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  1. S20.E08: The Heroin Triangle: Episode 8

    That dental work is not cheap. There is a chain clinic here that charged my elderly neighbor $50K to pull all her teeth, treat the abcesses and restore bone and stuff, provide four implants, and top it all off with dentures. If you keep teeth but have to have restoration, it's still very expensive, although now that more dentists are doing implants the prices are coming down. I wonder if those dentists donated their services or offered a greatly reduced price. I hope she appreciates how lucky she is. I volunteer at a free health clinic and there are people who would give anything for a restored mouth. Agree that Billy is just biding his time until he and Tiffany can reunite. I commented earlier that due to his learning disabilities, I think he's dependent on her for more than drugs. Hopefully the treatment folks will hook him up with some support for his LD. David's mother has no impulse control regarding him - no boundaries. He'll use that if he can. Kudos to Donna for dealing with both families.
  2. Cynthia and Will used each other for camera time. They both got mad when it didn't work to their advantage and they looked like idiots on-camera. NeNe confuses her loud trashy mouth and exaggerated gestures with "comedy" and "acting." I remember when she was funny and charming, in a "your best southern girlfriend who is slightly tipsy" kind of way. I am more disappointed in her than the rest, of whom I expected nothing - none are very bright, with the exception of Kandi, who is calculated and ambitious. I thought NeNe had a chance to make something of herself.
  3. Do we really think that Cynthia researched and booked the villa? I think that Bravo isn't willing to foot the bill for luxury accommodations for this group any longer, and also the modest accommodations irritate these status-obsessed women and trigger shade and drama.
  4. Anyone else notice how mightily Nene's eyelids struggled to stay open? On the bus it was the right one - making her look like a demented Muppet - and then later it was both eyes. I don't think the cause was heavy fake eye lashes. Nor jet lag.
  5. I wonder if Kim has an imagined or real medical or psychiatric condition that makes her rely so heavily on Kroy (e.g., the strokes). Or, she drinks (and drugs?) non-stop and recognizes that she shouldn't drive but refuses to take taxis or Uber. Maybe her driver's license has been revoked or she was too lazy to renew it? Also, she wants to be able to dash immediately out of any situation during production on this show.
  6. My understanding is that in some people adrenaline surges can override the effect of a Taser.
  7. Donna Chavous sets her interventionist sights on Kiersten and David.
  8. My grands and generations back were from New Orleans. I was hoping for true New Orleans locals, who are like no one else on earth, but instead it appears they are casting nouveau riche latecomers. Too bad. Also, in the news world, traffic reporters are not really anchors.
  9. He started to engage inappropriately with the suspect, responding to the suspect's verbal aggression with a shouted "Come get me." Then he seemed to think better of it and retreated into acceptable cop speak. I think McElwain has to learn to control his angry and frustrated impulses. At one point the suspect stated something like "it's clear I'm mentally ill," and I wondered if we were looking at a mental meltdown fueled by spice or meth or alcohol. But he wasn't slurring his words. As we watched him I thought "Frat Guy Gone Bad in the Suburbs." Also, he's an apparently middle-class white guy who brandished what might have been a weapon but didn't get shot. Whereas law enforcement aggression towards the young black car burglar was over the top. I guess that since he was fighting with one officer initially, and possibly about to get dangerous control of the situation, they all came piling in, adrenaline flowing. Then it got out of hand (in my opinion). I also think the El Paso cop's behavior toward the drunken bar patron with the long braid (Pueblo Indian?) was provocative and escalated the situation. He should have called for the cab much sooner, instead of engaging in an annoyed conversation. Drunks often ratchet up the aggression when challenged verbally. Isn't this the cop who has argued with other people in other episodes? It was nice to have the Lawrence/Mastrianni palate cleanser that brought my blood pressure down.
  10. I see that Erika is still trying to create a cottage industry called Erika the Victim. Her radar is constantly scanning for the slightest insult, at which she pounces and makes stiff Ice Queen pronouncements (being sure to position her body and face for the best camera angle), and after which she stalks dramatically out of the room. She has an orgasm every time someone "insults" her, knowing that it means an opportunity to run up the camera time.
  11. S20.E06: The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 6

    If one hasn't experienced it, it's easy to overlook the effect on a child of having to grow up, day after day after gawdawful day, in a dysfunctional environment. Absent parents, overwhelmed single parents who act out or give up, alcoholic/addicted parents, mentally ill parents, the parents' creepy partners...endless worry about not enough money for the basics, learning disabilities, abuse, school yard bullying, divorce and abandonment, genetics... What we see so often on Intervention is a child who was deeply affected by some of these things, and/or a specific trauma like rape or physical abuse. Once they're teenagers they have freedom and exposure to alcohol and drugs, and the pattern begins.
  12. This episode features Taylor (and his mother) and Kiersten and her parents. Let the whoppers begin.
  13. S01.E02: The Strangers Across the Street

    I'm watching this for Kitsch, Leguizamo and Shannon - all fine actors. Although Kitsch sounds like John Corbett. Why is the series ignoring the abuse of the children, which was systematic and severe? I don't want to see it recreated on TV, but if I recall correctly, Janet Reno and others at DOJ stated that the reason for the rush to confront the compound was because of reports of child abuse. And while I understand that Koresh was considered handsome and charismatic, this show portrays him as if he's the lead in Godspell. He was a pedophile in a mullet, hiding behind the Bible.
  14. I think Betty Boop was vintage in my day, which was a long time ago. Anyone figure out the crass marketing tie-in? And voice. Most of these fashions were horrible, regardless of the challenge. It's as if the designers all lost their tiny minds. Big gobs of Neoprene? I thought most of them would go short and flirty. I like the mentor if for no other reason that she has a chic haircut and looks polished all the time. And I like her succinct feedback.
  15. S20.E06: The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 6

    Agree with the choppy editing - if they stick with this new format, maybe it will get better. Still disappointed that this format doesn't live up to the marketing promise. Were the (misleading) ads nothing more than the network's efforts to drum up interest? Maybe ratings were down? I wonder if production saves money with this new format, where the interventionists are in one place. I admit that I've lost interest in the extended letter-reading scenes, although I like seeing the interventionists handle the difficult family members. The nagging mother, while justified in her resentment, would drive anyone nuts. As we've seen, the nagging and arguing do nothing to help the situation. Maybe Tiffany is binging on sweets and carbs to help with drug cravings. My alcoholic friend used to do that. He would also buy Coke in glass bottles because he liked the feel of holding something that felt like a beer bottle. Are we seeing a new paradigm, where some addicts don't have the traumatic history but instead are simply getting hooked instantly on readily available opiods? My family member had ortho surgery and refused to take a pain med for more than one day. He's always been a health nut and a teetotaler but he was still afraid of the chemical triggers in pain meds. I wondered about the judge's paralysis - figured a stroke but Bell's palsy is also a good guess. My cousin had Bells but the facial droop went away. I got a whiff of still-present attraction between the cop and Angela, even though he wears a wedding ring.