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  1. with Kody in a two seater sports car with his favorite male child...
  2. It's not an easy life, by any means. I'm not in polygamy but my husband has traveled for work since my daughter was a baby, about 22 years. Most weeks are he is out the door 6 am on Monday and he returns anywhere from noon to dinner or even later on Friday. Plenty of local jobs here and there or a shop project where he is home each night for dinner. But usually he is gone all week. I guess one of my fascinations with the whole polygamy thing over the years is I kind of know what it's like to do plenty of things without my husband's presence or help. All household chores, yard work, bills, kids, organizing, having to deal with my own illnesses while still getting it all done. He didn't miss everything of the kids, because he could shift things around special sports games and band concerts. He schedules all his vacation time around holidays to spread the vacations out and so he hasn't ever missed the family gatherings etc. Traveling with him is great because he knows Washington DC, Harrisburg, Philly, mid town Manhattan better than the streets of our town. He knows every good route in the Eastern US, good hotels and ones to avoid. All the tips and tricks in airports. But yes...it's a difficult life and some of the guys he works with don't have good support systems in their spouses at home and it has caused issues and plenty of break ups. BUT. He's out of town and not with another woman who I'm supposed to "be best friends with" or raise her kids "like my own" while he is next door...
  3. Poor grapefruit. It's only "pretty powerful" it's not a rock star.
  4. Mykelti

    title idea... "Mykelti...life after 4,000 tacos"
  5. I do remember that (last season?) they were asked if they wanted to move back to Utah. They all said yes, except Christine. She basically said that she would in no way move back, she was staying in Vegas. Makes you wonder if the new house isn't her bribe to concede to a move to Flagstaff.
  6. While I agree that Truely is absolutely adorable, I hope and hope and hope some more that now she has her own Instagram (with 2,600+ followers) that she is fully monitored at all times. It's easy to just think "oh, everyone loves Truely and this way she can share her bit of self out there in the world..." that same world is a dark place, and it gets dark right quick. I love Instagram and get to scroll loads of gorgeous pics of all the different things I love. Watching little videos and seeing beautiful Pug faces has helped me in these last 6 months to mourn the passing of my darling Satchel Pug. I've seen new and interesting pottery techniques and lots of ideas for my own garden. However. Within a month of setting up my profile I have had to deal with blocking a seemingly endless number of unwanted "hey baby, you are soo beautiful" messages. On and on. I have learned the ins and outs of security and police my account. Weekly I am followed by suspect men (and women) private accounts. Zero content and 1,000 followers, or zero and zero... Most are likely fake. In times of boredom I have actually responded to a few messages (most are poorly using translate) who insist that they are Generals in the Armed forces, Doctors working with sick children or men (and women....) who have looked at my profile (my picture is a whole cm wide!!) and have just fallen head over heels in love with me. I was even followed by HRH Prince Andrew himself!! An open account filled with stolen royal photos. Blocked right quick. Royals aren't allowed social media accounts. I have had conversations with other Instagramers who tell the same stories. Men and Women...week after week. My husband has a sibling who's 13 year old daughter was chatted up and preyed upon through Youtube. At the time I didn't even know that Youtube had a private messaging feature. Looking at Truelys account I see that it states it is run by Ysabel. (and there are multiple accounts? It's mentioned that an old one was deleted...) Sorry...she's not an adult, she's just an older kid. There is no way on earth I would have my television famous very young daughter with her own account unless it was 100% daily monitored by me. I adore Truely, but she belongs on the family account.
  7. lolol When I first saw that picture revealed this is exactly what popped into my mind!!! "...I was there, in your heart, and next to your kids..."
  8. Yes, that thumb is up in the photo she gave the artist. The saddest thing is that she cut out their Dad from the photo, but his arm is clearly there holding his kids. Her "purity" speech was odd enough, but this drawing was just bizarre.
  9. Only Robyn! For as much as they always talk about "the Family, the Family, the FAMILY" they sure do everything one on one.
  10. (retired baker/cake decorator) In my experience commercial fondants are just that...sweet clay. They have a starchy taste to them and I have never liked to eat them. Some expensive fondants are more palatable, and I know there is a popular homemade fondant with marshmallows that people rave about but I have never personally tried to make or eat. I live (and worked) in an area where $1 a serving for wedding cakes was considered very expensive and home decorators sell cakes for barely the cost of ingredients so I had lots of fondant skills with no customers. My old boss refused to pay me to "waste" my time with fondant cakes, so it was strictly buttercream. In a world where every bride to be was bringing in photos of fondant cakes from the internet I became very very good at making buttercream cakes LOOK just like fondant cakes. However...I'm dying to know what her "sugar free" fondant is made out of. I don't specialize in allergy or specialty baking, but I have no idea what could give the elasticity, color retention and coverage of that cake in the photo that isn't sugar based.
  11. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    But...but...the WET BAR! Just think, for a piddly $650,000 or so of pocket change...YOU could be the proud owner of THE WET BAR!! The one and only! The iconic and truly famous wet bar!!
  12. Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    I believe that Paedon moved back to Utah right around when Christine was announcing her move to Arizona. He posted on his Instagram I think a random "empty bedroom" photo with a "moved out" type caption. I think someone posted after that that they had seen him mention Utah. I do think it's interesting in a modern world where you read all about young people college aged etc living with their parents for longer, moving back home after college etc, in the Brown family those kids seem to bail and get out on their own at the very first moment they can. I think the one thing that the move to Vegas did for the kids was open their world and give them the freedom to live outside of the regulated Mormon bubble that they lived in back in Utah. The difference in how they all jumped on Mykelti way back when about her "immodest clothes" and how Gwen/Maddie dresses these days is night and day different.
  13. Oh goodness Janelle. Google is your friend at the very minimum before posting. Those grains that you eat or grind up for flour are...you know...seeds of plants. Plant it as a seed or eat it as a grain. Buckwheat pancakes are very popular around here but are really old fashioned. They have a very heavy texture in my opinion, but my husband really loves them.
  14. Okay, okay...what on earth does she NOT struggle with? The struggle to get out to the gym, the struggle to make dinner, the struggle to make good choices everyday, all day for every little thing, and now the struggle to rest up from what?? Struggling??
  15. A "stocked break room" also known as the talking head "set up" space from the telly show. That's my guess when she endlessly refers to "work". Social Media "work"....sit on the couch and surf for new trendy things to post about how hard it is to cook. Strive "work" sit at a desk and type up her posts and be an "influencer" to the needy fans, and Work work. Sit in a made up room and be the modern face of polygamy. Exhausting.