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  1. Season One Talk: Making It!

    There are yellow cabs here, but it's not prevalent or iconic the way it is in NYC. That felt like the wrong symbol to me. Plain cars on the road would have made more sense (unless she had a specific story that we didn't hear about her personal experience with cabs).
  2. Season One Talk: Making It!

    That is definitely a Bay Area specific rant! Ever since moving out of the city I've been VERY careful to say I live near/outside SF, even when I lived barely on the other side of the bridge. Long ago, when I lived in Chicago proper, I was in NYC chatting with a sales person. We talked about Chicago, and that I lived "in" the city. When I gave her my area code (773) she was all THAT'S NOT REALLY CHICAGO and I defensively but triumphantly corrected her that it truly was. It was a new area code. It's an identity thing. I, too, was wondering why the SF terrarium got a pass for not telling us anything new, when Nicole's Vermont got dinged for that and they seemed about the same in that regard. Maybe because the execution was special? Tho the cabs made me laugh, because who can find a legit cab in SF?! Really sorry to see Jeff go. His was my fav terrarium. And, in general, I just really liked him as a person. I hope he can find a way to co-work or collaborate instead of being alone all the time now that he's learned how much he likes that.
  3. S04.E02: Brittani's Story

    I didn't watch the whole thing but I did catch the part where she says they were intimate "in the ways that they could" but had never had intercourse. How sad, for both of them. I hope therapy helps with that -- weight may have been a factor, but I'd guess the sexual abuse is bigger issue. Did they say how old she was?
  4. S04.E07: The Suitcase

    I've always liked how the show gives us a range of women's viewpoints -- how each fit into the time, how their expectations evolved (or didn't) with changing mores, their differing responses to being considered less-than. (I wish good storytelling for women didn't stand out, but it does.) It's a small exchange, but telling: Megan sees a 26 year old with a good career, moving up: "Well you're doing alright, aren't you?" Trudy sees a 26 year old who hasn't landed a husband: "You know, 26 is still very young."
  5. S04.E08: The Summer Man

    It's hard watching this from 2018. What else was Peggy supposed to do, except fire Joey? That's an honest question. Joan is right about what the guys would take away -- Joan's just a secretary, and Peggy's a "humorless bitch" -- but the things he said! Nope. I don't know how I would have handled being a woman during this time. Three decades after this, I worked in advertising in Chicago and it was entirely different. (Except the last minute marathons and client demands. That was the same!)
  6. S04.E09: One Minute More 2018.06.29

    I assume that conversation happens just before they go back to release the virus, but I can't be sure. What gets me: How does Hannah know she'll be there at the airport, that she'll die protecting Cole? She tells him both of those things. How does she know her future?
  7. Season 4 Episodes

    Totally! My Tivo picks it every 2nd or 3rd episode as a "suggestion" so I only see those episodes. But I just can't bring myself to admit I watch it and set up a season pass...
  8. S06.E06: Give Me the Finger 2018.06.04

    Does Michael know that Hannah is in recovery? It's weird either way, from a storytelling perspective. On one hand, we haven't heard about Hannah onscreen in a while, so my first assumption was the two plot lines would be connected -- Michael targeted her because of this vulnerability, especially since addiction is a common thread for all 3 of them -- but that doesn't make sense because how would Michael know who she is and what she's going through? Unless he's bugging someone. Or, out of everyone in Sherlock's universe that Michael could use to get his attention, Michael just happens to target the daughter of his captain who happens to be going through a crisis and happens to be onscreen this week? Or he doesn't know who Hannah is, he saw her at AA or something and the Sherlock connection is just a coincidence? The writing of this arc just isn't working for me. (Not to mention: How does Sherlock not mention to Watson that Michael showed up, uninvited, without ever having been given the brownstone's address?) Joan should never have shared about Hannah with Sherlock. Way out of bounds. And then for Sherlock to tell the Captain. Even worse.
  9. S11.E18: Free Falling

    I'm so glad they didn't drag the fight out. Murdoch and Julia are the OTP and I don't want to see contrivances that keep them apart -- before or now. The tough thing is if he really believes God punished her with a miscarriage or that they disagree on a deep moral level, that feeling may not just go away. But I don't want to go back there so let's hope the writers make it go away even if it's unrealistic. Surprised that Nina didn't remind him that she's been clear all along that marriage isn't for her. Honestly, George should have seen that coming. I guess it's idealism that makes people, especially a romantic like George, want to believe that love conquers all and people will change. (Especially when the change is a woman wanting marriage and kids after all. Even a hundred years later many people have a hard time with the notion she might not.) It makes sense for them to break up. They love each other but want different lives. I also like Detective Watts! Not looking forward to more of the Violet arc. 🙄
  10. Sisters (2015)

    Amy kissed a poster of Michael J Fox -- is that the one you were thinking of? Short hair, but no leather jacket.
  11. How I Want The Americans To End

    My preference: They don't do either! What about an ambiguous ending? A Sopranos style nothing? There's a lot of desire to see them actually captured/punished but with only 90 minutes...any wrap up they attempt will be rushed. I want to see the chase, the pennies dropping, Stan putting it all together, P&E on the run, but I don't need to spend time on watching Paige flip or arresting P&E. It's not my normal preference, I really like things wrapped up with bows, but there are just too many dangling threads for the time we have, and any solution may disappoint. In this case, I'm happy to assume what happens is what I wanted to happen*. So that's the picture in my mind. Everyone's closing in, they're cornered, nowhere to go...and black. *ETA: Maybe why I like the idea of ambiguity is that I don't actually know what I want to happen. As people who've committed countless terrible crimes, they deserve to be caught and prosecuted. No question. But they're our protagonists and I've spent years watching a story from their point of view and getting invested in their personal growth and relationships. Do I want Henry's life to be destroyed? No. Do I want to see Philip die? No. Do I want to seem them escape? No. So...that leaves me with ambiguity.
  12. S02.E22: One Day More

    Going into the finale I didn't know anything about the fate of the show, Riggs, or Crawford, so now that I've read up it does explain a few things. But something I could not puzzle out is why there was a hit on Roger. Attorney guy is laundering money, using Trish's accounts. How does that lead to them trying to kill her husband? Does it have something to do with him becoming captain?
  13. Assuming the new guy is a hit man / serial killer I am hoping it's a coincidence that he ran into Sherlock again. The story line I don't want is Michael having targeted Sherlock because he knows who he is -- and that's not a stretch since Sherlock is famous in certain circles. Better an accidental friendship with a killer than a serial nutjob toying with him. The problem with my wish is, even if he didn't know in advance who Sherlock was he will soon find out. As soon as Michael picked up the phone and seemed out of breath I turned to my BF and said "he's our new bad guy and he's killing someone right now". He thought I was reaching because he's never seen the show before. He asked, then why would he answer the phone? Because it's Sherlock calling!
  14. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    I've been wondering about E's smoking, one more piece of her burnout and increasing recklessness. If it's as bad as P said -- "you always smells like cigarettes" -- wouldn't that be a risk to her covers and her stealthiness? You wouldn't want to smell like anything distinctive that follows you from cover to cover. And cigarette smoke in particular is tenacious stuff, hard to scrub off. (Ugh, kissing a smoker.) Olfactory associations are powerful. People remember things like that.
  15. BoJack Horseman in the Media

    Bojack was an answer on Jeopardy this week!