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  1. S02.E22: One Day More

    Going into the finale I didn't know anything about the fate of the show, Riggs, or Crawford, so now that I've read up it does explain a few things. But something I could not puzzle out is why there was a hit on Roger. Attorney guy is laundering money, using Trish's accounts. How does that lead to them trying to kill her husband? Does it have something to do with him becoming captain?
  2. Assuming the new guy is a hit man / serial killer I am hoping it's a coincidence that he ran into Sherlock again. The story line I don't want is Michael having targeted Sherlock because he knows who he is -- and that's not a stretch since Sherlock is famous in certain circles. Better an accidental friendship with a killer than a serial nutjob toying with him. The problem with my wish is, even if he didn't know in advance who Sherlock was he will soon find out. As soon as Michael picked up the phone and seemed out of breath I turned to my BF and said "he's our new bad guy and he's killing someone right now". He thought I was reaching because he's never seen the show before. He asked, then why would he answer the phone? Because it's Sherlock calling!
  3. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    I've been wondering about E's smoking, one more piece of her burnout and increasing recklessness. If it's as bad as P said -- "you always smells like cigarettes" -- wouldn't that be a risk to her covers and her stealthiness? You wouldn't want to smell like anything distinctive that follows you from cover to cover. And cigarette smoke in particular is tenacious stuff, hard to scrub off. (Ugh, kissing a smoker.) Olfactory associations are powerful. People remember things like that.
  4. BoJack Horseman in the Media

    Bojack was an answer on Jeopardy this week!
  5. S05.E19: Option Two

    Talbot saving the day -- for now, until this goes horribly wrong -- was the only moment I've loved on this show all season. Adrian Pasdar and that ridiculous, glorious mustache are the best.
  6. S06.E03: Urban Transport Planning

    OMG this. One more piece of proof that Elizabeth is the only available spy for the entire city of DC. She went within inches of him! She did look very different but taking that risk isn't believable. OTOH, I liked the comment from another poster that noted the pizza link, and the potential importance of her being able to hear the Russians at the table talking. I didn't make those connections and now can see why they made that choice from a storytelling perspective. Still.
  7. S03.E02: Love Among the Ruins

    I love how Peggy leaves. She was just trying on a persona. Not even pretending to play along that it's more than a ONS: "Where did you say you work?" "Madison Avenue." "I'm at that bar a lot..." "Mm." "This was fun." Don was so mad that Betty's brother's was making it his way or the highway, so Don fixes that by making it HIS way or the highway. 😏 Way to have grownup conversations about complicated family stuff, folks. Really dislike Betty when she's around her family. Well, to be fair I don't like Betty most of the time but she was particularly bitchy to her brother and his wife about the house and caring for Gene. ("Judy would take care of him. JUDY!" and "You want to find him at the bottom of his stairs and have his last words be 'the house is yours'." In this rewatch -- my BF has never seen it before! -- it occurs to me that the female characters in general on this show aren't women I'd want to be friends with IRL. Except for Rachel, she's great. I'd want to be friends with Peggy but she seems like a hard nut to crack. She's so guarded. Kinsey getting called a beatnik commie just for wanting to save a beautiful bldg was funny. The outcry over tearing down the top of Penn Station led to the formation of the historic preservation movement in NYC.
  8. S11.E12: Mary Wept

    This was directed by Megan Follows (Anne of Green Gables!), interesting. Yeah, radar's up about Miss Hart giving contradictory answers. Seems sociopathic, but hoping it's a red herring and there's some benign explanation. No more psychos, please. Just give me William and Julia flirting, Crabtree rambling, Brackenreid getting exasperated, and a crazy invention or two. "Age before beauty" was definitely the line of the night.
  9. S04.E20: Fifty-Three Percent

    I talked (and read) extremely early but walked very late. To this day I'm highly verbal and physically lazy .... 😂 I felt Bow was wrong to make Dre think he was alone in his concern. Damn this show for making me side with Dre on anything! Because, ugh. How in the world did Bow get 20 years in without realizing they see the world differently?! That didn't ring true at all. Struggling to keep watching for the past 2 seasons. I let the last 5 stockpile on Tivo, and this may be end. Seems like every show I watch is sliding downhill, and that sucks.
  10. S11.E11: Biffers and Blockers

    Right? In lieu of Jackson and Crabtree we're left with...HIGGINS. Booo. Aw, Inspector Lynley! And even he only pulled it off because he was a detective. Definitely can't be a gentleman in a uniform, and low on the constabulary totem pole to boot.
  11. S11.E11: Biffers and Blockers

    OK, so that's why I was confused! It was definitely "Roger" visually, and I wasn't paying close attention.
  12. S05.E15: The Puzzle Master

    I can't remember exactly what he said, but the gist was "Like the nurses who care for (the dinosaur candidates who are so old they need a nurse). That's some good shade!
  13. S04.E19: King in the North

    I'm relieved this was the season finale. It's become a chore -- Eddie and his friends have been the only part I've enjoyed all season. (Okay, and Grandma. Her little bits are always fun.) Not sure why I'm sticking with it other than it's always hard for me to delete a Season Pass. Inertia!
  14. Season One: The First Pitch

    Doing a rewatch before it gets pulled from Netflix at the end of the month. Charmed by this show -- it's such a goofy, sweet palate cleanser in a crazy world :)
  15. S02.E02: The Darlington 500

    I don't think that's true. Killing him wouldn't erase her life. My understanding is that in the original timeline, he had kids, wrote a manifesto, and died on that battlefield. Blonde daughter grew up without Dad and had Carol. In this timeline, he had kids, wrote a manifesto, and was saved on the battlefield but taken to the future so he still leaves his timeline at the correct moment in history. Blonde daughter will still grow up without Dad and have Carol. But to your second point, yeah, Rittenhouse is a seemingly inept Big Bad. WTH.