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  1. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    I was thinking that. No one had an issue with Grace Vander Waal doing her own songs. But that was her schtick. Also, there was the Ed Sheerhan like guy from last season...I think his name was Chase. He did his own songs, and the judges praised him to the high heavens. But, ironically enough, Johnny Manuel does an original (and adds that he didn't want to be pigeon-holed as a diva), but the judges reprimand him, and told him that he needed to go back to being a diva. They are all over the place, those judges. 😕
  2. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    Yeah, the sob stories seem to be super-sized this year. And I'm assuming that the montage of acts that were good and had gotten through were edited as a montage because they probably did not have a sob story to share. Their story probably was, "This is my dream, and what better than going on AGT to try to live it?" because that would probably be boring to the producers/editors. I don't mean to sound rude or apathetic, because I too have been through a lot...I'm not saying that I had the worst life, I didn't, but I have been through a lot. But I don't want that to be my life's story. And I think that most of these acts get through by their stories alone. For example, last year, we had Evie Claire. Lovely young lady, and a good voice, but she got through based on her father having terminal cancer, An on the other hand, I do understand that she did it for her father. And then we have the, "I'm an only child. I'm lonely because of it. I would love a dog." "I'm have bad eyesight, I could go blind." "I had a child, so I had to quit dancing...but now I'm back..." *begins sobbing* (That was from last week - a dance crew.) I also believe the act with the guy that had to learn the obscure song that only Simon knows about was contrived. It seems as though these edits are an attempt for us to go, "Oh wow, isn't he amazing. He only learned that in an hour, with so many distractions!" With last week's golden buzzer. "Oh, she was sooo nervous, and she broke out with that? Amazing!" And many folks on Facebook eat it up. Again, I don't mean to be apathetic, but it all seems so contrived for the sake to gain our sympathy, or to keep watching. Personally, I miss the acts of season 11. Yeah, quite a few of the contestants had a sob story, but they were more memorable. Viktor Kee, Sophie Dossi, Lincoln Bridge, The Clairvoyants and Tape Face and many more.
  3. S09.E12: Tell All- Part 2

    And there was a little romour going around that Kody datedJanelle behind Meri's back before bringing her on board as a Sister-Wife.
  4. S09.E12: Tell All- Part 2

    I just watched the episode during my commute to work... ...and that was a whole lot of nothing. Which is why we refer to it as "Tell-Nothing." I did enjoy seeing "the kids" though...well except for FT...who still is a kid... Just when I thought that Robyn was somewhat tolerable this season...I spoke to soon. During the Polygamy 101 she talked a little too much for my taste. Throwing herself into the conversations so much. I know it was a Q and A, but still...
  5. S09.E11: Tell All- Part 1

    I have to concur. At the risk of sounded shallow - for years, I thought of Kody as a Keith Urban Reject. Also, Meri looked a little frightening during this season. Last episode especially when she talked about going to Utah make an offer on the Parowan house. I wish she'd get rid of the make up, sharpie eyebrows, orange tan and fried bleached blonde look. She definitely looked better in previous seasons with her dirty-blond hair, and without those eyebrows and makeup.
  6. S09.E11: Tell All- Part 1

    I'll add to the predictions: As another poster said, Meri will be wearing another LuLaRoe outfit...to market her "business." Aspyn will probably talk about her engagement. Logan might talk about his...but we haven't seen much of him this season. He was more of a "blink, you've missed him." Mykelti MIGHT announce that she's pregnant. We've seen the TH with her blond roots, and her face looking a little rounder than in the episodes. I could be wrong. She may not be pregnant. If that happes, Madison might return the "bitch stare" to her, the way Mykelti and FK gave Maddie the "bitch stare" when she announced her pregnancy. FT (for me, it's an abbreviation for F**k Tony!) will be a camera hog. Most likely interrupting Mykelti when a question is directed to her. Much like the way he took the seat she was aiming to sit in when they were going to a cake tasting. Meri will cry. Janelle will be in outer space (she might say a sentence or two about her grandson). Robyochin might cry and disingenuously talks about how much she Lo-ooves Meri, and wish she were around more. Christine will probably be her geeky-happy self since her relationship with Kody was improved...for now. Whoever is interviewing this family, I hope that they call Kody out for his contradictions. In one episode he (and Sobyn Clown) talked about wanted to move to Utah in the future) and in other episodes, he talks about not wanting to be there because of he's scared of being persecuted as a polygamist. I think Kody secretly wants to be arrested so he can be the modern face of a polygamist being jailed for living his beliefs....which I think Kody's not even sure of what his beliefs truly are.
  7. S09.E07: Risking Arrest

    Very predictable at this point! 😂
  8. S09.E07: Risking Arrest

    I apologize if I offended you or anyone else for that matter. You're right, it was a different time back and the age of consent was lower than it is now. But I will be honest and say that some of what I learned about polygamy in that during my research disturbs me. And I'll just leave it at that. The point that I was trying to make was that for Kody to blame the "legislature" for creating pedophiles makes zero sense. To me it was lile he was playing the "I'm a victim because I'm a polygamist" card. There is pedophilia within some of the polygamist sects (and I am aware that there are some sects that aren't) because they are very closely following what Joseph Smith and Brigham Young had done in that day. If you look at the FLDS, they are still living in that time. One of the only things modern with that group is the technology and vehicles. So again, I apologize. I should have worded things differently. I didn't mean to offend.
  9. S09.E07: Risking Arrest

    I hope Christine NOW knows and explained to Truely that Rosa Parks took a stand by sitting down.
  10. S09.E07: Risking Arrest

    ou I watched that episode this morning while on my bus commute to work this morning. I flinched when Kody made that statement. It was actually started with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. While in this late thirties, he married and slept with fourteen year old girls, claiming that God commanded for those actions to take place. He slept with many women that were not his wife, and passed it off as polygamy as a way to justify this actions. Brigham Young also married teenagers. I believe some of his wives were as young as fifteen (when he was forty-two). ETA: I understand that the age of consent was lower than it is today, and some girls married in their early teens (but I'm sure their husbands were younger than Smith and Young when they married teenaged girls. I apologize for anyone that I may have offended. I was just trying to make a point that some of the fundamentalist Mormon men are pedophiles because of how they closely follow Smith and Yong's actions. And I will admit, the age difference between Young, Smith and their teenaged wives does disturb me. That's just me though. Again, I didn't meant to offend anymore, or come off as close-minded or intolerant. This is probably why you have men in the FLDS, The LeBaron Group, the Kingston Group and creepers like Tom Green marrying fourteen year olds because it began with Smith and Young. (I've also read that Brigham Young had done evil things to his wives. I'll have to find the source.) Flora Jessop (former FLDS member) even said in an interview that "if you want to see what pure and original Mormonism is, look at Warren Jeffs." Other former FLDS members (the surname of one of them being Mackert. His first name escapes me) said that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young had done the same thing was Jeffs, but to worse degree. So no Kody Brown, the legislators did not create pedophiles and perverts. It began with your "gods" Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Do your research!
  11. S09.E07: Risking Arrest

    You wouldn't happen to live near Bountiful, British Columbia would you? That "sect leader" sounds very familiar.
  12. The Alldredges

    @Adeejay They ARE related. Kody's mother, Genielle Tew-Brown's mother was Josephine Allred. Her parents were William Moore Allred and Orissa Angela Bates. Images of their family trees are below: Genielle Brown (Kody's mother): Rex Allred (Christine's father): If you look at Rulon's tree, you'll see that his great grandparents are William Moore Allred and Orissa Angela Bates. Making Christine and Kody cousins. I'm sure they probably weren't aware they were related. I could be wrong. Yes Kody was Mainstream LDS, and converted shortly after serving a mission. Orissa Bates and William Allred were alive during the time polygamy was taking place within the LDS church before it was disbanded in 1890 and before the fundamentalist sects began to break away in the 1920's. And here's more information that I found while trying to verify the information. It was on a discussion board from two years ago, but I believe it was from the now defunct PoliticsPrinciple: Did you know that Robyn's ex is a Jessop? Don't know if you remember that book "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop some years back about her finally getting away from the polygamist FLDS cult. Also found this: David Preston Jessop is 1. the exhusband of Robyn Sullivan Brown & father of their three children David “Dayton” Preston Jessop jr, Aurora Jessop and Breanna Jessop, 2. simultaneously 1st cousin & 2nd cousin of Christine Brown [1st cousin through Christine’s father Rex Allred, a half-brother of David’s mother Mary Diane Allred; 2nd cousin through Christine’s stepgrandmother Ethel Jessop, a sister of David’s father Louis LaMar Jessop] 3. 1st cousin [& some other stuff simultaneously] of Meri Brown’s other mothers Shirley & Judy, 4. 3rd cousin of Kody Brown, 5. 2nd cousin of Mindy Jessop 6. 1st or 2nd cousin of all 5 wives of Brady Williams as well as of Brady Williams’ brother-in-law and Brady Williams’ son-in-law 7. 2nd cousin of Vicki & Valerie Darger (plus their stepcousin is married to his full brother). So I guess the judge is really just awarding custody to extended family members.
  13. S09.E07: Risking Arrest

    You beat me to it! I was about to respond that we should play the drinking name for the amount of time we hear "felon" "arrested" or "persecuted." Haha! Here's what I think the show will be like: The adult Browns preparing for their trip to Utah for the rally. The TH talking about how they're getting ready to go to Utah for a cause that is very important to them. And then they'll talk about how they're in "exile" (shall we add that word to the drinking game?) in Las Vegas because they were in fear of being arrested for going public. Flashback to season two when they were on Good Morning America. Then another of people zoning in on their Lehi house. And another of Kody telling his kids that they have to leave Utah, with the kids crying about leaving home. Their over-dramatic reaction to the sirens (which I'm certain for another incident) while loading the moving truck/ And then that moment of calm when they crossed the border to Nevada. The Brown adults trying to get their children on board - and one of the sons telling Kody where he can shove the rally (which I'm looking forward to!). The Browns driving into Utah, and then talking about how nervous they are about being in Utah again, fearing that they'll be arrested (while dramatic background music plays). The Browns meeting up with the Dargers. A TH from Mr. Joe Darger and his wives talking about how they met, married, their family, and how and why they organized the rally. The march with the chant "Families not Felons!" Standbys (probably extras hired by TLC) giving the marchers "strange looks" being they are polygamists. Kody talking about how he feels persecuted because of it. Speeches being made at the rally. Apsyn's finance might make a quick appearance, because I believe it was at that rally where they had reconnected (per the People Mag article). So what prize do I get if this happens to be correct?! 😂☺
  14. We've seen Christine go to Mount Everest with Mykelti's (or the Obnoxious Entitlement Twins)'s wedding, because she felt remorse for not accepting Tony. So since Aspyn is not only marrying someone in the AUB, but marrying the prophet's son, Christine will most likely go to the moon with their wedding. I don't know if Apsyn and Mitchell's wedding will be aired (I believe their wedding date is set for this summer) or a reenactment of their engagement based on how uncomfortable Mitchell looked during his and Aspyn's engagement announcement on TLC. It might be because he's not used to being in front of a camera like Aspyn is. And also for the same reason you stated, social media's attention to Lynn Thompson and the abuse accusations made by Rosemary. Now if the adult Browns (and I say this loosely - i.e. Kody and his histrionics about how he and his family are persecuted, in exile from Utah because of their lifestyle, Meri's constant self-victimization, and inability to take responsibility, Christine's running around hyper-active like she's on something, etc.) push for an on-air wedding (since it will bring in another season), I wonder if we will see Mitch's sisters, Rosemary Williams and Vanessa Alldredge make an appearance. Almost like a crossover or something of the sort! Thank you! You saw what I did there! 😉☺
  15. The Alldredges

    It IS a lot to take in! When I was doing the research, I had to sit back and read what I found again. But yes, Apsyn's fiance Mitchell Thompson is the brother (half/full) to Vanessa Alldredge, Rosemary Williams, and brother-in-law to Jeff and mystery wife #1's (just found out her name is Cindy) son and daughter. I'm trying to find their names. Like I said, the family wreath continues to spread...