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  1. The investigation will take months. If they aren't already producing the next season, then the current season that we are watching now could be Thomas' last appearance on the show. I wonder if Ashley is part of Thomas' PR campaign - as in, he knew the allegations were coming quite a while ago, so he went and got a girlfriend. It's probably an arrangement that provides benefits to both of them.
  2. The end of Thomas? http://tamaratattles.com/2018/05/24/blind-item-oh-he-is-so-fired/
  3. The collection of blinds seems to be hinting that the relationship suffered from a lack of physical intimacy, and that one or both of them are gay. Here is one of the blind items: http://tamaratattles.com/2018/04/30/blind-item-she-definitely-has-a-type/
  4. There is a blind item out there hinting that Sonja is spending money like crazy in advance of filing for bankruptcy.
  5. As long as we're gossiping, I've begun to see blind items hinting that that all was not what it seemed with Craig's and Naomie's relationship.
  6. S03.E02: A Perfect Storm

    Areca the Ascerbic was funny. Except when she was being an asshole.
  7. Agreed. And many on-air newscasters simply "rip and read." (Taken from the old days of ripping the story off of the AP/UPI news tickers, walking on set, and reading the story out loud.) Producers, reporters and writers do a lot of the work behind the scenes.
  8. Candiace and her mother were at the Willard, one of DC's landmark and historic hotels. I think the wedding planner was explaining reality to them - catering for 250 guests would consume most of their $120K budget. I nearly fainted when I priced the cost of catering for my wedding in the DC area. Where I grew up, the Baptist weddings were essentially Hi Hos and Kool Aid. ETA: the rectangular table thing: allows Candiace to be on display
  9. Ashley may be able to ask for custody of her sister if Sheila can't provide adequate care.
  10. Just to be clear, I didn't call Monique an alcoholic. I said she shouldn't go down the path to alcoholism; it's a slippery slope when one starts doing it because of feeling overwhelmed. Chris chose to tell her on camera not to drink that weekend - maybe because of medication? Didn't someone say something about antibiotics?
  11. What we are seeing in Sheilah is panic. Her safety net is gone. It really wasn't Ashley's decision - the money is Michael's, unless Ashley is sharing her Bravo money. Which I doubt. Ashley said on WWHL that Karen and Blue Eyes had been in Oz, then went across the street for pizza, and an Oz worker saw them "canoodling, with Blue Eyes with two handfuls of Karen's behind." I think this kind of behavior is the genesis for Ray's request for a divorce.
  12. Karen visited Matt in the offices of a law firm and title business, yet says his background is PR. Did they meet there solely to give the law firm a plug? Matt isn't listed on the firm's website. Weird. Robyn glories in other women's misfortune. She's gutter trash. And not too bright. Monique, you drink too much and you're defensive and in denial. Get off the alcoholism path.
  13. Ghost stories: one friend's live-in partner of five years left for a fishing trip in the Bahamas. He never came home. Turns out he moved to Texas.
  14. S01.E09: The C the C the Open C

    I wonder if the character is meant to be suffering from some kind of delusions of grandeur or megalomania, perhaps exacerbated by the stress and the lead poisoning. He's definitely a crafty sociopath on the best of days, but the aloof gazing-into-the-distance thing for long hours hints at more. ("What's he doing up on that hill all this time?" "Thinking his thoughts.")
  15. I stayed at Nemacolin years ago for a conference/retreat kind of thing. Other similar locations seem to advertise more extensively. Check out Sheila Johnson's Salamander Resort and Spa: https://www.salamanderresort.com/ My friend and I treated ourselves to attendance at the fledgling film festival that is held there. I suspect the Salamander doesn't cotton to shrieking, drunken TV housewives; otherwise it would be a perfect location for RHOP.