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  1. After Hannah and Sandy expressed their mutual desire to never work together again, I got to wondering whether Bravo would push one or both to bail out of the next season. Or bring them both back and hope for more drama. But now I wonder about the shooting schedule for the show - anyone know? Because this was announced last December: https://seashepherd.org/news/sea-shepherd-launches-new-anti-poaching-vessel-m-v-sharpie/
  2. Hannah's take on the cigarette blow-up (and more): https://decider.com/2018/07/31/below-deck-mediterranean-hannah-ferrier-interview-conrad-empson-breakup/
  3. For the second time in three charters this season I find myself thinking, "Well, those guests were the biggest assholes I've ever seen on a Below Deck show." Amazing. It makes those annoying daytraders who constantly griped about the onboard WiFi seem like reasonable people.
  4. That's actually what she should be doing. I'm guessing someone in the crew gave her that advice. To minimize seasickness you should be on deck where you can see the horizon, and you should have something bland (like bread or crackers) in your stomach. The worst thing you can do is be below deck. Or... Below Deck, perhaps. :-)
  5. S03.E01: Ciao, Napoli!

    Quite possibly the worst guests I've seen on any Below Deck show. And that, my friends, is a very high bar.
  6. S35.E02: I'm a Wild Banshee

    and Coincidentally, I just read an article this morning that explains these things. Short answer: production dictates what the contestants wear and sometimes actually tells them where to buy the clothes. Why you should never judge a Survivor for their clothes - https://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/2017/10/survivor-clothes-rules/
  7. S05.E01: The 1 Percenters

    So true. Also true for many native English speakers I know.
  8. S05.E01: The 1 Percenters

    That's for sure. But it's a TV show and though I wouldn't want to be on board with such an inexperienced crew, I'm loving it as a voyeur on dry land. ;-) I did think the deckhand with limited command of English could cause real problems, though. He speaks well but not knowing the difference between 'fore' and 'aft', among other terms I'm sure, could be a real nightmare when commands are being yelled out during docking or anchoring. Lots of potential for accidents there and I wouldn't be surprised if there is one. At least they're not on a sailboat, with all the obscure nautical terms - where the command "Trim the main sheet and make it fast!" does not mean a stew should go to the primary's cabin quickly and tuck the bedding in. LOL
  9. S05.E01: The 1 Percenters

    All of the crew. Even the moron newbies have to take the course for STCW certification. But that's not a course for basic seamanship, which these greenies desperately need.
  10. S02.E15: Reunion

    In the Department of Shallow Observations, Below Deck Med Division, all I can say is that Hannah's got one spectacular bridge on her. I will be forever jealous of Malia for getting to snuggle that wheelhouse.
  11. Not sure, but I believe Sandy only had the crew set one anchor on the bow. Problem is, apparently the wind shifted. One of the most difficult anchorages you can have is being on what's called a 'lee shore', where you're being blown back onto land. In that case you would normally set two anchors to windward. Sandy set two on the stern (tied to rocks) which would help keep the stern from swinging and would keep the view stable for the guests but wouldn't help if there was a big change in wind direction. It seemed like the bow anchor wasn't holding and was dragging. And no, you don't want the anchor chain taut at rest. There has to be slack so that when tension increases from wind or current drift it will tend to cause the anchor to move laterally and dig in deeper. There is a common formula to use for how long the chain should be (called 'scope') based on water depth. Probably more than you want to know: http://www.anchoring.com/blog/anchoring-your-boat-all-about-scope/
  12. S04.E01: Mary With Children

    Had no idea this show was returning but my DVR picked it up. After watching some of it, I still have no idea why it's back. Gads, three hours? I made it through one hour and kept thinking there's no way they can fill two more, much less an entire season. I would bail, but OH insists on watching. Ugh. I agree that there surely must be more to Sabrina's story than what we're getting here. I'm positive we won't get it from the show. But honestly the thought of watching another entire season of her constant moping, whining, and crying is making me ill. Not that the other characters are much better. Mary: Whaaa, I'm shunned. They won't let me back in. (While chugging bar drinks and swinging on a stripper pole.) Abe: Why can't I have my 17th century attitudes while living in a 21st century world? Rebecca: Just as soon as I get my GED I'll be going to a 4-year university and then dental school. Should be do-able on a truck driver's salary. Jeremiah: You're a pussy, Abe. I'm still a stud, don't call me grandpa. Carmela: Guess I picked a loser but I need someone to support my kids and grandkids. Kate: How did I get hooked up with these assholes?
  13. S02.E01: Series 2 Episode 1

    Although I've long felt that Scarlett was in fact a robot, if the bitch turns up on this show, I'm outta here.
  14. S09.E04: Linda & Kerry

    That screen comment didn't pass the smell test for me, either. One doesn't get laid off or "let go" from the military because of budget cuts. If his job got axed or his duty station closed he'd simply be transferred to another position or base, at least until his enlistment was up. If he wasn't allowed to re-enlist, then it was because of discipline or behavior issues, not budget cuts.
  15. Boats in the BVI are legally required to keep waste from the toilets in a holding tank, to be pumped out later at a dock. But since this stuff wouldn't flush... guess it had to go somewhere. Still, if there were ever anyone who deserved to be sucking out clogged turds? Thank dog it was the Senior Shithand.