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  1. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Huh. It's been an Inn since 1870. Who knew!!??
  2. On Instagram hashtags are how you get your posts seen by others who want to see that subject. Lets say gardening (I use the #gardening on Instagram a lot) If you make a post with no hashtags it will only show up in the home feed of those people who actively follow you and anyone who would go to your channel page directly to look at your channel. However if you want to put your post out into the entire whole of Instagram you use the hashtags. On Facebook you go to a page by a celebrity and put a "like" on it, and in theory (depending on FB algorithms) when that person puts up a post it comes into your feed to see. In Instagram it's all hashtags. I have set up that #gardening posts pop up in my home feed, so anyone using that hashtag has the potential to be seen by anyone interested in gardening posts. If I'm in the mood to just look at pretty garden pictures I will click on the hashtag and just scroll pictures. I have found interesting channels to follow this way as well. I also will search Instagram looking for specific things like organicgardening or dogsinthegarden etc. So when Robyn is using #autismawareness hashtag she is wanting her post to go beyond just her followers out to anyone following that tag or if anyone should search for that tag. It's a way of bringing in new followers as well. They see her post, click her channel and then follow or not. Also, someone within her followers who is just a fan and not aware that autism exists or what it is...they can click on the hashtag (because they are all auto links) and then that will take them to the search for all posts with that hashtag so they can become aware and stuff.
  3. Hhmmm I'm a gardener and those gloves have not seen much work. I can't imagine how many weeds she can possibly have with sand, concrete and rocks making up their landscape. Is Janelle one of the wives that had the green carpet grass laid down? If her gloves are a tool to measure her "exercise" there isn't much going on.
  4. Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    Stumbled on these videos on youtube. While the storytelling is a bit disjointed...it's an interesting listen about the history of Mormonism from an ex-Mormon in two parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOL19cvcnnQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxWE17ZdoIw
  5. So true! The way she wrote that she makes it look like there is a college daughter and a younger teenage son, then switching to "adult" child. Dayton is the older child, so...is he considered a teen or an adult by his mother? Aurora may be college bound...but not college aged at 16.
  6. Yup. No mention of him...then that weird high five to "Mr. Mom's"!!?? This reads like Mormon Propaganda. All the joy of life is through Motherhood. All the love and affection you need is for and from your children. If you are feeling lonely and unloved or unappreciated then you need to be on your knees finding love from your God and thankful for your children. While the brainwashing is more subtle...it's similar to the bullshit from the CO$.
  7. Kody once said something along the line of for them to have a successful family the wives MUST stay together after the death of the husband. Yet we haven't seen that in any of their parents lives. Kody's mom, who supposedly was the big pusher towards his Dad converting to the Principle, admitted that she didn't welcome or treat Janelle's Mum too kindly...but they all worked it out in the end....or so she says. There was always something about Kody's Mum that never settled with me...she creeps me out. We know that Christine's Mum was one of two wives and left her husband and the religion, so her being on her own is understandable. Meri's Mum is one of five wives. We never hear about the circles of Sister wife joy and Kumbaya love fests from Meri's (I would assume) large family. Any time Meri has mentioned sisters or family she refers to only her part and not the full extended family. Maybe that's wishes from the family themselves...who knows. Robyn has done a lot of hushing on the show. She used to insert her voice into every corner and her kids were put front and center everywhere. I think she is probably the one who reads online the most and after reading the general opinion she pulled her children back and learned somehow to control her public world better. She has mentioned her Mum and we have had the pleasure of watching her mother and step father sit with cameras with a front seat to the births (eye bleach is on the counter over there...) but nothing past general "oh...Mums take on the Grandmother roles after their kids are grown". Well. Yea. What else is there for women in their culture? They are trained from birth that their only worth is in motherhood, so once their children are grown they have no other choice but to continue in their children's lives. Unless they are the favored wife of their husband then they are on the outside looking in. I'm sure that the husband has his preferred wife as he ages and she would be the one that stays close to him. That is a reoccurring theme in various books on the subject that I have read. Just like Christine's Mum had to make her own way...Meri is showing that her only option is to find what she needs outside of the family. She stated that she gets along with her friends just fine. She likes them and they like her, she posts all her happiness and joy with Lularoe groups and she travels all over etc. She is busy trying to be besties with her daughter. She doesn't communicate well with the other wives and they are busy with their lives so I'm sure the less drama and uncomfortable conversations with Meri the better. They really live no different than a basic family unit of close siblings who live nearby and share holidays and get togethers...cousins who grow up with close relationships...but as the years move on they may come and go more often. The only difference is that instead of four close sisters sharing their lives it's one man and many women...bringing very different emotional baggage. Meri needs to wake up and smell the coffee. She gets along with her friends because they aren't in competition for affection and attention from her husband. She can have fun with her friends because they aren't going behind a closed door with her husband that night. Duh Meri.
  8. Wow Robyn. Sounds like something a single mom would write.
  9. Ahhh. I'll bet her mother escapes the Wyoming winters by hanging out at Janelles.
  10. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    And...fit a wide range of sizes! My Grandmother was the family genealogist and had a collection of old photos. I remember her showing me a photo where little girls to about preteen were lined up at a family gathering (roughly 20's/30's) at an old farmhouse. They were all dressed pretty much alike in what looked like the same style dress. She told me that "sack dresses" were made, not only making them from the flour sacks of the day, but because they were sack shaped. Cinched at the waist they would fit many sizes of girls and could be passed back and forth or passed down or to cousins etc. If they were too short, pieces of cloth was sewn to the bottoms to make them longer. Fabric was never, ever thrown away and worn out clothes always became something else. I learned to hand sew pretty young with putting patches on worn areas of clothes etc, and my grandmother always had a box stashed away of old fabric to dig through to find a good patch.
  11. S09.E11: Tell All- Part 1

    ...not just featuring Meri...but her name is in the title of the show and it has a slight negative feel with "is she MOVING?" and of course "Confronting..." The labor show only slightly edged out the third episode with Meri's name in it too. Sadly...her bullshit drama is exactly what people are tuning in for.
  12. S09.E11: Tell All- Part 1

    I remember that conversation at their anniversary dinner and Kody's repulsion. I also think that his feelings now are an extra step past feeling betrayed and repulsed simply by her willingness to step out of his spiritual marriage with her. She didn't just betray him with her online fling, she betrayed The Family. That is a really really big deal in KodyLand. She gave out personal financial information to her Batman, mortgage papers, TLC contracts, banking information. Her "man" was "getting his lawyers" to go over her contracts to get her out of them, as well as trying to untie her from the family etc. Kody does not have a poker face. He could take lessons from Janelle...And he does look at her with a repulsion. I certainly hope that off camera they have gotten real with each other, but I really do doubt it. If he did look into what she was really up to online with all the information that was released I have a feeling that part of how he looks at her is her voicemails "comparing" her Batman to Kody and that bloody banana photo, but some part is the fact that she breached Family loyalty by handing over personal information.
  13. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    No. The legal divorce happened in September of 2014 and the catfish stuff got going in Feb/March 2015 through August 2015. However the divorce didn't go public until Feb 2015, they managed to keep it a secret until then...even from the filming company/TLC. If it was truly a storyline meant for the show...why keep it a secret?
  14. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    The "racy" photos are already out there. The little video states that the website people "have seen cropped versions" of the photos. A bathtub photo and a bathrobe photo with cleavage. Those were released with everything else back then. Just a sad woman trying desperately to stay relevant.
  15. S09.E11: Tell All- Part 1

    I agree with Celia. Looking at it from their faith's perspective means that they now have the marriage that Kody has always had with Christine and Janelle. A spiritual union with their promises to each other. That is all a marriage is...a commitment between parties. Oral, written doesn't matter past what the couple (or group in this matter) commit to. Having issues or not, the whole avoiding the wife in the rotation is a passive aggressive shit way out. They committed to each other and intimacy or not doesn't matter. Every fourth night you put your butt in her living room, you put your butt at her dining room table. Even if sleeping is in one of the many rooms or on that fugly couch...so be it. By the sounds of it when Janelle said that at least Kody and Meri are speaking with a better tone to each other, and not snarking at each other...they may only see each other at family gatherings. Sorry....that's what you do with an Ex-wife...NOT a spiritual wife. Yes...Meri was telling Kody to stay away during the catfish times. She stated on the show it was because JO messed with her head and turned her against Kody....yadda yadda. However some of that was coming from Meri as well. Why have Kody around when she was always waiting for phone time with her online hottie. However...that is all part of the healing as well. Getting the truth of the matter out in the open between them, being open and honest...brutally honest. Then moving forward. I really really really wonder if Kody didn't ever go online and see the photos/texts/voice mails and that is what just ended it for him. He can't hang on the whole "but...but...you told me to stay away" any longer. That was then...this is now. BUT!! I get the feeling sometimes when they show him looking at Meri...really looking at her...the look on his face is telling. I know it's hard for me to look at her and not see that damn banana photo, or the "come hither, lover" photo...I can't imagine being her husband and seeing it over and over in your mind. The whole "Kody doesn't want to end it and be the bad guy" I think might have something to do with their faith as well. He has said in the past that if a wife wanted out..that was that. I think he puts it squarely on their shoulders, they want in..they are in. However they aren't treated well unless they submit to the family. Just like with Christine...she had to beg for "more grocery money" and for Kody to come around more often in exchange for wrestling mats in her garage, then the whole get away to Texas and "love the family and I'll love you". Christine followed orders, she sucked up to Robyn...and now she is getting the attention and time etc. Meri is in...but only sort of. If she wants more from Kody she will have to do the same. I think with him (after that money tweet he put out there) that the fact that her LuLaRo money isn't shared with the others hits hard. It's a one for all world in Kody Brown land.