting God`s attention back and that`s why he is doing it all. Yeah show, no villain ever had that motivation. Like ever. How original. And who is werewolf chick talking to when she says "all this death and destruction, all on you"? Dean? More blaming him as is Berens` wont? Can`t even begin to speculate how Nickifer fits into it. Unless spoiler tumblr is wrong about him being in the episode.
  13. I think it`s Dean they are facing but undecided if Michael!Dean or whatever-wrong-with-Dean. They are clearly facing off so it`s not like Dean is just a couple steps in front of them and has turned around for whatever reason. It`s not blocking for a conversational scene, it is a confrontation, what with the "buzzuh" faces on the three guys. And if it were just Dean, that would make no sense. Even if he did something they disapproved of, they would be standing closer and sport those snotty-disappointed looks Dean often gets. Injured Dean would make no sense because they`d be rushing to his side. Dean being held hostage would make sense but there is clearly no person behind him holding him at gun/knife-or whatever point. So the most logical conclusion would be something with Michael. But is it truly possession or is it just Michael speaking through Dean somehow? They are making up cockamamie rules all the time so I do expect something possession-ish. I seriously hope they don`t have another lame, nonsensical fight scene. And especially that Kaia!Sue`s poser ass stays far, far away from the proceedings. Maybe the fight scene is jacked-up monsters against the guys (minus Dean who is already somewhere else at this point). edit: I like that in the clip Dean is in front. Berens is a superleader!Sam stan so this was probably directorial choice. Can someone make out what Dean is holding in his hand? Cas has an angel blade, Sam carries a duffel bag (likely containing whatever weapon he was after) and Dean carries a weapon also. Not a gun, doesn`t look like an angel blade. It looks wooden and not metallic and longer than any knife/blade. Could be the spear with the majority hidden behind his back. It is obvious he will be the one going after the Spear in the episode and if so, he will be the one interacting with KaiaSue. If he has the spear in the final confrontation, that would mean that KaiaSue won`t turn up. Hopefully.
  14. I think this quote from Dabb only relates to the first two episodes of the Season when the reasonable expectation would be for Michael!Dean to have some encounter with Sam. This was his excuse for why it didn't happen. But obviously they will have no baring on the future as it has already been spoiled that Sam encounters some version of Michael in whomever. And of course Sam won't be killed for the same reason the Winchesters regularly are in the vicinity of powerful hostile beings and survive. Last Season Sam was killed by some random AU-vamps and not Lucifer. Noone is getting killed by power players.
  15. S14.E08 : Byzantium

    This entire thing reminded me of a plot device on Vampire Diaries. For Seasons there was a very clear rule: you could either be a witch or a vampire, never both, meaning once a witch turned, she/he lost their magic. But when the writers wanted to have witchpires, they introduced the concept of "siphoner witches", those who didn`t have magic on their own but could suck it out from other witches and places and then do magic themselves. And once they turned into vampires, the writers made up the loophole that since vampires are magical creatures, those former witches could perpetually suck the magic out of themselves and thus do magic all the time, keeping the powers of both species ad infinitum. They called them "heretics". So when Lily explained how Jack could basically perpetually keep himself going by using the, lets be real, magical powers of his own soul, my first thought was "OMG, hey turned him into a heretic, are you fucking kidding me?" So nope, I think this was supposed to be SPN`s little loophole for Jack and the magical powers of part of his soul now keep him going and continously heal the problem of his non-existant grace. Optional if he still has powers. Probably depending on the plot how often and how strong they are.