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  1. It seems so random otherwise. He apparently has a plan but still takes the time to just torture some folks for...reasons? It this gonna be an incredibly simplistic way of showing the character is a villain? You have that shot of the girl cowering in fear. Is this really gonna be as simple as that? Remember, they have to fit in this entire present-time "story" in basically 2 episodes. That leaves almost no room for, well, anything.
  2. Spoilers With Speculation

    The actor plays it as if Jack didn't give two shits about Dean. Now I do hope Cas speaks up for Dean here. And no way Jack is gonna get it from fandom for that attitude. That would only happen if he said the same thing about Sam. Which he wouldn't because he is a little fanboy. I'm not fond of the costuming choices for Michael. There is the hat of course. But why would he wear something as ridiculous as that protective covering over his suit? He can snap his fingers after the torture and the suit is pristine again. That looked stupid.
  3. Yup, sounds one-off "he gets killed by a slasher (or possibly the ghost of a slasher)". Now technically these guys never really being killed by all these super-powerful cosmic beings but being done in by random mofos could work for dramatic irony but even THAT card has been pulled a thousand times by now. So now it`s just "wow, Sam is killed by random AU-vampires" or "wow, Dean is killed by...". Everyone has got to know there is zero dramatic tension in such a death scene itself so it needs to tie into some other plot revelation. As in the Sam-death scene was done to give him scenes with Lucifer and to set up Dean`s "ZOMG no" reaction in the Finale. I dreaded the death for that very reason because I could see the writing on the wall of not allowing Dean to actually sacrifice himself for the world like a true hero. The only thing that could give such a scene a little twist is if everyone randomly thought Michael has been ejected but he is secretely still in there and brings Dean back. Though that has ten potential logic holes even thinking about it.
  4. Hahaha, I read they give TH fake scripts. What baffles me is that this is all supposed to be taking place in that non-starter of a two-episode storyline, one episode, the Premiere where Jensen didn`t film much so likely the scene from Comic Con and the Anael one are his only scenes in the episode. And both are expositional via Michael`s plan (which is why I do believe the Comic Con scene won`t be cut, they do need exposition). Then we have episode 2 and by episode 3 Dabb already talked about how "Dean does..." And from shooting we know he is back by ep 4. Now maybe they are brainfarting again and Dabb used "Dean" and "Michael" interchangeably for episode 3 but with a Jody focus, Dean returning seems to be relegated to the B-story footnote. That leaves episode 2 as pretty much the only real "Michael" episode I could see. And within that extremely short "storyline" - using the terms loosely here - where is there even time for Sam to give up in the first place? They are not good at showing offscreen passage of time so it will look like Dean has been gone for about 15 minutes and Sam being all defeatist will look just as eyeroll-worthy as Dabb whining about how hard it is to write episodes without Dean. We`re talking two eps here, dude. Do you need some cheese with that whine?
  5. Well, figures. Berens episodes tend to be among the worst these says.
  6. That must confuse this with Lucifer because it`s not like Michael popped in on them all the time and Dean was constantly saying no to various proposals - until he finally said yes. So this is just silly. Though it`s nice that at least they threw in "and saving the world" as a motiv, even if it was an afterthought. Now will it be mentioned or brought up on the show? Well, Michael`s AU world was not human-friendly but from Prime!Michael I never got the whiny "waaaah, daddy loved them more than me" spiel. I think he didn`t care one way or the other unless they would get in his way. We really never learned anything about AU!Michael and why he did what he did. Heck, how did he even know who Dean was aka his vessel if said vessel never came to be in his universe? Was he aware of what should have been but wasn`t? Truck, meet plothole, drive through. I think they are just hyping this one scene. In the picture her body language is, if maybe not outright hostile, defensive and a bit outraged.`It makes sense for Michael to check out this world`s angel situation and talk to one of them. She will not really have any understanding of his goals or motivations and he won`t be used to angels not worshipping and obedient. So the meeting goes badly. He obviously doesn`t go to heaven and stay there. Likely a one and done scene that serves more as exposition. I doubt she will have real influence on him As I understand it what she will do is give him some necessary exposition that influences his decision a la "wow, these angels are not useful to me, bye". In that, yes, it impacts him but any other angel giving him that same exposition would have had the same effect. It`s not like any of them would be the kind of angel Michael would want or expect. Now this is just WTF. Cas` state in that picture makes no real sense. And Sam looking into "angels/vessesl" plural makes no sense. What, is he looking for a nice substitute to present to Michael so he can vacate Dean? If he is trying to figure out a good way to get Michael expelled from Dean, he personally already knows the main ones. So really, WTF?
  7. Spoilers With Speculation

    I still really don`t like the hat. Sigh.
  8. Spoilers With Speculation

    It's 100 % Dean IMO.
  9. I disagree because Sam did get the flashy obvious moment. Now he might have thought Dean was a bit more valuable than he came across there to a lot of people but he can`t have not noticed that he wrote a "Sam saves the world" scenario. The only world-saving scenario in the show that got this amount of set-up was Amara (I know there were other apocalypses but those threats were played as more kiddie table in those respective Finales) and Dean only got the talky moment there and even that he had to share with pigeon lady. Quite lackluster for a supposed hero moment. Then the Lucifer thing had potential as well as a viable threat in the last Finale but they muddled this up enough to make it seem as if Dean was only thinking of small-minded, pathetic (and frankly loathsome if he is willing to screw over the world just for his family) reasons and not at all for the greater good. That alone made him look lesser. On top of that we of course had the marionette fight and the crucial assist from Sam. He needed actual, physical help from John, obviously a valuable contribution. Assurance or any kind of "wind beneath my wings" wasn`t a part of that. Sam provided actual, physical and verry necessary help in the killing of Lucifer. Such things mean something to me, yellow crayon moments just don`t. I guess at this point it doesn`t matter anymore because the only episode to even slightly hold the potential to rival the Season 5 Finale in terms of considered importance will be the Series Finale and I`ve given up hope that Dean would at least be allowed an equal moment with Sam of flashy heroism in it. He`ll probably be the onlooker at this point.
  10. I think that is kinda what might bug me the most about the episode. I`ve seen interpretation like yours and ones like "well, Dean was a nice little sidekick for showing up but it wasn`t that important" (from Dean-haters, as well) and that is at least equally valid. In fact, this is where I am, right along with the Dean-haters because I can`t really even convince myself he played a valid role, let alone argue with someone who gleefully calls him a nobody. So in the end Kripke didn`t bother to give him a heroic contribution that was obvious enough to all and sundry that there really isn`t any room for debate. The same thing recently happened with me in a big movie franchise where my fave character was trashed and then received that kind of "eh, take it or leave it" "build up" and I just loathe it every time. Writing like that can`t work for me because by default my headcanon isn`t favorable. If you present something as a limp noodle that I have to talk myself into to view as better, it will be even worse for me. And then I can only think "thank you for dragging my character through the mud". Whether it was by disinterest or lack of talent or whatever the reason was, it`s always bad writing to me.
  11. I always thought it was only gonna be 2 episodes so this isn`t a surprise to me. The only surprise is that everyone tried to play the secrecy game at Comic Con and then Dabb et all are too stupid to even phrase their spoilery answers better in interviews. I bet if someone point-blank asked him "so since you say Sam and Dean, that means Dean is back in episode 3...", only THEN would he realize what he just said. That guy has no game when it comes to that.
  12. Honestly, I expect Michael to kill her. He is used to angels worshipping the Word of Michael basically. If she approaches him with anything less than "command me, Lord and Saviour", she is probably toast.
  13. Awww, you are making me blush. If it was an episode that focused on something positive and valuable that the character brings to the table preferably not "what can he do for others", I`d be overjoyed. There are a few episodes, I cringe so much in embarassment about the humiliating comic relief or the humiliating "dumby dumb" stuff or the lesson episodes where he has to grovel before *insert character I want to punch here* where I wish, he wouldn`t have been in the episode, rather than having to watch that. I agree, at this point I can only judge episodes by how badly his character is screwed over this week. Or have the occasional happy reprieve. Then there is the very odd episode that features Dean in a rather neutral, side-character way but where I find either story or guest stars interesting. The Lily Sunder episode worked for me in that vein.
  14. I think it`s supposed to be in the same way as Sam being mature at the start of Season 8. Where I personally think he acted like a jerk but the narrative was focused on Dean being wrong. Normally, they should be untrusting of anyone who isn`t gonna be "faster pussycat, kill, kill, kill" in regards to Michael and as such should be in opposition to Sam (and Cas and Mary) but we`ve heard that Sam will be their leader. At the very least, they should be side-eying anyone who is in close connection to Michael, though, especially a former vessel so them not looking at him with scorn and distrust would be insane and in no way a reflection of Sam. I just mean, they will have gotten to know Sam and obviously have learned to follow his lead. Dean will be the gum under their shoe when he gets back. Any other dynamic would be ludicrous with what they`ve set up and spoiled so far. And I`m really not looking forward to that "hero and zero" thing playing out ad infinitum. It was bad enough when Dean was just among General Sam`s audience of flunkies in "Who we are", seeing him relegated to pariah status even below that is not really something I`m looking forward to. But how could it be anything else realistically?
  15. Bobby training Jack seems largely unrelated to anything to do with Dean. Dabb said Cas agrees with Sam`s pessimism and more importantly that Mary`s optimism was basically annoying. So her "optimism" is not gonna be framed as a good thing. I think they will play Sam as being right in being pessimistic. Obviously, Dean will be back in no time but that doesn`t mean they can`t pretend Sam is just wise and mature for his attitude. Then obviously, Dean will be untrusted, at least by the AU hunters who have by then grown to listen to General Sam Winchester and he will be traumatized & guilty aka weak and incompetent.