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  1. Oh goodness Janelle. Google is your friend at the very minimum before posting. Those grains that you eat or grind up for flour are...you know...seeds of plants. Plant it as a seed or eat it as a grain. Buckwheat pancakes are very popular around here but are really old fashioned. They have a very heavy texture in my opinion, but my husband really loves them.
  2. Okay, okay...what on earth does she NOT struggle with? The struggle to get out to the gym, the struggle to make dinner, the struggle to make good choices everyday, all day for every little thing, and now the struggle to rest up from what?? Struggling??
  3. A "stocked break room" also known as the talking head "set up" space from the telly show. That's my guess when she endlessly refers to "work". Social Media "work"....sit on the couch and surf for new trendy things to post about how hard it is to cook. Strive "work" sit at a desk and type up her posts and be an "influencer" to the needy fans, and Work work. Sit in a made up room and be the modern face of polygamy. Exhausting.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if this background set was something used in one of the houses. My first guess would be setting it up in one of Meri's many bedrooms, and to boot use that fact on their tax returns since the house was also used to sell the green drink back in the day as well. I doubt their Arizona houses are big enough so the need to rent a space.
  5. I'm not positive, but didn't she have a Tumbler page at some point? I think you might have to be a member to see anything on that site, it's not one I'm familiar with past very bad experiences my daughter had with a psycho stalker when she was in high school.
  6. You are very welcome! Bird migrations are amazing to experience. I remember visiting areas in Lancaster County for the Snow Geese migration and the Tundra Swans when we lived there. We have several migrations around the house, you have to be outside at the right time to catch when the goldfinches swarm through and every fall there is a bird (I can't remember atm) that fills the trees through the valley and then in the blink of an eye they are all up and gone, the sky goes black and then poof. Silence. I have had many up close and personal experiences with wildlife, one of the perks of living most of my life in the woods. If Robyn thinks that catching a deer up close is "magical" she should have a young Red-Tailed Hawk land on the patio chair next to her and have a conversation with her!! Or experience a night time fly by from a Great Horned Owl. ;)
  7. Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    No vodka in the house, but I did start two bottles of Sangria spiked with aged rum a couple of days ago. I squeeze the fresh lime on it when serving!! :D
  8. Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    Someone over at reddit captured three cryptic tweets before Maddie (I guess) deleted/deactivated her entire Twitter account. https://imgur.com/Pfroaug
  9. This is probably the best snap I have of him, taken at the end of this Spring. Most are white blob dots because of the distance and my camera on my phone isn't the best. It's officially confirmed. We have now seen him at less than 10 feet (standing next to the road when we were passing) and he is male and has the 6 inch button starter antlers. His antlers are white as well, just a slightly darker kind of eggshell white. The way his coat reflects light he always has an internal glow about him. Most sightings are at night in this hay field across from our property. I drive my son to work and this area is chocker block full of deer.
  10. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    That woman on the top should have NEVER approved that photo to be posted. It's just horrid.
  11. People really need to look at their whole photo before posting for anything unusual. The stink eye from the guy behind them is very off putting for their "lovey dovey" posting.
  12. Janelle is suffering from lack of purpose. Back in Utah she worked and was a key player in making ends meet. She was very lucky to never worry about her kids because they were well cared for by home mom Christine, surrounded by siblings. Janelle didn't have to be bothered with a husband but for every couple of days and her and Kody were more buddies and financial partners of their "family organization" The study to get her real estate license was good for her, but she doesn't have the personality or drive to actually run her own agency. She is a "back of the house" kind of person. Can follow orders and make things work as long as she doesn't have to deal with people face to face. She has always talked about liking the big family aspect, but she only likes to be the fly on the wall and observe vs. being up front and entertaining like show boat husband Kody and show off Christine. I have always thought that the "Strive" thing was all Kody's idea. I can see him pushing her because of higher ratings a few years ago and positive "fan" feedback when she was actually going to the gym and working with (I don't remember his name) the guy that seemed to actually help her because she had obvious results. I can see Kody coming up with her "supporting others going through the same thing". But...she is obviously not qualified in any way. And she doesn't have the personality to be motivating...her posts come off as whinging and as someone else nailed it....melancholy. Eeyore is a very good nick name. She seems to wallow in her constant daily struggle to just....live. She bounces around with her posts as though she is just posting her own version of something she read online the day before. Today X website is talking about chia. Bam....she's now eating chia. Tomorrow she reads about Kale...bam...kale. etc etc. Nothing really good today, but while packing she stumbles upon that insane assortment of tea boxes and that is the post of the day. WHO buys tea (and THAT much tea) and they don't drink tea!!??
  13. Our little valley had an albino fawn born 2 years ago. He is quite the sight. Even from a distance under the moonlight he has a natural glow to him because of the way his coat reflects the light. I can understand why albino deer have such a mystical past seeing him. However his eyes are not soul searching any human...they are only on the local ladies...
  14. Paedon put in a comment on this post: paedonbrown@jessiemummert I moved to St. George she moved here because she and all my parents wanted a change
  15. Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    When I read the "their homes" part my first assumption was the others were in Las Vegas and Christine was in AZ. They certainly are cryptic!!