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  1. That’s hilarious—and awful. And to think, Christina is always talking about wanting to spend money to impress buyers. Clearly, she meant buyers who don’t care about quality work.
  2. S01.E01: Pilot

    I watched the Pilot because of your posts. (I tend to ignore Neflix’s suggestions for what I should watch). The actress playing Patty, Debby Ryan, was on several Disney Channel shows my kids used to watch. She has great comedic timing. And yes, Dallas Roberts looks like John Ritter. He also has great comedic timing. And I loved him on The Good Wife. I like that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. And the diversity is refreshing. But not a huge deal. No one is running around announcing that Regina adopted an Asian daughter, for example.
  3. S01.E05: Harvest

    And he told Alan that he’s not the Devil. But the Devil lies, right? And what does Alan know about him? Something was up with Henry’s dad. When Henry’s mom was sundowning, she said something like, ‘You’ll harm that boy keeping him out all night like that,’ suggesting it might’ve happened more than once. And Henry conveniently can’t remember those times. But I’m still on board. I want to see how each mystery unfolds.
  4. Amen. Part of me hates the idea of the man being able to disappear for hours at a time doing his own thing. Most women don’t (or can’t) do this. My children aren’t little kids anymore, but unless I’m sick or really tired, I don’t spend my evenings locked away in my bedroom and avoiding the rest of the family. Trust me, I’d like to some days. (Most days). But I don’t because I chose to have a family. I don’t get to run away from it.
  5. College Football

    Does anyone know if the UNC football players who were suspended for selling their Jordans were: Greedy little capitalists looking to make a quick buck -OR- Poor, hungry college students who can’t get a work-study job to pay for their Ramen noodles and who can’t capitalize on the billions of dollars being made every year using their names and likenesses? or some combination of the two?
  6. The NBA

    Heh. I love that the sports world realizes that people are trapped in their houses on holidays, usually bored and spending time with relatives they hate. So there are ample opportunities all day to tune out and watch a game.
  7. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I totally agree. I was just speaking generally.
  8. It’s my fault. I just couldn’t turn away from the car wreck. The flips are actually okay. Boring, but okay. The divorce stuff kills me. But still I persist...
  9. All Episodes Talk

    Wait, what??? Yeah, this was my Friday night show.
  10. Movie Star Crushes

    Colin Farrell. Still Colin Farrell. I’ve recently started watching some of his Irish films, and he is hilarious as a comedic actor. His performances are much better than when than when he plays a brooding American detective/soldier etc. And his Irish accent is hot.
  11. MLB Thread

    Tough loss for the Phillies. I know everyone is blaming Dominguez because he gave up 2runs in the 9th to send the game I to extra innings. But then the Phils had 5 innings to score a run. Just one run. And they couldn’t do it.
  12. NFL Thread

    I wish I could say that, but family, you know... Peyton Manning also owns a bunch of franchises in Denver. I don’t know his politics, don’t WANT to know his politics, quite frankly. I just wonder if he’s going to keep them, especially if sales are down.
  13. Orphan Black in the Media

    Wait, who was the Unnamed clone again? congratulations, Tatiana!
  14. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Last night’s Nashville doctors were cute. The husband looked a little like the NFL player Terrell Owens, and the wife was an adorable black girl nerd. I liked all of the homes they saw, but I agree with the wife that the house they picked with 5 bedrooms and 3000 sq feet is more space than they need. They’re young and still childless, and neither of them is from the area. I didn’t hear either of the. Say that they’re staying in Nashville for good. So why do they need a house that large right now. Who’s going to clean all of those bedrooms and bathrooms? And I’m going to scream if I hear one more grown man whine about having a video game room/man cave/sports memorabilia room/liquor room/workshop for his hobbies. (I didn’t include home theater room because I’d want that, too).
  15. *wipes away tears* I respect your opinion. But does she say she’s important, or do other people say she’s important?