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  1. Again, Ha! I'm sure the reason for that show being sold out is because of Garth Brooks, and not Ketterer. https://www.knoxnews.com/story/entertainment/2018/09/18/garth-brooks-asks-americas-got-talent-michael-ketterer-sing-notre-dame-show/1343644002/
  2. Ha! I forgot to mention that as well! Quite the contrast with how the other people in the top five graciously reacted.
  3. Oh God no! I hope not!
  4. I'm a little late with my notes while tuning in: So it took an email to Garth Brooks for him to write a song for Saint Michael instead of the episode shout out. Boy has Michael been pimped out than many other AGT contestants. I'd love to see that email. I wonder if Garth got paid. Either way, I'm glad they waited until the results for it to be revealed, because if Garth had done it for Michael in the finals, he may have received a serge of votes. I could be wrong. I don't remember the song. I probably would have if Garth sang it himself. Hans...can you be AGT's new host? You can perform your act during the fall and the winter. But Tyra did give us Zurcaroh... Lindsey Sterling and Brian King Joseph (and Duo Transcend). I loved them together. They played off each other well, and I loved how they shared the stage. Brian's smile as he hugged Lindsey...Aw! He seemed so happy to be playing along with her. Zurcaroh. I'd fly to Vegas to see them. I usually don't travel to see acts, but I'd travel to see them. Zurcaroh vs. Duo Transcend - Zurcaroh goes through. Given that they were put against Duo Transcend, I knew Zurcaroh was going through. Happy with the results. Brian King Joseph vs. Glennis Grace - Even though Glennis was in the Dunkin' Save last week, I was unsure about this one. But Brian goes through. Grace is a powerful singer, but I am glad that Brian moved forward. Daniel Emmet vs. Shin Lim - As soon as they called Daniel's name, I knew he was out. I knew even before he was put against Shim. Samuel J. Comroe vs. Vikki Barbolak - I had an "Oh S***!" moment when they were put together. Samuel was in the Dunkin' Save, whereas Vikki was never in that position. Out of the two of them, I prefer Samuel. Courtney Hadwin vs. Michael Ketter - I was shocked and not surprised at the same time. Shocked because from the beginning Courtney seemed to be the fore-ordained winner. But I guess her schtick got old. Not surprised because Michal got pimped out hard. From his story, his Golden Buzzer, getting switched from the first Live's and being moved to the third round of Live's, him always being placed in the Pimp Spot or near the Pimp Spot, Simon's tears, Simon calling Garth Brooks out to write a song for him, to the "Angel on Earth" edit. Well, we got to see Howie sweat and Simon silently pray to the Heavens. Top Five 5th: Michael Ketterer. Shocked again, yet satisfied. I thought he might win after Courtney was eliminated. Not for his singing, but because of his character. That's mainly what's been talked about. A singer's not going to win this year. For me that kind of makes up for this lackluster season. And the fact that Human Fountain, PAC and Yumbo Dump was brought into the Live's at the expense of more deserving acts. 4th: Samuel J. Comroe. I kind of knew in the back of my mind that he was fourth. He was gracious though. 3rd: Brian King Joseph. I knew that he wasn't going to win, but I'm happy that he made it as far as he did, even if he did get the Death Spot at the finals yesterday. I'm happy with the top two. I want Zurcaroh, but I'll be happy with whoever wins. WINNER: Shin Lim! Yay! So happy for him. I loved how gracious Zurcaroh was, embracing him and with his Victory Lift. I was moved by his tears. I'll say it again, seeing this top three made this lackluster season worth watching. Best of luck to everyone. Congratulations to Shin! And to all of the posters. Thank you for your snark and humour. That was what I looked forward to after every episode. It also shone a light with this somewhat dull season (that ended on a high note)! Until next year. Or if any of you have the same guilty pleasure that I do with "Dancing with the Stars" I'll see you on that board!
  5. Did Tyra say the results by mistake??> Tyra looks like she's channeling Janet Jackson, Control Era with the hair and makeup. Watching the opening montage - thank you AGT for reminding us how lackluster this season has been. And for reminding us of such acts such as Troy the Creepy Contortionist and others that could have gone on to the lives but didn't in favour of acts such as Human Fountain and Dumbo Yump! Grrr. I know that he's not going to win, but Brian King Joseph got the Death Spot. Damn! I liked his performance. How he begins so subtle with the playing and the facial expressions, and how it builds with his playing and his expressions (because you can see the passion of his playing on his face). Again, I do feel that the background music or such is louder than his playing or just as loud when Brian should be the one that is showcased. The crew needs to get that together. Too late I guess since it is the finals... As much as I enjoy Brian, I do wonder how he would do if he were to perform for an actual concert. A three minute performance versus an hour or a two hour performance is a huge difference. I wonder how he'd handle that. I'm sure there would be breaks and intermissions. I'm not trying to sell him short or insinuate that he can't, I'm just curious with the way he talks about his pain. Daniel Emmet - yeah, he's had nine lives as far as his run is concerned. I still believe that all of that drama with his audition was contrived. I wonder if Simon is going to slip him a record contract for being a good sport. The package with him in the boxing ring (reference to him stating that his journey has been a fight) was a little corny. This is his best performance. Vicki Barbolak - So did she just win an Oscar? That speech in her package gives seems like shades of Halle Berry to me. I wonder if she threw off that robe to be funny or bold. Okay, her performance: I find her likable as a person, but still not funny. Maybe I'm just not getting it, or maybe I have no funny bone. They couldn't leave "Trailer Nasty" along could they? I guess that's Vicki's Trademark. I guess she saved her "dirtiest" humour for the finale. Mel B. stating that AGT is a family show. I hope she remembers that the next time she decides to wear her lingerie underneath a sheer sheath she calls a dress. That was probably harsh. Best wishes to her though. Yes Heidi, we know that you're enjoying your super young hot German sausage. Sorry, ya'll. Moving forward.... Glennis Grace - She did well. About mid-way I felt the music and the "background singers" were a tad overpowering. Again, the crew needs to get it together. I'm sure that they will once "Screaming" Courtney Hadwin and "Saint" Michael Ketterer takes the stage. The "million dollar question" is which one of them will get the "Pimp Spot." Tyra with the "Single Mom's" and "Stay at Hom Moms." I thought Glennis had a partner. At least that's what Wikipedia states. Also, she has a career in The Netherlands. I'm sure it's not a 24/7 or a 9-5 type career, but I don't think it accounts for staying at home either. Obviously the Pimp Spot will not go to Zurcaroh. They have the mid-spot. We'll see if the producers make it obvious with who they want to win this. I was a little worried when their routine began because I wasn't feeling much energy, but it picked up. Zurcaroh always delivers in my opinion. I'd pay to see them in Vegas anytime. I doubt that they'll win, but I'm voting for them anyway. I hope they at least make top five. Samuel J. Comroe - Again, I chuckled here and there. But comedy-wise, I'll take him over Vicki. Both seem likeable though. So Courtney Hadwin doesn't get the "Pimp Spot." She's had it twice. I guess the producers do not want to be too obvious when it comes to her. I've said it many times, she has a lot of potential. She just needs to learn a bit of control with her voice. Her screams make me a tad uncomfortable. With some lessons, she'll be great. Shim Lim - I've always enjoyed him. I was not sure about him starting out with piano (which he was good at) and him speaking, but as I watched I see that he's tying in his life's journey beginning with piano and then switching solely to magic. The man has a lot of charisma, and I like watching him. Yeah, the latter was shallow. I wasn't sure about the floating cards though. That's just me. But kudos to him for bringing on something a little different. Duo Transcend - I'm glad that they left the roller skates at home. It was a good performance, but I was still looking for that Wow Factor. I was amazed that she could carry her husband like she did. Maybe I'm asking for too much with acts such as these. Michael Ketterer - It's official: Michael Ketterer is the Second Coming. He's perfect. *Eye-roll* That's how AGT edits him. He's a good guy, but the was he gets pimped out is off-putting. And he gets the "Pimp Spot." On his performance...I actually agree with Mel. Hold on, I need a minute.... I felt that it was shaky. There were times when I thought that he did good, and there were times that he thought he was off. But I remember this performance a lot more than I remember all of his previous ones. But he wasn't consistent. Ay querido, Simon's crying again. We went from him boasting (with how he's facing the audience) to him crying. "You were nervous, but that's what makes you human." What the hell Simon. Didn't you berate a few singers the previous week or in previous episodes for being nervous. But for Michael, he's "just human" and it's okay? I just can't... How many contestants will these judges tell "You could win this!" and/or "I hope you win this." At first, I thought Courtney had this, but with the placing and editing it may be between her and Michael. We'll see tomorrow. Sorry if I'm a bit rude and snarky tonight, folks. If I were on Facebook, I'd probably get eaten alive with some of my comments. lol @ams1001 I believe we're near the same wavelength, Babe! :-)
  6. I know that she's not with her son's father, but I thought that she had a partner. At least her bio on Wiki claims this.
  7. GAAHH! I just realized that I said "Step it up." Hopefully it wasn't as frustrating as Simon. Ha! I doubt it. I'm sure he could care less what I asked. I have no problem with chest hairs, it's that with Smon, it was a tad distracting. lol. Maybe he'll wear a suit (or acid-washed jeans and a blazer) next week with it being the finals and all.
  8. Okay, so it wasn't just me.
  9. Wow, Vicki? I guess people like "Trailer Nasty." I guess she can be filler for the "Death Spot" since she is going head to head with Samuel who is usually featured mid-show or later in the show. Simon, button up your shirt, please! Tyra: Dunkin Save: "All singers." Second elimination round; "Again, all singers." No shit, Tyra. When you have that many singers in one episode , I'm sure they're fall in the same elimination group. Howie, lose the dramatic expression. Everyone and their mama KNOWS that Courtney is going through. I'm sure you did too. You kept bragging about how she was going to win this. Okay, now even having said that, and even though I grew tired of her "I"m so shy, but watch me break out" act, I'm sure Courtney was genuinely unsure that she wasn't going through. Those were some tears. Just my observation. But to me (and many here) it was obvious that she was going through. Brian King Joseph vs. Angel City Corale: I'll admit, I held my breath on that one. Glad that Brian went through. Hopefully he steps it up. On another note, I find his smile infectious. Dunkin Save: I wonder if Glennis was thinking of her son in a worrisome manner when she was full of glee about going through. We'll probably find that out next week. (Sorry if that was rude.) Well, we know who the audience wants (per the chants). Not surprised that Mel chose We Three. She seemed to be sincerely connected to them from the beginning. Howie: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Again, a lot of drama with Daniel. Sadly, I'll remember that rather than his performances. By the way, isn't be performing in Vegas, or was that something he had done prior to AGT?
  10. Okay. Maybe my screen froze. I'm live streaming the show on my laptop. Maybe it was buffering. (I wasn't paying too much attention, as I was checking my email.)
  11. Did the boyband (BTS( that performed say a couple of "inappropriate words." There was like a "blank/silent" moment that lasted for about 5-7 seconds. Was it just me?
  12. Sorry if I misunderstood you. And you are correct. I even did a Google search for the AGT vote (to vote) and one of the top links was "How to Vote for Courtney Hadwin." In the link, only her number is featured. Interesting... https://www.goldderby.com/article/2018/courtney-hadwin-americas-got-talent-how-to-vote-september-11-semifinal-agt-news/
  13. Okay, going off of what I remembered. I got distracted as I was between watching this show and debating politics with my family. Also, this episode was a tad boring. Christina Wells - Like I said, I was distracted during my family debate. She did okay from what I could see. I see her package was similar to her previous ones. Unless a miracle occurs, she might be going home tonight, because from what I saw it was not her best performance. And she was placed in the "Death Spot." (First Spot) DaRepubliK - I'll admit, I got into it at first (the beginning rather), but then got bored afterwards. I lot of the moves they've done, I've seen before with other dancers. I find myself wishing the dance group from Colombia had gotten through instead of Future Kingz, because they brought something different. Unlike Republik and Kingz. Noah Guthrie - So. Much. Drama. And that all was over....Noah's song choice. Whether he was going to do a cover or an original. Really?! In my opinion, he started off okay, but the ending kind of threw me off. Simon didn't completely like it? Maybe he should have asked Garth Brooks to write a song for him. Oh, nevermind! I personally thought that he should have done an original. I've watched a lot of his videos on YouTube years ago, and they're all covers. I know he can do a cover (most of the time). I would have preferred to see something new from Noah. Whatever happens, I'm sure he'll be fine. He's going on a European Tour after this. Okay, is it me or are some of the judges (mainly Simon and sometimes Howie) mildly snarky tonight. Or are they openly acknowledging what a lot of us have been. that this season was a tad lackluster. I think Tyra decided she liked the "just got out of the shower look" because she's wearing it again tonight. Daniel Emmet - He has a lovely voice, but I did not remember much of his performance. Most of what I remember about him is the drama surrounding him from the beginning. Angel City Choir - A part of me is thinking that this might be their final performance on AGT. I know they were in the Dunkin' Save during the live's, but what made me think that was their package. Their choir leader reading letters from fans about how they changed their lives. Isn't that something you save for the finale??? Even though I knew that the song was Bruce Springsteen's "The Rising" and I figured it out during the chorus, I could barely hear them. I agree that their first performance (auditions) was their best. Aaron Crow - His act dragged. Again. And like another poster said it was similar to his act from the live's. Last time it was "Find the Hidden Knife." This week, it was "Find the Hidden Howie." I think he was on another "...Got Talent." I'll see if there's any videos on YouTube to see how he pulled off his act. Vicki Barbolak - I don't remember anything from her act. I remembered that I did not laugh. Not once. She seems likable, but I'm not buying her routine. The audience members laughing the way they were, I wonder how much they got paid to laugh like that. We Three - Kudos to them for trying something different. I could barely hear the lyrics. The rhythm sounded fun though, but that and the lyrics together just didn't seem well executed if that makes sense. Glennis Grace - I'm curious if she was recruited to come to AGT (instead of her choosing to audition) with the way she talks about how hard it is not being without her son. But was he with her when she was working on those ten/eleven albums? Or when she was out performing? Man, that sounds insensitive. I'm sure he's enjoying his time with her partner, or his father (her ex). He is a cutie pie though. And Glennis does have a great voice. She did well tonight. Brian King Joseph - I've always liked him, and he is a breath of fresh air among the sea of singers we have this episode. I liked his entire performance, going from bow to playing the violin with his fingers and then back to bow. I love the passion and energy he brings to every performance. The set up wasn't bad either. Sometimes the background music was overpowering, but Brian held his own. Hopefully if he makes it to the finals, that will be fixed. But then again... I gave him all of my votes. I hope he makes it through to the finals. I know he will not win, because that title seemed to be bestowed upon Courtney from the beginning. Although, Simon is pushing for "Saint Ketterer." Courtney Hadwin - Well, whaddayah know? She has the Pimp Spot again. The reaction video. Again, is this the semi-finals or the finals? Videos such as those are usually saved for the finals. Just as it was for Darcy Lynne and Grace Vanderwaal. The woman spitting out her drink in reaction seemed contrived. Looking at these reactions, you'd think that they had a significant religious experience. After watching Courtney's first performance, I just said, "Okay." For f**k sake, Howie! Sit down! We get it! Simon with his: "None of your performances should be perfect because that's what you're all about. You're this bundle of excitement, and it's raw and it's messy, but that's what makes you great." Okay....what happen to "You NEED to be perfect" during Judge Cuts? Didn't you just say that some of the previous singers were "messy" but for Courtney, that's okay? Ay querido! On the other hand, I'm okay with performers being quirky. I am surprised that all of the judges weren't standing up (namely Heidi and Mel). With their responses as to the earlier acts, a part of me assumed that they were saving their energy to jump on top of the judge's table and howl, hoot and orgasm over the wonder that is Courtney. Surprised it didn't happen this time. Unless they're trying not be obvious that she is the chosen winner. Well, AGT is a tad inconsistent with that. I do believe that Courtney has potential. She has an old soul about her (and wither voice) and she's definitely not another pop singer or another Arianna Grande as another poster said. She just needs to work on control with her voice. When she tries to channel Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison with the high notes (or screaming and screeching in her case) I just flinch and cringe. She'll go through. That's a guarantee.
  14. I edited my post. I probably wasn't clear with what I had written. I do believe that Courtney will win, mostly based on her schtick, but my question was when she gets out there on the big stage, how is she going to (continue) to carry on that "I'm so shy" act and then breaking out with the singing/screaming and spazzing. How long can she pull that act or can she when she gets out there?
  15. I'm going to go to hell for this, but your post made me chuckle. But I do agree. The whole, "I'm shy. I have a hard time connecting with people. People don't get me." play she does, with the turnaround of her singing (screeching and screaming - she DOES have some decent moments) does seem to have an agenda of pushing the "Wow factor." That has become her schtick with AGT. I haven't watch The Voice Kids - UK to know if she used the same act. But how long can the AGT audience buy it. Especially when Courtney takes the Vegas (or any other) big stage. I'm not sure how long the novelty would last of her coming out, hanging her head, speaking quietly and then breaking out with what she does. It will grow thin.