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  1. S13.E11: Live Quarter Finals 1 - 2018.08.14

    We'll see. We have one space left as far as the Wild Card goes. Emmet has one of them, and will be performing in the week after the next I believe.
  2. S13.E11: Live Quarter Finals 1 - 2018.08.14

    Mocchi...I forgot about him too. When I hear his name...all I think about is the backgrounds...not much else.
  3. S13.E11: Live Quarter Finals 1 - 2018.08.14

    Okay, let me see if I can remember any of this...I'm probably going to sound negative for some of it. But, that was a night of mixed reviews, wasn't it? I can't say that I'm not surprised that Courtney would get the pimp spot, and that all judges would be on their feet orgasm-ing over her performance. It's like Grace Vanderwaal all over again. I do think that she has an old soul in some ways, but she needs time to develop her voice. When she screams (or something of the sort), I wince. Human Fountain....No offense to them, but I'm glad that I didn't eat dinner at my usual earlier time, because I probably would have thrown it up watching their performance. To me it was a waste of a wild card. Simon, why bring them back if you're going to give a negative review or buzz them (or whichever judge buzzed them), or did he have something to do with bringing them back? They should have brought back Troy, the creepy contortionist. PAC...they did better than the previous week, but still not a million dollar material. I hear that they have a strong following on YouTube, so if that is the case, they may move forward. Shin Lim (sp?) He never disappoints...like others, I wonder how his close up magic would work for a Vegas venue. I was watching with my younger brother and he said, "I'm never playing cards with him...especially if there's money involved." We Three....Sometimes I believe the music overshadows them to the point where sometimes I cannot hear their lyrics. I like that their songs are based on hope. More sob stories with a good number of these contestants. That's all I can remember for now.
  4. S13.E10: Judge Cuts 4 - 2018.08.07

    As I said in a previous post, the sob stories seem to be supersized or too much this year. A part of me wonders if it is producer driven. For example, the guy (who's name escapes me) that sang country songs and stated that he wanted to be like Taylor Swift. Simon kept interrupting and prodding asking him what his story was. The jump rope girl - after her performance she said that she was bullied...and it felt to me like that came out of left field. I really hope that she left her dance (or whatever) team and coach before coming on to AGT and coming out with that story. And with this week's show, Simon asked Flau'jae to remind the audience of her story. And next week I believe that the two golden buzzer singers (Michael and Amanda) may play up their stories. May Courtney may play up to how shy she is and how much trouble she has connecting with people. Unless I heard incorrectly, I believe that that was her initial story. We'll see come next Tuesday.
  5. S13.E10: Judge Cuts 4 - 2018.08.07

    I'm bummed that Troy the contortionist was passed up and Yumbo Drop went through. I hope he's at least called back for one of the two wildcard spots that are now opened because I wanted to see what more he would do. He takes contortion and makes art. Plus he seems like a sweetheart, and a funny guy. Speaking of wild cards...why was Human Fountain brought back. Didn't they get criticized by one of the judges during their Judge Cuts episode? Didn't they get buzzed? Maybe I should watch their piece again. I know they created a story, but the egg and the orange juice grossed me out. I doubt they'll make it past the Live Shows. I may be in the minority, but I do believe that Flau'jae has potential. Yes there were times when she was off during her performance, and times when she was doing well...it was a tad on the inconsistent side. But I do believe that she has the potential to be a great rapper and songwriter. I'm not sure how far she'll go on AGT though. I'm glad that James went through (the violin guy). I love listening to string/wind instruments, and the violin in my favourite string instrument to listen to. I enjoy watching him get into his playing. Okay for the live shows for next week. I'm quite surprised that they have that many golden buzzers in one night. I forgot most of them (the first four golden buzzers) with the exception of Courtney...and like another poster said, that's just because she's talked about A LOT. And quite a few of my Facebook friends had shared her clip once or twice. She'll probably go far because of that...maybe even win. I don't see Michael and Amanda (the other two GB's) going far unless they play up their stories. Amanda may go further than Michael, because she has that "cute teenage girl" thing going for her like many other young female singers. She has a great voice...I just don't find her memorable. The PAC dance group might not make it past the Lives. There way quite a negative response, both here and on Facebook regarding their going through the Judge Cuts. I could be wrong. Maybe I should save my predictions for next week...
  6. S13.E09: Judge Cuts 3 - 2018.07.31

    They do. They bring about three contestants/groups back for the lives. Later in the season - the semi-finals I believe - they bring back an act that was voted off during the lives as a wild card.
  7. S13.E09: Judge Cuts 3 - 2018.07.31

    I was wrong in more ways than one.
  8. S13.E09: Judge Cuts 3 - 2018.07.31

    I agree...when I saw that stunt happen with Noah, I thought, "They're doing this way too much. It's getting old." I thought that it was only supposed to happen in the auditions because the "judge cuts" is supposed to be a step up. I wish they would've given Ms. Trysh a second chance...unless they did and it was edited. The golden buzzer wasn't a singer at least...? In my opinion, I wouldn't have given it to Quin and Misha. All I saw was Misha picking Quin up and spinning her around while she was posing...and more posing. There wasn't that much footwork from them...I saw more footwork in their package than I saw in their actual performance. As a former ballroom dancer, I wasn't moved. Not to be rude and say that I'm better, but I just wasn't moved. I've seen many a ballroom dance performance that blows this AGT performance out of the water. But good on her for going after what she wants and dancing - and sharing her message. I'm 36, and my legs don't look as good as hers. I'm predicting that Jeffrey Li gets picked over Angel. And that's from the editing, because it gets too obvious. We'll see in a half hour...
  9. S13.E08: Judge Cuts 2 - 2018.07.24

    I doubt that it's just you. I noticed it too. Unfortunately I knew that the dance group from Columbia were not going through. Especially when edited next to Future Kingz...although I preferred the former. Hopefully they are brought back as a Wild Card.
  10. RW: New Orleans (2000)

    @Lablover27 - You have to admit, this was a great moment as well! :-)
  11. Favorite/Hated Roommates: From Puck to Pedro

    Going by memory here. Favourites: New York (S1): Between Heather B. and Norman. Heather was real. As Norm said, she was the general, and you have to b a general if you're hanging out with her. She made for great tv. I adored Norman's personality - he seems like someone I would love to hang out with. Los Angeles (S2): Dominic . I found him hilarious throughout the season. To me he was the most likable one out of the cast. San Francisco (S3): Between Pedro At a time wen AIDS was like a death sentence when talked about, Pedro humanized it, and spent the short time he had left educating people about AIDS and Safe Sex which was very selfless of him. Some people (such as Puck) would say that he should have been living the last part of his life to the hilt, but educating as many people as he could was more important to Pedro. London (S4): I always had a hard time sitting through that season unfortunately. But I'm catching up on it through one of the YouTube like streaming website, so I'll have to get back to y'all on that. Miami (S5): Sarah. She was a lot of fun. Immature at times, but Sarah was always herself and enjoyable to watch. Boston (S6): Genesis. I empathized with her as she was hard on herself and at times insecure. And her past with her family. Seattle (S7): Lindsey. I liked her fun and spunky personality. Being a shy and quiet person at the time, I wished I was more like her. Hawaii (S8): My cable went out at the time that season aired. I've only seen bits and pieces of that season. Strangely enough though, I can pinpoint who is my last favourite. Haha. New Orleans (S9): Melissa. She was hilarious and there was never a dull with her. I appreciate her being open with her insecurities. Her moment in the confessional where she said, "So here's what the sex life is for Melissa: I have a Mormon on my left, and a naked gay man on my right. What am I supposed to do with that?" will be the best moment of that season for me. Back to New York (S10): Coral - to me she made that season interesting (Mike did too). Even though she came off as a bitch, she definitely was caring. You could see that with the way she took care of Nicole, her bond with Lori. And the way she stood up for her male roommate when Jisela insulted them. Chicago (S11): Theo. I'll admit, I did not like him at first, but it was wonderful to see him grow as a person as the season went on. Las Vegas (S12): That's a tough one. Out of all of the season that I saw, this had to be my least favourite, because it was like a soft porn - and probably where the trend of drinking and hooking up with roommate was birthed. Least Favourites: New York (S1): Kevin. That man was angry and just had bad and aggressive vibes. But he did change since his season, and good on him. I've read a few of his books, and one of them he acknowledges his behaviour, and mentioned several times how hard it was to see himself behaving as such, and how he's changed and grew from him. His books are great. Los Angeles (S2): David and Glenn. David was a hot head. Yet his aggression made the season interesting. The season became a tad boring after he and Irene left. Glen because he seemed snooty, had an "I'm better than everyone attitude." San Francisco (S3): Puck. Watching him and his dirt, his snot and his snot rockets made me nauseous. And I wasn't even there. For me, he was immature, self centered and obnoxious - and yet, he made the season interesting. He and Pedro are the most memorable cast mates from that season in my opinion. London (S4): See what I wrote above. Miami (S5): Ooh, that's tough. Probably Flora. Boston (S6): Probably Montana. She came off as bitchy, and not the fun or funny type of bitch like Coral was. She was just bitchy. Seattle (S7): Stephen. Yes, "the slap heard from around the world" has something to do with it. But he just had bad and angry energy. I know that he was just a teenager when he came on, but it was not fun to watch. It seemed he brought the same energy on Battle of the Seasons. I do wonder if his aggression had something to do with him being homosexual and him feeling the need to hide it. There was a guy from my old neighbourhood that was gay (but he was, and still is) secretive about it. He always seemed irritable and unhappy. But after seeing the photos of his wedding, he looked very happy - something that hasn't been seen my many. And I did say that he is still secretive about his sexuality - he is. His partner uploaded pictures through Instagram, and the news came out via word of mouth. The guy that I had mentioned doesn't know that quite a few people know about his marriage. Hawaii (S8): Amaya. Way too dramatic. I'm dramatic at times, but not that dramatic. New Orleans (S9): That's tough. Maybe David. Back to New York (S10): Kevin. He was a tad too boring. Chicago (S11): Tonya. Too dramatic. And I really disliked how Theo was always "Black guy" rather than Theo. I remember that moment where she said, "I didn't leave Walla Walla just to come here and get yelled at by some black guy..." I think that Theo' being an African-American was an issue for her. To her credit, she was upfront and said that she had bad experiences with interracial living and that African-American men intimidated her. So she was honest. But she did seem to grow a bit after her season even though she became a mess. Hopefully she's in a better place now. Las Vegas (S12): Trishelle. Need I say more? I technically stopped watching after Las Vegas. I saw a very little of Paris, some of San Diego, some of Philadelphia and Austin, but I didn't watch those entire seasons through. The remaining seasons, I did not watch at all. I went from seven strangers living together, going after their ambitions and passions (seasons one and two, and in a way, season three and four), and of course "finding out what happens when people 'stop being polite and start getting real'" to finding the nearest bar, getting drunk, getting into physical altercations and hooking up with the roommate in the nearest room. I guess that is what "getting real" is these days.
  12. S13.E06: Auditions 6

    I'm just catching up with this week's episode since I have a crazy schedule (in bed by 9:00pm, so I can get up at 4:00am for my long commute to work). But anyway, I'm with many of you as far as Angel is concerned. I thought that he had a lovely voice, but I do find it hypocritical for the male judges to say, "That song's too mature for you" and yet, we have a teenager (Courtney) singing a song about sex...AND SHE GETS HOWIE'S GOLDEN BUZZER! Another teenager (the girl that got bullied - I forgot her name) singing about someone making her feel like a "natural woman" and she also gets praised (and Mel's golden buzzer). One minute the judges tell a singer not to sing an original but to do a cover (Emmet - if I remember correctly. And Johnny Manuel from the previous year was reprimanded for singing an original). And then they turn around and interrupts a singer and says, "Do you have another song, an original?" Good god, make up your minds!!! I agree that the whole situation with the guitar player (who's name escapes me) seemed contrived. "Can you sing another song?" "Come on, what's your story?" Simon stopping another singer...we're starting to see through redundancy here. Maybe this is being done for dramatic effect. At least we don't have Mel B. throwing her water at Simon...or did we...? That's how forgetful most of this season has been for me so far... I'm bored with this season. And I'll admit, none of the four singers that received golden buzzers moved me. I'll probably forget this week's GB like I have forgotten the previous week's GB from time to time. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm not seeing anything new, moving or exciting or anything that I would pay $100 to see with those four singers. Courtney might make it far, as she did get far on Voice (Kid?) UK. I'm rooting for the acrobatic cats.
  13. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    Lol! I'm sorry, I thought that the "six year old hypnotists..." comment was hilarious. Like I said before, the classical singer guy's segment was planned...it just seemed too contrived. And since the "Obscure Song that Only Simon Knows About" as an Il Divo song, I'm wondering if Simon was discretely trying to promote them since that group was created by him...and they released an album this year...
  14. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    I was thinking that. No one had an issue with Grace Vander Waal doing her own songs. But that was her schtick. Also, there was the Ed Sheerhan like guy from last season...I think his name was Chase. He did his own songs, and the judges praised him to the high heavens. But, ironically enough, Johnny Manuel does an original (and adds that he didn't want to be pigeon-holed as a diva), but the judges reprimand him, and told him that he needed to go back to being a diva. They are all over the place, those judges. 😕
  15. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    Yeah, the sob stories seem to be super-sized this year. And I'm assuming that the montage of acts that were good and had gotten through were edited as a montage because they probably did not have a sob story to share. Their story probably was, "This is my dream, and what better than going on AGT to try to live it?" because that would probably be boring to the producers/editors. I don't mean to sound rude or apathetic, because I too have been through a lot...I'm not saying that I had the worst life, I didn't, but I have been through a lot. But I don't want that to be my life's story. And I think that most of these acts get through by their stories alone. For example, last year, we had Evie Claire. Lovely young lady, and a good voice, but she got through based on her father having terminal cancer, An on the other hand, I do understand that she did it for her father. And then we have the, "I'm an only child. I'm lonely because of it. I would love a dog." "I'm have bad eyesight, I could go blind." "I had a child, so I had to quit dancing...but now I'm back..." *begins sobbing* (That was from last week - a dance crew.) I also believe the act with the guy that had to learn the obscure song that only Simon knows about was contrived. It seems as though these edits are an attempt for us to go, "Oh wow, isn't he amazing. He only learned that in an hour, with so many distractions!" With last week's golden buzzer. "Oh, she was sooo nervous, and she broke out with that? Amazing!" And many folks on Facebook eat it up. Again, I don't mean to be apathetic, but it all seems so contrived for the sake to gain our sympathy, or to keep watching. Personally, I miss the acts of season 11. Yeah, quite a few of the contestants had a sob story, but they were more memorable. Viktor Kee, Sophie Dossi, Lincoln Bridge, The Clairvoyants and Tape Face and many more.