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  1. But if the problem is low fertility, the system of hand-maids is a bad solution. It's likely to produce a few children because many Commanders are probably infertile. Instead, fertile women and men could have benefits by getting more children and they could also be paid to donate or even be ordered to hand over eggs and sperm to create to test tube childen for infertile couples.
  2. S07.E09: Useful Idiot

    I don't think that it's because Carrie is a woman but because she is both unstable and single-minded which prevents her to make rational decisions. Either she concentrates totally on her work and then she forgets Frannie's existence and/or wellbeing, f.ex. bringing her to Dante's home instead of returning her to her sister before visiting Dante. Or she concentrates totally on the danger to lose Frannies custody and then she forgets that she is middle of the operation and goes to fetch Frannie from schoold instead of realizing that until the operation is over and her mental problems cured, it's better that Frannie is taken care by her sister. Also, Carrie is used to endanger herself without hesitation and disobeying orders not to do so. She has never learned that she has no right to endanger Frannie. Still less she understands the effects on Frannie - she always belittles them.
  3. S07.E13: Inevitable

    Paula was right that "there are three people in this relationship" but making Harvey to choose between her and Donna was sure to fail. As for Donna, she could leave her job but not Harvey. And the result is that neither can have a successful relationship with others.
  4. S07.E09: Useful Idiot

    Is it? Simone is in Russia and Dante is (likely) dead, so there is nobody to testify for Saul's theory. Putting all the blame on the Russians is too easy as it ousts all the things presented in the last season: the divided country, who will lead US foreign policy (the CIA versus the legitimately elected President), the war on terror without end...
  5. S07.E09: Useful Idiot

    It's not odd because it's not political. Dante was sent home from Kabul and he was bitter towards Carrie who had been promoted despite a bad operation (so far he knew). After that the Russians had an easy job: you gave all to your country but it doesn't value you but we do… In addition, Dante was Simone's agent and on the basis of cameras at Wellington's she seems to be pretty good in sex and Dante was lonely and divorced. All in all, I think he loved how easy it was to fool Carrie.
  6. S07.E09: Useful Idiot

    Why not? It wasn't only that Carrie had fooled Dante with her sympathy to tell the code but the poisoning could have killed him. (I must confess that I never suspected it although I wondered why Carrie suggested that Dante would get a lawyer.) All that meant that both Carrie and Yevgeni were as bad and Dante could trust nobody in the world.
  7. S07.E09: Useful Idiot

    Carrie really thinks that her taking Frannie to Dante's was a mistake of the same kind every mother sometimes makes. And after that she makes a new mistake by believing that she can take care of Frannie during the operation, even taking her to the same place with the dangerous Russian agent, She just can't understand that it's not about her feelings but Frannie's needs that are the most important. Plus, sometimes the greatest love is to give over the loved one to somebody who can better take care of her. I liked Carrie and Brody as lovers, but it would have been better if Carrie had shot him because he had fooled her and really been the bomber? Yevgeny may have been a master spy but now acts like a fool. His master are quite right by ordering him home (in such cases you cut your losses and plan the next game) but even if he wasn't, he is the boss and sees the big picture. By becomick amock Yevgeny can make great harm to Russian interests (I hope).
  8. I don't think that what happened in Cambridge in the 17th century is a very valid reason. Instead, opposing "It'can't happen here" is such. Setting the story in the Bible belt wouldn make it seem "doesn't concern us". However, I wonder why in the US that differed religion from the state in her constitution people are more religious that in Western Europe? Also, why in a state that is leading in science which is based on reason, there are so many people that believe in Creationism?
  9. S01.E10: Night

    The Finns learned during the Winter War that the other states don't help. To some older people, empathy became a dirty word. I don't think there has ever been a "general sense of obligation" - that's only been propaganda to the public but never a motive of the government. A agree with you both. In addition to that other countries should have really strong reasons of their own in order to intervene, i.e. their national interests must be threatened by Gilead, it's not easy to carry enough armed forces to the other continent. No country could do it alone, there must be an alliance.
  10. That the eldest child doesn't look like her mother, is no guarantee that the second child couldn't.
  11. S01.E10: Night

    I think you make a generalization because of Hitler. Franco was a Fascist too but he wouldn't go to war and remained his power until his death. Even Hitler had reasons to go war, even if they seem strange to us: to create a "living space" in Eastern Europe for the Germans, a colonization imperium like other great powers had created outside Europe. What would Gilead achieve with the war? Is there anything in Canada they lack and they desperately need? How would they rule millions people? Are they enough Canadiens willing to colloborate with the enemy? Or would all Canadiens be killed or put to slave camps. But would Gilead have enough men for the latter? As for using nuclear weapons, there has been no information that Gilead has used them, instead that there has before Gilead been an nuclear as well an environmental catastrophe that has lead to infertility. It would extremely stupid to use nuclear weapons against Canada as the winds would bring radioactivity also to Gilead. The only reason I can think for Gilead going to war would be turn the population's interest from the internal problems, but there hadn't been any information that the population is restless because of them.
  12. S01.E10: Night

    That pretty well sums it up for me too. When I read the book years ago, I simply accepted its world as it was. When the series tried to explain things, some explanations seem likely but others don't. As others have above pointed out, the "revolution" wouldn't have succeeded if there hadn't been enough supporters inside the army. The most unlikely phenomen is the short span when the totalitarian system was created. Even the Bolsheviks used the former experts until they had their own cadres trained. Hitler attacked the former elite only in 1944 after Stauffenberg's assassination revealed the conspiracy of the officers. And in Gilead there weren't only informers about people's opinions, but the most intimate life sphere, sex and family, was completely changed and controlled. Most of all, we have told about the "religion" but not enough of the environmental and nuclear (?) catastrophe that was the primal cause.
  13. S01.E10: Night

    I think it was a dangerous and therefore stupid thing to say. Fred could have reacted by putting death Offred and Nick as well as his wife who had brought them together. Of cpurse it would be a shame also to Fred but shame didn't prevent Henry VIII.
  14. S01.E10: Night

    Rationally you are right, but it's not at all certain that people in such situation can think rationally. There are many examples about irrational violence conducted by a mob.
  15. S01.E10: Night

    You are right, I only thought about this episode where only a handful refugees are coming per week. But most of them have probably come in the same time as Luke or before, Historical comparision: Estonia had about a million of inhabitants from which about 75 000-80 000 fled across the Baltic sea in the end of the WW2, afraid of the second Soviet occupation. Hundreds of people perished in the sea. The Estonians had already experienced Sovjetization in 1940-1 and the first mass deportation in June 1941 when 10 000 people were sent to Siberia. June and Luke knew that women were forbidden to work and own anything, but did they know about the handmaidens and other traits of the Gilead system? Also, a researcher who studied the great Estonian author, Jaan Kross, compared Finland and Estonia: to the Finns losing Karelia in WW2 to Soviet Union was a thraumatic experience, as it was experienced a great injustice but is was reacted in an unambiguous way: the whole population (400 000 of nearly 4 million inhabitants) was evacuated. There was simply no alternative as nobody wanted to stay. Instead, in Estonia people had to make an individual choice but it concerned also many others. If a husband and a father regarded as self evident that he would take his wife and children with him, what would he do with his aged parents?