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  1. The Lehi house sold awhile back in a short sale. Basically selling it for the amount due on the mortgage to keep it from foreclosure. I know people have talked about Meri's Mum, but I'm not sure if it was confirmed she sold her house or not. All in all they have a whole lot tied up in real estate and loans.
  2. Clicked on the link...does that mean that they bought 4 separate properties at $170,000x2, $180,000 and $300,000!!?? With Christines property being the largest and most expensive. Is the sale price or the full cash value the ACTUAL value of the property? I agree that the other wives names on the properties is weird. But this time Kody's name is on all of them instead of just the one he is legally married to at the time.
  3. OMG what did I just watch!!?? I took one for the team... I'm DYING to know. Who is her audience? Who in their right mind (past the old fashioned snark factor we have here) clicks on this as their entertainment? OOOHHHH let's watch Mariah say "like" 47 times while wandering through the grocery store and then she has to unload her groceries and explain each one individually. WHAT the hell is a Jack fruit taco? WHO wants to watch her do squats with music that I believe someone else owns the copyright to. I'm surprised the video isn't pulled for just that alone. AND Kohola3 I can officially inform you that she actually says out loud ""hashtag healthy" at one point while unloading the groceries!
  4. Will Maddie now sell those clothes with a disclaimer "as worn by Gwen and Christine?" ...would that be a plus or a minus for reselling them!!??
  5. Wow. My daughter is 22 years old and I am so very very thankful that she can string together sentences that don't include "like" into each sentence three or four times. I watched the whole thing, I think its interesting that Mariah has her own therapist but I don't understand the statement when she was talking about her eyebrows that she "now uses "x" product for her eyebrows and now they stay on" Are they some artificial thing that is stuck in place!!??
  6. I doubt that Janelle can ever mention Strive. It might seem like a place to get publicity, but it's called advertising and that costs money. The Browns have always spoken very cryptically about their financial ventures. The green drink was called their "marketing business" and Meri's Lulano is her "online clothing business" and Janelle has never made mention of her health coaching in anyway that I can recall, but she did wear a Strive apron on the last season. Robyn's website business is the only one talked about openly and by name that I can remember, I'm sure it's all about legalese etc with the MLM style pyramid businesses or something or they would just turn those hours of telly time into one long Brown infomercial.
  7. While I think her "your body can develop an intolerance" is BS there is real info about dark leafy greens out there. While we are always told to eat more dark leafy greens you can overdo it, especially if you are a person with kidney issues or if you have health issues with medications that are already hard on your kidneys. Both spinach and kale, very popular greens for the smoothie crowd are hard on kidneys, so you should limit them in your diet. While it would probably be hard to overdo kale and spinach in a balanced diet if you are taking large amounts on a daily basis and pureeing them that could possibly be an issue. Moral of the story is still the nutrition information I learned from my Grandmother as a child. Eat seasonally, eat a variety, eat colorful foods, moderation is key.
  8. Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    Bountiful is the sect that would trade young girls as brides with Warren Jeffs group before he went off to prison. To help keep blood lines from mixing too much. Unlike the Kingston group that purposefully mixes close blood lines.
  9. I don't know who chooses the photos to post online but the first photo with Aspyn in the center and Christine left and Mykelti on the right looks like Aspyn is trying to keep her dress from falling down/apart and really....Mykelti looks like the angry evil step sister to her golden hair sister's Cinderella. And it's confusing with the very orangey rust color of Aspyns husband's beard. In the one photo where he is standing facing sideways and you can get an even light on his head hair and his chin hair they are two very different colors. Do men color their beard hair? Or can you have hair color be so very different between head and chin!!?? Everyone has already stated my thoughts on the dresses.....and the hats....I guess Merry ol England was the theme all right.
  10. I can see what you are talking about, I think the sun has caught hair and that is glowing behind her, however I do agree that her neck, when you look very closely could have been slightly reshaped with photoshop. Robyn has always been the more internet aware wife and may realize that her neck bulge that happened during this last pregnancy is being talked about, maybe she tried her hand at reshaping just to stop the chatter.
  11. Wow. I clicked on the view more on instagram click and scrolled through the comments....she has a hard core hater on there. They don't spell very well....but wow....that's some hate.
  12. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Huh. It's been an Inn since 1870. Who knew!!??
  13. On Instagram hashtags are how you get your posts seen by others who want to see that subject. Lets say gardening (I use the #gardening on Instagram a lot) If you make a post with no hashtags it will only show up in the home feed of those people who actively follow you and anyone who would go to your channel page directly to look at your channel. However if you want to put your post out into the entire whole of Instagram you use the hashtags. On Facebook you go to a page by a celebrity and put a "like" on it, and in theory (depending on FB algorithms) when that person puts up a post it comes into your feed to see. In Instagram it's all hashtags. I have set up that #gardening posts pop up in my home feed, so anyone using that hashtag has the potential to be seen by anyone interested in gardening posts. If I'm in the mood to just look at pretty garden pictures I will click on the hashtag and just scroll pictures. I have found interesting channels to follow this way as well. I also will search Instagram looking for specific things like organicgardening or dogsinthegarden etc. So when Robyn is using #autismawareness hashtag she is wanting her post to go beyond just her followers out to anyone following that tag or if anyone should search for that tag. It's a way of bringing in new followers as well. They see her post, click her channel and then follow or not. Also, someone within her followers who is just a fan and not aware that autism exists or what it is...they can click on the hashtag (because they are all auto links) and then that will take them to the search for all posts with that hashtag so they can become aware and stuff.
  14. Hhmmm I'm a gardener and those gloves have not seen much work. I can't imagine how many weeds she can possibly have with sand, concrete and rocks making up their landscape. Is Janelle one of the wives that had the green carpet grass laid down? If her gloves are a tool to measure her "exercise" there isn't much going on.
  15. Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    Stumbled on these videos on youtube. While the storytelling is a bit disjointed...it's an interesting listen about the history of Mormonism from an ex-Mormon in two parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOL19cvcnnQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxWE17ZdoIw