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  1. Dutch and German are very similar. Dutch would be "Wij hebben de moeder" (Also the cc showed "Speaking Dutch: We have the mother.")
  2. The Blackjack guy was Dutch. Listed in the cast as van Westerdam. He also showed up in the earlier Episode where he and other Blackjacks were in northern England looking for the British resistor's mother. He was speaking Dutch in that scene.
  3. Re M-H inventories: I went back and looked again at the segment where Max reports the inventory shortage. It appears that it's more than a discrepancy in unit costs as speculated above--while this a part of it, there also appears to be a lot of physical inventory unaccounted for. Max said there was supposed to be 120 pallets of product in inventory but the distributor only delivered 33. Max used this to reduce the value of the inventory to $70K. Marcus further reduced it to $47K when he applied the $1.79 unit cost Max provided. An inventory shortfall like this can't be explained away as a simple mistake in counting pallets. Some possibilities: 1. Employee or contractor theft: but who the hell steals toilet cleaner? We're not talking high end electronics. 2. Max and hubby selling inventory and diverting revenues to their personal account. This might help explain their lavish lifestyle. If this is the case Max better hope no one from the IRS was watching this show. 3. There really is no missing inventory and Max just made up a bunch of numbers to inflate her balance sheet to hook Marcus. People go to jail for that sort of thing.
  4. It wasn't clear to me why this potential franchisee was even considering taking out a franchise. What exactly would he be getting for his franchise fee? The right to use a very forgettable name and generic decor? Name recognition, based on what, a single store? Hamburger recipes? A wildly successful business model? Business advice from 5 meat heads? Walk away, Mr Franchisee. You can do better than this