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  1. AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    That would be Celine Tam with the younger sister named Dion.
  2. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    A random note. Did anyone else notice at the "Family PowWow" a photo of Maleficent and suddenly her horns perfectly and strategically behind Robin's head? *chuckles*
  3. The Brineys

    Good on April! (So it wasn't just a rumour.) I hope she finds happiness in the new chapter in her life. It seemed that April did get a bit of a bad rap in the previous season, people stating that he had negative energy or was manipulating. But she was clearly miserable. Let's think about it, she meets Drew while at college (BYU, I think, both devout Mormons), falls in love, marries, starts a family, and about a decade down the line, Drew "feels the calling (in his pants I'm sure. Sorry if that gave you a bad mental image) to practice plural marriage. That had to have been tough on April. She probably wondered if she was enough or what she wasn't doing enough of for Drew to want to take on another wife. She said that it had taken her some time to get on board, and I'm sure she did because she loved him. It just didn't turn out the way she hoped. Too bad Angela had zero empathy (being thrice-divorced and all) with the victim-blaming stating that April didn't have the mental health to stay in the lifestyle. I do wonder if something similar had happened with Cindy Alldredge. I've heard rumours she and the Jeff were Mainstream Mormons at one point, but he had "felt the calling" to practice Fundamentalism. It would make some sense, because last season, they tried to push his two wives as wives one and two (no mention of Cindy or their kids), and the fact they are quite young where he's middle aged. But on the other hand, those rumours can just be that - romours as some of Cindy and Jeff's children have married into Lynn Thompson's family, and a few of their kids are practicing polygamy with some of them married to a Jessop (a prominent Fundie surname), and they were quite close to Christine Allred-Brown. I'll have to look up the information that I researched. (I've done a lot of research since I've considered beginning a blog seeing that PoliticsPrinciple is defunct and seemingly not coming back.)
  4. AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    DJ ARCH Jr. - he's adorable, and it's amazing what he can do at his age but I knew he wasn't going to go through. A simple DJ act will not go far in AGT. I wish him well. Hopefully he'll get some great DJ gigs as he gets older (if he hasn't already). Tom Cotter - it did seem like the buzzer did effect him, even though he pushed through after minute. Angelica - I agree with Mel for a change. Hold on...I need a minute to recover from the shock... ...she has a great voice, but this performance was not her best, and definitely not golden buzzer worthy. The Siblings England...they are great on skates, but I am not comfortable watching them at all. Why does dude need to keep peeling off his shirt. This may not sound nice, but I'm relieved that they did not go through. Now that I've seen Prince Poppycock, I understand why people compared Puddles Pity Party to him back in Season 12. I was looking forward to seeing him perform as I've heard so much about him. To be honest I was expecting more from him based on what I heard. I will look up his old videos in YouTube though, because I do like him. Paul Potts, a beautiful performance. If a singer had to go through (I'm sure they'll keep going through, this season, and many seasons to come), I'm glad that it's him. And there's something about Paul's personality that warms my heart. I love his humility. Jon Dorenbos - I like him, I like the energy he brings, and I'm very glad that he survived an aortic aneurysm, but his format seemed to be the same as two of his performances in his original season (Live Shows and Semi-Finals). Look it up on YouTube under Anthony Ying's channel. Ironically enough, I would have preferred him to go through over Angelica.
  5. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Ugh, the "Catfish Story-line" again this season. That subject has been over-fried and overdone. Also this episode was just another dragged out session based on the Parawan house that we all KNOW Meri obtained made made into "Lizzie's Heritage." I agree Meri is very immature and selfish as to how she handled things as far as the money goes. The family: "Meri, we can find a way to help you." Meri: "But I don't want you being a part of my business." It's almost reminiscent of Meri being so adamant on having a wet bar for her home, and a lot of space, promising to host family events, or events for the kids. Did this ever happen?! Of course this time, Meri wants the money with no promises on her end. On a superficial note, I wish Meri would lay off the faux tans, the hair bleach and the eyebrow pencils. This season's going to be a boring one...
  6. Wow, three whole days! That wild woman! Maybe she'll be completely crazy and go a full blown week if her "hectic schedule" allows her to do so! Sorry folks, I couldn't resist..
  7. RW: San Francisco (1994)

    "Pam hates our neighbours!" lol. I wonder what happened (since nothing was aired or revealed) for that to happen. I also caught Judd's obvious crush on Pam when he did that cheesy "This is your life!" And how he was hopping down the stairs as Pam was running down them to get to her (then) boyfriend. There was a scene I remember seeing when I first watched this season. It was when Pedro was giving his talk at (I believe) Stamford University, and Pam and Judd came in for support. There was one scene where Pam and Judd were sitting together, followed by another scene where Pam was leaning her head against Judd's shoulder and Judd was leaning his head against hers. It was then where I thought, "Those two are going to get together (even though Pam had a boyfriend that she has been with for nearly a decade)." When it was revealed on the 1995 Reunion, I was not surprised in the slightest. Pam was one of my favourites. Watching the show as a twelve-year-old, I wanted to be like her. Intelligent, achiever, mature, chill and taking no crap! I agree with Rachel's mother being classist and socially conservative. Uber-conservative, even. I read somewhere that Rachel was pregnant with her first child before she (quickly) married Sean Duffy. I wonder if her mother pushed for it. Not asking to be rude, I'm just curious. Obviously they were (and still are) very much in love because after many years (and eight kids) later, they're still together. Looking at a lot of Rachel's social media posts, it seems like she's almost, ALMOST has taken after her mother.
  8. Mykelti

    From what I remember from one of the previous season's "Tell Nothing" Mykelti dropped out of college because it was "too hard/too much work" so Christine didn't want Mykelti loafing around the house doing nothing and sent her to St. George in the hopes of learning responsibility (working part time/her own basement apartment), and then she meets Tony. I wonder if Christine regrets sending her to St. George... *chuckles* Whoops, @Roslyn! If I saw your post, I wouldn't have added mine. :-)
  9. RW: San Francisco (1994)

    @Asp Burger - I agree that Kevin would've enjoyed The Real World more a few years after Season One. Maybe probably around Seasons's Three or Four (but he would've been 28-29 at the time, and we know The Real World has an age limit when it comes to casting). I've only seen the first reunion once, when they were airing the earlier seasons of The Real World and Road Rules on Fox and The WB in the early 2000's - and I agree he was mellow there, also on the 10 Year Anniversary Special/Mega Reunion as you described it. Even though I agree that Kevin would have enjoyed The Real World more in a few years, a part of me thought that he did benefit from being on the first one. I've read a few of Kevin's books (which I highly recommend; Kevin is a spectacular writer) and he noted that seeing how he was on The Real World lead him to wanting to change for the better. My brother met him (that's where I started reading Kevin's books, my brother has an autographed copy of one of them) and he said that the Kevin that he met was a far cry from the Kevin you saw on The Real World. I also agree with you regarding The Real World polls, and the younger audiences preferences. The younger audiences at the time probably caught The Real World with its "new format", and loved it. I was ten when The First Real World first aired, but didn't really watch it until I was twelve. Luckily, MTV ran marathons of the first two seasons so I could catch up on them. At that age, I found it quite intriguing, and watched (as long as the house had cable) up until Las Vegas. As I mentioned in the Chicago thread, I aged out of The Real World. I missed it when cast mates chased after their ambitions and interests (Seasons One through Four) or when interpersonal relationships were explored and built (Heather and Julie -NY, Tami, John and Beth - LA), when there was a lot of learning involved and experience to be gained - examples, Julie (NY/S1) gaining experience, Jon (LA/S2) meeting people he wouldn't otherwise have met in Owensboro Kentucky, and Coral and Malik educating Mike (B2NY/S10) on Black History, and opening his mind beyond the stereotypes he was (probably) taught prior to joining Season 10. Now it's all about clubbing, getting drunk, hooking up and fighting. I guess The Real World's current audience eats it up. For me, it's a hard pill to swallow. On another note, things in society have changed quite a bit since the early ninety's. Homosexuality is not a big of "taboo (for lack of a better word)" as it was in the early 90's when you had Dan and his family (Miami/S5) talking about him coming out, and Dan's brother being a little freaked out when he met Dan's quasi-boyfriend Artie. Pedro talking about being afraid to show open affection to Sean out of fear of being a victim of a hate crime. Norman just living his life. This was all new to catch back in the 90's. And with more information about AIDS, I guess that doesn't make for an educational topic as it did in Season Three. So in a way, I can understand things changing for The Real World, I just can't get with it because I can watch hook ups, clubbing and over-dramatic bickering for but so long. I guess I'm a little "too old" for it. *chuckles*
  10. RW: Miami (1996)

    Thanks, @Giuseppe! I agree with you on the houses becoming more decadent as the seasons went on. Even though work was done on the loft for Season One/New York, it was still simple. The house in Los Angeles was big, but still simple. Even with the colourful walls in the girl's room, and the cloudy walls of the confessional. I agree that Miami was still modest, and it was still a house rather than a random warehouse converted into a home. They did get a little more creative with Boston when they turned an old fire station into a home for the cast, and then turning the pier into a home for the Seattle cast. And things became over the top from there. San Francisco is my favourite season as well (as you can tell by my post in that thread!), and not because it's my favourite US city. I enjoyed the cast (sans Puck, and sometimes Judd, even though I didn't think that he was as bad as Puck), and a lot of the issues brought to the table that season were relatable, or something you could learn from. Relatable because back then I probably would have reacted to Pedro the same way Rachel had. Learning, because for me Pedro brought a humanity to AIDS. Being so young and hearing about AIDS in the media, it sounded like AIDS was a disease that you could catch very easily. And also seeing love in another light (Pedro and Sean) with me having grown up Catholic, and growing up in a military neighbourhood where it was all families, and those families consisted of a husband and wife. Seeing Sean and Pedro opened my mind to love being between two people. It's fun that you found the house on Lombard Street. I go to SF every year (and walked along the street's switchback!) and never thought about finding the house. I wonder if it's still there!
  11. Deleted. Posted by mistake.
  12. AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    It was good to see Viktor again. I did miss his colourful makeup and costumes, because it added the fantasy element to his juggling performances. But his act last night was beautiful and serene to watch. I was almost worried that he would do similar movements to his acts on Season 11, but he changed it up. On a side note, I'm glad Heidi did not come up with her double entendre jokes regarding Viktor's balls. I'm kind of bummed that he didn't make it through. I can understand the judge's comments of DDF's performance. I will say that their routine was fun, they had a great energy about them, and I was a tad out of breath watching them (and I do 40 minutes of cardio on the daily!), what they've done probably wouldn't get past AGT's Judge Cuts, because they've seen acts such as that before. I can understand that they won Holland's (? correct me on the country if I wrong) Got Talent. They said so themselves, they saw visiting Americans doing the routine, so they took it and won GT with it because it was something new. This is probably why Darcy didn't get through. I enjoy her (and many have since she was in the top 2). America has seen her win, and it was recent, even though it was a little over a year ago. The "superfans" did not see Cristina on Spain's Got Talent. I could be wrong with my observations. I wonder how much of Courtney's segment was producer pushed. Her walking out - the cheers and the standing ovation as she's walking out. The judges giving her a tongue bath. People walking past the judge's table prior to Courtney beginning to perform (at first I wondered if she had an entourage or something). The people that walked past the judge's table front in center right in front of the stage like a mosh pit without the moshing. It just seemed to be a lot of pushing or pimping for Miss "Screaming" Courtney Hadwin. As I said on Season 13's board, she has potential. She just needs to learn control so she can be a little more understandable, and so her screams and sound more like actual high notes, and not screams. Watching Courtney and seeing Simon praise her immediately made me think of Michael Ketterer, and also made me glad that he was not on Champions. I guess if it were never revealed that he had a few dents in his halo, Simon may have pushed for him to be on. With a few Garth Brooks-written songs in tow for him to sing. I was expecting for Heidi to give her Golden Buzzer to a singer based on her track record. I was pleasantly surprised that she had given it to Deadly Games. Even though we have two singers in the finals, it is evened out by two variety acts (Preacher Lawson and Deadly Games). That's all I have based on what I can remember from last night. On to next week!
  13. What hectic lifestyle? Ah, never mind. I guess being in front of the cameras, avoiding Meri, and typing up her daily Strive posts counts as hectic in Janelle's book...
  14. AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    Not a bad start. I enjoyed Sofie Dossi when she was first on Season 11. Unfortunately, per performance this time had me thinking, "That was it?" I felt the same way about The Clairvoyants. I've seen that trick before - same format, different objects. Take a look at their jelly bean act on the YouTube link below, and you'll see what I mean. I'm a little bummed out that Alexandr Magala didn't go through. I've seen quite a few sword swallowing acts, but this one was amazing. He left me wanting more. I'll most likely follow him on social media if I can find him. When Preacher Lawson was on his Season 12, I barely laughed at his routines. Last night, he actually had me laughing. His best routine by a mile. I'm quite glad that he went through. Speaking of comedians - I'm wondering why Vicki Barbolak was called back. There is a conundrum, as I find her likable, but not funny. If they wanted to bring back someone from the thirteenth season for a second chance, they could have brought back Brian Joseph King or Zurcaroh. I love Terry Crews as a host. I wouldn't mind if he replaced Tyra and hosted the summer seasons.
  15. AGT The Champions: Media & Speculation

    The Siblings England are back? They are great with what they do on skates, but they are uncomfortable to watch.