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  1. Spoilers and Speculation

    Oh god you're right. Is there a walker available? Less mopey, more proactive, doesn't ask people if they wanna, like, stay or stay stay.
  2. S20.E08: Hells Kitchen

    What a clever and necessary juxtaposition of the fancy restaurant with a little kid who just wants pizza. :/ I did genuinely like when Fin said the $800 liqueur tasted like warm apple juice. Fin and Carisi had the best scenes.
  3. S01.E04: The Twin Thing

    I know the general purpose answer is he was traumatized and is protecting himself by refusing to admit the house is anything more than a house, but his attitude towards his siblings still seems off. He was very genuinely invested in being a good big brother, helping his dad, and being part of a family. It's strange that he treats them with such disdain.
  4. S01.E05: The Bent-Neck Lady

    I also have sleep paralysis, though it manifests a little differently--I have vivid lucid nightmares that are so detailed I can see plaque on teeth, individual whiskers, usually belonging to an extremely realistic demon I can feel holding my chest. And yes, shadow people when I do wake up. When it happens, it's so real I always wake up thinking I must have been in a different dimension. I know it sounds ridiculous, but they feel more real than waking life in some ways. Anyway, I digress. I just adore Arthur. His gentleness was so, so sweet, and I am so sad for what happened, and that Nell had to watch and wonder forever of she could have saved him in those few seconds she was paralyzed. And OMFG he is a cool drink of water, what a smile.
  5. S01.E10: Silence Lay Steadily

    Ok, so I had this thought during the speechifying in the room of requirement that it would be funny if the hat ghost came in and asked if anyone had seen his hat. Also, I'm trying to figure out if the ghosts can just ghost up awesome scenarios, if it is a 24/7 happy fun time house, or can it only do that when it's trying to kill someone? Could Nell continue to have Arthur 2.0? Olivia seemed to have a lot of control over the house, is that something that manifests with time? Could she make a permanent Arthur? (I realize I'm obsessed with Arthur. He's hot, sue me). Nell seemed to imply there was a downside to being a spectre, but Olivia was only upset because she was lonely. The house pushed Olivia to believe the best way to protect her children was by killing them--a belief she apparently held on to after death. But, Poppy aside, the ghosts don't seem evil. Does mental state at the time of death become their permanent state? Is Poppy the villain and everyone else bystanders? I did think it was very sweet how Nell protected her twin to the very end by telling him NOT to sit down and put on the hat, even though it meant not having Luke with her. I realize this won't be a popular opinion but I don't think Shirley should have confessed that affair. It was 6 years ago and meaningless, because she was miserable and not facing her own severe and complex trauma. That doesn't make it excuseable--not at all--but if was truly an aberration in an otherwise happy marriage, I personally don't think that burden should have been placed on Kevin. YMMV. Also, God, what a dick move to ask Kevin to hold HER hand while SHE fell. He is the victim!
  6. S01.E08: Witness Marks

    Girl, I DID fly off the couch. I scared the cat. It was a chain reaction of terror.
  7. Camping: All Episodes Talk

    I decided to give this another chance after hating the pilot, and I still reserve the right to occasionally hate watch if I'm really bored, but this show is painful. Maybe Jennifer Garner is doing too good of a job, but her character actually physically repels me. It's not like Larry David or Michael Scott where you have to look away, but always look back. It's more like I want the tv equivalent of leaving the state. I feel so bad for Orvis. That poor kid is already damaged for life. His mom is a helicopter, a car, a hot air balloon, a service dog, and every other kind of smothering parent. Is it bad to send black people black emojis? I don't think I ever have but I don't want to do it wrong.
  8. Camping: All Episodes Talk

    I think people swimming on birdwatching day is her comeuppance. I think that's the worst thing that's happened to her in her life. Maybe throughout the course of the show she will have to deal with making only the second best macaroni craft. I mean I'm not high brow here, I watch American Vandal which is about an investigation of penis graffiti. But this? I can't. If I hear pelvic floor again I'll be a danger to myself and others.
  9. S02.E04: What Big Ideas

    I swear I came to say something on topic, but I lost my train of thought because I stream HBO from an Apple TV, I don’t use DVR, and both the Deuce and Sharp Objects skipped or froze regularly. My cable provider is Xfinity, but I’ve seen Sharp Objects skip at a friend’s house and she used Frontier for cable. Very weird. Does anyone else have issues with Last Night Tonight frequently crashing?
  10. Real Time with Bill Maher in the Media

    The kink shaming was odd. I agree with his assertion that there's a lot of violent porn out there and that it's creepy, but rather than relate it to an underlying societal issue in a funny way, he basically said anyone who likes it rough is dumb and gross. Kink is politically incorrect so you'd think he'd be all over it or at least not shame people for how they like sex.
  11. Season 2 Discussion

    Elsa didn't bother me too much, surprisingly. She was too pushy and unreasonably wanted the forgiveness turnaround on her time, but it was exactly what that character would do in that situation and I can forgive a lot when a show is realistic/true to character. I LOVED her freakout at the end when she called the bullies shitbirds, but Paige did bug me for making no real effort to look outside of herself and exhibit something, anything to show she realizes the world doesn't work for Sam like it does for her. She's valedictorian but expects Sam to understand the nuances of casual dating? I'm pushing 40 and neurotypical, I don't know the nuances of casual dating. I love Zahid and want him to be real. Just stop smoking weed at work, dumbass. Oh, that was another thing I liked--"you smoke marijuana for autism?" "Obviously. Ovbiously. Obviously! *long pause* Obviously."
  12. A lesser comedian would bring it up so much one could not help but wonder if he has begun to question his own relevancy. Bannon sucked but I didn't hate the interview as much as others did. Bill did tell him he seeks empty vessels to fill with his propoganda. He reminded Bannon he got fired by Trump, too. It wasn't great but it wasnt awful, IMO.
  13. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    I agree with you and I think it’s backfiring spectacularly. They are IMO pushing the stereotype that all women want to be mothers and can do it all, but also attract handsome, wealthy men who could potentially “save” them from the very super mommy existence they’re promoting. In Rollins’ case, I don’t care if she has sex with guys and I don’t think people who have consensual sex are trashy. It’s the not using birth control. Especially after she had her first kid, especially because she’s a sex crimes expert who sees the impact of unprotected sex in her day to day life.
  14. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    Remember when Mariska was pregnant and they sent her to computer crimes and temporarily replaced her with Dani? Why can’t they just do that with Rollins? It’s not like she hasn’t committed enough felonies on the job to justify a brief demotion. There’s nothing I want to watch less than another pregnancy/babydaddy storyline. Like everyone else I watch crime shows for crime, not romance, and in Rollins’ case tinder dates who share her inability to use birth control.
  15. The “eat your pets” joke needs to go to the pet cemetery. So unfunny. I was hoping Bill only repeated it to throw shade at PJ by bringing it up and getting laughs where PJ wasn’t, but the audience still wasn’t into it because it was a bad joke. PJ is always so aggressively try-too-hard with everything he does. The rumpled unshaven stinky look, his commitment to bad jokes, his casual dismissal of the entire US political narrative as half stupid and half silly. He hasn’t always had that last opinion btw—he vociferously defended George W. Bush and really went in that climate change legislation was just democrats being wacky again because everyone knows with India and China there’s nothing we can do and hey nbd did you know democrats used to bitch about global cooling back in the day? In a way I feel bad for him because I feel like he’s That Guy who tries to be funny and smart so everyone will like him, but comes off so desperately that no one likes him but they all feel kind of guilty about it. Also whoever called the guy who filled the But Both Sides slot British Mr. Clean deserves a major award. I still have giggles.