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  1. Steel Magnolias (1989)

    Hell yes. If someone had said that to me or my mother at my sister's funeral, it would have been THEIR funeral too. My mother can't watch this movie because of how similar Shelby's death is to my sister's. From what I recall, M’Lynn did go off on Shelby. But because most people in their parrish were somewhat religious, at least in name, she didn’t call Shelby’s beliefs total BS.
  2. Meme too. Except his hair. I know it was in style at the time, but the flat top, ski slope fade he wore as an ADA did not age well. Watching those episodes now, I cringe. I rewatched We Like Mike recently, and it reminded me of how much I hate episodes where the DAs force a witness to testify against a suspect despite physical danger to the witness or the fact that their testimony might ruin their life—by exposing criminal activity or an affair, for example. Granted, the criminal activity or affairs were their own damn fault, but the DAs honestly didn’t seem to care how they affected witnesses lives. Jamie did apologize when Mike was arrested at his wedding and falsely jailed for 3 days, but after that, she was as much of a bulldog as McCoy was.
  3. I don’t know the exact numbers, but there have been multiple People magazine covers with HGTV hosts on the covers. I know People doesn’t represent everyone, but many who follow pop culture are aware of these shows. And House Hunters was on SNL!
  4. S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    True, but how stupid was Delilah for not knowing anything about her family’s finances? She hasn’t met with one lawyer or financial planner since Jon died? I suppose that adds to the drama of the show, but I find it horribly unrealistic and irresponsible. I love Rome. But maybe there’s something wrong with me because I cannot warm up to Regina. Or should I say, she doesn’t warm up to me. I mean, she says the right things to Rome and her friends, but they don’t seem genuine. Maybe it’s the actress. When she talks to Delilah or Katherine about their friendship, or she tries to seduce Rome in the garage, I hear the words coming out of her mouth but don’t feel the emotion. I just can’t put my finger on it.
  5. I’m not surprised that Sky won, but a bit disappointed. The two dances tonight showed how talented a dancer Miles is—and his dancing look effortless. I like Sky, amd I’m impressed by how much she improved over the season. But her cuteness and her tears must have made a difference with the audience because IMO, she was not the best dancer of the four.
  6. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    The article is great, too.
  7. NFL Thread

    I would love to see the Browns win the division.
  8. NFL Thread

    I guess the officials in this Cowboys-Eagles game want to be the ones who decide the outcome of this matchup. The 4th quarter has been full of head-scratching calls
  9. Great post. But in the Pilot, didn’t Randal call Tess his little ‘bull dagger’ during a soccer game? I know it was eventually ADR-ed with different language, but that’s what was originally filmed. Was Randall joking that Tess must be a lesbian because she was athletic? Or did he actually wonder? So it wasn’t just me? I thought my tv had a bad color palette.
  10. S01.E08: Fight or Flight

    What’s your time zone. For the EST, it doesn’t air till tonight at 9
  11. The NBA

    Ha! Seems like it.
  12. The NBA

    The 76ers have he worst luck with 1st round draft picks. They get hurt nearly every single year and have to sit out for almost their entire rookie seasons.
  13. *sigh* I hate that unique and interesting shows like Forever or Pitch often don’t have a chance to find their footing and build an audience. *sigh* again.
  14. Agreed. Although I give a pass to my Southern friends who say “joo-ry.’ It sounds so...Southern.
  15. NFL Thread

    The worst for me is the extra-green grass. TV fans are apparently so dumb that despite the line of scrimmage graphic, the yellow first line, and the direction arrow, we also need the colorized green grass to represent the distance to a first down. True. Mahones’ INTs seemed to come mostly from him feeling the pressure. And Goff has really blossomed this season. Is it because he finally has a good coach? Because he has been less than mediocrity his entire career.