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  1. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    I remember Elizabeth's advice to Lucia: that she should act like a girl-friend with her Congress aide. What benefit does Paige think that she can get by sleeping the quy straight away? Is she really so good at sex that he can't live without her, and not to move on as there is probably many girls available in D.C.? Even if the relationship continues, Paige lacks P&E's training and intimacy can make her careless. She isn't a good lier.
  2. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    It's two different things to be interested in your child's life and to worry about money for his/her school. About the latter, Elizabeth is quite right that it's Philip's responsibility to arrange it as he now leads the travel agency alone. Elizabeth has no time and energy for it and even if she did and succeeded, it would show Philip incompent - wouldn't he really like that? It doesn't matter what "average Soviet people" think as they still had no power whatsoever. It's the Comminist party that matters and as a Communist, Elizabeth should accept what the leader of the party, Gorbatchov, has decided, not to work against him.
  3. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    I disagree with Erica. If her art has given something valuable to other people and continues to do so after her death, why wouldn't it matter? As her husband has an important job, their relationship wouldn hardly have been better if Erica had only waited for him to have time with her. It's not Elizabeth's commitment to do her part for the world that is wrong, it's her method caused her ideological blindness that doesn't make the world better but worse.
  4. S06.E03: Urban Transport Planning

    I find Elizabeth claim that American newspapers lie about the Soviet Union very funny because it shows that, although she is clearly intelligent, she lacks a critical mind which would be useful for an agnet: she believes what she hopes to be true and refused to believe what she is told to be untrue. As it happens, the former deputy chief of the Finnish military intelligence was today intervievew in a newspaper. He mentioned (I have heard it before) that there are three words for lie in Russian. "Lozh" is a straightforward lie or scam. "Nepravda" is a defect. Then there is "vranjo" that is "a lie that both performer and often the recipient know as a lie, but still behave just as the claim is true".
  5. S06.E03: Urban Transport Planning

    The beginning of the season seems more interesting than the last one but the problem is, as others had already said, that the writers missed the chance to ground the characters's motivations and their relation to the changes in the Soviet Union. Take f.ex. Elizabeth and Philip's discussion. Whether there is Pizza Hut in Moscow or not, is trivial compared that in 1982 the Soviet population in some areas were given food cards the first time after the after-war years and that Brezhnev himself had admitted previous spring that 20 % pf vegetables were spoiled before they reached the consumers. (some said that the real number was 50 %). The standard of living after the WWII was so low that the Soviet leaderhip could keep the population relatively contended when the living standard increased for decardes, but since trhe 70ies the growth of production had been steadily in decline and the numbers of the pland had not been reached. There was no wonder that Gorbatchov was a protege of the KGB-chief Andropov as KGB had better methods to learn the problems of the country. And the Conservatives inside the Politburo didn't like Gorbatchov, they had no alternative program nor candidate.
  6. S06.E03: Urban Transport Planning

    I remember when I was with my friend in France in 90ies. We had eaten fine French foods for a week - but then in Lyon we saw McDonald and said "home!" Russians doesn't become "just like Americans" if they sometimes eat pizza or hamburgers.
  7. S06.E03: Urban Transport Planning

    Can't Elizabeth read Soviet newspapers? After all, glaznost meant that many things are written openly.
  8. S06.E02: Tchaikovsky

    The population of the USSR was about 196 millions in 1941, having annexed the eastern part of Poland, three Baltic states as well as Bessarabia and Bukovina from Romania.
  9. S06.E02: Tchaikovsky

    But classical Russian literature and art don't have the same values as Soviet ones, indeed they are in many points just opposite. Therefore I found very funny that Claudia loved Tchaikovski, not some Soviet composer, or Red Army Choir.
  10. The White Princess

    It would be impossible for Elizabeth to change sides, however badly Henry treated her, because if her Brother became the king, her sons would be in danger. So far, all ex-kings and ex-heirs had been killed. You are quite right. The Boy could learn many details from the Yorkist. The only sure way to know he is a real prince could be if he knew something that only Richard and Elizabeth would know - and even then, who could be sure that Richard hadn't tell that to somebody who told it to the Boy. Elizabeth thinks in the book the Boy is brilliant because all Yorks are brilliant, unlike Henry, but in fact, the Yorks failed because they strifed with another (first George duke of Clarence and earl of Warwick against Edward IV ja Richard duke of Gloucester, then Richard III against Elizabeth Woodivile and his nephews). Losing the battle showed at that the that God had given his judgment and the pretender wasn't the real prince.
  11. S06.E01: Dead Hand

    It's true that P&E had done the hard work, but they have always followed orders what and they have never known the "big picture". We have seen that their superiors have lied to them (the lassa fever wasn't used as revenge after the US had detroyed the Soviet Union with atom bombs but in Afghanistan). Instead, Oleg's did know the "big picture" when he made his decision to tell Stan about the Soviet spy. However, in this case it was Arkady who knows the "big picture" and he convinced Oleg to go. BTV, regarding Oleg's father who was (is?) the Minister of Railways. In 1983 Lennart Meri said to his Finnish friends: "It will not take ten years until the Soviet Union will collapse. The railways dont work." Meri had written books and made documentary films about minority peoples of the Soviet Union and travelled a lot in the country. Later, he became a President of Estonia.
  12. S06.E01: Dead Hand

    Not in the plot. However, I would like to learn what Elizabeth has thought about f.ex. Chernobyl disaster, not to speak of all the things that has been revealed about the Soviet Union and its history under perestroika.
  13. S06.E01: Dead Hand

    He is taught to do it, he can't do it. Besides, whether he likes to do what he is asked, he wants to learn what it is. Besides, it's the part of the usual adventure of the hero that he is at first reluctant.
  14. S06.E01: Dead Hand

    I agree. The actors have told that ordinary Soviot society doesn't have those modern things the heroine had in her home in the 80ies.
  15. The White Princess

    Richard III was supposed to have lost God's protection even if he was an anointed king because he had murdered his nephews. So how could Margaret believe that by murdering two innocent children she was doing "God's will"? One simply can't beleive Margaret's character. I don't believe, though, that Margaret did any murders irl. Also, an idea that Henry could become a king was born rather late.