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  1. S20.E06: The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 6

    That nagging mother is terrible. True colors are coming out. Lady, I get that you are continuously lied to, that would set me on edge for everything too, but man.... you've crossed over to just being a bitch.
  2. This is completely disgusting. I'm sorry her family is hurting right now but they essentially piled the blame on Rose. No. Suicide does not work that way. Your precious daughter had severe mental illness and the blame for her taking her own life is solely on her. Rose isn't a saint and doesn't claim to be, but this is just gross.
  3. I can't find the app. Is it on iTunes?
  4. Mr. Arcadia: What's our secret word? Me: Fuck you. Mr. Arcadia: I don't think that'll work. Son Arcadia: Mom! You say that anyway! Me: See? That's why it's brilliant! Also... French Freyeshhh.... We are evil, evil people.
  5. S30.E01: "You're a Champion? Prove it!"

    Thank you! I get why people see blondie as being the bitch, but it's a challenge to put up with someone that sensitive all the damn time. And IMO, PA would not let it go! She went on and on and escalated it emotionally to finally get the reaction she wanted. Just say your peace and be done. At some point any empathy for that behavior is worn down to nothing.
  6. S04.E04: Hang the DJ

    I took it as they ran the simulation with Frank and Amy 1,000 times. 998 times they went over the wall together and rebelled. Two of the times they accepted their chosen partners and didn't end up together. I don't think the other people were real. I took it as Amy and Frank's own bubble universe with other fake people around them - which is why they all froze when they rebelled.
  7. I want to know what drugs they are giving these contestants. Not even The Price is Right people jump around and scream this much. It screams fake to me. And when they lose they're all "hahaha... good job, you! Ah well... I lost." Say what?
  8. I was going to say the exact same thing. Yes, I will first believe them. But it's very obvious that nothing is beneath the Co$.
  9. S04.E02: Arkangel

    I'll admit it. This hit way too close to home. The more I monitored my son's phone, etc. the more he rebelled. Which meant, I gave him reasonable consequences (taking phone away) and he acted out. Rinse and repeat until he felt completely smothered and I was/am convinced I have a deranged teenager. As much as it feels like I'm being a bad parent, I find it much more peaceful to not even look anymore. Download all the porn you want kid, I don't want to know. 100% I would have used this device if it were available and guaranteed my challenges now would have been so much worse. I wouldn't have used the filter, but I for sure would have looked through their eyes and monitored where they were. On another note, at the end I was convinced that the filter would flip to on as it broke and Sara would be stuck with it on. It was more tense to think that was going to happen than it actually happening. So well done, show.
  10. S11.E00: Twice Upon a Time

    I'm sorry I couldn't even read past this I was laughing so hard. I almost have to repeat it to be sure I understand it. Moffat has the nerve to criticize the First Doctor's era because the companions were written as equals to the Doctor? Moffat literally wrote three female companions who put themselves as equals or above the doctor in every way. In an effort to appreciate Peter's Doctor more than I did the first time round I'm rewatching his seasons. Last night I watched the Danny turns into a Cyberman episode. In that episode, Clara turns to the Doctor, demands he hand her his screwdriver and scolds him with "Do as you're told!" In response, the Doctor hands her his screwdriver. I was so angry I turned it off. Moffat doesn't have any right to speak on the subject. STFU Moffat.
  11. Season 4 Trailers and Teasers

    Open forum to discuss the released trailers for Season 4 in anticipation for the release (of which they still haven't told us a date) I saw a poster today on their Facebook page. It looked like a parody of Star Trek. I'm hoping it's some trick or it's misleading because part of the strong appeal of the show is that it's 5 minutes in the future. All of the technology is *just out of reach* but we can all see it happening now. A big future episode with space and aliens? No... that's not Black Mirror. If that's truly what it is, then that's a jump the shark moment for me. On the other hand, the trailer with the kid just vanishing? *shudder* THAT's the Black Mirror we know and love!
  12. S08.E07: Time For After

  13. You must not be aware that Alanna Masterson (Tara on Walking Dead) is the sister of Danny "Mr. Rapey" Masterson and is a Scientologist. Which is a shame, because I want to like her, but I can't, just because of that. $5 says she's the one responsible for bringing Jenna on the show.
  14. S35.E07: Get to Gettin'

    I'm always amazed at the people who are like "In S12 Joey and Stacy made it to the merge and used an idol and got voted off in 5th and 6th." Like what?? Half the time I have no idea who is playing now! How in the heck do you guys remember these things! Who the hell is JT and Ashley?! You mean there's a JT and a JP this season? And they're different people?!