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  1. All Episodes Talk: The Trying of Lodge 49

    I keep seeing Jeff Bridges in Wyatt's face. The most recent episode moved a little too slowly for me. I don't need a breakneck pace to keep my interest (for example, I loved Rectify), but I have limited patience for too much feckless dude-com.
  2. It's gonna be the Kathryn show from here on out. Unless she gets another gig. I read gossip speculation that her agent is trying for the Bachelorette. I think her current Bravo contract prohibits other shows, but I think she will try to leverage her notoriety into other work. Because everyone else is so boring (girl code club - gag) and lining up behind the Kathryn redemption storyline, the show has completely changed and I question whether it can sustain itself. It will be interesting to watch the ratings without the Kathryn/T-rav drama.
  3. There are prescribed drugs, such as Adderall, that women use (abuse) to keep their weight down. I have my suspicions about numerous housewives and many other folks in the entertainment world. The abuse of Adderall-for-weight-control is quite rampant.
  4. Regrettably, this is how Sonja views her own worth. She said something like "this is my thing - I take my clothes off." She's headed to Sally Kirkland territory. I bet the townhouse rental was a temporary short-term thing. Luann's dark gray dress was divine. The show? Not so much. (Elaine Stritch spins in her grave.) I think a lot of the energy came from a cherry-picked audience and the guest stars. I wonder if she's been able to sustain filling the seats over time. I'm wagering that she's going to show up on a low-rent talk show. Her ego tells her she can do better than the Bravo paycheck. The blonde comedian Bridget Everett is a talented actress. I noticed her in the independent film Patti Cake$. Dorinda's face was the very picture of simmering, drunken rage. Does anyone remember the TV commercial (car rental?) that she did with another housewife a year or two ago? I think I saw it twice. She looked incredible and happy in it. Now she's devolved into a hot mess. I love how Bethenny shut camera-hog Ramona down. In real life that's how I deal with assholes. Don't feed their tirades.
  5. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Candiace and the airport codes: you know she studied them so she could spout them at the reunion. I just remembered there was a moment during one of Karen's Deflection Monologues where she said something like "I was bad." It was in the context of taxes and money. I immediately perceived this to be acknowledgement that she has been a big spender over the years - beyond Ray's income means. I still think that during the real estate boom and easy credit they borrowed against their home's inflated value, to support Karen's lifestyle and perhaps Rayvin's college costs. During the Great Recession small federal businesses like Ray's were devastated; many went out of business, even after decades of being going concerns. Real estate values dropped, and like many across America Ray and Karen fell down the debt hole, including not paying taxes. If Ray made the actual financial decisions and payments, Karen can try to blame him for their tax troubles, even though her spending was probably the problem.
  6. I don't think the "serious" networks pay for interviews. If that's still true, then Luann's agent may have a plan to try to move her beyond RHONY. She may be trying to go for an entertainment career. Years ago a company called Taut sold a similar product. I used it on special occasions; it worked for several hours.
  7. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    The fashion was so horrible that I blanked out on it. Karen was dressed like a discount 1980s Barbie. Candiace removed about half of her normal hair volume, but went longer. Gizelle's hair needs to go lustrous brown with golden highlights. Did y'all notice the NARS makeup in the dressing area? I think they put NARS foundation on Gizelle. Andy went hard for Monique and Candiace. They were both shaken.
  8. S02.E10: Breezy

    I find myself being interested most in the scenes with the nail art women. They have great acting chemistry. There are so many great sight gags, but the show jams in too many plots, dialogue, characters and scenes and I miss some of them. The casting is great. Besides the incomparable NN and the always-great Carrie Preston, I think Jenn Lyon is a great find. She's funny and beautiful (under all that hair and makeup) but we don't get to see her do enough. All of the actors are great. The Russian bride looks exactly like the very young, beautiful women who come out of nowhere in Russia to model. They all must have a ball wearing the glam and kooky outfits. I wonder if the new casino setting is meant to get away from trying to be funny about the opioid crisis. Also, are the cliff-hangers due in part to the uncertainty of contract negotiations with the actors?
  9. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Nothing, not even a death in the family, will keep Karen and her self-aggrandizing ways away from a camera. She really worked the walk-off scene; I think she wanted to deflect the hard questions that were being asked. That's OK, Andy and the other women are patient.
  10. I agree. Those posts read like PR/get ahead of the narrative via social media. And Bethenny is responding via Radar.
  11. Of course, but my post was written in the context of the cast's sudden about-face on Kathryn and Thomas.
  12. The cast will do anything to save the show so they can keep collecting those fat Bravo checks. Suddenly Kathryn is a martyr and Thomas is a creep.
  13. S03.E18: Unsolved Mystery

    I'm not sure if we're supposed to publish addresses, but if that's the correct property neither Karen's nor Ray's name is associated with the property. It appears to be owned by a private citizen. I had forgotten that Karen claimed they were renting with an option to buy, which is not uncommon with the glut of McMansions around here.
  14. The icemaker thing: many old buildings, for historical reasons or because of layout, cannot have the plumbing added or changed to allow for icemakers and other gadgets. In some cases one is not allowed to damage the original plaster, such as to run ducts for modern AC.
  15. Bethenny is headed for Leona Helmsley territory. That said, I think she is correct that Luann, Sonja, Dorinda, Tinsley, and possibly Carole need to watch their pennies and do some serious, belated, long-term financial planning. Ramona will be OK; I think she pinches her pennies when the purchases are not for herself.