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  1. According to Linkedin, Randy is still an IT specialist with the State Department and has been since 2003. It says he is based in Alexandria, VA (a DC suburb). He has two IT-type MBAs from Georgetown and Johns Hopkins. That position is most decidedly not a diplomat. Ambassadors, diplomats and foreign service officers are a very specific career path, with specific credentials and education (although sometimes ambassadors and diplomats are big political donors who are rewarded with these posts by a newly-elected president, and they often quit or lose their positions when a new president is elected). LinkedIn says Meredith is an outsides sales rep at GTM Sportswear in the DC metro area. GTM Sportswear advertises opportunities for people to have their own online stores affiliated with GTM. So Meredith is probably selling cheerleader uniforms and so on. Weirdly, neither Randy's nor Meredith's LinkedIn profiles mention any foreign locations.
  2. Her husband is not a diplomat. He is an IT specialist who works in an embassy. Ambassadors, diplomats, foreign services officers are very specific things.
  3. She was self-aggrandizing. See recent posts.
  4. I couldn't find any reference to her or her husband as actual ambassadors. So I think she was using the term in a colloquial sense. Maybe her husband is a foreign service officer, or a civil servant who works in an embassy.
  5. Do Kelli, Judy, and the sweet woman who assists them work a full day before working the practices at night? That has to be exhausting, especially when they work out doors in the summer heat.
  6. The Straw(berry) That Broke The Camels Back

    This. To be fair to anyone in this situation, it is not easy to have a dying loved one at home (I know from personal experience, during which we were caregivers and also had in-home care). It requires a lot of emotional resolve and sacrifice, and I don't think Jeff is wired for this. For God's sake, he doesn't allow staff/camera fodder to use the bathroom in his homes, and he hassles Gage about the few things that are left lying around. Home health care would drive him over the edge. Didn't his grandmother live for quite a while after these scenes were shot? I thought hospice only accepted patients who were truly terminal; I remember being told by staff that they would not keep my father if his demise wasn't medically imminent. Obviously, despite the comments about her tearing out her IVs (my father did this during his night terrors), she clearly received some kind of sustenance to maintain life. I'm horrified at how sheltered Monroe is. Whoever said that Jeff and Gage will be intolerant of pretty much any fellow parents and their children was dead on. They are elitist in the extreme. To clarify my earlier remarks about the repairs Jeff made to his grandmother's home, I suspect that he did so knowing that he and perhaps others would inherit the home, and he wanted to be able to maximize its value for sales purposes.
  7. Tara seemed depressed to me. I hope being cut from the team didn't send her spiraling further down. I hope she has friends and family who are watching out for her. I don't think the decision to cut Victoria was solely Judy's and Kelli's call. I think there were internal organizational conflicts about whether to keep her. Perhaps they were all were waiting to see if she'd lose weight and dance better after all those practices. The two legacy dramas made for good TV (in production's mind). I hope this show will morph away from too much focus on the Cut Drama, which is transparently aimed at the TV viewing audience, and more on other things. Or do cuts earlier, with briefer footage, and add more of the other stuff. I'm bored with the same thing, over and over. After a lifetime of watching my weight, including for dance and cheer, I know that the bottom line is greatly reduced calories for some people; for those people, exercise can only do so much (although of course it's great for other health reasons). For me, it doesn't matter what kind of calories I take in (protein, carbs, ets.), other than a careful mixture helps me maintain energy and mood.
  8. Meredith's choice of words was odd. There are civil servants, and there are ambassadors. I've never heard anyone in the Foreign Service use her terminology.
  9. In the first season, didn't Stephanie continually complain that her husband was a micromanager, constantly telling her what to do, and that she knew how to run the house and take care of the kids? Now all of a sudden she's afraid of being alone for six weeks or however long it is? That she doesn't feel capable, despite having nannies and staff? She's the most superficial Dallas housewife, and the most crafty. Her personality is extremely contrived and subtly manipulative.
  10. The Straw(berry) That Broke The Camels Back

    As usual, Jeff made his grandmother's illness all about him. He isn't alone in responsibility for her. We heard his brother offer to help, and Jeff's father is alive. I suspect Jenni has pitched in over the years, and possibly Gage and a long list of housekeepers and health aides. Hospice is wonderful, but Jeff could have honored his promise and brought his grandmother to his home. He also clearly doesn't want to take in her dog. Did she really want to be shown on camera while so ill? Jeff is an asshole. Since I loathe Jeff, I'll speculate that the work on his grandmother's house over the years was so he could claim it and make money off of it after her death. This is the first episode I've watched this season. The show is relentlessly depressing, with Jeff obsessed with finding fault with others, and failing to take common sense steps to change his behaviors and resolve problems. He clearly spends his days and nights focused on this fault-finding, instead of running his businesses and sharing equally in the care of Monroe. Jeff has sabotaged so many business opportunities, and his "flips" are long-term expensive renovations/restorations. People take all kinds of passive-aggressive revenge against him, while collecting their checks. I hope that he is finally facing some consequences. All he cares about is money, and I think he's losing it and squandering it hand over fist. I still think Gage has a long-range strategic plan.
  11. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Every time I see a group of men banding together against a female colleague, complete with stern lecturing, I'm reminded of old cartoons with little boys in tree houses and "No Girls Allowed" signs. Ordinarily I would say that Rhylee is way out of line, but I suspect she's like a lot of women who have just had it with the male hierarchy in the workplace. She has zero tolerance for any lecturing, man-splaining, shushing, dismissive hand gestures, etc. Some men have gotten very crafty about how they get around the supposed rules of behavior - "If you'll just listen, I'm trying to help you." Meanwhile one of you walks away from the tender's controls in choppy seas and puts the tender and its passengers at risk. Why does she have to kowtow in the face of this? That's why this crap continues, this group gaslighting and efforts to redirect blame onto the woman. #theystilldon'tgetit. The fact that this is a television show, scripted with incompetent immature fame whores, pretty much invalidates the typical chain of command that exists in real life. Captain Lee and the off-camera crew are really managing the yacht, and the deck crews are just disposable stooges. While I'm on a rant, I'll speculate that Adrian and his open relationship are really about what Adrian wants. His sly sexual innuendos are annoying. We get it - you're a horn dog.
  12. S01.E10: Silence Lay Steadily

    The last couple of episodes almost ruined the series for me. I liked the old-fashioned scary storytelling, without the copious gore that modern horror movies employ. But the endless whiny arguments and overacting in the last couple episodes were awful. Shirley's endless "fucks, fucking, etc." were lazy script writing. And poor Steve was forced to mouth endless mental health PSAs. "But Dad, she had a mental illness!" I also hate Rapunzel curls on adult women. Better editing would have made for a great eight-episode series.
  13. Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    At the wolf sanctuary in PA, they have some wolf "couples," lone wolves, and packs. I think part of it is temperament, age/illness, and whether the wolves are willing to form packs. They let the wolves decide. In my earlier post about Fur-Ever, LARC was named on the search warrant, but still local law enforcement would not let LARC staff onto Fur-Ever's property.
  14. Is he the cowboy-hat wearing sheriff from AZ? If so, he is a famewhore of the highest order. He wants a TV gig; he wants to be another Sticks.
  15. Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    I loved the Cornell show and hope it comes back. The equine treatment was fantastic. Did anyone watch the latest Wolves and Warriors? The episode was about the team trying to stop a woman who was raising wolves, breeding pups for petting zoos, tranquilizing wolves for sportsmen shows - allowing people to climb in cages with the tranquilized animals - and then killing them and selling the pelts. (For-Ever Wild in Minnesota) They also had mountain lions, kingfishers and foxes - the latter of which were skinned so Fur-Ever Wild could sell fox faces for $5.95. The team got all kinds of court orders, including from a federal judge, yet the local aw enforcement cooperated with Fur-Ever in spiriting the animals away (possibly killing them) . The W&W team had an order to rescue the wolves and bring them to the sanctuary; they stood right outside Fur-Ever's fences during the countdown to the transfer. In the end, they were able to save only one wolf, George, by chasing after a truck with him in it, asking the State Troopers to stop the truck, and convincing the people in the truck to turn over George. Fate of the disappeared wolves? Unknown. The episode didn't explain how Fur-Ever got away with violating the orders and sanctions. Did anyone understand what happened here?