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  1. S16.E01: The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

    I'd have preferred to see the first quickfire NOT be team and the first challenge NOT be catering. Let them settle in! Seemed like the tomato dish was just not right for this challenge. Tom said the tomatoes weren't cooked down enough. Cherry tomatoes seem like an odd pick for that reason -- by the time you do cook them down into a nice cobbler-y filling, they are all skin. He also mentioned her ricotta wasn't as good as beet guy's, where was that in her dish? And while biscuits are quick and easy, they lose their texture fast -- even overnight they lose quality -- so I wonder about that choice, too. Then the biscuits got soggy sitting around, seems like she put them on top way too early. Sounds tasty but not a great fit for a catering challenge. I make a great tomato tart, so this does get my wheels turning. :) I am super impressed the pork team salvaged their no-knife situation. Deep frying then pulling? Honestly I'm impressed that worked. Would not have thought you could pull pork cooked that way, so quickly. Cocky Guy is one of those people who needs to learn to say things differently. All of his pasta commentary was so patronizing! Even his congratulations. He wasn't wrong and I think he may actually have been trying to be helpful, but he just sounded like a jerk.
  2. Season 2 Discussion

    This is what I love about TV forums! They've taught me how much mileage varies, and that has truly helped me IRL. I'm not up for a full rewatch but I'll definitely need a refresher before trying S3. Not sure I remember what happened!
  3. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    I assume the role of the arrests in the plot is that's what gives them leverage to make her spy. What I'm wondering is if she was involved in the experiments at all. She did have the burn marks but they also could have given her those and told her what to say. Because why would she go along with them if they'd tortured her the way we saw? Even coercion can only go so far, unless they are threatening her with something gigantic. (And even then...do I want to defect to the nice people trying to help me, or risk being jailed and tortured PLUS be responsible for the continued imprisonment and torture of many others? Do they have her kids or something?) I do like this show, in a silly, light way. But the timeline is bonkers. Everything is going way too fast. And the Case of the Missing Grandpa is ridiculous, as has been noted many times (in this thread alone!). He lost his wife, two kids, and a grandkid...and now that 3 of them are back from the dead he's nowhere to be seen? And Ben doesn't go there even for a night? It's dumb.
  4. S03.E08 "What the Puck"

    Until we met the new ADA, I figured they'd reunite Natalie and Cole. The boyfriend wasn't a throwaway, but also wasn't given much dimension or air time. Plus they've written her to be a well-defined character, played by a solid actress, so seemed like she might take on a bigger role. But as soon as I saw how they were writing Cole + the ADA -- and the chemistry between them -- I was like welp that's it, Natalie's going to turn him down and this will be the next love interest. (Maybe they'll surprise me and just have a woman who stands on her own without being a love interest. They do a good job with Bailey on that, Scorcese's obsession notwithstanding. Though maybe that's not a good thing -- it's often been noted that black women characters are less likely to be written as love interests.) As much as I wanted Cole to be happy, Natalie is making a good choice. She might have also been happy with Cole in another time or place, but she's already with someone she loves and has for a long time right. Agree that the maitre'd was a great character, he brought a lot of lightness and fun. This show is so much more watchable now. Less angst. I'll have to go check and see if we've learned any more about its future.
  5. S04.E05: Tagumo Attacks!!!

    It was bugging me -- where did I just see a plot about a scifi story and a woman with 3 boobs? Falling asleep, I got it: Paul. It's a comedy with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. It's a running bit in the film that Frost's character wrote a graphic novel about a woman with 3 breasts and male characters are always giggling over it. At one point, he says he's considering a 4th boob and the guy he's talking to says no, that's way too much. 3? Awesome. 4? Gross. Fun ep!
  6. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    The teens have been really good across the board! Smart, poised, confident. A pleasure to see. I can't tell if an all-female final will lead to an epic number of "young lady" references or if having to specify which young lady will actually force him to use their names instead. I do hope Emma's voice shifts as she grows up -- hard enough to be taken seriously in this world without the complication of a tiny voice! My pilates studio has an instructor who still sounds a lot like Emma as an adult, so it's possible it won't. Such a weird thing to fixate on, I know, but I'm distracted by Claire's hair bow. Or what I think is a bow. In both of her appearances so far there is something visible on the back her head even though most of her front hair is down. That's not usually how bows/clips work.
  7. What is...In the Media?

    HA http://mentalfloss.com/article/563423/alex-trebek-knows-he-sometimes-sounds-disappointed-dad-jeopardy ETA: Now that I see the Vulture piece above, this is mostly a rehash.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Good Eating

    LOL, right? Thought it looked more or less like an "old-fashioned", which IS my fav donut. After watching the first two episodes I was wondering if the "reloads" were going to be too much. I am simply never going to bake potatoes a day in advance to fry them! (Well, I don't deep fry anything so all the fry recipes are entertaining but not useful.) Nor am I likely to spend an hour cooking a steak, even though the reverse sear sounds very smart. I'm an accomplished home cook, willing to do a lot of work but those particular items aren't worth the time to me. So I was glad the basic biscuit and cacio e pepe were easy recipes I can (and will) do.
  9. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Here in the SF Bay Area the episode aired on Saturday. (NBC 11 via DirecTV, if it matters) Typically we get an older rerun on Saturdays, but since football season started it's been a bait and switch, saying it's J! but actually being college ball stuff. But I always check my recording before deleting to be sure. Happily this time was the missing episode!
  10. All Episodes Talk: Good Eating

    Now I really want to make biscuits. Need to pick up some buttermilk! (And leaf lard, apparently.)
  11. S01E06: Off Radar

    OMG yes. I thought Vance was going to get cracked over the head when he found the bandage at the farm. Didn't know if sidekick was going to get hit too or if the sidekick was going to do the hitting, but it felt ominous. Good job building suspense there! In addition to the Bulgarian talk about calling for his mother after he wakes, prior to that the torturers said he was reacting differently from the others (and he almost died which they did not expect.) I inferred this was due to a two-way connection with Cal. Maybe Cal's cancer made the Bulgarian more vulnerable. I think this is because they were too far away and she had to max-zoom. That could blow out the pixels like we saw. And to another poster's question, I believe her using a camera was meant to signal her time loss. 6 years ago I still carried a digital camera even though I had an iPhone, because phone cameras weren't up to the task of good photography yet.
  12. S03.E07: A Fractured Inheritance

    I missed this nuance, and it's a great point. While watching, I assumed he knew Donna had faked her death and was living under an assumed name, but must have glossed over / didn't hear / handwaved the part that he knew Donna had a daughter that she bailed on and let believe she was dead. The former, many people would overlook. The latter? I hope not. Maybe this is how we're not supposed to feel bad for Dave. They both suck and deserve each other. (Not that the girl deserves any of it.)
  13. S08.E06: Pastry Week

    This floored me. WTF?
  14. S02E03: Concerned Women of America 2018.06.29

    Me too. In the first episode of the season, Debbie stepped in to offer a ride to Ruth just as the cameraman asked her out. I saw that as conscious sabotage, 100%. Debbie knew Ruth couldn't resist a ride home with her and a chance to talk, and that would stop Ruth from her hookup. Yet my BF read it totally differently, he thought Debbie was being helpful and saving her from a possibly creepy guy and an ill-advised fling with a coworker. He's so naive :)
  15. S01.E03: Save the Date

    I thought the guys got a "save the date" in advance (the camp was still a surprise), and the phone pings were just reminders? That doesn't explain why everyone forgot or didn't look at their calendars, though.