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  1. Breaking In (2018)

    I really enjoyed this. Yes, it was predictable, but the cast was good. And I loved seeing Gabrielle Union play a badass mom.
  2. S01.E01: Pilot

    I just started watching this today because it’s summer and I need more TV. Ms. Blue Jay, I see you on multiple threads and had no idea you were a baseball fan. I thought you just liked birds. And the one thing that bothered me about Jasmin and her beautiful head of hair is that I cannot believe she always wore it down—and that it was always perfectly styled. TV magic, sure, but at home, she wouldn’t get tired of hair in her face and put that shit up in a ponytail or braid it? And no, not all light-skinned black people are multi-racial. But for the two young lawyers, I also assumed they were bi-racial since they had very few African facial features. Again, not 100% consistent, but that's been my experience.
  3. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    The Salt Lake City couple was interesting. The wife was cute and seemed a little quirky and unique. The husband was funny and pretty cute—he looked like the love child of an NFL offensive lineman and a lumberjack. Nothing mind blowing about their home choices—I was actually more intrigued by the two of them. They met on social media, and the husband implied that he used to be somewhat a player, but his wife made him ‘change his ways.’ I hope that’s true. They really seem to like each other, so I hope those crazy kids make it. I do wonder if they’re Mormon. How many people from Salt Lake City actually are? I feel like I’m being prejudiced by assuming the religion of everyone from Utah.
  4. I’m still watching this one, so I don’t know the outcome yet. But yeah, it’s frustrating when homeowners refuse to accept that they can’t have everything they want on a limited budget. I like that Hillary was straightforward about the ridiculousness of their requests. And I had to comment now because it infuriates me during the house-hunting segments that David has been tasked with finding a private office AND a man cave—excuse me, wolf den, for the husband. Is this his bachelor pad all of a sudden? And what space does the wife get for herself? Will she live in the walk-in closet she’s asking for?
  5. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Taye Diggs! Looks good. A few cliches, like the jealous kid who tries to sabotage the new kid. But I hope it moves past those quickly.
  6. The Mayor In The Media

    Looks good, but it looks more like a movie than a full season show. Similar to ‘ Kevin (probably) saves the world.’
  7. I don’t want this show to turn into reality TV. If the focus is more on their drama than the actual flips, that’ll be a big turn-off.
  8. Season 2 All Episodes

    Going back to season 1, Marius was blown away by the first family dinner. I think he became attached the minute he witnessed relatives sitting down together and actually talking. That’ll be interesting. There’s still lots of chemistry between them, despite them not interacting a lot this season. I suppose it’s pseudo-creepy since they’re supposed to be cousins. I wonder if Julia will still like Marius once she finds out he’s been deceiving the family for... (how long has it been?)
  9. The NBA

    Go Sixers ! I hope they play as well in the next series
  10. Gymnastics

    Great video. I hope things work out with her new coach. I agree. Makes me sad and angry.
  11. I love that movie, too. Grease 2 with it’s cool songs. I just watched it last night, and I think ( I hope) the filmmakers meant for the film to be somewhat farcical and weren’t taken themselves too seriously. Jurassic Park 2 : lost world. Yes, it was dumb, but I loved it and still watch it. Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore were great. I actually like this movie more than Jurassic World—I at least felt connected to the characters in Lost World. Jurassic World made feel nothing for anyone.
  12. Season 2 All Episodes

    W I enjoyed this season overall. The stakes were much higher—I think every main character risked being killed or going to jail. Marius has created a serious mess in this family. But I still like him. I hated that Taylor had to get his hands dirty in the Winslow case in order to save his grandmother. I wonder if this will make him feel morally unfit to become a detective. And he had great chemistry with Roby. I am glad that he decided to stop being the side D anymore with his ex. Did we ever learn why they never got married? They were high school sweethearts who obviously still had the hots for one another. I liked Carly. She wasn’t the typical, meddlesome TV teenager until she decided to go all Veronica Mars at the hotel. She could’ve gotten killed or got someone else killed. I feel bad for the real Pete. He was genuinely happy to reunite with his family. I can’t believe he’d turn it all down to leave with Maggie. Speaking of Maggie, she was one of the low points. Most of this season’s mystery and danger revolved around her in some way. Unfortunately, I didn’t find her likeable or even very interesting. —And like other posters, I can’t figure out how she made the money switch. The entire finale relied too heavily on contrivance and coincidence. I couldn’t follow it. And Marius had to rely on cold-blooded killers monologuing before they start shootings or dropping people in acid. I wish there had been more Julia this season. In Season 1, she played a bigger role in Marius’ life. But at the end of the finale, she seemed very suspicious about ‘Pete’s’ identity. So maybe she’ll be more prominent in season 3. oh, and I loved that Gina kept telling Marius, “stay away from me” because things go sideways whenever she works with him on a job. But I hope her character gets roped in again next season. I like the actress Jasmine Carmichael.
  13. S06.E15: Eleventh Hour

    I stopped watching the show a few episodes ago. I get all of the pertinent information from you all in the forum and from listening to the Bride and Doom podcast. And you guys are way more entertaining than the couples themselves. I agree. I think most of the contestants have an idealized idea of marriage. And yes, these are strange circumstances, but most of them don’t seem to realize that even a traditional marriage requires lots of hard work. Which is why Jepthe’s views on marriage concerns me—they come from scripted TV shows where marital conflicts get solved in 22 minutes or less, not from real couples who work through their problems over time. And Molly—I’m sure her parents didn’t have as perfect a marriage as she remembers. And because her father died, no one wants to tarnish her memories ofhim with negative stories. IMO the only people who got on this show with the intention of really working hard at marriage are Jon and Shawniece. I know Shawniece has her own fairy-tale ideas and isn’t as ‘in love’ with Jepthe as she thinks she is, but this entire season, she’s been telling her husband, ‘We both signed up for this crazy marriage. Let’s give it our all and try to make it work.’ And Jon seems to feel the same way. Maybe those two should’ve been matched. But I guess there would be no dramatic tension if both parties in the marriage were excited and committed to the process.
  14. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Which podcast? Sounds great. Philip looked great line dancing. I think Elizabeth is being willfully ignorant about the Soviet Union. She’s intelligent enough not to believe that everything is perfect over there, and she sees in the KGB agents she meets that not everyone is honorable or loyal. But she’s devoted her entire adult life fighting for this cause, so it would be hard for her to own up to her doubts. Much the same way she can’t believe that Paige is a good spy, but admitting that to herself would mean accepting that her instincts were wrong. Which Elizabeth does not want to do. I do think Elizabeth is a complex character, but she’s being written as one-note. Keri Russell is doing a great job with the marterial she’s been written.